August 31, 2012

ORA-ERRORS – Numpang naro catetan kode error oracle, biar gak jauh2 carinya klo lg butuh & mumpung msh login.. 😀

ora errors

source : ordba

ORA-0000: normal, successful completion
ORA-00001: unique constraint (.) violated
ORA-00017: session requested to set trace event
ORA-00018: maximum number of sessions exceeded
ORA-00019: maximum number of session licenses exceeded
ORA-00020: maximum number of processes () exceeded
ORA-00021: session attached to some other process; cannot switch session
ORA-00022: invalid session ID; access denied
ORA-00023: session references process private memory; cannot detach session
ORA-00024: logins from more than one process not allowed in single-process mode
ORA-00025: failed to allocate
ORA-00026: missing or invalid session ID
ORA-00027: cannot kill current session
ORA-00028: your session has been killed
ORA-00029: session is not a user session
ORA-00030: User session ID does not exist.
ORA-00031: session marked for kill
ORA-00032: invalid session migration password
ORA-00033: current session has empty migration password
ORA-00034: cannot in current PL/SQL session

ORA-00035: LICENSE_MAX_USERS cannot be less than current number of users
ORA-00036: maximum number of recursive SQL levels () exceeded
ORA-00037: cannot switch to a session belonging to a different server group
ORA-00038: Cannot create session: server group belongs to another user
ORA-00039: error during periodic action
ORA-00040: active time limit exceeded – call aborted
ORA-00041: active time limit exceeded – session terminated
ORA-00042: Unknown Service name
ORA-00050: operating system error occurred while obtaining an enqueue
ORA-00051: timeout occurred while waiting for a resource
ORA-00052: maximum number of enqueue resources () exceeded
ORA-00053: maximum number of enqueues exceeded
ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified
ORA-00055: maximum number of DML locks exceeded
ORA-00056: DDL lock on object ‘.’ is already held in an incompatible mode
ORA-00057: maximum number of temporary table locks exceeded
ORA-00058: DB_BLOCK_SIZE must be to mount this database (not )
ORA-00059: maximum number of DB_FILES exceeded
ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource
ORA-00061: another instance has a different DML_LOCKS setting
ORA-00062: DML full-table lock cannot be acquired; DML_LOCKS is 0
ORA-00063: maximum number of log files exceeded
ORA-00064: object is too large to allocate on this O/S (,)
ORA-00065: initialization of FIXED_DATE failed
ORA-00066: SID contains an illegal character
ORA-00067: invalid value for parameter ; must be at least
ORA-00068: invalid value for parameter , must be between and
ORA-00069: cannot acquire lock — table locks disabled for
ORA-00070: command is not valid
ORA-00071: process number must be between 1 and
ORA-00072: process “” is not active
ORA-00073: command takes between and argument(s)
ORA-00074: no process has been specified
ORA-00075: process “” not found in this instance
ORA-00076: dump not found
ORA-00077: dump is not valid
ORA-00078: cannot dump variables by name
ORA-00079: variable not found
ORA-00080: invalid global area specified by level
ORA-00081: address range [, ) is not readable
ORA-00082: memory size of is not in valid set of [1], [2], [4]
ORA-00083: warning: possibly corrupt SGA mapped
ORA-00084: global area must be PGA, SGA, or UGA
ORA-00085: current call does not exist
ORA-00086: user call does not exist
ORA-00087: command cannot be executed on remote instance
ORA-00088: command cannot be executed by shared server
ORA-00089: invalid instance number in ORADEBUG command
ORA-00090: failed to allocate memory for cluster database ORADEBUG command
ORA-00091: LARGE_POOL_SIZE must be at least
ORA-00092: LARGE_POOL_SIZE must be greater than LARGE_POOL_MIN_ALLOC
ORA-00093: must be between and
ORA-00094: requires an integer value
ORA-00096: invalid value for parameter , must be from among
ORA-00097: use of Oracle SQL feature not in SQL92 Level
ORA-00100: no data found
ORA-00101: invalid specification for system parameter DISPATCHERS
ORA-00102: network protocol cannot be used by dispatchers
ORA-00103: invalid network protocol; reserved for use by dispatchers
ORA-00104: deadlock detected; all public servers blocked waiting for resources
ORA-00105: too many dispatcher configurations
ORA-00106: cannot startup/shutdown database when connected to a dispatcher
ORA-00107: failed to connect to ORACLE listener process
ORA-00108: failed to set up dispatcher to accept connection asynchronously
ORA-00109: invalid value for attribute :
ORA-00110: invalid value for attribute , must be between and
ORA-00111: invalid attribute
ORA-00112: value of is null
ORA-00113: protocol name is too long
ORA-00114: missing value for system parameter SERVICE_NAMES
ORA-00115: connection refused; dispatcher connection table is full
ORA-00116: SERVICE_NAMES name is too long
ORA-00117: PROTOCOL, ADDRESS or DESCRIPTION must be specified
ORA-00118: Only one of PROTOCOL, ADDRESS or DESCRIPTION may be specified
ORA-00119: invalid specification for system parameter
ORA-00122: cannot initialize network configuration
ORA-00123: idle public server terminating
ORA-00125: connection refused; invalid presentation
ORA-00126: connection refused; invalid duplicity
ORA-00127: dispatcher does not exist
ORA-00128: this command requires a dispatcher name
ORA-00129: listener address validation failed ”
ORA-00130: invalid listener address ”
ORA-00131: network protocol does not support registration ”
ORA-00132: syntax error or unresolved network name ”
ORA-00133: value of is too long
ORA-00134: invalid DISPATCHERS specification #
ORA-00150: duplicate transaction ID
ORA-00151: invalid transaction ID
ORA-00152: current session does not match requested session
ORA-00153: internal error in XA library
ORA-00154: protocol error in transaction monitor
ORA-00155: cannot perform work outside of global transaction
ORA-00160: global transaction length is greater than maximum ()
ORA-00161: transaction branch length is illegal (maximum allowed )
ORA-00162: external dbid length is greater than maximum ()
ORA-00163: internal database name length is greater than maximum ()
ORA-00164: distributed autonomous transaction disallowed within migratable distributed transaction
ORA-00165: migratable distributed autonomous transaction with remote operation is not allowed
ORA-00166: remote/local nesting level is too deep
ORA-00200: control file could not be created
ORA-00201: control file version incompatible with ORACLE version
ORA-00202: control file: ”
ORA-00203: using the wrong control files
ORA-00204: error in reading (block , # blocks ) of control file
ORA-00205: error in identifying control file, check alert log for more info
ORA-00206: error in writing (block , # blocks ) of control file
ORA-00207: control files are not for the same database
ORA-00208: number of control file names exceeds limit of
ORA-00209: control file blocksize mismatch, check alert log for more info
ORA-00210: cannot open the specified control file
ORA-00211: control file does not match previous control files
ORA-00212: block size below minimum required size of bytes
ORA-00213: cannot reuse control file; old file size , required
ORA-00214: control file ” version inconsistent with file ” version
ORA-00215: must be at least one control file
ORA-00216: control file could not be resized for migration from 8.0.2
ORA-00217: control file could not be resized for new record types
ORA-00218: block size of control file ” does not match DB_BLOCK_SIZE ()
ORA-00219: required control file size ( logical blocks) exceeds maximum allowable size ( logical blocks)
ORA-00220: control file not mounted by first instance, check alert log for more info
ORA-00221: error on write to control file
ORA-00222: operation would reuse name of a currently mounted control file
ORA-00223: convert file is invalid or incorrect version
ORA-00224: control file resize attempted with illegal record type ()
ORA-00225: expected size of control file differs from actual size
ORA-00226: operation disallowed while alternate control file open
ORA-00227: corrupt block detected in control file: (block , # blocks )
ORA-00228: length of alternate control file name exceeds maximum of
ORA-00229: operation disallowed: already hold snapshot control file enqueue
ORA-00230: operation disallowed: snapshot control file enqueue unavailable
ORA-00231: snapshot control file has not been named
ORA-00232: snapshot control file is nonexistent, corrupt, or unreadable
ORA-00233: copy control file is corrupt or unreadable
ORA-00234: error in identifying or opening snapshot or copy control file
ORA-00235: control file fixed table inconsistent due to concurrent update
ORA-00236: snapshot operation disallowed: mounted control file is a backup
ORA-00237: snapshot operation disallowed: control file newly created
ORA-00238: operation would reuse a filename that is part of the database
ORA-00239: timeout waiting for control file enqueue: held by ” for more than seconds
ORA-00240: control file enqueue held for more than seconds
ORA-00250: archiver not started
ORA-00251: LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST cannot be the same destination as string
ORA-00252: log of thread is empty, cannot archive
ORA-00253: character limit exceeded by archive destination string
ORA-00254: error in archive control string ”
ORA-00255: error archiving log of thread , sequence #
ORA-00256: cannot translate archive destination string
ORA-00257: archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed.
ORA-00258: manual archiving in NOARCHIVELOG mode must identify log
ORA-00259: log of open instance (thread ) is the current log, cannot archive
ORA-00260: cannot find online log sequence for thread
ORA-00261: log of thread is being archived or modified
ORA-00262: current log of closed thread cannot switch
ORA-00263: there are no logs that need archiving for thread
ORA-00264: no recovery required
ORA-00265: instance recovery required, cannot set ARCHIVELOG mode
ORA-00266: name of archived log file needed
ORA-00267: name of archived log file not needed
ORA-00268: specified log file does not exist ”
ORA-00269: specified log file is part of thread not
ORA-00270: error creating archive log
ORA-00271: there are no logs that need archiving
ORA-00272: error writing archive log
ORA-00273: media recovery of direct load data that was not logged
ORA-00274: illegal recovery option
ORA-00275: media recovery has already been started
ORA-00276: CHANGE keyword specified but no change number given
ORA-00277: illegal option to the UNTIL recovery flag
ORA-00278: log file ” no longer needed for this recovery
ORA-00279: change generated at needed for thread
ORA-00280: change for thread is in sequence #
ORA-00281: media recovery may not be performed using dispatcher
ORA-00282: UPI call not supported, use ALTER DATABASE RECOVER
ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors
ORA-00284: recovery session still in progress
ORA-00285: TIME not given as a string constant
ORA-00286: no members available, or no member contains valid data
ORA-00287: specified change number not found in thread
ORA-00288: to continue recovery type ALTER DATABASE RECOVER CONTINUE
ORA-00289: suggestion :
ORA-00290: operating system archival error occurred. See error below
ORA-00291: numeric value required for PARALLEL option
ORA-00292: parallel recovery feature not installed
ORA-00293: control file out of sync with redo log
ORA-00294: invalid archivelog format specifier ”
ORA-00295: datafile/tempfile number is invalid, must be between 1 and
ORA-00296: maximum number of files () exceeded for RECOVER DATAFILE LIST
ORA-00298: Missing or invalid attribute value
ORA-00299: must use file-level media recovery on data file
ORA-00300: illegal redo log block size specified – exceeds limit of
ORA-00301: error in adding log file ” – file cannot be created
ORA-00302: limit of logs exceeded
ORA-00303: cannot process Parallel Redo
ORA-00304: requested INSTANCE_NUMBER is busy
ORA-00305: log of thread inconsistent; belongs to another database
ORA-00306: limit of instances in this database
ORA-00307: requested INSTANCE_NUMBER out of range, maximum is
ORA-00308: cannot open archived log ”
ORA-00309: log belongs to wrong database
ORA-00310: archived log contains sequence ; sequence required
ORA-00311: cannot read header from archived log
ORA-00312: online log thread : ”
ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group of thread
ORA-00314: log of thread , expected sequence# doesn’t match
ORA-00315: log of thread , wrong thread # in header
ORA-00316: log of thread , type in header is not log file
ORA-00317: file type in header is not log file
ORA-00318: log of thread , expected file size doesn’t match
ORA-00319: log of thread has incorrect log reset status
ORA-00320: cannot read file header from log of thread
ORA-00321: log of thread , cannot update log file header
ORA-00322: log of thread is not current copy
ORA-00323: Current log of thread not useable and all others need archiving
ORA-00324: log file ” translated name ” too long, characters exceeds limit
ORA-00325: archived log for thread , wrong thread # in header
ORA-00326: log begins at change , need earlier change
ORA-00327: log of thread , physical size less than needed
ORA-00328: archived log ends at change , need later change
ORA-00329: archived log begins at change , need change
ORA-00330: archived log ends at change , need change
ORA-00331: log version incompatible with ORACLE version
ORA-00332: archived log is too small – may be incompletely archived
ORA-00333: redo log read error block count
ORA-00334: archived log: ”
ORA-00335: online log : No log with this number, log does not exist
ORA-00336: log file size blocks is less than minimum blocks
ORA-01539: tablespace ” is not online
ORA-01540: tablespace ” is not offline
ORA-01541: system tablespace cannot be brought offline; shut down if necessary
ORA-01542: tablespace ” is offline, cannot allocate space in it
ORA-01543: tablespace ” already exists
ORA-01544: cannot drop system rollback segment
ORA-01545: rollback segment ” specified not available
ORA-01546: tablespace contains active rollback segment ”
ORA-01547: warning: RECOVER succeeded but OPEN RESETLOGS would get error below
ORA-01548: active rollback segment ” found, terminate dropping tablespace
ORA-01549: tablespace not empty, use INCLUDING CONTENTS option
ORA-01550: cannot drop system tablespace
ORA-01551: extended rollback segment, pinned blocks released
ORA-01552: cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace ”
ORA-01553: MAXEXTENTS must be no smaller than the extents currently allocated
ORA-01554: out of transaction slots in transaction tables
ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number with name “” too small
ORA-01556: MINEXTENTS for rollback segment must be greater than 1
ORA-01557: rollback segment extents must be at least blocks
ORA-01558: out of transaction ID’s in rollback segment
ORA-01559: MAXEXTENTS for rollback segment must be greater than 1
ORA-01560: LIKE pattern contains partial or illegal character
ORA-01561: failed to remove all objects in the tablespace specified
ORA-01562: failed to extend rollback segment number
ORA-01563: rollback segment is PUBLIC, need to use the keyword PUBLIC
ORA-01564: rollback segment is not PUBLIC
ORA-01565: error in identifying file ”
ORA-01566: file specified more than once in ALTER DATABASE
ORA-01567: dropping log would leave less than 2 log files for instance (thread )
ORA-01568: cannot set space quota on PUBLIC
ORA-01569: data file too small for system dictionary tables
ORA-01570: MINEXTENTS must be no larger than the extents currently allocated
ORA-01571: redo version incompatible with ORACLE version
ORA-01572: rollback segment ” cannot be brought online, extents exceeded
ORA-01573: shutting down instance, no further change allowed
ORA-01574: maximum number of concurrent transactions exceeded
ORA-01575: timeout waiting for space management resource
ORA-01576: The instance is not enabled
ORA-01577: cannot add log file ” – file already part of database
ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # , block # )
ORA-01579: write error occurred during recovery
ORA-01580: error creating control backup file
ORA-01581: attempt to use rollback segment () new extent () which is being allocated
ORA-01582: unable to open control file for backup
ORA-01583: unable to get block size of control file to be backed up
ORA-01584: unable to get file size of control file to be backed up
ORA-01585: error identifying backup file
ORA-01586: database must be mounted EXCLUSIVE and not open for this operation
ORA-01587: error during control file backup file copy
ORA-01588: must use RESETLOGS option for database open
ORA-01589: must use RESETLOGS or NORESETLOGS option for database open
ORA-01590: number of segment free list () exceeds maximum of
ORA-01591: lock held by in-doubt distributed transaction
ORA-01592: error converting Version 7 rollback segment () to Oracle 8 format
ORA-01593: rollback segment optimal size ( blks) is smaller than the computed initial size ( blks)
ORA-01594: attempt to wrap into rollback segment () extent () which is being freed
ORA-01595: error freeing extent () of rollback segment ())
ORA-01596: cannot specify system in parameter
ORA-01597: cannot alter system rollback segment online or offline
ORA-01598: rollback segment ” is not online
ORA-01599: failed to acquire rollback segment (), cache space is full
ORA-01600: at most one “” in clause “” of
ORA-01601: illegal bucket size in clause “” of
ORA-01603: illegal grouping size in clause “” of
ORA-01604: illegal number range in clause “” of
ORA-01605: missing numbers in clause “” of
ORA-01606: gc_files_to_locks not identical to that of another mounted instance
ORA-01607: cannot add logfile to the specified instance
ORA-01608: cannot bring rollback segment ” online, its status is ()
ORA-01609: log is the current log for thread – cannot drop members
ORA-01610: recovery using the BACKUP CONTROLFILE option must be done
ORA-01611: thread number is invalid – must be between 1 and
ORA-01612: instance (thread ) is already enabled
ORA-01613: instance (thread ) only has logs – at least 2 logs required to enable.
ORA-01614: instance (thread ) is busy – cannot enable
ORA-01615: instance (thread ) is mounted – cannot disable
ORA-01616: instance (thread ) is open – cannot disable
ORA-01617: cannot mount: is not a valid thread number
ORA-01618: redo thread is not enabled – cannot mount
ORA-01619: thread is mounted by another instance
ORA-01620: no public threads are available for mounting
ORA-01621: cannot rename member of current log if database is open
ORA-01622: thread number must be specified – default not specific
ORA-01623: log is current log for instance (thread ) – cannot drop
ORA-01624: log needed for crash recovery of instance (thread )
ORA-01625: rollback segment ” does not belong to this instance
ORA-01626: rollback segment number ” cannot handle more transactions
ORA-01627: rollback segment number ” is not online
ORA-01628: max # extents () reached for rollback segment
ORA-01629: max # extents () reached saving undo for tablespace
ORA-01630: max # extents () reached in temp segment in tablespace
ORA-01631: max # extents () reached in table .
ORA-01632: max # extents () reached in index .
ORA-01633: Real Application Clusters Option needed for this operation
ORA-01634: rollback segment number ” is about to go offline
ORA-01635: rollback segment # specified not available
ORA-01636: rollback segment ” is already online
ORA-01637: rollback segment ” is being used by another instance (#)
ORA-01638: parameter does not allow ORACLE version to mount cluster database
ORA-01639: instance has no thread assigned to it
ORA-01640: cannot make tablespace read only with active transactions
ORA-01641: tablespace ” is not online – cannot add data file
ORA-01642: begin backup not needed for read only tablespace ”
ORA-01643: system tablespace can not be made read only
ORA-01644: tablespace ” is already read only
ORA-01645: previous attempt to make read write is half complete
ORA-01646: tablespace ” is not read only – cannot make read write
ORA-01647: tablespace ” is read only, cannot allocate space in it
ORA-01648: log is the current log of disabled instance (thread )
ORA-01649: operation not allowed with a backup control file
ORA-01650: unable to extend rollback segment by in tablespace
ORA-01651: unable to extend save undo segment by for tablespace
ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by in tablespace
ORA-01653: unable to extend table . by in tablespace
ORA-01654: unable to extend index . by in tablespace
ORA-01655: unable to extend cluster . by in tablespace
ORA-01656: max # extents () reached in cluster .
ORA-01657: invalid SHRINK option value
ORA-01658: unable to create INITIAL extent for segment in tablespace
ORA-01659: unable to allocate MINEXTENTS beyond in tablespace
ORA-01660: tablespace ” is already permanent
ORA-01661: tablespace ” is already temporary
ORA-01662: tablespace ” is non-empty and cannot be made temporary
ORA-01663: the contents of tablespace ” is constantly changing
ORA-01664: Transaction which has expanded the Sort Segment has aborted
ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file
ORA-01666: control file is for a standby database
ORA-01667: cannot add any more tablespaces: limit of exceeded
ORA-01668: standby database requires DROP option for offline of data file
ORA-01669: standby database control file not consistent
ORA-01670: new datafile needed for standby database recovery
ORA-01671: control file is a backup, cannot make a standby control file
ORA-01672: control file may be missing files or have extra ones
ORA-01673: data file has not been identified
ORA-01674: data file is an old incarnation rather than current file
ORA-01675: max_commit_propagation_delay inconsistent with other instances
ORA-01676: standby file name convert of ” exceeds maximum length of
ORA-01677: standby file name convert parameters differ from other instance
ORA-01678: parameter must be pairs of pattern and replacement strings
ORA-01679: database must be mounted EXCLUSIVE and not open to activate
ORA-01680: unable to extend LOB segment by in tablespace
ORA-01681: max # extents () reached in LOB segment in tablespace
ORA-01682: read-only DB cannot allocate temporary space in tablespace
ORA-01683: unable to extend index . partition by in tablespace
ORA-01684: max # extents () reached in table . partition
ORA-01685: max # extents () reached in index . partition
ORA-01686: max # files () reached for the tablespace
ORA-01687: specified logging attribute for tablespace ” is same as the existing
ORA-01688: unable to extend table . partition by in tablespace
ORA-01689: syntax error in clause “” of
ORA-01690: sort area size too small
ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment . by in tablespace
ORA-01692: unable to extend lob segment . partition by in tablespace
ORA-01693: max # extents () reached in lob segment .
ORA-01694: max # extents () reached in lob segment . partition
ORA-01695: error converting rollback segment to version 8.0.2
ORA-01696: control file is not a clone control file
ORA-01697: control file is for a clone database
ORA-01698: a clone database may only have SYSTEM rollback segment online
ORA-01699: tablespace ” is being imported for point in time recovery
ORA-01700: duplicate username in list
ORA-01701: a cluster is not appropriate here
ORA-01702: a view is not appropriate here
ORA-01703: missing SYNONYM keyword
ORA-01704: string literal too long
ORA-01705: an outer join cannot be specified on a correlation column
ORA-01706: user function result value was too large
ORA-01707: missing LIST keyword
ORA-01708: ACCESS or SESSION expected
ORA-01709: program does not exist
ORA-01710: missing OF keyword
ORA-01711: duplicate privilege listed
ORA-01712: you cannot grant a privilege which you do not have
ORA-01713: GRANT OPTION does not exist for that privilege
ORA-01714: error in execution of user function
ORA-01715: UNIQUE may not be used with a cluster index
ORA-01716: NOSORT may not be used with a cluster index
ORA-01717: seccta: invalid access mode token passed
ORA-01718: BY ACCESS | SESSION clause not allowed for NOAUDIT
ORA-01719: outer join operator (+) not allowed in operand of OR or IN
ORA-01720: grant option does not exist for ‘.’
ORA-01721: USERENV(COMMITSCN) invoked more than once in a transaction
ORA-01722: invalid number
ORA-01723: zero-length columns are not allowed
ORA-01724: floating point precision is out of range (1 to 126)
ORA-01725: USERENV(‘COMMITSCN’) not allowed here
ORA-01726: a table is not appropriate here
ORA-01727: numeric precision specifier is out of range (1 to 38)
ORA-01728: numeric scale specifier is out of range (-84 to 127)
ORA-01729: database link name expected
ORA-01730: invalid number of column names specified
ORA-01731: circular view definition encountered
ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view
ORA-01733: virtual column not allowed here
ORA-01734: illegal parameters – EXTENT MIN higher than EXTENT MAX
ORA-01735: invalid ALTER TABLE option
ORA-01736: [NOT] SUCCESSFUL expected
ORA-01738: missing IN keyword
ORA-01739: missing MODE keyword
ORA-01740: missing double quote in identifier
ORA-01741: illegal zero-length identifier
ORA-01742: comment not terminated properly
ORA-01743: only pure functions can be indexed
ORA-01744: inappropriate INTO
ORA-01745: invalid host/bind variable name
ORA-01746: indicator variable not permitted here
ORA-01747: invalid user.table.column, table.column, or column specification
ORA-01748: only simple column names allowed here
ORA-01749: you may not GRANT/REVOKE privileges to/from yourself
ORA-01750: UPDATE/REFERENCES may only be REVOKEd from the whole table, not by column
ORA-01751: Invalid dump undo option
ORA-01752: cannot delete from view without exactly one key-preserved table
ORA-01753: column definition incompatible with clustered column definition
ORA-01754: a table may contain only one column of type LONG
ORA-01755: Must specify an extent number or block number
ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated
ORA-01757: Must specify an object number
ORA-01758: table must be empty to add mandatory (NOT NULL) column
ORA-01759: user function is incorrectly defined
ORA-01760: illegal argument for function
ORA-01761: DML operation does not map to a unique table in the join
ORA-01762: vopdrv: view query block not in FROM
ORA-01763: update or delete involves outer joined table
ORA-01764: new update value of join is not guaranteed to be unique
ORA-01765: specifying table’s owner name is not allowed
ORA-01766: dictionary table not allowed in this context
ORA-01767: UPDATE … SET expression must be a subquery
ORA-01768: number string too long
ORA-01769: duplicate CLUSTER option specifications
ORA-01770: CLUSTER option not allowed in CREATE CLUSTER command
ORA-01771: illegal option for a clustered table
ORA-01772: Must specify a value for LEVEL
ORA-01773: may not specify column datatypes in this CREATE TABLE
ORA-01774: Dump undo option specified more than once
ORA-01775: looping chain of synonyms
ORA-01776: cannot modify more than one base table through a join view
ORA-01777: WITH GRANT OPTION not allowed in this system
ORA-01778: maximum subquery nesting level exceeded
ORA-00337: log file ” does not exist and no size specified
ORA-00338: log of thread is more recent than control file
ORA-00339: archived log does not contain any redo
ORA-00340: IO error processing online log of thread
ORA-00341: log of thread , wrong log # in header
ORA-00342: archived log does not have expected resetlogs SCN
ORA-00343: too many errors, log member closed
ORA-00344: unable to re-create online log ”
ORA-00345: redo log write error block count
ORA-00346: log member marked as STALE
ORA-00347: log of thread , expected block size doesn’t match
ORA-00348: single-process redo failure. Must abort instance
ORA-00349: failure obtaining block size for ”
ORA-00350: log of instance (thread ) needs to be archived
ORA-00351: recover-to time invalid
ORA-00352: all logs for thread need to be archived – cannot enable
ORA-00353: log corruption near block change time
ORA-00354: corrupt redo log block header
ORA-00355: change numbers out of order
ORA-00356: inconsistent lengths in change description
ORA-00357: too many members specified for log file, the maximum is
ORA-00358: Too many file members specified, the maximum is
ORA-00359: logfile group does not exist
ORA-00360: not a logfile member:
ORA-00361: cannot remove last log member for group
ORA-00362: member is required to form a valid logfile in group
ORA-00363: log is not the archived version
ORA-00364: cannot write header to new log member
ORA-00365: the specified log is not the correct next log
ORA-00366: log of thread , checksum error in the file header
ORA-00367: checksum error in log file header
ORA-00368: checksum error in redo log block
ORA-00369: Current log of thread not useable and other log being cleared
ORA-00370: potential deadlock during kcbchange operation
ORA-00371: not enough shared pool memory, should be atleast bytes
ORA-00372: file cannot be modified at this time
ORA-00373: online log version incompatible with ORACLE version
ORA-00374: parameter db_block_size = invalid ; must be a multiple of in the range [..]
ORA-00375: unable to get default db_block_size
ORA-00376: file cannot be read at this time
ORA-00377: Frequent backups of file causing write operation to stall
ORA-00378: buffer pools cannot be created as specified
ORA-00379: no free buffers available in buffer pool for block size K
ORA-00380: cannot specify db_k_cache_size since K is the standard block size
ORA-00381: cannot use both new and old parameters for buffer cache size specification
ORA-00382: not a valid block size, valid range [..]
ORA-00383: DEFAULT cache for blocksize cannot be reduced to zero
ORA-00384: Insufficient memory to grow cache
ORA-00385: cannot enable Very Large Memory with new buffer cache parameters
ORA-00386: use_indirect_data_buffers not supported
ORA-00390: log of thread is being cleared, cannot become current log
ORA-00391: All threads must switch to new log format at the same time
ORA-00392: log of thread is being cleared, operation not allowed
ORA-00393: log of thread is needed for recovery of offline datafiles
ORA-00394: online log reused while attempting to archive it
ORA-00395: online logs for the clone database must be renamed
ORA-00396: error required fallback to single-pass recovery
ORA-00397: instance recovery process terminated with error
ORA-00398: abort thread recovery due to reconfiguration
ORA-00399: corrupt change description in redo log
ORA-00400: invalid release value for parameter
ORA-00401: the value for parameter is not supported by this release
ORA-00402: database changes by release cannot be used by release
ORA-00403: () is not the same as other instances ()
ORA-00404: Convert file not found: ”
ORA-00405: compatibility type “”
ORA-00406: COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be or greater
ORA-00407: rolling upgrade from release . to . is not allowed
ORA-00408: parameter is set to TRUE
ORA-00409: COMPATIBLE needs to be or higher to use AUTO SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT
ORA-00436: ORACLE is not licensed. Contact Oracle Corp. for assistance
ORA-00437: ORACLE feature is not licensed. Contact Oracle Corp. for assistance
ORA-00438: Option not installed
ORA-00439: feature not enabled:
ORA-00443: background process “” did not start
ORA-00444: background process “” failed while starting
ORA-00445: background process “” did not start after seconds
ORA-00446: background process started when not expected
ORA-00447: fatal error in background process
ORA-00448: normal completion of background process
ORA-00449: background process ” unexpectedly terminated with error
ORA-00450: background process ” did not start
ORA-00451: foreground process died unexpectedly
ORA-00452: foreground process unexpectedly terminated with error
ORA-00453: backgroud process ” is dead
ORA-00469: CKPT process terminated with error
ORA-00470: LGWR process terminated with error
ORA-00471: DBWR process terminated with error
ORA-00472: PMON process terminated with error
ORA-00473: ARCH process terminated with error
ORA-00474: SMON process terminated with error
ORA-00475: TRWR process terminated with error
ORA-00476: RECO process terminated with error
ORA-00477: SNP* process terminated with error
ORA-00478: SMON process terminated due to error
ORA-00479: RVWR process terminated with error
ORA-00480: LCK* process terminated with error
ORA-00481: LMON process terminated with error
ORA-00482: LMD* process terminated with error
ORA-00483: During shutdown a process abnormally terminated
ORA-00484: LMS* process terminated with error
ORA-00485: DIAG process terminated with error
ORA-00486: ASMB process terminated with error
ORA-00487: CTWR process terminated with error
ORA-00488: RBAL process terminated with error
ORA-00489: ARB* process terminated with error
ORA-00490: PSP process terminated with error
ORA-00494: enqueue held for too long by ”
ORA-00566: cannot request processor group – NUMA not enabled
ORA-00567: Requested processor group is too large (maximum )
ORA-00568: Maximum number of interrupt handlers exceeded
ORA-00569: Failed to acquire global enqueue.
ORA-00574: osndnt: $CANCEL failure (break)
ORA-00575: osndnt: $QIO failure (send out-of-band break)
ORA-00576: in-band break protocol error
ORA-00577: out-of-band break protocol error
ORA-00578: reset protocol error
ORA-00579: osndnt: server received malformed connection request
ORA-00580: protocol versions do not match
ORA-00581: osndnt: cannot allocate context area
ORA-00582: osndnt: cannot deallocate context area
ORA-00583: osndnt: $TRNLOG failure
ORA-00584: cannot close connection
ORA-00585: host name has incorrect form
ORA-00586: osndnt: LIB$ASN_WTH_MBX failure
ORA-00587: cannot connect to remote host
ORA-00588: message from host was too short
ORA-00589: message from host had incorrect data length
ORA-00590: message from host had incorrect message type
ORA-00591: incorrect number of bytes written
ORA-00592: osndnt: $QIO failure (mailbox queue)
ORA-00593: osndnt: $DASSGN failure (network device)
ORA-00594: osndnt: $DASSGN failure (mailbox)
ORA-00595: osndnt: $QIO failure (receive)
ORA-00596: osndnt: $QIO failure (send)
ORA-00597: osndnt: $QIO failure (mailbox requeue)
ORA-00598: osndnt: $QIO failure (mailbox read)
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-00601: cleanup lock conflict
ORA-00602: internal programming exception
ORA-00603: ORACLE server session terminated by fatal error
ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level
ORA-00606: Internal error code
ORA-00607: Internal error occurred while making a change to a data block
ORA-00608: testing error [] [] [] [] []
ORA-00609: could not attach to incoming connection
ORA-00610: Internal error code
ORA-00701: object necessary for warmstarting database cannot be altered
ORA-00702: bootstrap verison ” inconsistent with version ”
ORA-00703: maximum number of row cache instance locks exceeded
ORA-00704: bootstrap process failure
ORA-00705: inconsistent state during start up; shut down the instance, then restart it
ORA-00706: error changing format of file ”
ORA-00710: new tablespace name is the same as the old tablespace name
ORA-00711: new tablespace name is invalid
ORA-00712: cannot rename system tablespace
ORA-00720: ALTER DATABASE RESET COMPATIBILITY command has been de-supported
ORA-00721: changes by release cannot be used by release
ORA-00722: Feature “”
ORA-00723: Initialization parameter COMPATIBLE must be explicitly set
ORA-00724: ALTER DATABASE CONVERT command has been de-supported
ORA-00740: datafile size of () blocks exceeds maximum file size
ORA-00741: logfile size of () blocks exceeds maximum logfile size
ORA-00750: database has been previously mounted and dismounted
ORA-00816: error message translation failed
ORA-00820: Specified value of sga_max_size is too small, needs to be at least M
ORA-00821: Specified value of sga_target M is too small, needs to be at least M
ORA-00822: MMAN process terminated with error
ORA-00823: Specified value of sga_target greater than sga_max_size
ORA-00824: cannot set sga_target due to existing internal settings, see alert log for more information
ORA-00825: cannot set db_block_buffers if sga_target set
ORA-00826: cannot set sga_target for an ASM instance
ORA-00827: could not shrink sga_target to specified value
ORA-00828: specified value of shared_pool_reserved_size inconsistent with internal settings
ORA-00829: event to stress test self tuning SGA feature by forcing partial granules transfers
ORA-00830: cannot set statistics_level to BASIC with auto-tune SGA enabled
ORA-00831: event to stress test self tuning SGA feature by doing random memory broker resizes
ORA-00832: no streams pool created and cannot automatically create one
ORA-00833: event to test cancellation and cache protection by pinning buffers for deferred mode requests
ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement
ORA-00901: invalid CREATE command
ORA-00902: invalid datatype
ORA-00903: invalid table name
ORA-00904: : invalid identifier
ORA-00905: missing keyword
ORA-00906: missing left parenthesis
ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis
ORA-00908: missing NULL keyword
ORA-00909: invalid number of arguments
ORA-00910: specified length too long for its datatype
ORA-00911: invalid character
ORA-00912: input parameter too long
ORA-00913: too many values
ORA-00914: missing ADD keyword
ORA-00915: network access of dictionary table not currently allowed
ORA-00917: missing comma
ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined
ORA-00919: invalid function
ORA-00920: invalid relational operator
ORA-00921: unexpected end of SQL command
ORA-00922: missing or invalid option
ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected
ORA-00924: missing BY keyword
ORA-00925: missing INTO keyword
ORA-00926: missing VALUES keyword
ORA-00927: missing equal sign
ORA-00928: missing SELECT keyword
ORA-00929: missing period
ORA-00930: missing asterisk
ORA-00931: missing identifier
ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected got
ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
ORA-00934: group function is not allowed here
ORA-00935: group function is nested too deeply
ORA-00936: missing expression
ORA-00937: not a single-group group function
ORA-00938: not enough arguments for function
ORA-00939: too many arguments for function
ORA-00940: invalid ALTER command
ORA-00941: missing cluster name
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
ORA-00943: cluster does not exist
ORA-00944: insufficient number of clustered columns
ORA-00945: specified clustered column does not exist
ORA-00946: missing TO keyword
ORA-00947: not enough values
ORA-00948: ALTER CLUSTER statement no longer supported
ORA-00949: illegal reference to remote database
ORA-00950: invalid DROP option
ORA-00951: cluster not empty
ORA-00952: missing GROUP keyword
ORA-00953: missing or invalid index name
ORA-00954: missing IDENTIFIED keyword
ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object
ORA-00956: missing or invalid auditing option
ORA-00957: duplicate column name
ORA-00958: missing CHECK keyword
ORA-00959: tablespace ” does not exist
ORA-00960: ambiguous column naming in select list
ORA-00961: bad datetime/interval value
ORA-00962: too many group-by / order-by expressions
ORA-00963: unsupported interval type
ORA-00964: table name not in FROM list
ORA-00965: column aliases not allowed for ‘*’
ORA-00966: missing TABLE keyword
ORA-00967: missing WHERE keyword
ORA-00968: missing INDEX keyword
ORA-00969: missing ON keyword
ORA-00970: missing WITH keyword
ORA-00971: missing SET keyword
ORA-00972: identifier is too long
ORA-00973: invalid row count estimate
ORA-00974: invalid PCTFREE value (percentage)
ORA-00975: date + date not allowed
ORA-00976: LEVEL, PRIOR, or ROWNUM not allowed here
ORA-00977: duplicate auditing option
ORA-00978: nested group function without GROUP BY
ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression
ORA-00980: synonym translation is no longer valid
ORA-00981: cannot mix table and system auditing options
ORA-00982: missing plus sign
ORA-00983: cannot audit or noaudit SYS user actions
ORA-00984: column not allowed here
ORA-00985: invalid program name
ORA-00986: missing or invalid group name(s)
ORA-00987: missing or invalid username(s)
ORA-00988: missing or invalid password(s)
ORA-00989: too many passwords for usernames given
ORA-00990: missing or invalid privilege
ORA-00991: only MAC privileges may be granted to procedures
ORA-00992: invalid format for REVOKE command
ORA-00993: missing GRANT keyword
ORA-00994: missing OPTION keyword
ORA-00995: missing or invalid synonym identifier
ORA-00996: the concatenate operator is ||, not |
ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype
ORA-00998: must name this expression with a column alias
ORA-00999: invalid view name
ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded
ORA-01001: invalid cursor
ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence
ORA-01003: no statement parsed
ORA-01004: default username feature not supported; logon denied
ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied
ORA-01006: bind variable does not exist
ORA-01007: variable not in select list
ORA-01008: not all variables bound
ORA-01009: missing mandatory parameter
ORA-01010: invalid OCI operation
ORA-01011: Cannot use v7 compatibility mode when talking to v6 server
ORA-01012: not logged on
ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation
ORA-01014: ORACLE shutdown in progress
ORA-01015: logon called recursively
ORA-01016: This function can be called only after a fetch
ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied
ORA-01018: column does not have a LONG datatype
ORA-01019: unable to allocate memory in the user side
ORA-01020: unknown context state
ORA-01021: invalid context size specified
ORA-01022: database operation not supported in this configuration
ORA-01023: Cursor context not found (Invalid cursor number)
ORA-01024: invalid datatype in OCI call
ORA-01025: UPI parameter out of range
ORA-01026: multiple buffers of size > 4000 in the bind list
ORA-01027: bind variables not allowed for data definition operations
ORA-01028: internal two task error
ORA-01029: internal two task error
ORA-01030: SELECT … INTO variable does not exist
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
ORA-01032: no such userid
ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress
ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
ORA-01035: ORACLE only available to users with RESTRICTED SESSION privilege
ORA-01036: illegal variable name/number
ORA-01037: maximum cursor memory exceeded
ORA-01038: cannot write database file version with ORACLE version
ORA-01039: insufficient privileges on underlying objects of the view
ORA-01040: invalid character in password; logon denied
ORA-01041: internal error. hostdef extension doesn’t exist
ORA-01042: detaching a session with open cursors not allowed
ORA-01043: user side memory corruption [], [], [], []
ORA-01044: size of buffer bound to variable exceeds maximum
ORA-01045: user lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied
ORA-01046: cannot acquire space to extend context area
ORA-01047: The above error occurred in schema=, package=, procedure=
ORA-01048: Couldn’t find the specified procedure in the given context
ORA-01049: Bind by name is not spupportted in streamed RPC
ORA-01050: cannot acquire space to open context area
ORA-01051: deferred rpc buffer format invalid
ORA-01052: required destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST is not specified
ORA-01053: user storage address cannot be read
ORA-01054: user storage address cannot be written
ORA-01057: invalid or ambiguous block.field reference in user exit
ORA-01058: internal New Upi interface error
ORA-01059: parse expected before a bind or execute
ORA-01060: array binds or executes not allowed
ORA-01061: cannot start up a V8 server using a V7 client application
ORA-01062: unable to allocate memory for define buffer
ORA-01070: Using an old version of Oracle for the server
ORA-01071: cannot perform operation without starting up ORACLE
ORA-01072: cannot stop ORACLE; ORACLE not running
ORA-01073: fatal connection error: unrecognized call type
ORA-01074: cannot shut down ORACLE; inside a login session – log off first
ORA-01075: you are currently logged on
ORA-01076: multiple logons per process not yet supported
ORA-01077: background process initialization failure
ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters
ORA-01079: ORACLE database was not properly created, operation aborted
ORA-01080: error in shutting down ORACLE
ORA-01081: cannot start already-running ORACLE – shut it down first
ORA-01082: ‘row_locking = always’ requires the transaction processing option
ORA-01083: value of parameter “” is inconsistent with that of other instances
ORA-01084: invalid argument in OCI call
ORA-01085: preceding errors in deferred rpc to “..”
ORA-01086: savepoint ” never established
ORA-01087: cannot start up ORACLE – currently logged on
ORA-01088: cannot shut down ORACLE while active processes exist
ORA-01089: immediate shutdown in progress – no operations are permitted
ORA-01090: shutdown in progress – connection is not permitted
ORA-01091: failure during startup force
ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced
ORA-01093: ALTER DATABASE CLOSE only permitted with no sessions connected
ORA-01094: ALTER DATABASE CLOSE in progress. Connections not permitted
ORA-01095: DML statement processed zero rows
ORA-01096: program version () incompatible with instance ()
ORA-01097: cannot shutdown while in a transaction – commit or rollback first
ORA-01098: program Interface error during Long Insert
ORA-01099: cannot mount database in SHARED mode if started in single process mode
ORA-01100: database already mounted
ORA-01101: database being created currently mounted by some other instance
ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode
ORA-01103: database name ” in control file is not ”
ORA-01104: number of control files () does not equal
ORA-01105: mount is incompatible with mounts by other instances
ORA-01106: database must be closed before dismounting
ORA-01107: database must be mounted for media recovery
ORA-01108: file is in backup or media recovery
ORA-01109: database not open
ORA-01110: data file : ”
ORA-01111: name for data file is unknown – rename to correct file
ORA-01112: media recovery not started
ORA-01113: file needs media recovery
ORA-01114: IO error writing block to file (block # )
ORA-01115: IO error reading block from file (block # )
ORA-01116: error in opening database file
ORA-01117: adding file ” with illegal block size: ; limit is
ORA-01118: cannot add any more database files: limit of exceeded
ORA-01119: error in creating database file ”
ORA-01120: cannot remove online database file
ORA-01121: cannot rename database file – file is in use or recovery
ORA-01122: database file failed verification check
ORA-01123: cannot start online backup; media recovery not enabled
ORA-01124: cannot recover data file – file is in use or recovery
ORA-01125: cannot disable media recovery – file has online backup set
ORA-01126: database must be mounted in this instance and not open in any instance
ORA-01127: database name ” exceeds size limit of characters
ORA-01128: cannot start online backup – file is offline
ORA-01129: user’s default or temporary tablespace does not exist
ORA-01130: database file version incompatible with ORACLE version
ORA-01131: DB_FILES system parameter value exceeds limit of
ORA-01132: length of database file name ” exceeds limit of characters
ORA-01133: length of log file name ” exceeds limit of characters
ORA-01134: database mounted exclusive by another instance
ORA-01135: file accessed for DML/query is offline
ORA-01136: specified size of file ( blocks) is less than original size of blocks
ORA-01137: data file is still in the middle of going offline
ORA-01138: database must either be open in this instance or not at all
ORA-01139: RESETLOGS option only valid after an incomplete database recovery
ORA-01140: cannot end online backup – all files are offline or readonly
ORA-01141: error renaming data file – new file ” not found
ORA-01142: cannot end online backup – none of the files are in backup
ORA-01143: cannot disable media recovery – file needs media recovery
ORA-01144: File size ( blocks) exceeds maximum of blocks
ORA-01145: offline immediate disallowed unless media recovery enabled
ORA-01146: cannot start online backup – file is already in backup
ORA-01147: SYSTEM tablespace file is offline
ORA-01148: cannot refresh file size for datafile
ORA-01149: cannot shutdown – file has online backup set
ORA-01150: cannot prevent writes – file has online backup set
ORA-01151: use media recovery to recover block, restore backup if needed
ORA-01152: file was not restored from a sufficiently old backup
ORA-01153: an incompatible media recovery is active
ORA-01154: database busy. Open, close, mount, and dismount not allowed now
ORA-01155: the database is being opened, closed, mounted or dismounted
ORA-01156: recovery in progress may need access to files
ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file – see DBWR trace file
ORA-01158: database already mounted
ORA-01159: file is not from same database as previous files – wrong database id
ORA-01160: file is not a
ORA-01161: database name in file header does not match given name of
ORA-01162: block size in file header does not match configured block sizes
ORA-01163: SIZE clause indicates (blocks), but should match header
ORA-01164: MAXLOGFILES may not exceed
ORA-01165: MAXDATAFILES may not exceed
ORA-01166: file number is larger than ()
ORA-01167: two files are the same file/group number or the same file
ORA-01168: physical block size does not match size of other members
ORA-01169: DATAFILE number 1 not found. Must be present
ORA-01170: file not found ”
ORA-01171: datafile going offline due to error advancing checkpoint
ORA-01172: recovery of thread stuck at block of file
ORA-01173: data dictionary indicates missing data file from system tablespace
ORA-01174: DB_FILES is buts needs to be to be compatible
ORA-01175: data dictionary has more than the files allowed by the instance
ORA-01176: data dictionary has more than the files allowed by the controlfie
ORA-01177: data file does not match dictionary – probably old incarnation
ORA-01178: file created before last CREATE CONTROLFILE, cannot recreate
ORA-01179: file does not exist
ORA-01180: can not create datafile 1
ORA-01181: file created before last known RESETLOGS, cannot recreate
ORA-01182: cannot create database file – file is in use or recovery
ORA-01183: cannot mount database in SHARED mode
ORA-01184: logfile group already exists
ORA-01185: logfile group number is invalid
ORA-01186: file failed verification tests
ORA-01187: cannot read from file because it failed verification tests
ORA-01188: Block size in header does not match physical block size
ORA-01189: file is from a different RESETLOGS than previous files
ORA-01190: control file or data file is from before the last RESETLOGS
ORA-01191: file is already offline – cannot do a normal offline
ORA-01192: must have at least one enabled thread
ORA-01193: file is not the same file seen at start of recovery
ORA-01194: file needs more recovery to be consistent
ORA-01195: online backup of file needs more recovery to be consistent
ORA-01196: file is inconsistent due to a failed media recovery session
ORA-01197: thread only contains one log
ORA-01198: must specify size for log file if RESETLOGS
ORA-01199: file is not in online backup mode
ORA-01200: actual file size of is smaller than correct size of blocks
ORA-01201: file header failed to write correctly
ORA-01202: wrong incarnation of this file – wrong creation time
ORA-01203: wrong incarnation of this file – wrong creation SCN
ORA-01204: file number is rather than – wrong file
ORA-01205: not a data file – type number in header is
ORA-01206: file is not part of this database – wrong database id
ORA-01207: file is more recent than control file – old control file
ORA-01208: data file is an old version – not accessing current version
ORA-01209: data file is from before the last RESETLOGS
ORA-01210: data file header is media corrupt
ORA-01211: Oracle7 data file is not from migration to Oracle8
ORA-01212: MAXLOGMEMBERS may not exceed
ORA-01213: MAXINSTANCES may not exceed
ORA-01214: MAXLOGHISTORY may not exceed
ORA-01215: enabled thread is missing after CREATE CONTROLFILE
ORA-01216: thread is expected to be disabled after CREATE CONTROLFILE
ORA-01217: logfile member belongs to a different logfile group
ORA-01218: logfile member is not from the same point-in-time
ORA-01219: database not open: queries allowed on fixed tables/views only
ORA-01220: file based sort illegal before database is open
ORA-01221: data file is not the same file to a background process
ORA-01222: MAXINSTANCES of requires MAXLOGFILES be at least , not
ORA-01223: RESETLOGS must be specified to set a new database name
ORA-01224: group number in header does not match GROUP
ORA-01225: thread number is greater than MAXINSTANCES
ORA-01226: file header of log member is inconsistent with other members
ORA-01227: log is inconsistent with other logs
ORA-01228: SET DATABASE option required to install seed database
ORA-01229: data file is inconsistent with logs
ORA-01230: cannot make read only – file is offline
ORA-01231: cannot make read write – file is offline
ORA-01232: cannot start online backup – file is being made read-only
ORA-01233: file is read only – cannot recover using backup control file
ORA-01234: cannot end backup of file – file is in use or recovery
ORA-01235: END BACKUP failed for file(s) and succeeded for
ORA-01236: Error occurred during initialization of file header access
ORA-01237: cannot extend datafile
ORA-01238: cannot shrink datafile
ORA-01239: database must be in ARCHIVELOG mode to use external cache
ORA-01240: too many data files to add in one command
ORA-01241: an external cache has died
ORA-01242: data file suffered media failure: database in NOARCHIVELOG mode
ORA-01243: system tablespace file suffered media failure
ORA-01244: unnamed datafile(s) added to control file by media recovery
ORA-01245: offline file will be lost if RESETLOGS is done
ORA-01246: recovering files through TSPITR of tablespace
ORA-01247: database recovery through TSPITR of tablespace
ORA-01248: file was created in the future of incomplete recovery
ORA-01249: archiving not allowed in a clone database
ORA-01250: Error occurred during termination of file header access
ORA-01251: Unknown File Header Version read for file number
ORA-01252: cannot prevent writes – file in recovery manager backup
ORA-01253: cannot start online backup – file in recovery manager backup
ORA-01254: cannot end online backup – file in recovery manager backup
ORA-01255: cannot shutdown – file in recovery manager backup
ORA-01256: error in locking database file
ORA-01257: cannot reuse database file , unknown file size
ORA-01258: unable to delete temporary file
ORA-01259: unable to delete datafile
ORA-01260: warning: END BACKUP succeeded but some files found not to be in backup mode
ORA-01261: Parameter destination string cannot be translated
ORA-01262: Stat failed on a file destination directory
ORA-01263: Name given for file destination directory is invalid
ORA-01264: Unable to create file name
ORA-01265: Unable to delete
ORA-01266: Unable to create unique file name
ORA-01267: Failure getting date/time
ORA-01268: invalid TEMPFILE clause for alter of permanent TABLESPACE
ORA-01269: Destination parameter string is too long
ORA-01270: operation is not allowed if STANDBY_PRESERVES_NAMES is true
ORA-01271: Unable to create new file name for file
ORA-01272: REUSE only allowed when a file name is provided.
ORA-01274: cannot add datafile ” – file could not be created
ORA-01275: Operation is not allowed if standby file management is automatic.
ORA-01276: Cannot add file . File has an Oracle Managed Files file name.
ORA-01277: file ” already exists
ORA-01278: error creating file ”
ORA-01279: db_files too large
ORA-01280: Fatal LogMiner Error.
ORA-01281: SCN range specified is invalid
ORA-01282: date range specified is invalid
ORA-01283: Options specified is invalid
ORA-01284: file cannot be opened
ORA-01285: error reading file
ORA-01286: start interval required
ORA-01287: file is from a different database incarnation
ORA-01289: cannot add duplicate logfile
ORA-01290: cannot remove unlisted logfile
ORA-01291: missing logfile
ORA-01292: no log file has been specified for the current LogMiner session
ORA-01293: mounted database required for specified LogMiner options
ORA-01294: error occurred while processing information in dictionary file , possible corruption
ORA-01295: DB_ID mismatch between dictionary and logfiles
ORA-01296: character set mismatch between dictionary and logfiles
ORA-01297: redo version mismatch between dictionary and logfiles
ORA-01298: conflicting dictionary option
ORA-01299: dictionary corresponds to a different database incarnation
ORA-01300: writable database required for specified LogMiner options
ORA-01301: error writing to file during flat file build
ORA-01302: dictionary build options missing or incorrect
ORA-01303: subordinate process error: %u. Check alert and trace logs
ORA-01304: subordinate process error. Check alert and trace logs
ORA-01306: dbms_logmnr.start_logmnr() must be invoked before selecting from v$logmnr_contents
ORA-01307: no LogMiner session is currently active
ORA-01308: initialization parameter utl_file_dir is not set
ORA-01309: invalid session
ORA-01310: requested return type not supported by the lcr_mine function
ORA-01311: Illegal invocation of the mine_value function
ORA-01312: Specified table/column does not exist
ORA-01313: LogMiner dictionary column type different from specified type
ORA-01314: Name of the column to be mined should be a string literal
ORA-01315: Log file has been added or removed during select
ORA-01316: Already attached to a Logminer session
ORA-01317: Not attached to a Logminer session
ORA-01319: Invalid Logminer session attribute
ORA-01320: Invalid Logminer dictionar attribute
ORA-01322: No such table
ORA-01323: Invalid state
ORA-01324: cannot add file due to DB_ID mismatch
ORA-01325: archive log mode must be enabled to build into the logstream
ORA-01326: compatability of 9.0 or greater required to build into the logstream
ORA-01327: failed to exclusively lock system dictionary as required by build
ORA-01328: only one build operation may occur at one time
ORA-01329: unable to truncate required build table
ORA-01330: problem loading a required build table
ORA-01331: general error while running build
ORA-01332: internal Logminer Dictionary error
ORA-01333: failed to establish Logminer Dictionary
ORA-01334: invalid or missing logminer dictionary processes context
ORA-01335: feature not yet implemented
ORA-01336: specified dictionary file cannot be opened
ORA-01337: log file has a different compatibility version
ORA-01338: Other process is attached to LogMiner session
ORA-01339: LogMiner BUILD: Error copying system catalog metadata to LogMiner dictionary
ORA-01340: NLS error
ORA-01341: LogMiner out-of-memory
ORA-01342: LogMiner can not resume session due to inability of staging checkpointed data
ORA-01343: LogMiner encountered corruption in the logstream
ORA-01344: LogMiner coordinator already attached
ORA-01345: must be a LogMiner coordinator process
ORA-01346: LogMiner processed redo beyond specified reset log scn
ORA-01347: Supplemental log data no longer found
ORA-01348: LogMiner testing event
ORA-01349: LogMiner tracing event
ORA-01350: must specify a tablespace name
ORA-01351: tablespace given for Logminer dictionary does not exist
ORA-01352: tablespace given for Logminer spill does not exist
ORA-01353: existing Logminer session
ORA-01354: Supplemental log data must be added to run this command
ORA-01355: logminer tablespace change in progress
ORA-01356: active logminer sessions found
ORA-01360: invalid token
ORA-01361: global name mismatch
ORA-01370: Specified restart SCN is too old
ORA-01371: Complete LogMiner dictionary not found
ORA-01372: Insufficient processes for specified LogMiner operation
ORA-01373: insufficient memory for staging persistent LogMiner session
ORA-01374: _log_parallelism_max greater than 1 not supported in this release
ORA-01375: Corrupt logfile recovered
ORA-01376: LogMiner testing event
ORA-01399: LogMiner public event
ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ()
ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column
ORA-01402: view WITH CHECK OPTION where-clause violation
ORA-01403: no data found
ORA-01404: ALTER COLUMN will make an index too large
ORA-01405: fetched column value is NULL
ORA-01406: fetched column value was truncated
ORA-01407: cannot update () to NULL
ORA-01408: such column list already indexed
ORA-01409: NOSORT option may not be used; rows are not in ascending order
ORA-01410: invalid ROWID
ORA-01411: cannot store the length of column in the indicator
ORA-01412: zero length not allowed for this datatype
ORA-01413: illegal value in packed decimal number buffer
ORA-01414: invalid array length when trying to bind array
ORA-01415: too many distinct aggregate functions
ORA-01416: two tables cannot be outer-joined to each other
ORA-01417: a table may be outer joined to at most one other table
ORA-01418: specified index does not exist
ORA-01419: datdts: illegal format code
ORA-01420: datstd: illegal format code
ORA-01421: datrnd/dattrn: illegal precision specifier
ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows
ORA-01423: error encountered while checking for extra rows in exact fetch
ORA-01424: missing or illegal character following the escape character
ORA-01425: escape character must be character string of length 1
ORA-01426: numeric overflow
ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row
ORA-01428: argument ” is out of range
ORA-01429: Index-Organized Table: no data segment to store overflow row-pieces
ORA-01430: column being added already exists in table
ORA-01431: internal inconsistency in GRANT command
ORA-01432: public synonym to be dropped does not exist
ORA-01433: synonym to be created is already defined
ORA-01434: private synonym to be dropped does not exist
ORA-01435: user does not exist
ORA-01436: CONNECT BY loop in user data
ORA-01437: cannot have join with CONNECT BY
ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allowed for this column
ORA-01439: column to be modified must be empty to change datatype
ORA-01440: column to be modified must be empty to decrease precision or scale
ORA-01441: cannot decrease column length because some value is too big
ORA-01442: column to be modified to NOT NULL is already NOT NULL
ORA-01443: internal inconsistency; illegal datatype in resultant view column
ORA-01444: internal inconsistency; internal datatype maps to invalid external type
ORA-01445: cannot select ROWID from, or sample, a join view without a key-preserved table
ORA-01446: cannot select ROWID from, or sample, a view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.
ORA-01447: ALTER TABLE does not operate on clustered columns
ORA-01448: index must be dropped before changing to desired type
ORA-01449: column contains NULL values; cannot alter to NOT NULL
ORA-01450: maximum key length () exceeded
ORA-01451: column to be modified to NULL cannot be modified to NULL
ORA-01452: cannot CREATE UNIQUE INDEX; duplicate keys found
ORA-01453: SET TRANSACTION must be first statement of transaction
ORA-01454: cannot convert column into numeric datatype
ORA-01455: converting column overflows integer datatype
ORA-01456: may not perform insert/delete/update operation inside a READ ONLY transaction
ORA-01457: converting column overflows decimal datatype
ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable character string
ORA-01459: invalid length for variable character string
ORA-01460: unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested
ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
ORA-01462: cannot insert string literals longer than 4000 characters
ORA-01463: cannot modify column datatype with current constraint(s)
ORA-01464: circular grant (granting to grant ancestor) of table or view
ORA-01465: invalid hex number
ORA-01466: unable to read data – table definition has changed
ORA-01467: sort key too long
ORA-01468: a predicate may reference only one outer-joined table
ORA-01469: PRIOR can only be followed by a column name
ORA-01470: In-list iteration does not support mixed operators
ORA-01471: cannot create a synonym with same name as object
ORA-01472: cannot use CONNECT BY on view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.
ORA-01473: cannot have subqueries in CONNECT BY clause
ORA-01474: cannot have START WITH or PRIOR without CONNECT BY
ORA-01475: must reparse cursor to change bind variable datatype
ORA-01476: divisor is equal to zero
ORA-01477: user data area descriptor is too large
ORA-01478: array bind may not include any LONG columns
ORA-01479: last character in the buffer is not Null
ORA-01480: trailing null missing from STR bind value
ORA-01481: invalid number format model
ORA-01482: unsupported character set
ORA-01483: invalid length for DATE or NUMBER bind variable
ORA-01484: arrays can only be bound to PL/SQL statements
ORA-01485: compile bind length different from execute bind length
ORA-01486: size of array element is too large
ORA-01487: packed decimal number too large for supplied buffer
ORA-01488: invalid nibble or byte in the input data
ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long
ORA-01490: invalid ANALYZE command
ORA-01491: CASCADE option not valid
ORA-01492: LIST option not valid
ORA-01493: invalid SAMPLE size specified
ORA-01494: invalid SIZE specified
ORA-01495: specified chain row table not found
ORA-01496: specified chain row table form incorrect
ORA-01497: illegal option for ANALYZE CLUSTER
ORA-01498: block check failure – see trace file
ORA-01499: table/index cross reference failure – see trace file
ORA-01500: failure in getting date/time
ORA-01502: index ‘.’ or partition of such index is in unusable state
ORA-01504: database name ” does not match parameter db_name ”
ORA-01505: error in adding log files
ORA-01506: missing or illegal database name
ORA-01507: database not mounted
ORA-01508: cannot create database; error in file ” at line
ORA-01509: specified name ” does not match actual ”
ORA-01510: error in deleting log files
ORA-01511: error in renaming log/data files
ORA-01512: error renaming log file – new file not found
ORA-01513: invalid current time returned by operating system
ORA-01514: error in log specification: no such log
ORA-01515: error dropping log group : no such log
ORA-01516: nonexistent log file, datafile, or tempfile “”
ORA-01517: log member: ”
ORA-01518: CREATE DATABASE must specify more than one log file
ORA-01519: error while processing file ” near line
ORA-01520: number of data files to add () exceeds limit of
ORA-01521: error in adding data files
ORA-01522: file ” to be renamed does not exist
ORA-01523: cannot rename data file to ” – file already part of database
ORA-01524: cannot create data file as ” – file already part of database
ORA-01525: error in renaming data files
ORA-01526: error in opening file ”
ORA-01527: error while reading file
ORA-01528: EOF while processing SQL statement
ORA-01529: error closing file ”
ORA-01530: a database already mounted by the instance
ORA-01531: a database already open by the instance
ORA-01532: cannot create database; instance being started elsewhere
ORA-01533: cannot rename file ”; file does not belong to tablespace
ORA-01534: rollback segment ” doesn’t exist
ORA-01535: rollback segment ” already exists
ORA-01536: space quota exceeded for tablespace ”
ORA-01537: cannot add file ” – file already part of database
ORA-01538: failed to acquire any rollback segment
ORA-03110: oranet: ORACLE does not support this SQL version
ORA-03111: break received on communication channel
ORA-03112: a server linked as single-task cannot use SQL*Net
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE
ORA-03115: unsupported network datatype or representation
ORA-03116: invalid buffer length passed to a conversion routine
ORA-03117: two-task save area overflow
ORA-03118: two-task coroutine has invalid state
ORA-03119: two-task detected inconsistent datatype specification
ORA-03120: two-task conversion routine: integer overflow
ORA-03121: no interface driver connected – function not performed
ORA-03122: attempt to close ORACLE-side window on user side
ORA-03123: operation would block
ORA-03124: two-task internal error
ORA-03125: client-server protocol violation
ORA-03126: network driver does not support non-blocking operations
ORA-03127: no new operations allowed until the active operation ends
ORA-03128: connection is in blocking mode
ORA-03129: the next piece to be inserted is required
ORA-03130: the buffer for the next piece to be fetched is required
ORA-03131: an invalid buffer was provided for the next piece
ORA-03132: two-task default value overflow
ORA-03133: piggyback function error
ORA-03134: Connections to this server version are no longer supported.
ORA-03135: connection lost contact
ORA-03136: inbound connection timed out
ORA-03200: the segment type specification is invalid
ORA-03201: the group number specification is invalid
ORA-03202: the scan limit specification is invalid
ORA-03203: concurrent update activity makes space analysis impossible
ORA-03204: the segment type specification should indicate partitioning
ORA-03205: partition name is required when partitioned type is specified
ORA-03206: maximum file size of () blocks in AUTOEXTEND clause is out of range
ORA-03207: subpartitioned type must be specified for composite object
ORA-03208: partitioned type must be specified for a non-composite object
ORA-03209: DBMS_ADMIN_PACKAGE invalid file/block specification
ORA-03210: DBMS_ADMIN_PACKAGE invalid option specification
ORA-03211: The segment does not exist or is not in a valid state
ORA-03212: Temporary Segment cannot be created in locally-managed tablespace
ORA-03213: Invalid Lob Segment Name for DBMS_SPACE package
ORA-03214: File Size specified is smaller than minimum required
ORA-03215: File Size specified for resize is too small
ORA-03216: Tablespace/Segment Verification cannot proceed
ORA-03217: invalid option for alter of TEMPORARY TABLESPACE
ORA-03218: invalid option for CREATE/ALTER TABLESPACE
ORA-03219: Tablespace ” is dictionary-managed, offline or temporary
ORA-03220: DBMS_ADMIN_PACKAGE required parameter is NULL or missing
ORA-03221: Temporary tablespaces and temporary segments must have standard block size
ORA-03222: average row size and row count must be greater than zero
ORA-03230: segment only contains blocks of unused space above high water mark
ORA-03231: the INITIAL extent may not be deallocated
ORA-03233: unable to extend table . subpartition by in tablespace
ORA-03234: unable to extend index . subpartition by in tablespace
ORA-03235: max # extents () reached in table . subpartition
ORA-03236: max # extents () reached in index . subpartition
ORA-03237: Initial Extent of specified size cannot be allocated in tablespace ()
ORA-03238: unable to extend LOB segment . subpartition by in tablespace
ORA-03239: maxextents () reached in LOB segment . subpartition
ORA-03240: User’s temporary tablespace same as tablespace being migrated
ORA-03241: Invalid unit size
ORA-03242: Tablespace migration retried 500 times
ORA-03243: destination dba overlaps with existing control information
ORA-03244: No free space found to place the control information
ORA-03245: Tablespace has to be dictionary managed, online and permanent to be able to migrate
ORA-03246: Invalid block number specified
ORA-03247: Invalid block number specified
ORA-03248: Too much of segment creation activity during migration
ORA-03249: Uniform size for auto segment space managed tablespace should have atleast blocks
ORA-03250: Cannot mark this segment corrupt
ORA-03251: Cannot issue this command on SYSTEM tablespace
ORA-03252: initial extent size not enough for LOB segment
ORA-03254: unable to execute the sql in read only database
ORA-03261: the tablespace has only one file
ORA-03262: the file is non-empty
ORA-03263: cannot drop the first file of tablespace
ORA-03264: cannot drop offline datafile of locally managed tablespace
ORA-03274: both ALLOCATE EXTENT and DEALLOCATE UNUSED options are specified
ORA-03275: duplicate DEALLOCATE option specification
ORA-03276: duplicate ALLOCATE EXTENT option specification
ORA-03277: invalid SIZE specified
ORA-03278: duplicate ALLOCATE EXTENT option specification
ORA-03279: invalid INSTANCE specified
ORA-03280: invalid DATAFILE filename specified
ORA-03281: invalid ALLOCATE EXTENT option
ORA-03282: missing ALLOCATE EXTENT option
ORA-03283: specified datafile does not exist
ORA-03284: datafile or tempfile is not a member of tablespace
ORA-03287: invalid FREELIST GROUP specified
ORA-03288: both FREELIST GROUP and INSTANCE parameters may not be specified
ORA-03289: partition name and segment type do not match
ORA-03290: Invalid truncate command – missing CLUSTER or TABLE keyword
ORA-03291: Invalid truncate option – missing STORAGE keyword
ORA-03292: Table to be truncated is part of a cluster
ORA-03293: Cluster to be truncated is a HASH CLUSTER
ORA-03296: cannot resize datafile – file not found
ORA-03297: file contains used data beyond requested RESIZE value
ORA-03298: cannot shrink datafile – file is under hot backup
ORA-03299: cannot create dictionary table
ORA-04000: the sum of PCTUSED and PCTFREE cannot exceed 100
ORA-04001: sequence parameter must be an integer
ORA-04002: INCREMENT must be a non-zero integer
ORA-04003: sequence parameter exceeds maximum size allowed ( digits)
ORA-04004: MINVALUE must be less than MAXVALUE
ORA-04005: INCREMENT must be less than MAXVALUE minus MINVALUE
ORA-04006: START WITH cannot be less than MINVALUE
ORA-04007: MINVALUE cannot be made to exceed the current value
ORA-04008: START WITH cannot be more than MAXVALUE
ORA-04009: MAXVALUE cannot be made to be less than the current value
ORA-04010: the number of values to CACHE must be greater than 1
ORA-04011: sequence must range between and
ORA-04012: object is not a sequence
ORA-04013: number to CACHE must be less than one cycle
ORA-04014: descending sequences that CYCLE must specify MINVALUE
ORA-04015: ascending sequences that CYCLE must specify MAXVALUE
ORA-04016: sequence no longer exists
ORA-04017: invalid value (length = ) for parameter max_dump_file_size
ORA-04020: deadlock detected while trying to lock object
ORA-04021: timeout occurred while waiting to lock object
ORA-04022: nowait requested, but had to wait to lock dictionary object
ORA-04023: summary object could not be validated
ORA-04027: self-deadlock during automatic validation for object .
ORA-04028: cannot generate diana for object
ORA-04029: error ORA- occurred when querying
ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate bytes (,)
ORA-04031: unable to allocate bytes of shared memory (“”,””,””,””)
ORA-04032: pga_aggregate_target must be set before switching to auto mode
ORA-04033: Insufficient memory to grow pool
ORA-04034: unable to shrink pool to specified size
ORA-04041: package specification must be created first before creating package body
ORA-04042: procedure, function, package, or package body does not exist
ORA-04043: object does not exist
ORA-04044: procedure, function, package, or type is not allowed here
ORA-04045: errors during recompilation/revalidation of .
ORA-04046: results of compilation are too large to support
ORA-04047: object specified is incompatible with the flag specified
ORA-04050: invalid or missing procedure, function, or package name
ORA-04051: user cannot use database link .
ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object
ORA-04053: error occurred when validating remote object
ORA-04054: database link does not exist
ORA-04055: Aborted: “” formed a non-REF mutually-dependent cycle with “”.
ORA-04060: insufficient privileges to execute
ORA-04061: existing state of has been invalidated
ORA-04062: of has been changed
ORA-04063: has errors
ORA-04064: not executed, invalidated
ORA-04065: not executed, altered or dropped
ORA-04066: non-executable object,
ORA-04067: not executed, does not exist
ORA-04068: existing state of packages has been discarded
ORA-04069: cannot drop or replace a library with table dependents
ORA-04070: invalid trigger name
ORA-04071: missing BEFORE, AFTER or INSTEAD OF keyword
ORA-04072: invalid trigger type
ORA-04073: column list not valid for this trigger type
ORA-04074: invalid REFERENCING name
ORA-04075: invalid trigger action
ORA-04076: invalid NEW or OLD specification
ORA-04077: WHEN clause cannot be used with table level triggers
ORA-04078: OLD and NEW values cannot be identical
ORA-04079: invalid trigger specification
ORA-04080: trigger ” does not exist
ORA-04081: trigger ” already exists
ORA-04082: NEW or OLD references not allowed in table level triggers
ORA-04083: invalid trigger variable ‘%*.s’
ORA-04084: cannot change NEW values for this trigger type
ORA-04085: cannot change the value of an OLD reference variable
ORA-04086: trigger description too long, move comments into triggering code
ORA-04087: cannot change the value of ROWID reference variable
ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger ‘.’
ORA-04089: cannot create triggers on objects owned by SYS
ORA-04090: ” specifies same table, event and trigger time as ”
ORA-04091: table . is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
ORA-04092: cannot in a trigger
ORA-04093: references to columns of type LONG are not allowed in triggers
ORA-04094: table . is constraining, trigger may not modify it
ORA-04095: trigger ” already exists on another table, cannot replace it
ORA-04096: trigger ” has a WHEN clause which is too large, limit 2K
ORA-04097: DDL conflict while trying to drop or alter a trigger
ORA-04098: trigger ‘.’ is invalid and failed re-validation
ORA-04099: trigger ” is valid but not stored in compiled form
ORA-04930: open sequence number failed or initial state is valid
ORA-04931: unable to set initial sequence number value
ORA-04932: increment or adjust of sequence number failed
ORA-04933: initial service identifier is non-zero
ORA-04934: unable to obtain the current sequence number
ORA-04935: unable to get/convert SCN recovery lock
ORA-04940: unsupported optimization of Oracle binary, check alert log for more info
ORA-04941: required operating system patch needs to be applied
ORA-06000: NETASY: port open failure
ORA-06001: NETASY: port set-up failure
ORA-06002: NETASY: port read failure
ORA-06003: NETASY: port write failure
ORA-06004: NETASY: dialogue file open failure
ORA-06005: NETASY: dialogue file read failure
ORA-06006: NETASY: dialogue execute failure
ORA-06007: NETASY: bad dialogue format
ORA-06009: NETASY: dialogue filename too long
ORA-06010: NETASY: dialogue file too long
ORA-06011: NETASY: dialogue too long
ORA-06017: NETASY: message receive failure
ORA-06018: NETASY: message send failure
ORA-06019: NETASY: invalid login (connect) string
ORA-06020: NETASY: initialisation failure
ORA-06021: NETASY: connect failed
ORA-06022: NETASY: channel open failure
ORA-06023: NETASY: port open failure
ORA-06024: NETASY: VTM error
ORA-06025: NETASY: Configuration error
ORA-06026: NETASY: port close failure
ORA-06027: NETASY: channel close failure
ORA-06028: NETASY: unable to intialise for logging
ORA-06029: NETASY: port assignment failure
ORA-06030: NETDNT: connect failed, unrecognized node name
ORA-06031: NETDNT: connect failed, unrecognized object name
ORA-06032: NETDNT: connect failed, access control data rejected
ORA-06033: NETDNT: connect failed, partner rejected connection
ORA-06034: NETDNT: connect failed, partner exited unexpectedly
ORA-06035: NETDNT: connect failed, insufficient resources
ORA-06036: NETDNT: connect failed, no response from object
ORA-06037: NETDNT: connect failed, node unreachable
ORA-06038: NETDNT: connect failed, network driver not loaded
ORA-06039: NETDNT: connect failed
ORA-06040: NETDNT: invalid login (connect) string
ORA-06041: NETDNT: disconnect failed
ORA-06042: NETDNT: message receive failure
ORA-06043: NETDNT: message send failure
ORA-06044: NETDNT: connect failed, byte count quota exceeded
ORA-06102: NETTCP: cannot allocate context area
ORA-06105: NETTCP: remote host is unknown
ORA-06106: NETTCP: socket creation failure
ORA-06107: NETTCP: ORACLE network server not found
ORA-06108: NETTCP: connect to host failed
ORA-06109: NETTCP: message receive failure
ORA-06110: NETTCP: message send failure
ORA-06111: NETTCP: disconnect failure
ORA-06112: NETTCP: invalid buffer size
ORA-06113: NETTCP: Too many connections
ORA-06114: NETTCP: SID lookup failure
ORA-06115: NETTCP: unable to create ORACLE logicals
ORA-06116: NETTCP: unable to create ORASRV process
ORA-06117: NETTCP: unable to create ORASRV: quota exceeded
ORA-06118: NETTCP: unable to complete handshake with ORASRV
ORA-06119: NETTCP: spurious client request
ORA-06120: NETTCP: network driver not loaded
ORA-06121: NETTCP: access failure
ORA-06122: NETTCP: setup failure
ORA-06123: NETTCP: cannot set KEEPALIVE
ORA-06124: NETTCP: timeout waiting for ORASRV
ORA-06125: NETTCP: ORASRV exited unexpectedly
ORA-06126: NETTCP: ORASRV unable to open network connection
ORA-06127: NETTCP: unable to change username
ORA-01779: cannot modify a column which maps to a non key-preserved table
ORA-01780: string literal required
ORA-01781: UNRECOVERABLE cannot be specified without AS SELECT
ORA-01782: UNRECOVERABLE cannot be specified for a cluster or clustered table
ORA-01783: only one RECOVERABLE or UNRECOVERABLE clause may be specified
ORA-01784: RECOVERABLE cannot be specified with database media recovery disabled
ORA-01785: ORDER BY item must be the number of a SELECT-list expression
ORA-01786: FOR UPDATE of this query expression is not allowed
ORA-01787: only one clause allowed per query block
ORA-01788: CONNECT BY clause required in this query block
ORA-01789: query block has incorrect number of result columns
ORA-01790: expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression
ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expression
ORA-01792: maximum number of columns in a table or view is 1000
ORA-01793: maximum number of index columns is 32
ORA-01794: maximum number of cluster columns is 32
ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000
ORA-01796: this operator cannot be used with lists
ORA-01797: this operator must be followed by ANY or ALL
ORA-01798: missing EXCEPTION keyword
ORA-01799: a column may not be outer-joined to a subquery
ORA-01800: a literal in the date format was too large to process
ORA-01801: date format is too long for internal buffer
ORA-01802: Julian date is out of range
ORA-01803: failure in getting date/time
ORA-01804: failure to initialize timezone information
ORA-01810: format code appears twice
ORA-01811: Julian date precludes use of day of year
ORA-01812: year may only be specified once
ORA-01813: hour may only be specified once
ORA-01814: AM/PM conflicts with use of A.M./P.M.
ORA-01815: BC/AD conflicts with use of B.C./A.D.
ORA-01816: month may only be specified once
ORA-01817: day of week may only be specified once
ORA-01818: ‘HH24’ precludes use of meridian indicator
ORA-01819: signed year precludes use of BC/AD
ORA-01820: format code cannot appear in date input format
ORA-01821: date format not recognized
ORA-01822: era format code is not valid with this calendar
ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string
ORA-01831: year conflicts with Julian date
ORA-01832: day of year conflicts with Julian date
ORA-01833: month conflicts with Julian date
ORA-01834: day of month conflicts with Julian date
ORA-01835: day of week conflicts with Julian date
ORA-01836: hour conflicts with seconds in day
ORA-01837: minutes of hour conflicts with seconds in day
ORA-01838: seconds of minute conflicts with seconds in day
ORA-01839: date not valid for month specified
ORA-01840: input value not long enough for date format
ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0
ORA-01842: quarter must be between 1 and 4
ORA-01843: not a valid month
ORA-01844: week of year must be between 1 and 52
ORA-01845: week of month must be between 1 and 5
ORA-01846: not a valid day of the week
ORA-01847: day of month must be between 1 and last day of month
ORA-01848: day of year must be between 1 and 365 (366 for leap year)
ORA-01849: hour must be between 1 and 12
ORA-01850: hour must be between 0 and 23
ORA-01851: minutes must be between 0 and 59
ORA-01852: seconds must be between 0 and 59
ORA-01853: seconds in day must be between 0 and 86399
ORA-01854: julian date must be between 1 and 5373484
ORA-01855: AM/A.M. or PM/P.M. required
ORA-01856: BC/B.C. or AD/A.D. required
ORA-01857: not a valid time zone
ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected
ORA-01859: a non-alphabetic character was found where an alphabetic was expected
ORA-01860: week of year must be between 1 and 53
ORA-01861: literal does not match format string
ORA-01862: the numeric value does not match the length of the format item
ORA-01863: the year is not supported for the current calendar
ORA-01864: the date is out of range for the current calendar
ORA-01865: not a valid era
ORA-01866: the datetime class is invalid
ORA-01867: the interval is invalid
ORA-01868: the leading precision of the interval is too small
ORA-01869: reserved for future use
ORA-01870: the intervals or datetimes are not mutually comparable
ORA-01871: the number of seconds must be less than 60
ORA-01872: reserved for future use
ORA-01873: the leading precision of the interval is too small
ORA-01874: time zone hour must be between -12 and 14
ORA-01875: time zone minute must be between -59 and 59
ORA-01876: year must be at least -4713
ORA-01877: string is too long for internal buffer
ORA-01878: specified field not found in datetime or interval
ORA-01879: the hh25 field must be between 0 and 24
ORA-01880: the fractional seconds must be between 0 and 999999999
ORA-01881: timezone region id %d is invalid
ORA-01882: timezone region not found
ORA-01883: overlap was disabled during a region transition
ORA-01890: NLS error detected
ORA-01891: Datetime/Interval internal error
ORA-01898: too many precision specifiers
ORA-01899: bad precision specifier
ORA-01900: LOGFILE keyword expected
ORA-01901: ROLLBACK keyword expected
ORA-01902: SEGMENT keyword expected
ORA-01903: EVENTS keyword expected
ORA-01904: DATAFILE keyword expected
ORA-01905: STORAGE keyword expected
ORA-01906: BACKUP keyword expected
ORA-01907: TABLESPACE keyword expected
ORA-01908: EXISTS keyword expected
ORA-01909: REUSE keyword expected
ORA-01910: TABLES keyword expected
ORA-01911: CONTENTS keyword expected
ORA-01912: ROW keyword expected
ORA-01913: EXCLUSIVE keyword expected
ORA-01914: invalid auditing option for sequence numbers
ORA-01915: invalid auditing option for views
ORA-01917: user or role ” does not exist
ORA-01918: user ” does not exist
ORA-01919: role ” does not exist
ORA-01920: user name ” conflicts with another user or role name
ORA-01921: role name ” conflicts with another user or role name
ORA-01922: CASCADE must be specified to drop ”
ORA-01923: CASCADE aborted, objects locked by another user
ORA-01924: role ” not granted or does not exist
ORA-01925: maximum of enabled roles exceeded
ORA-01926: cannot GRANT to a role WITH GRANT OPTION
ORA-01927: cannot REVOKE privileges you did not grant
ORA-01928: GRANT option not granted for all privileges
ORA-01929: no privileges to GRANT
ORA-01930: auditing the object is not supported
ORA-01931: cannot grant to a role
ORA-01932: ADMIN option not granted for role ”
ORA-01933: cannot create a stored object using privileges from a role
ORA-01934: circular role grant detected
ORA-01935: missing user or role name
ORA-01936: cannot specify owner when creating users or roles
ORA-01937: missing or invalid role name
ORA-01938: IDENTIFIED BY must be specified for CREATE USER
ORA-01939: only the ADMIN OPTION can be specified
ORA-01940: cannot drop a user that is currently connected
ORA-01941: SEQUENCE keyword expected
ORA-01942: IDENTIFIED BY and EXTERNALLY cannot both be specified
ORA-01943: IDENTIFIED BY already specified
ORA-01944: IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY already specified
ORA-01945: DEFAULT ROLE[S] already specified
ORA-01946: DEFAULT TABLESPACE already specified
ORA-01947: TEMPORARY TABLESPACE already specified
ORA-01948: identifier’s name length () exceeds maximum ()
ORA-01949: ROLE keyword expected
ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace ”
ORA-01951: ROLE ” not granted to ”
ORA-01952: system privileges not granted to ”
ORA-01953: command no longer valid, see ALTER USER
ORA-01954: DEFAULT ROLE clause not valid for CREATE USER
ORA-01955: DEFAULT ROLE ” not granted to user
ORA-01956: invalid command when OS_ROLES are being used
ORA-01957: Keyword MIN or MAX expected, not found
ORA-01958: Must supply an integer for the LAYER option
ORA-01959: Must supply an integer for the OPCODE option
ORA-01960: Invalid dump logfile option
ORA-01961: Invalid dump option
ORA-01962: Must specify a file number or log sequence number
ORA-01963: Must specify a block number
ORA-01964: Must specify a time for the TIME option
ORA-01965: Must specify a PERIOD
ORA-01967: invalid option for CREATE CONTROLFILE
ORA-01968: Only specify RESETLOGS or NORESETLOGS once
ORA-01969: You must specify RESETLOGS or NORESETLOGS
ORA-01970: You must specify a database name for CREATE CONTROLFILE
ORA-01971: Illegal ALTER TRACING option
ORA-01972: Must specify a string for ALTER TRACING ENABLE or DISABLE
ORA-01973: Missing change number
ORA-01974: Illegal archive option
ORA-01975: Illegal character in change number
ORA-01976: Missing change number
ORA-01977: Missing thread number
ORA-01978: Missing sequence number
ORA-01979: missing or invalid password for role ”
ORA-01980: error during OS ROLE initialization
ORA-01981: CASCADE CONSTRAINTS must be specified to perform this revoke
ORA-01982: invalid auditing option for tables
ORA-01983: invalid auditing option for DEFAULT
ORA-01984: invalid auditing option for procedures/packages/functions
ORA-01985: cannot create user as LICENSE_MAX_USERS parameter exceeded
ORA-01986: OPTIMIZER_GOAL is obsolete
ORA-01987: client os username is too long
ORA-01988: remote os logon is not allowed
ORA-01989: role ” not authorized by operating system
ORA-01990: error opening password file ”
ORA-01991: invalid password file ”
ORA-01992: error closing password file ”
ORA-01993: error writing password file ”
ORA-01994: GRANT failed: password file missing or disabled
ORA-01995: error reading password file ”
ORA-01996: GRANT failed: password file ” is full
ORA-01997: GRANT failed: user ” is identified externally
ORA-01998: REVOKE failed: user SYS always has SYSOPER and SYSDBA
ORA-01999: password file cannot be updated in SHARED mode
ORA-02000: missing keyword
ORA-02001: user SYS is not permitted to create indexes with freelist groups
ORA-02002: error while writing to audit trail
ORA-02003: invalid USERENV parameter
ORA-02004: security violation
ORA-02005: implicit (-1) length not valid for this bind or define datatype
ORA-02006: invalid packed decimal format string
ORA-02007: can’t use ALLOCATE or DEALLOCATE options with REBUILD
ORA-02008: non-zero scale specified for nonnumeric column
ORA-02009: the size specified for a file must not be zero
ORA-02010: missing host connect string
ORA-02011: duplicate database link name
ORA-02012: missing USING keyword
ORA-02013: missing CONNECT keyword
ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.
ORA-02015: cannot select FOR UPDATE from remote table
ORA-02016: cannot use a subquery in a START WITH on a remote database
ORA-02017: integer value required
ORA-02018: database link of same name has an open connection
ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found
ORA-02020: too many database links in use
ORA-02021: DDL operations are not allowed on a remote database
ORA-02022: remote statement has unoptimized view with remote object
ORA-02023: START WITH or CONNECT BY predicate cannot be evaluated by remote data base
ORA-02024: database link not found
ORA-02025: all tables in the SQL statement must be at the remote database
ORA-02026: missing LINK keyword
ORA-02027: multi-row UPDATE of LONG column is not supported
ORA-02028: fetching an exact number of rows is not supported by the server
ORA-02029: missing FILE keyword
ORA-02030: can only select from fixed tables/views
ORA-02031: no ROWID for fixed tables or for external-organized tables
ORA-02032: clustered tables cannot be used before the cluster index is built
ORA-02033: a cluster index for this cluster already exists
ORA-02034: speed bind not permitted
ORA-02035: illegal bundled operation combination
ORA-02036: too many variables to describe with automatic cursor open
ORA-02037: uninitialized speed bind storage
ORA-02038: define is not allowed for array type
ORA-02039: bind by value is not allowed for array type
ORA-02040: remote database does not support two-phase commit
ORA-02041: client database did not begin a transaction
ORA-02042: too many distributed transactions
ORA-02043: must end current transaction before executing
ORA-02044: transaction manager login denied: transaction in progress
ORA-02045: too many local sessions participating in global transaction
ORA-02046: distributed transaction already begun
ORA-02047: cannot join the distributed transaction in progress
ORA-02048: attempt to begin distributed transaction without logging on
ORA-02049: timeout: distributed transaction waiting for lock
ORA-02050: transaction rolled back, some remote DBs may be in-doubt
ORA-02051: another session in same transaction failed
ORA-02052: remote transaction failure at
ORA-02053: transaction committed, some remote DBs may be in-doubt
ORA-02054: transaction in-doubt
ORA-02055: distributed update operation failed; rollback required
ORA-02056: 2PC: : bad two-phase command number from
ORA-02057: 2PC: : bad two-phase recovery state number from
ORA-02058: no prepared transaction found with ID
ORA-02059: ORA-2PC-CRASH-TEST- in commit comment
ORA-02060: select for update specified a join of distributed tables
ORA-02061: lock table specified list of distributed tables
ORA-02062: distributed recovery received DBID , expected
ORA-02063: preceding from
ORA-02064: distributed operation not supported
ORA-02065: illegal option for ALTER SYSTEM
ORA-02066: missing or invalid DISPATCHERS text
ORA-02067: transaction or savepoint rollback required
ORA-02068: following severe error from
ORA-02069: global_names parameter must be set to TRUE for this operation
ORA-02070: database does not support in this context
ORA-02071: error initializing capabilities for remote database
ORA-02072: distributed database network protocol mismatch
ORA-02073: sequence numbers not supported in remote updates
ORA-02074: cannot in a distributed transaction
ORA-02075: another instance changed state of transaction
ORA-02076: sequence not co-located with updated table or long column
ORA-02077: selects of long columns must be from co-located tables
ORA-02078: invalid setting for ALTER SYSTEM FIXED_DATE
ORA-02079: no new sessions may join a committing distributed transaction
ORA-02080: database link is in use
ORA-02081: database link is not open
ORA-02082: a loopback database link must have a connection qualifier
ORA-02083: database name has illegal character ”
ORA-02084: database name is missing a component
ORA-02085: database link connects to
ORA-02086: database (link) name is too long
ORA-02087: object locked by another process in same transaction
ORA-02088: distributed database option not installed
ORA-02089: COMMIT is not allowed in a subordinate session
ORA-02090: network error: attempted callback+passthru
ORA-02091: transaction rolled back
ORA-02092: out of transaction table slots for distributed transaction
ORA-02093: TRANSACTIONS_PER_ROLLBACK_SEGMENT() more than maximum possible()
ORA-02094: replication option not installed
ORA-02095: specified initialization parameter cannot be modified
ORA-02096: specified initialization parameter is not modifiable with this option
ORA-02097: parameter cannot be modified because specified value is invalid
ORA-02098: error parsing index-table reference (:I)
ORA-02099: used for internal purposes, should never be printed
ORA-02100: PCC: out of memory (i.e., could not allocate)
ORA-02101: PCC: inconsistent cursor cache (uce/cuc mismatch)
ORA-02102: PCC: inconsistent cursor cache (no cuc entry for this uce)
ORA-02103: PCC: inconsistent cursor cache (out-of-range cuc ref)
ORA-02104: PCC: inconsistent host cache (no cuc available)
ORA-02105: PCC: inconsistent cursor cache (no cuc entry in cache)
ORA-02106: PCC: inconsistent cursor cache (OraCursor nr is bad)
ORA-02107: PCC: this pgm too old for run-time library: please re-PCC it
ORA-02108: PCC: invalid descriptor passed to run-time library
ORA-02109: PCC: inconsistent host cache (out-of-range sit ref)
ORA-02110: PCC: inconsistent host cache (invalid sqi type)
ORA-02111: PCC: heap consistency error
ORA-02112: PCC: SELECT..INTO returns too many rows
ORA-02140: invalid tablespace name
ORA-02141: invalid OFFLINE option
ORA-02142: missing or invalid ALTER TABLESPACE option
ORA-02143: invalid STORAGE option
ORA-02144: no option specified for ALTER CLUSTER
ORA-02145: missing STORAGE option
ORA-02146: SHARED specified multiple times
ORA-02147: conflicting SHARED/EXCLUSIVE options
ORA-02148: EXCLUSIVE specified multiple times
ORA-02149: Specified partition does not exist
ORA-02150: invalid new tablespace name
ORA-02151: invalid tablespace name:
ORA-02152: Invalid ALTER TABLESPACE … RENAME option
ORA-02153: invalid VALUES password string
ORA-02154: a tablespace with the name ” is found
ORA-02155: invalid DEFAULT tablespace identifier
ORA-02156: invalid TEMPORARY tablespace identifier
ORA-02157: no options specified for ALTER USER
ORA-02158: invalid CREATE INDEX option
ORA-02159: installed DLM does not support releasable locking mode
ORA-02160: index-organized table can not contain columns of type LONG
ORA-02161: invalid value for MAXLOGFILES
ORA-02162: invalid value for MAXDATAFILES
ORA-02163: invalid value for FREELIST GROUPS
ORA-02164: DATAFILE clause specified more than once
ORA-02165: invalid option for CREATE DATABASE
ORA-02167: LOGFILE clause specified more than once
ORA-02168: invalid value for FREELISTS
ORA-02169: FREELISTS storage option not allowed
ORA-02170: FREELIST GROUPS storage option not allowed
ORA-02171: invalid value for MAXLOGHISTORY
ORA-02172: The PUBLIC keyword is not appropriate for a disable thread
ORA-02173: invalid option for DROP TABLESPACE
ORA-02174: Missing required thread number
ORA-02175: invalid rollback segment name
ORA-02176: invalid option for CREATE ROLLBACK SEGMENT
ORA-02177: Missing required group number
ORA-02178: correct syntax is: SET TRANSACTION READ { ONLY | WRITE }
ORA-02180: invalid option for CREATE TABLESPACE
ORA-02181: invalid option to ROLLBACK WORK
ORA-02182: savepoint name expected
ORA-02184: resource quotas are not allowed in REVOKE
ORA-02185: a token other than WORK follows COMMIT
ORA-02186: tablespace resource privilege may not appear with other privileges
ORA-02187: invalid quota specification
ORA-02188: Cannot enable instance publicly
ORA-02189: ON required
ORA-02190: keyword TABLES expected
ORA-02192: PCTINCREASE not allowed for rollback segment storage clauses
ORA-02194: event specification syntax error (minor error ) near ”
ORA-02195: Attempt to create object in a tablespace
ORA-02196: PERMANENT/TEMPORARY option already specified
ORA-02197: file list already specified
ORA-02198: ONLINE/OFFLINE option already specified
ORA-02199: missing DATAFILE/TEMPFILE clause
ORA-02200: WITH GRANT OPTION not allowed for PUBLIC
ORA-02201: sequence not allowed here
ORA-02202: no more tables permitted in this cluster
ORA-02203: INITIAL storage options not allowed
ORA-02204: ALTER, INDEX and EXECUTE not allowed for views
ORA-02205: only SELECT and ALTER privileges are valid for sequences
ORA-02206: duplicate INITRANS option specification
ORA-02207: invalid INITRANS option value
ORA-02208: duplicate MAXTRANS option specification
ORA-02209: invalid MAXTRANS option value
ORA-02210: no options specified for ALTER TABLE
ORA-02211: invalid value for PCTFREE or PCTUSED
ORA-02212: duplicate PCTFREE option specification
ORA-02213: duplicate PCTUSED option specification
ORA-02214: duplicate BACKUP option specification
ORA-02215: duplicate tablespace name clause
ORA-02216: tablespace name expected
ORA-02217: duplicate storage option specification
ORA-02218: invalid INITIAL storage option value
ORA-02219: invalid NEXT storage option value
ORA-02220: invalid MINEXTENTS storage option value
ORA-02221: invalid MAXEXTENTS storage option value
ORA-02222: invalid PCTINCREASE storage option value
ORA-02223: invalid OPTIMAL storage option value
ORA-02224: EXECUTE privilege not allowed for tables
ORA-02225: only EXECUTE and DEBUG privileges are valid for procedures
ORA-02226: invalid MAXEXTENTS value (max allowed: )
ORA-02227: invalid cluster name
ORA-02228: duplicate SIZE specification
ORA-02229: invalid SIZE option value
ORA-02230: invalid ALTER CLUSTER option
ORA-02231: missing or invalid option to ALTER DATABASE
ORA-02232: invalid MOUNT mode
ORA-02233: invalid CLOSE mode
ORA-02234: changes to this table are already logged
ORA-02235: this table logs changes to another table already
ORA-02236: invalid file name
ORA-02237: invalid file size
ORA-02238: filename lists have different numbers of files
ORA-02239: there are objects which reference this sequence
ORA-02240: invalid value for OBJNO or TABNO
ORA-02241: must of form EXTENTS (FILE BLOCK SIZE , …)
ORA-02242: no options specified for ALTER INDEX
ORA-02244: invalid ALTER ROLLBACK SEGMENT option
ORA-02245: invalid ROLLBACK SEGMENT name
ORA-02246: missing EVENTS text
ORA-02247: no option specified for ALTER SESSION
ORA-02248: invalid option for ALTER SESSION
ORA-02249: missing or invalid value for MAXLOGMEMBERS
ORA-02250: missing or invalid constraint name
ORA-02251: subquery not allowed here
ORA-02252: check constraint condition not properly ended
ORA-02253: constraint specification not allowed here
ORA-02254: DEFAULT not allowed here
ORA-02255: obsolete 7.1.5
ORA-02256: number of referencing columns must match referenced columns
ORA-02257: maximum number of columns exceeded
ORA-02258: duplicate or conflicting NULL and/or NOT NULL specifications
ORA-02259: duplicate UNIQUE/PRIMARY KEY specifications
ORA-02260: table can have only one primary key
ORA-02261: such unique or primary key already exists in the table
ORA-02262: ORA- occurs while type-checking column default value expression
ORA-02263: need to specify the datatype for this column
ORA-02264: name already used by an existing constraint
ORA-02265: cannot derive the datatype of the referencing column
ORA-02266: unique/primary keys in table referenced by enabled foreign keys
ORA-02267: column type incompatible with referenced column type
ORA-02268: referenced table does not have a primary key
ORA-02269: key column cannot be of LONG datatype
ORA-02270: no matching unique or primary key for this column-list
ORA-02271: table does not have such constraint
ORA-02272: constrained column cannot be of LONG datatype
ORA-02273: this unique/primary key is referenced by some foreign keys
ORA-02274: duplicate referential constraint specifications
ORA-02275: such a referential constraint already exists in the table
ORA-02276: default value type incompatible with column type
ORA-02277: invalid sequence name
ORA-02278: duplicate or conflicting MAXVALUE/NOMAXVALUE specifications
ORA-02279: duplicate or conflicting MINVALUE/NOMINVALUE specifications
ORA-02280: duplicate or conflicting CYCLE/NOCYCLE specifications
ORA-02281: duplicate or conflicting CACHE/NOCACHE specifications
ORA-02282: duplicate or conflicting ORDER/NOORDER specifications
ORA-02283: cannot alter starting sequence number
ORA-02284: duplicate INCREMENT BY specifications
ORA-02285: duplicate START WITH specifications
ORA-02286: no options specified for ALTER SEQUENCE
ORA-02287: sequence number not allowed here
ORA-02288: invalid OPEN mode
ORA-02289: sequence does not exist
ORA-02290: check constraint (.) violated
ORA-02291: integrity constraint (.) violated – parent key not found
ORA-02292: integrity constraint (.) violated – child record found
ORA-02293: cannot validate (.) – check constraint violated
ORA-02294: cannot enable (.) – constraint changed during validation
ORA-02295: found more than one enable/disable clause for constraint
ORA-02296: cannot enable (.) – null values found
ORA-02297: cannot disable constraint (.) – dependencies exist
ORA-02298: cannot validate (.) – parent keys not found
ORA-02299: cannot validate (.) – duplicate keys found
ORA-02300: invalid value for OIDGENERATORS
ORA-02301: maximum number of OIDGENERATORS is 255
ORA-02302: invalid or missing type name
ORA-02303: cannot drop or replace a type with type or table dependents
ORA-02304: invalid object identifier literal
ORA-02305: only EXECUTE, DEBUG, and UNDER privileges are valid for types
ORA-02306: cannot create a type that already has valid dependent(s)
ORA-02307: cannot alter with REPLACE option a type that is not valid
ORA-02308: invalid option for object type column
ORA-02309: atomic NULL violation
ORA-02310: exceeded maximum number of allowable columns in table
ORA-02311: cannot alter with COMPILE option a valid type with type or table dependents
ORA-02313: object type contains non-queryable type attribute
ORA-02314: illegal use of type constructor
ORA-02315: incorrect number of arguments for default constructor
ORA-02320: failure in creating storage table for nested table column
ORA-02322: failure in accessing storage table of the nested table column
ORA-02324: more than one column in the SELECT list of THE subquery
ORA-02327: cannot create index on expression with datatype
ORA-02329: column of datatype cannot be unique or a primary key
ORA-02330: datatype specification not allowed
ORA-02331: cannot create constraint on column of datatype
ORA-02332: cannot create index on attributes of this column
ORA-02333: cannot create constraints on attributes of this column
ORA-02334: cannot infer type for column
ORA-02335: invalid datatype for cluster column
ORA-02336: column attribute cannot be accessed
ORA-02337: not an object type column
ORA-02338: missing or invalid column constraint specification
ORA-02339: invalid column specification
ORA-02340: invalid column specification
ORA-02342: replacement type has compilation errors
ORA-02344: cannot revoke execute on a type with table dependents
ORA-02345: cannot create a view with column based on CURSOR operator
ORA-02347: cannot grant privileges on columns of an object table
ORA-02348: cannot create VARRAY column with embedded LOB
ORA-02349: invalid user-defined type – type is incomplete
ORA-02351: internal error:
ORA-02352: file truncated error
ORA-02353: files not from the same unload operation
ORA-02354: error in exporting/importing data

ORA-02355: error opening file:
ORA-02356: The database is out of space. The load cannot continue
ORA-02357: no valid dump files
ORA-02358: internal error fetching attribute
ORA-02359: internal error setting attribute
ORA-02360: fatal error during data export/import initialization
ORA-02361: error while attempting to allocate %d bytes of memory
ORA-02362: error closing file:
ORA-02363: error reading from file:
ORA-02364: error writing to file:
ORA-02365: error seeking in file:
ORA-02366: The following index(es) on table were processed:
ORA-02367: file truncated error in
ORA-02368: file is not valid for this load operation
ORA-02371: Loader must be at least version …. for direct path
ORA-02372: data for row: %*.*s
ORA-02373: Error parsing insert statement for table .
ORA-02374: conversion error loading table %*.*s.%*.*s
ORA-02375: conversion error loading table %*.*s.%*.*s partition %*.*s
ORA-02376: invalid or redundant resource
ORA-02377: invalid resource limit
ORA-02378: duplicate resource name
ORA-02379: profile already exists
ORA-02380: profile does not exist
ORA-02381: cannot drop PUBLIC_DEFAULT profile
ORA-02382: profile has users assigned, cannot drop without CASCADE
ORA-02383: illegal cost factor
ORA-02390: exceeded COMPOSITE_LIMIT, you are being logged off
ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit
ORA-02392: exceeded session limit on CPU usage, you are being logged off
ORA-02393: exceeded call limit on CPU usage
ORA-02394: exceeded session limit on IO usage, you are being logged off
ORA-02395: exceeded call limit on IO usage
ORA-02396: exceeded maximum idle time, please connect again
ORA-02397: exceeded PRIVATE_SGA limit, you are being logged off
ORA-02398: exceeded procedure space usage
ORA-02399: exceeded maximum connect time, you are being logged off
ORA-02401: cannot EXPLAIN view owned by another user
ORA-02402: PLAN_TABLE not found
ORA-02403: plan table does not have correct format
ORA-02404: specified plan table not found
ORA-02405: invalid sql plan object provided
ORA-02420: missing schema authorization clause
ORA-02421: missing or invalid schema authorization identifier
ORA-02422: missing or invalid schema element
ORA-02423: schema name does not match schema authorization identifier
ORA-02424: potential circular view references or unknown referenced tables
ORA-02425: create table failed
ORA-02426: privilege grant failed
ORA-02427: create view failed
ORA-02428: could not add foreign key reference
ORA-02429: cannot drop index used for enforcement of unique/primary key
ORA-02430: cannot enable constraint () – no such constraint
ORA-02431: cannot disable constraint () – no such constraint
ORA-02432: cannot enable primary key – primary key not defined for table
ORA-02433: cannot disable primary key – primary key not defined for table
ORA-02434: cannot enable unique() – unique key not defined for table
ORA-02435: cannot disable unique() – unique key not defined for table
ORA-02436: date or system variable wrongly specified in CHECK constraint
ORA-02437: cannot validate (.) – primary key violated
ORA-02438: Column check constraint cannot reference other columns
ORA-02439: Unique index on a deferrable constraint is not allowed
ORA-02440: Create as select with referential constraints not allowed
ORA-02441: Cannot drop nonexistent primary key
ORA-02442: Cannot drop nonexistent unique key
ORA-02443: Cannot drop constraint – nonexistent constraint
ORA-02444: Cannot resolve referenced object in referential constraints
ORA-02445: Exceptions table not found
ORA-02446: CREATE TABLE … AS SELECT failed – check constraint violated
ORA-02447: cannot defer a constraint that is not deferrable
ORA-02448: constraint does not exist
ORA-02449: unique/primary keys in table referenced by foreign keys
ORA-02450: Invalid hash option – missing keyword IS
ORA-02451: duplicate HASHKEYS specification
ORA-02452: invalid HASHKEYS option value
ORA-02453: duplicate HASH IS specification
ORA-02454: Number of hash keys per block () exceeds maximum of
ORA-02455: The number of cluster key column must be 1
ORA-02456: The HASH IS column specification must be NUMBER(*,0)
ORA-02457: The HASH IS option must specify a valid column
ORA-02458: HASHKEYS must be specified for a HASH CLUSTER
ORA-02459: Hashkey value must be a positive integer
ORA-02460: Inappropriate index operation on a hash cluster
ORA-02461: Inappropriate use of the INDEX option
ORA-02462: Duplicate INDEX option specified
ORA-02463: Duplicate HASH IS option specified
ORA-02464: Cluster definition can not be both HASH and INDEX
ORA-02465: Inappropriate use of the HASH IS option
ORA-02466: The SIZE and INITRANS options cannot be altered for HASH CLUSTERS.
ORA-02467: Column referenced in expression not found in cluster definition
ORA-02468: Constant or system variable wrongly specified in expression
ORA-02469: Hash expression does not return an Oracle Number.
ORA-02470: TO_DATE, USERENV, or SYSDATE incorrectly used in hash expression.
ORA-02471: SYSDATE, UID, USER, ROWNUM, or LEVEL incorrectly used in hash expression.
ORA-02472: PL/SQL functions not allowed in hash expressions
ORA-02473: Error while evaluating the cluster’s hash expression.
ORA-02474: Fixed hash area extents used () exceeds maximum allowed ()
ORA-02475: maximum cluster chain block count of has been exceeded
ORA-02476: can not create index due to parallel direct load on table
ORA-02477: can not perform parallel direct load on object
ORA-02478: merge into base segment would overflow MAXEXTENTS limit
ORA-02479: error while translating file name for parallel load
ORA-02481: Too many processes specified for events (max )
ORA-02482: Syntax error in event specification ()
ORA-02483: Syntax error in process specification ()
ORA-02484: Invalid _trace_buffers parameter specification ()
ORA-02485: Invalid _trace_options parameter specification ()
ORA-02486: Error in writing trace file
ORA-02487: Error in converting trace data
ORA-02488: Error encountered when accessing file [] for trace conversion
ORA-02490: missing required file size in RESIZE clause
ORA-02491: missing required keyword ON or OFF in AUTOEXTEND clause
ORA-02492: missing required file block increment size in NEXT clause
ORA-02493: invalid file increment size in NEXT clause
ORA-02494: invalid or missing maximum file size in MAXSIZE clause
ORA-02495: cannot resize file , tablespace is read only
ORA-02700: osnoraenv: error translating ORACLE_SID
ORA-02701: osnoraenv: error translating oracle image name
ORA-02702: osnoraenv: error translating orapop image name
ORA-02703: osnpopipe: pipe creation failed
ORA-02704: osndopop: fork failed
ORA-02705: osnpol: polling of communication channel failed
ORA-02706: osnshs: host name too long
ORA-02707: osnacx: cannot allocate context area
ORA-02708: osnrntab: connect to host failed, unknown ORACLE_SID
ORA-02709: osnpop: pipe creation failed
ORA-02710: osnpop: fork failed
ORA-02711: osnpvalid: write to validation channel failed
ORA-02712: osnpop: malloc failed
ORA-02713: osnprd: message receive failure
ORA-02714: osnpwr: message send failure
ORA-02715: osnpgetbrkmsg: message from host had incorrect message type
ORA-02716: osnpgetdatmsg: message from host had incorrect message type
ORA-02717: osnpfs: incorrect number of bytes written
ORA-02718: osnprs: reset protocol error
ORA-02719: osnfop: fork failed
ORA-02720: osnfop: shmat failed
ORA-02721: osnseminit: cannot create semaphore set
ORA-02722: osnpui: cannot send break message to orapop
ORA-02723: osnpui: cannot send break signal
ORA-02724: osnpbr: cannot send break message to orapop
ORA-02725: osnpbr: cannot send break signal
ORA-02726: osnpop: access error on oracle executable
ORA-02727: osnpop: access error on orapop executable
ORA-02728: osnfop: access error on oracle executable
ORA-02729: osncon: driver not in osntab
ORA-02730: osnrnf: cannot find user logon directory
ORA-02731: osnrnf: malloc of buffer failed
ORA-02732: osnrnf: cannot find a matching database alias
ORA-02733: osnsnf: database string too long
ORA-02734: osnftt: cannot reset shared memory permission
ORA-02735: osnfpm: cannot create shared memory segment
ORA-02736: osnfpm: illegal default shared memory address
ORA-02737: osnpcl: cannot tell orapop to exit
ORA-02738: osnpwrtbrkmsg: incorrect number of bytes written
ORA-02739: osncon: host alias is too long
ORA-02750: osnfsmmap: cannot open shared memory file ?/dbs/ftt_.dbf
ORA-02751: osnfsmmap: cannot map shared memory file
ORA-02752: osnfsmmap: illegal shared memory address
ORA-02753: osnfsmmap: cannot close shared memory file
ORA-02754: osnfsmmap: cannot change shared memory inheritence
ORA-02755: osnfsmcre: cannot create chared memory file ?/dbs/ftt_.dbf
ORA-02756: osnfsmnam: name translation failure
ORA-02757: osnfop: fork_and_bind failed
ORA-02758: Allocation of internal array failed
ORA-02759: Not enough request descriptors available
ORA-02760: Client close of file failed.
ORA-02761: File number to be canceled is negative.
ORA-02762: file number to be cancelled is greater than the maximum.
ORA-02763: Unable to cancel at least one request
ORA-02764: Invalid package mode
ORA-02765: Invalid maximum number of servers
ORA-02766: Invalid maximum of request descriptors
ORA-02767: Less than one request descriptor was allocated per server
ORA-02768: Maximum number of files is invalid
ORA-02769: Setting of handler for SIGTERM failed
ORA-02770: Total number of blocks is invalid
ORA-02771: Illegal request time out value
ORA-02772: Invalid maximum server idle time
ORA-02773: Invalid maximum client wait time
ORA-02774: Invalid request list latch time out value
ORA-02775: Invalid request done signal
ORA-02776: Value for request done signal exceeds maximum
ORA-02777: Stat failed on log directory
ORA-02778: Name given for the log directory is invalid
ORA-02779: Stat failed on core dump directory
ORA-02780: Name given for the core dump directory is invalid
ORA-02781: Invalid value given for the timing wanted flag
ORA-02782: Both read and write functions were not specified
ORA-02783: Both post and wait functions were not specified
ORA-02784: Invalid shared memory ID specified
ORA-02785: Invalid shared memory buffer size
ORA-02786: Size needed for shared region is greater than segment size
ORA-02787: Unable to allocate memory for segment list
ORA-02788: Unable to find kernel process pointer in async process array
ORA-02789: Maximum number of files reached
ORA-02790: File name is too long
ORA-02791: Unable to open file for use with asynchronous I/O
ORA-02792: Unable to fstat() a file being used for asynchronous I/O.
ORA-02793: Close of asynchronous I/O failed.
ORA-02794: Client unable to get key for shared memory
ORA-02795: Request list is empty
ORA-02796: Done request is not in correct state
ORA-02797: No requests available
ORA-02798: Invalid number of requests
ORA-02799: Unable to arm signal handler
ORA-02800: Requests timed out
ORA-02801: Operations timed out
ORA-02802: No idle servers available in parallel mode
ORA-02803: Retrieval of current time failed
ORA-02804: Allocation of memory failed for log file name
ORA-02805: Unable to set handler for SIGTPA
ORA-02806: Unable to set handler for SIGALRM
ORA-02807: Allocation of memory for I/O vectors failed.
ORA-02808: Allocation of memory of open files array failed.
ORA-02809: Jump buffer not valid
ORA-02810: Unable to make temporary file name for memory mapped file
ORA-02811: Unable to attach shared memory segment
ORA-02812: Bad attach address
ORA-02813: Unable to make temporary file name in order to get key
ORA-02814: Unable to get shared memory
ORA-02815: Unable to attach shared memory
ORA-02816: Unable to kill a process
ORA-02817: Read failed
ORA-02818: Less than the number of blocks requested was read in
ORA-02819: Write failed
ORA-02820: Unable to write the requested number of blocks
ORA-02821: Unable to read the requested number of blocks.
ORA-02822: Invalid block offset
ORA-02823: Buffer is not aligned.
ORA-02824: Request free list is empty
ORA-02825: Request on free list was not free
ORA-02826: Illegal block size
ORA-02827: Invalid file number
ORA-02828: Segment free list is empty
ORA-02829: No segment of the proper size is available
ORA-02830: Segment could not be split – no free segments available
ORA-02831: Segment deallocation failed – empty segment list
ORA-02832: Segment deallocation failed – segment not on list
ORA-02833: Server was unable to close file
ORA-02834: Server unable to open file
ORA-02835: Server unable to send signal to client
ORA-02836: Unable to create temporary key file
ORA-02837: Unable to unlink temporary file
ORA-02838: Unable to arm signal handler for the alarm signal
ORA-02839: Sync of blocks to disk failed.
ORA-02840: Open of log file by client failed
ORA-02841: Server died on start up
ORA-02842: Client unable to fork a server
ORA-02843: Invalid value for kernel flag
ORA-02844: Invalid value for the leave open flag
ORA-02845: Invalid value for the timing wanted flag
ORA-02846: Unkillable server
ORA-02847: Server did not terminate when posted
ORA-02848: Asynchronous I/O package is not running
ORA-02849: Read failed because of an error
ORA-02850: File is closed
ORA-02851: Request list is empty when it should not be
ORA-02852: Invalid critical-section time out value
ORA-02853: Invalid server list latch time out value
ORA-02854: Invalid number of request buffers
ORA-02855: Number of requests is less than the number of slaves
ORA-02875: smpini: Unable to get shared memory for PGA
ORA-02876: smpini: Unable to attach to shared memory for PGA
ORA-02877: smpini: Unable to initialize memory protection
ORA-02878: sou2o: Variable smpdidini overwritten
ORA-02879: sou2o: Could not gain access to protected memory
ORA-02880: smpini: Could not register PGA for protection
ORA-02881: sou2o: Could not revoke access to protected memory
ORA-02882: sou2o: Could not register SGA for protection
ORA-02899: smscre: Cannot create SGA with Extended Shared Memory feature
ORA-03001: unimplemented feature
ORA-03002: operator not implemented
ORA-03007: obsolete feature
ORA-03008: parameter COMPATIBLE >= needed for
ORA-03100: communication area cannot be allocated; insufficient memory
ORA-03105: internal protocol error
ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error
ORA-03107: oranet buffer underflow
ORA-03108: oranet: ORACLE does not support this interface version
ORA-03109: oranet buffer overflow
ORA-08277: Cannot set environment variable
ORA-08278: Cannot get CPU statistics
ORA-08308: sllfop: Cannot open file
ORA-08309: sllfop: Cannot fstat file
ORA-08310: sllfop: Bad value for recsize
ORA-08311: sllfop: bad value for maxrecsize
ORA-08312: sllfop: unrecognized processing option
ORA-08313: sllfop: could not allocate buffers
ORA-08314: sllfcf: Error closing file
ORA-08315: sllfrb: Error reading file
ORA-08316: sllfsk: Error seeking in file.
ORA-08317: sllfsk: Error seeking in file.
ORA-08318: sllfsk: Error reading file
ORA-08319: sllfsk: Error reading file
ORA-08320: scnget: Call to scnget before scnset or scnfnd.
ORA-08322: scnmin: open/convert of bias lock failed
ORA-08323: scnmin: close of bias lock failed
ORA-08330: Printing not supported
ORA-08331: Wait operation timed out
ORA-08332: rollback segment # specified not available
ORA-08340: This command not allowed on nCUBE, only one thread is ever used.
ORA-08341: On nCUBE, this command can only be executed from instance 1.
ORA-08342: sropen: failed to open a redo server connection
ORA-08343: srclose: failed to close a redo server connection
ORA-08344: srapp: failed to send redo data to the redo server
ORA-08401: invalid compiler name:
ORA-08412: error encountered in WMSGBSIZ, size for WMSGBLK is not big enough for warning message
ORA-08413: invalid compiler type in FORMAT parameter at
ORA-08414: error encountered in
ORA-08429: raw data has invalid digit in display type data
ORA-08430: raw data missing leading sign
ORA-08431: raw data missing zero as defined in picture
ORA-08432: raw data has invalid floating point data
ORA-08433: invalid picture type in convert raw to number
ORA-08434: raw data has invalid trailing sign
ORA-08435: PICTURE MASK missing the leading sign when SIGN IS LEADING specified
ORA-08436: raw data has invalid sign digit
ORA-08437: invalid picture type in picture mask
ORA-08440: raw buffer is too short to hold converted data
ORA-08441: closed parenthesis missing in picture mask
ORA-08443: syntax error in BLANK WHEN ZERO clause in mask options
ORA-08444: syntax error in JUSTIFIED clause in mask options
ORA-08445: syntax error in SIGN clause in mask options
ORA-08446: syntax error in SYNCHRONIZED clause in mask options
ORA-08447: syntax error in USAGE clause in mask options
ORA-08448: syntax error in DECIMAL-POINT environment clause
ORA-08449: invalid numeric symbol found in picture mask
ORA-08450: invalid specification of CR in picture mask
ORA-08451: invalid specification of DB in picture mask
ORA-08452: specification of E in picture mask is unsupported
ORA-08453: more than one V symbol specified in picture mask
ORA-08454: more than one S symbol specified in picture mask
ORA-08455: syntax error in CURRENCY SIGN environment clause
ORA-08456: no sign in picture mask but SIGN clause in mask options
ORA-08457: syntax error in SEPARATE CHARACTER option of SIGN clause
ORA-08458: invalid format parameter
ORA-08459: invalid format parameter length
ORA-08460: invalid environment clause in environment parameter
ORA-08462: raw buffer contains invalid decimal data
ORA-08463: overflow converting decimal number to Oracle number
ORA-08464: input raw decimal data contains more than 42 digits
ORA-08465: input mask contains more than 32 characters
ORA-08466: raw buffer length is too short for
ORA-08467: error converting Oracle number to
ORA-08468: mask option is not supported
ORA-08498: Warning: picture mask ” overrides picture mask option ‘USAGE IS ‘ to ‘USAGE IS DISPLAY’
ORA-08499: Warning: picture mask options ” ignored by UTL_PG
ORA-09200: sfccf: error creating file
ORA-09201: sfcopy: error copying file
ORA-09202: sfifi: error identifying file
ORA-09203: sfofi: error opening file
ORA-09204: sfotf: error opening temporary file
ORA-09205: sfqio: error reading or writing to disk
ORA-09206: sfrfb: error reading from file
ORA-09207: sfsrd: error reading from file
ORA-09208: sftcls: error closing file
ORA-09209: sftget: error reading from file
ORA-09210: sftopn: error opening file
ORA-09211: sfwfb: error writing to file
ORA-09212: sfwfbmt: error writing to file
ORA-09213: slgfn: error fabricating file name
ORA-09214: sfdone: I/O error detected
ORA-09215: sfqio: error detected in IOCompletionRoutine
ORA-09216: sdnfy: bad value ” for parameter
ORA-09217: sfsfs: failed to resize file
ORA-09218: sfrfs: failed to refresh file size
ORA-09240: smpalo: error allocating PGA memory
ORA-09241: smsalo: error allocating SGA memory
ORA-09242: smscre: error creating SGA
ORA-09243: smsget: error attaching to SGA
ORA-09244: smprset: error setting memory protections
ORA-09245: smcstk: error switching stacks
ORA-09246: sfsmap: unable to map SGA
ORA-09247: smsdes: error destroying the SGA
ORA-09260: sigpidu: error obtaining process id
ORA-09261: spdcr: error creating detached (background) process
ORA-09262: spdde: error terminating detached (background) process
ORA-09263: spini: error initializing process
ORA-09264: sptpa: error flagging process
ORA-09265: spwat: error temporarily suspending process
ORA-09266: spawn: error starting an Oracle process
ORA-09270: szalloc: error allocating memory for security
ORA-09271: szlon: error verifying user name
ORA-09272: remote os logon is not allowed
ORA-09273: szrfc: error verifying role name
ORA-09274: szrfc: insufficient role name buffer space
ORA-09275: CONNECT INTERNAL is not a valid DBA connection
ORA-09276: All bequeath database links must be loopback database links
ORA-09280: sllfcf: error closing file
ORA-09281: sllfop: error opening file
ORA-09282: sllfrb: error reading records
ORA-09283: sllfsk: error skipping records
ORA-09284: sllfop: cannot allocate read buffer
ORA-09285: sllfop: unrecognizable processing option, incorrect format
ORA-09290: sksaalo: error allocating memory for archival
ORA-09291: sksachk: invalid device specified for archive destination
ORA-09292: sksabln: unable to build archive file name
ORA-09293: sksasmo: unable to send message to console
ORA-09300: osncon: unable to connect, DPMI not available
ORA-09301: osncon: local kernel only supported in standard mode
ORA-09310: sclgt: error freeing latch
ORA-09311: slsleep: error temporarily suspending process
ORA-09312: slspool: error spooling file to printer
ORA-09313: slsprom: error prompting user
ORA-09314: sltln: error translating logical name
ORA-09315: sql2tt: two-task error translating ORACLE_EXECUTABLE
ORA-09316: szrpc: unable to verify password for role
ORA-09317: szprv: insufficient privileges
ORA-09318: slkhst: unable to host out to operating system
ORA-09319: slgtd: unable to obtain the current date and time
ORA-09320: szrfc: unable to obtain the list of valid OS roles
ORA-09321: slzdtb: unable to convert zoned decimal to binary
ORA-09322: slpdtb: unable to convert packed decimal to binary
ORA-09330: Session terminated internally by Oracle or by an Oracle DBA
ORA-09340: Specified ORACLE_SID is either invalid or too long
ORA-09341: scumnt: unable to mount database
ORA-09342: Detached process terminated by Oracle during shutdown abort
ORA-09344: spsig: error signalling thread
ORA-09350: Windows 32-bit Two-Task driver unable to allocate context area
ORA-09351: Windows 32-bit Two-Task driver unable to allocate shared memory
ORA-09352: Windows 32-bit Two-Task driver unable to spawn new ORACLE task
ORA-09353: Windows 32-bit Two-Task driver unable to open event semaphore
ORA-09354: Windows 32-bit Two-Task driver: ORACLE task unexpectedly died
ORA-09360: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to allocate context area
ORA-09361: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to lock context area
ORA-09362: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to deallocate context area
ORA-09363: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver invalid context area
ORA-09364: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to create hidden window
ORA-09365: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to destroy hidden window
ORA-09366: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to allocate shared memory
ORA-09367: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to deallocate shared memory
ORA-09368: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver unable to spawn ORACLE
ORA-09369: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver bad instance handle
ORA-09370: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver ORACLE task timed out
ORA-09700: sclin: maximum number of latches exceeded
ORA-09701: scnfy: maximum number of processes exceeded
ORA-09702: sem_acquire: cannot acquire latch semaphore
ORA-09703: sem_release: cannot release latch semaphore
ORA-09704: sstascre: ftok error in creating test and set pages.
ORA-09705: spcre: cannot initialize latch semaphore
ORA-09706: slsget: get_process_stats error.
ORA-09708: soacon: failed to bind socket to port.
ORA-09709: soacon: failed to accept a connection.
ORA-09710: soarcv: buffer overflow.
ORA-09711: orasrv: archmon already connected.
ORA-09712: orasrv: log archiver already connected.
ORA-09714: Two Task interface: cannot obtain puname
ORA-09715: orasrv: cannot obtain puname
ORA-09716: kslcll: Unable to fix in-flux lamport latch.
ORA-09717: osnsui: maximum number of user interrupt handlers exceeded.
ORA-09718: osnsui: cannot set up user interrupt handler.
ORA-09719: osncui: invalid handle.
ORA-09740: slsget: cannot get virtual memory region statistics.
ORA-09741: spwat: error waiting for a post.
ORA-09742: sppst: error during a post.
ORA-09743: smscre: could not attach shared memory.
ORA-09744: smsget: mmap returned an error.
ORA-09745: smscre: vm_allocate error, unable to create shared memory.
ORA-09746: smscre: shared memory attach address incorrect.
ORA-09747: pw_detachPorts: server call pws_detach failed.
ORA-09748: pws_look_up: fork failed
ORA-09749: pws_look_up: port lookup failure
ORA-09750: pw_attachPorts: port_rename failed.
ORA-09751: pw_attachPorts: server call pws_attach failed.
ORA-09752: pw_attachPorts: port_allocate failed.
ORA-09753: spwat: invalid process number.
ORA-09754: sppst: invalid process number passed to sppst.
ORA-09755: osngpn: port allocation failure.
ORA-09756: osnpns: no port in the name server.
ORA-09757: osnipn: port allocation failure.
ORA-09758: osnipn: could not check port in name server.
ORA-09759: osnsbt: bad message received.
ORA-09760: osnpui: cannot send break message
ORA-09761: pw_destroyPorts: server call pws_stop_instance failed.
ORA-09762: sNeXT_instanceName: translation error.
ORA-09763: osnmpx: send/receive error exchanging Mach ports.
ORA-09764: osnmop: access error on oracle executable
ORA-09765: osnmop: fork failed
ORA-09766: osnmop: buffer allocation failure.
ORA-09767: osnmfs: bad return code from msg_send.
ORA-09768: osnmgetmsg: could not read a message
ORA-09769: osnmbr: cannot send break message
ORA-09770: pws_look_up: translation failure.
ORA-09771: osnmwrtbrkmsg: bad return code from msg_send.
ORA-09772: osnpmetbrkmsg: message from host had incorrect message type
ORA-09773: osnmgetdatmsg: message from host had incorrect message type
ORA-09774: osnmui: cannot send break message
ORA-09775: osnmrs: reset protocol error
ORA-09776: pws_look_up: access error on (Oracle helper) executable
ORA-09777: osnpbr: cannot send break message
ORA-09778: snynfyport: failure allocating the notify port.
ORA-09779: snyGetPort: failure to allocate a port.
ORA-09786: sllfop: open error, unable to open file.
ORA-09787: sllfop: unrecognizable processing option, incorrect format.
ORA-09788: sllfrb: unable to read file.
ORA-09789: sllfsk: unable to read file.
ORA-09790: sllfcf: unable to close file.
ORA-09791: slembdf: translation error, unable to translate error file name.
ORA-09792: sllfop: cannot allocate read buffer.
ORA-09793: szguns: length of user name is greater than buffer.
ORA-09794: szrbuild: length of role name is greater than buffer.
ORA-09795: szrbuild: malloc of role structure failed.
ORA-09796: szrbuild: malloc of role name failed.
ORA-09797: Failed to get O/S MAC privileges.
ORA-09798: Label comparison failed.
ORA-09799: File label retrieval failed.
ORA-09800: Process sensitivity label retrieval failed.
ORA-09801: Unable to get user ID from connection
ORA-09802: Conversion of binary label to string failed.
ORA-09803: Allocation of string buffer failed.
ORA-09804: Class conversion from binary to ORACLE failed.
ORA-09805: conversion of category number to string failed.
ORA-09806: Allocation of label string buffer failed.
ORA-09807: Conversion of label from string to binary failed.
ORA-09808: Could not obtain user clearance.
ORA-09809: Unable to get user’s group ID from connection
ORA-09810: Unable to get process ID from connection
ORA-09811: Unable to initialize package.
ORA-09812: Unable to get user clearance from connection
ORA-09813: Unable to get directory status
ORA-09814: Unable to expand file name
ORA-09815: File name buffer overflow
ORA-09816: Unable to set effective privileges
ORA-09817: Write to audit file failed.
ORA-09818: Number is too large
ORA-09819: Number exceeds maximum legal value
ORA-09820: Conversion of class string to numeric representation failed.
ORA-09821: Numeric label is not valid
ORA-09822: Translation of audit file name failed.
ORA-09823: device name is too long
ORA-09824: Unable to enable allowmacaccess privilege.
ORA-09825: Unable to disable allowmacaccess privilege.
ORA-09826: SCLIN: cannot initialize atomic latch.
ORA-09827: SCLGT: atomic latch return unknown error.
ORA-09828: SCLFR: atomic latch return error.
ORA-09829: pw_createPorts: server call pws_start_instance failed.
ORA-09830: snyAddPort: failed to perform a remote procedure call.
ORA-09831: snyStartThread: failed to build the server port set.
ORA-09832: infoCallback: bad message format.
ORA-09833: addCallback: bad message format.
ORA-06128: NETTCP: unable to create mailbox
ORA-06129: NETTCP: unable to transfer socket ownership to ORASRV
ORA-06130: NETTCP: host access denied
ORA-06131: NETTCP: user access denied
ORA-06132: NETTCP: access denied, wrong password
ORA-06133: NETTCP: file not found
ORA-06134: NETTCP: file access privilege violation
ORA-06135: NETTCP: connection rejected; server is stopping
ORA-06136: NETTCP: error during connection handshake
ORA-06137: NETTCP: error during connection handshake
ORA-06138: NETTCP: error during connection handshake
ORA-06140: NETTCP: no such user
ORA-06141: NETTCP: no privilege for user
ORA-06142: NETTCP: error getting user information
ORA-06143: NETTCP: maximum connections exceeded
ORA-06144: NETTCP: SID (database) is unavailable
ORA-06145: NETTCP: unable to start ORASRV: images not installed
ORA-06200: TWOTASK: connect failed, can’t create mailbox
ORA-06201: TWOTASK: connect failed, can’t attach to mailbox
ORA-06202: TWOTASK: connect failed, can’t spawn ORASRV process
ORA-06203: TWOTASK: connect failed, handshake failure
ORA-06204: TWOTASK: connect failed, can’t access ORASRV2.COM
ORA-06205: TWOTASK: connect failed, can’t create logical name
ORA-06206: TWOTASK: message receive failure
ORA-06207: TWOTASK: message send failure
ORA-06208: TWOTASK: invalid login (connect) string
ORA-06209: TWOTASK: connect failed, mailbox already exists
ORA-06210: TWOTASK: connect failed, ORASRV exited unexpectedly
ORA-06211: TWOTASK: connect failed, timeout waiting for ORASRV
ORA-06212: TWOTASK: connect failed, logical name table is full
ORA-06213: TWOTASK: connect failed
ORA-06214: TWOTASK: connect failed, insufficient quotas to create ORASRV
ORA-06215: TWOTASK: connect failed, ORASRV protected image not installed
ORA-06216: TWOTASK: connect failed, can’t find ORASRV image file
ORA-06250: NETNTT: cannot allocate send and receive buffers
ORA-06251: NETNTT: cannot translate address file name
ORA-06252: NETNTT: cannot open address file
ORA-06253: NETNTT: cannot read arguments from address file
ORA-06254: NETNTT: cannot share connection to cube
ORA-06255: NETNTT: cannot read pid of remote process
ORA-06256: NETNTT: remote fork failed
ORA-06257: NETNTT: cannot send command line to shadow process
ORA-06258: NETNTT: cannot allocate context area
ORA-06259: NETNTT: cannot read from remote process
ORA-06260: NETNTT: cannot write to remote process
ORA-06261: NETNTT: nrange() failed
ORA-06262: NETNTT: nfconn() failed
ORA-06263: NETNTT: out of memory in pi_connect
ORA-06264: NETNTT: data protocol error
ORA-06265: NETNTT: break protocol error
ORA-06266: NETNTT: bad write length
ORA-06267: NETNTT: bad state
ORA-06268: NETNTT: cannot read /etc/oratab
ORA-06300: IPA: Disconnect failure
ORA-06301: IPA: Cannot allocate driver context
ORA-06302: IPA: Cannot connect to remote host
ORA-06303: IPA: Message send error
ORA-06304: IPA: Message receive error
ORA-06305: IPA: Illegal message type
ORA-06306: IPA: Message write length error
ORA-06307: IPA: Cannot reset connection
ORA-06308: IPA: No more connections available
ORA-06309: IPA: No message queue available
ORA-06310: IPA: Environment variable(s) not set
ORA-06311: IPA: Maximum number of servers reached
ORA-06312: IPA: Incorrect outgoing service name supplied
ORA-06313: IPA: Shared memory failed to initialise
ORA-06314: IPA: Event set up failure
ORA-06315: IPA: Invalid connect string
ORA-06316: IPA: Invalid database SID
ORA-06317: IPA: Local maximum number of users exceeded
ORA-06318: IPA: Local maximum number of connections exceeded
ORA-06319: IPA: Remote maximum number of users exceeded
ORA-06320: IPA: Remote maximum number of connections exceeded
ORA-06321: IPA: Cannot reach the remote side
ORA-06322: IPA: Fatal shared memory error
ORA-06323: IPA: Cause event error
ORA-06400: NETCMN: No default host string specified
ORA-06401: NETCMN: invalid driver designator
ORA-06402: NETCMN: error receiving break message
ORA-06403: Unable to allocate memory.
ORA-06404: NETCMN: invalid login (connect) string
ORA-06405: NETCMN: reset protocol error
ORA-06406: NETCMN: error sending break message
ORA-06407: NETCMN: unable to set up break handling environment
ORA-06408: NETCMN: incorrect message format
ORA-06413: Connection not open.
ORA-06416: NETCMN: error on test
ORA-06419: NETCMN: server can not start oracle
ORA-06420: NETCMN: SID lookup failure
ORA-06421: NETCMN: Error detected in the read-in data
ORA-06422: NETCMN: Error in sending data
ORA-06423: NETCMN: Error in receiving data
ORA-06430: ssaio: Seals do not match
ORA-06431: ssaio: Invalid Block number
ORA-06432: ssaio: Buffer Not Aligned
ORA-06433: ssaio: LSEEK error, unable to seek to requested block.
ORA-06434: ssaio: read error, unable to read requested block from database file.
ORA-06435: ssaio: write error, unable to write requested block to database file.
ORA-06436: ssaio: asynchronous I/O failed due to incorrect parameters.
ORA-06437: ssaio: the asynchronous write was unable to write to the database file.
ORA-06438: ssaio: the asynchronous read was unable to read from the database file.
ORA-06439: ssaio: the asynchronous write returned incorrect number of bytes
ORA-06440: ssaio: the asynchronous read returned incorrect number of bytes
ORA-06441: ssvwatev: Incorrect parameter passed to function call
ORA-06442: ssvwatev: Failed with unexpected error number.
ORA-06443: ssvpstev: Incorrect parameter passed to function call
ORA-06444: ssvpstev: Failed with unexpected error number.
ORA-06445: ssvpstevrg: Incorrect parameters passed to function call
ORA-06446: ssvpstevrg: Failed with unexpected error number.
ORA-06447: ssvpstp: Incorrect parameter passed to function call
ORA-06448: ssvpstp: Failed with unexpected error number.
ORA-06449: The list IO or the sysvendor is not installed.
ORA-06500: PL/SQL: storage error
ORA-06501: PL/SQL: program error
ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
ORA-06503: PL/SQL: Function returned without value
ORA-06504: PL/SQL: Return types of Result Set variables or query do not match
ORA-06505: PL/SQL: variable requires more than 32767 bytes of contiguous memory
ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called
ORA-06509: PL/SQL: ICD vector missing for this package
ORA-06510: PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception
ORA-06511: PL/SQL: cursor already open
ORA-06512: at line
ORA-06513: PL/SQL: index for PL/SQL table out of range for host language array
ORA-06514: PL/SQL: The remote call cannot be handled by the server
ORA-06515: PL/SQL: unhandled exception
ORA-06516: PL/SQL: the Probe packages do not exist or are invalid
ORA-06517: PL/SQL: Probe error –
ORA-06518: PL/SQL: Probe version incompatible with version
ORA-06519: active autonomous transaction detected and rolled back
ORA-06520: PL/SQL: Error loading external library
ORA-06521: PL/SQL: Error mapping function
ORA-06523: Maximum number of arguments exceeded
ORA-06524: Unsupported option :
ORA-06525: Length Mismatch for CHAR or RAW data
ORA-06526: Unable to load PL/SQL library
ORA-06527: External procedure SQLLIB error:
ORA-06528: Error executing PL/SQL profiler
ORA-06529: Version mismatch – PL/SQL profiler
ORA-06530: Reference to uninitialized composite
ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection
ORA-06532: Subscript outside of limit
ORA-06533: Subscript beyond count
ORA-06534: Cannot access Serially Reusable package
ORA-06535: statement string in is NULL or 0 length
ORA-06536: IN bind variable bound to an OUT position
ORA-06537: OUT bind variable bound to an IN position
ORA-06538: statement violates RESTRICT_REFERENCES pragma
ORA-06539: target of OPEN must be a query
ORA-06540: PL/SQL: compilation error
ORA-06541: PL/SQL: compilation error – compilation aborted
ORA-06542: PL/SQL: execution error
ORA-06543: PL/SQL: execution error – execution aborted
ORA-06544: PL/SQL: internal error, arguments: [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-06545: PL/SQL: compilation error – compilation aborted
ORA-06546: DDL statement is executed in an illegal context
ORA-06547: RETURNING clause must be used with INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements
ORA-06548: no more rows needed
ORA-06549: PL/SQL: failed to dynamically open shared object (DLL):
ORA-06550: line , column :

ORA-06551: PL/SQL: Unhandled exception
ORA-06552: PL/SQL:
ORA-06553: PLS-:
ORA-06554: package DBMS_STANDARD must be created before using PL/SQL
ORA-06555: this name is currently reserved for use by user SYS
ORA-06556: the pipe is empty, cannot fulfill the unpack_message request
ORA-06557: null values are not allowed for any parameters to pipe icd’s
ORA-06558: buffer in dbms_pipe package is full. No more items allowed
ORA-06559: wrong datatype requested, , actual datatype is
ORA-06560: pos, , is negative or larger than the buffer size,
ORA-06561: given statement is not supported by package DBMS_SQL
ORA-06562: type of out argument must match type of column or bind variable
ORA-06563: top level procedure/function specified, cannot have subparts
ORA-06564: object does not exist
ORA-06565: cannot execute from within stored procedure
ORA-06566: invalid number of rows specified
ORA-06567: invalid number of values specified
ORA-06568: obsolete ICD procedure called
ORA-06569: Collection bound by bind_array contains no elements
ORA-06570: shared pool object does not exist, cannot be pinned/purged
ORA-06571: Function does not guarantee not to update database
ORA-06572: Function has out arguments
ORA-06573: Function modifies package state, cannot be used here
ORA-06574: Function references package state, cannot execute remotely
ORA-06575: Package or function is in an invalid state
ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name
ORA-06577: output parameter not a bind variable
ORA-06578: output parameter cannot be a duplicate bind
ORA-06579: Bind variable not big enough to hold the output value
ORA-06580: Hash Join ran out of memory while keeping large rows in memory
ORA-06592: CASE not found while executing CASE statement
ORA-06593: is not supported with natively compiled PL/SQL modules
ORA-06594: ICD is unable to compute a result
ORA-06595: REF CURSOR parameters are not supported in forwarded RPC calls
ORA-06596: unsupported LOB operation in RPC call
ORA-06597: object cannot be purged, object is permanently kept in shared pool
ORA-06600: LU6.2 Driver: SNA software is not loaded
ORA-06601: LU6.2 Driver: Invalid database ID string
ORA-06602: LU6.2 Driver: Error allocating context area
ORA-06603: LU6.2 Driver: Error allocating memory
ORA-06604: LU6.2 Driver: Unable to allocate session with remote LU
ORA-06605: LU6.2 Driver: Unexpected line turnaround
ORA-06606: LU6.2 Driver: Unexpected response from SNA
ORA-06607: LU6.2 Driver: Reset occurred in send state
ORA-06608: LU6.2 Driver: Reset occurred in receive state
ORA-06610: LU6.2 Driver: Failed during deallocation
ORA-06611: LU6.2 Driver: Request to send error
ORA-06612: LU6.2 Driver: Send data error
ORA-06613: LU6.2 Driver: Receive and wait error
ORA-06614: LU6.2 Driver: Receive Immediate error
ORA-06615: LU6.2 Driver: Send error
ORA-06616: LU6.2 Driver: Attach to LU failed
ORA-06617: LU6.2 Driver: Attach to PU failed
ORA-06618: LU6.2 Driver: Activation of subnetwork failed
ORA-06619: LU6.2 Driver: Unable to activate remote partner
ORA-06620: LU6.2 Driver: Invalid remote partner
ORA-06621: LU6.2 Driver: Allocation error
ORA-06622: LU6.2 Driver: Unable to attach to SNA
ORA-06700: TLI Driver: incorrect message type from host
ORA-06701: TLI Driver: incorrect number of bytes written
ORA-06702: TLI Driver: cannot allocate context area
ORA-06703: TLI Driver: send break message failed
ORA-06704: TLI Driver: receive break message failed
ORA-06705: TLI Driver: remote node is unknown
ORA-06706: TLI Driver: service not found
ORA-06707: TLI Driver: connection failed
ORA-06708: TLI Driver: message receive failure
ORA-06709: TLI Driver: message send failure
ORA-06710: TLI Driver: send interrupt break message failed
ORA-06711: TLI Driver: error on bind
ORA-06712: TLI Driver: error on accept
ORA-06713: TLI Driver: error on connect
ORA-06720: TLI Driver: SID lookup failure
ORA-06721: TLI Driver: spurious client req
ORA-06722: TLI Driver: connection setup failure
ORA-06730: TLI Driver: unable to open clone device
ORA-06731: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_call
ORA-06732: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_discon
ORA-06733: TLI Driver: failed to receive disconnect
ORA-06734: TLI Driver: cannot connect
ORA-06735: TLI Driver: client failed to close error conn
ORA-06736: TLI Driver: server not running
ORA-06737: TLI Driver: connection failed
ORA-06741: TLI Driver: unable to open protocol device
ORA-06742: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_bind
ORA-06743: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_bind
ORA-06744: TLI Driver: listener cannot bind
ORA-06745: TLI Driver: listener already running
ORA-06746: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_call
ORA-06747: TLI Driver: error in listen
ORA-06748: TLI Driver: cannot allocate t_discon
ORA-06749: TLI Driver: option not allowed across network
ORA-06750: TLI Driver: sync failed
ORA-06751: TLI Driver: bound addresses unequal
ORA-06752: TLI: error in signal setup
ORA-06753: TLI Driver: name-to-address mapping failed
ORA-06754: TLI Driver: unable to get local host address
ORA-06755: TLI Driver: cannot close transport endpoint
ORA-06756: TLI Driver: cannot open oratab
ORA-06757: TLI Driver: server got bad command
ORA-06760: TLI Driver: timeout reading orderly release
ORA-06761: TLI Driver: error sending orderly release
ORA-06762: TLI Driver: error reading orderly release
ORA-06763: TLI Driver: error sending disconnect
ORA-06764: TLI Driver: error reading disconnect
ORA-06765: TLI Driver: error awaiting orderly release
ORA-06766: TLI Driver: close failed during release
ORA-06767: TLI Driver: alloc failed during release
ORA-06770: TLI Driver: error sending version
ORA-06771: TLI Driver: error reading version
ORA-06772: TLI Driver: error sending command
ORA-06773: TLI Driver: error reading command
ORA-06774: TLI Driver: error sending break mode
ORA-06775: TLI Driver: error reading break mode
ORA-06776: TLI Driver: error sending parms
ORA-06777: TLI Driver: error reading parms
ORA-06778: TLI Driver: error sending ccode
ORA-06779: TLI Driver: error reading ccode
ORA-06780: TLI Driver: recv error code failed
ORA-06781: TLI Driver: error reading negotation string
ORA-06790: TLI Driver: poll failed
ORA-06791: TLI Driver: poll returned error event
ORA-06792: TLI Driver: server cannot exec oracle
ORA-06793: TLI Driver: server cannot create new process
ORA-06794: TLI Driver: shadow process could not retrieve protocol info
ORA-06800: TLI Driver: SQL*Net SPX client went away during reconnect
ORA-06801: TLI Driver: listen for SPX server reconnect failed
ORA-06802: TLI Driver: could not open the /etc/netware/yellowpages file
ORA-06803: TLI Driver: the IPX device file could not be opened
ORA-06804: TLI Driver: could not bind an IPX address at initialization
ORA-06805: TLI Driver: could not send datagram SAP packet for SPX
ORA-06806: TLI Driver: could not complete protocol initialization for SPX
ORA-06807: TLI Driver: could not open ethernet device driver file
ORA-06808: TLI Driver: could not link IPX and ethernet streams
ORA-06809: TLI Driver: could not clear the IPX ethernet SAP at init
ORA-06810: TLI Driver: could not set the IPX ethernet SAP at init
ORA-06811: TLI Driver: could not set the IPX network number at init
ORA-06812: TLI Driver: could not read the ethernet driver’s node address
ORA-06813: TLI Driver: the configured ethernet address is incorrect
ORA-06814: TLI Driver: the SPX device file could not be opened
ORA-06815: TLI Driver: could not link SPX and IPX streams
ORA-06816: TLI Driver: could not set the SPX SAP address
ORA-06817: TLI Driver: could not read the Novell network address
ORA-06900: CMX: cannot read tns directory
ORA-06901: CMX: no local name assigned to local application
ORA-06902: CMX: cannot attach to cmx subsystem
ORA-06903: CMX: cannot read transport address of remote application
ORA-06904: CMX: no transport address available for remote application
ORA-06905: CMX: connect error
ORA-06906: CMX: cannot get maximum packet size from CMX
ORA-06907: CMX: error during connect confirmation
ORA-06908: CMX: error during transfer of ORACLE_SID
ORA-06909: CMX: error during acknowledge of ORACLE_SID
ORA-06910: CMX: Cannot start oracle process on remote machine
ORA-06911: CMX: t_event returns ERROR
ORA-06912: CMX: write error in datarq
ORA-06913: CMX: error during redirection of connection
ORA-06914: CMX: unexepected event during start of oracle
ORA-06915: CMX: unknown t_event in datarq
ORA-06916: CMX: error in data read (t_datain)
ORA-06917: CMX: error in data read (too many bytes read)
ORA-06918: CMX: T_NOEVENT during wait for read event
ORA-06919: CMX: error during write request (unknown event)
ORA-06920: CMX: getbrkmsg illegal datatype
ORA-06921: CMX: getdatmsg illegal datatype
ORA-06922: CMX: bad write length
ORA-06923: CMX: illegal break condition
ORA-06924: CMX: wrong break message length
ORA-06925: CMX: disconnect during connect request
ORA-06926: CMX: T_ERROR during read data
ORA-06927: CMX: T_DATAIN received before all data written
ORA-06928: CMX: wrong ORACLE_SID
ORA-06929: CMX: error when sending ORACLE_SID
ORA-06930: CMX: error when checking ORACLE_SID
ORA-06931: CMX: error during read_properties for server
ORA-06932: CMX: error in local name
ORA-06933: CMX: error during attach
ORA-06950: No error
ORA-06951: Operating system call error
ORA-06952: Remote end of the communication issued a forward-reset packet.
ORA-06953: Not enough virtual memory
ORA-06954: Illegal file name
ORA-06955: Number of database servers exceed limit
ORA-06956: Failed to get local host name
ORA-06957: No SID is currently available
ORA-06958: Failed to access configuration file
ORA-06959: Buffer I/O quota is too small
ORA-06960: Failed to access log file
ORA-06961: Insufficient privilege for attempted operation
ORA-06970: X.25 Driver: remote host is unknown
ORA-06971: X.25 Driver: error while receiving data
ORA-06972: X.25 Driver: error while sending data
ORA-06973: X.25 Driver: invalid buffer size
ORA-06974: X.25 Driver: SID lookup failure
ORA-06975: X.25 Driver: connect to host failed
ORA-06976: X.25 Driver: endpoint creation failure
ORA-06977: X.25 Driver: X.25 Level 2 failure
ORA-06978: X.25 Driver: Too many callback tries
ORA-06979: X.25 Driver: server cannot start oracle
ORA-07200: slsid: oracle_sid not set.
ORA-07201: slhom: oracle_home variable not set in environment.
ORA-07202: sltln: invalid parameter to sltln.
ORA-07203: sltln: attempt to translate a long environment variable.
ORA-07204: sltln: name translation failed due to lack of output buffer space.
ORA-07205: slgtd: time error, unable to obtain time.
ORA-07206: slgtd: gettimeofday error, unable to obtain time.
ORA-07207: sigpidu: process ID string overflows internal buffer.
ORA-07208: sfwfb: failed to flush dirty buffers to disk.
ORA-07209: sfofi: file size limit was exceeded.
ORA-07210: slcpu: getrusage error, unable to get cpu time.
ORA-07211: slgcs: gettimeofday error, unable to get wall clock.
ORA-07212: slcpu: times error, unable to get cpu time.
ORA-07213: slgcs: times error, unable to get wall clock.
ORA-07214: slgunm: uname error, unable to get system information.
ORA-07215: slsget: getrusage error.
ORA-07216: slghst: gethostname error, unable to get name of current host.
ORA-07217: sltln: environment variable cannot be evaluated.
ORA-07218: slkhst: could not perform host operation
ORA-07219: slspool: unable to allocate spooler argument buffer.
ORA-07220: slspool: wait error.
ORA-07221: slspool: exec error, unable to start spooler program.
ORA-07222: slspool: line printer spooler command exited with an error.
ORA-07223: slspool: fork error, unable to spawn spool process.
ORA-07224: sfnfy: failed to obtain file size limit; errno = .
ORA-07225: sldext: translation error, unable to expand file name.
ORA-07226: rtneco: unable to get terminal mode.
ORA-07227: rtneco: unable to set noecho mode.
ORA-07228: rtecho: unable to restore terminal to echo mode.
ORA-07229: slcpuc: error in getting number of CPUs.
ORA-07230: slemcr: fopen error, unable to open error file.
ORA-07231: slemcc: invalid file handle, seals do not match.
ORA-07232: slemcc: fclose error.
ORA-07233: slemcw: invalid file handle, seals do not match.
ORA-07234: slemcw: fseek error.
ORA-07235: slemcw: fwrite error.
ORA-07236: slemop: open error.
ORA-07237: slemcl: invalid file handle, seals do not match.
ORA-07238: slemcl: close error.
ORA-07239: slemrd: invalid file handle, seals do not match.
ORA-07240: slemrd: seek error.
ORA-07241: slemrd: read error.
ORA-07242: slembfn: translation error, unable to translate error file name.
ORA-07243: supplied buffer not big enough to hold entire line
ORA-07244: ssfccf: create file failed, file size limit reached.
ORA-07245: sfccf: unable to lseek and write the last block.
ORA-07246: sfofi: open error, unable to open database file.
ORA-07247: skgfrfms, skgfrnms: read error, unable to read block from database file
ORA-07248: sfwfb: write error, unable to write database block.
ORA-07249: slsget: open error, unable to open /proc/pid.
ORA-07250: spcre: semget error, unable to get first semaphore set.
ORA-07251: spcre: semget error, could not allocate any semaphores.
ORA-07252: spcre: semget error, could not allocate semaphores.
ORA-07253: spdes: semctl error, unable to destroy semaphore set.
ORA-07254: spdcr: translation error while expanding ?/bin/oracle.
ORA-07255: spini: cannot set up signal handler.
ORA-07256: sptrap: cannot set up signal handler to catch exceptions.
ORA-07257: spdcr: translation error expanding program name.
ORA-07258: spdcr: fork error, unable to create process.
ORA-07259: spdcr: exec error, detached process failed in startup.
ORA-07260: spdcr: wait error.
ORA-07261: spdde: kill error, unable to send signal to process.
ORA-07262: sptpa: sptpa called with invalid process id.
ORA-07263: sptpa: kill error.
ORA-07264: spwat: semop error, unable to decrement semaphore.
ORA-07265: sppst: semop error, unable to increment semaphore.
ORA-07266: sppst: invalid process number passed to sppst.
ORA-07267: spwat: invalid process number.
ORA-07268: szguns: getpwuid error.
ORA-07269: spdcr: detached process died after exec.
ORA-07270: spalck: setitimer error, unable to set interval timer.
ORA-07271: spwat: invalid oracle process number.
ORA-07272: spwat: invalid semaphore set id.
ORA-07273: sppst: invalid semaphore id.
ORA-07274: spdcr: access error, access to oracle denied.
ORA-07275: unable to send signal to process
ORA-07276: no dba group in /etc/group.
ORA-07277: spdde: illegal pid passed as argument.
ORA-07278: splon: ops$username exceeds buffer length.
ORA-07279: spcre: semget error, unable to get first semaphore set.
ORA-07280: slsget: unable to get process information.
ORA-07281: slsget: times error, unable to get cpu time.
ORA-07282: sksaprd: string overflow.
ORA-07283: sksaprd: invalid volume size for archive destination.
ORA-07284: sksaprd: volume size specification not terminated properly.
ORA-07285: sksaprd: volume size should not be specified for a disk file.
ORA-07286: sksagdi: cannot obtain device information.
ORA-07287: sksagdi: unsupported device for log archiving.
ORA-07290: sksagdi: specified directory for archiving does not exist.
ORA-07303: ksmcsg: illegal database buffer size.
ORA-07304: ksmcsg: illegal redo buffer size.
ORA-07305: ksmcsg: illegal database buffer size.
ORA-07324: smpall: malloc error while allocating pga.
ORA-07327: smpdal: attempt to destroy pga when it was not mapped.
ORA-07339: spcre: maximum number of semaphore sets exceeded.
ORA-07345: The datafile name must not contain the string ‘..’.
ORA-07346: slnrm: normalized file name is too long
ORA-07390: sftopn: translate error, unable to translate file name.
ORA-07391: sftopn: fopen error, unable to open text file.
ORA-07392: sftcls: fclose error, unable to close text file.
ORA-07393: unable to delete text file
ORA-07394: unable to append string to text file
ORA-07400: slemtr: translated name for the message file is too long.
ORA-07401: sptrap: cannot restore user exception handlers.
ORA-07402: sprst: cannot restore user signal handler.
ORA-07403: sfanfy: db_writers parameter not valid.
ORA-07404: sfareq: Timeout occurred waiting for request to complete.
ORA-07405: sptrap: cannot setup alternate signal stack.
ORA-07406: slbtpd: invalid number.
ORA-07407: slbtpd: invalid exponent.
ORA-07408: slbtpd: overflow while converting to packed decimal.
ORA-07409: slpdtb: invalid packed decimal nibble.
ORA-07410: slpdtb: number too large for supplied buffer.
ORA-07411: slgfn: full path name too big for supplied buffer.
ORA-07412: sfaslv: Error getting entry in asynchronous write array.
ORA-07415: slpath: allocation of memory buffer failed.
ORA-07416: slpath: pathname construction failed; lack of output buffer space.
ORA-07417: sfareq: One or more database writers not active.
ORA-07418: sfareq: Database writer got error in timing function.
ORA-07419: sfareq: Database writer got error in timing function.
ORA-07425: sdpri: error in translating dump file location.
ORA-07426: spstp: cannot obtain the location of dbs directory.
ORA-07427: spstp: cannot change directory to dbs.
ORA-07431: fork failed
ORA-07432: unable to perform nested sleep
ORA-07440: WMON process terminated with error
ORA-07441: function address must be aligned on byte boundary
ORA-07442: function address must be in the range to
ORA-07443: function not found
ORA-07444: function address is not readable
ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [] [] [] [] [] []
ORA-07446: sdnfy: bad value ” for parameter .
ORA-07447: ssarena: usinit failed.
ORA-07448: ssarena: maximum number of shared arenas exceeded.
ORA-07449: sc: usnewlock failed.
ORA-07451: slskstat: unable to obtain load information.
ORA-07452: specified resource manager plan does not exist in the data dictionary
ORA-07453: requested resource manager plan schema does not contain OTHER_GROUPS
ORA-07454: queue timeout, second(s), exceeded
ORA-07455: estimated execution time ( secs), exceeds limit ( secs)
ORA-07456: cannot set RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN when database is closed
ORA-07457: cannot set _INTERNAL_RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN because of FORCE
ORA-07458: cannot set the RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN parameter
ORA-07459: cannot restore the RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN parameter
ORA-07460: cannot set the RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN parameter
ORA-07468: spwat: mset error, unable to set semaphore.
ORA-07469: sppst: mclear error, unable to clear semaphore.
ORA-07470: snclget: cannot get cluster number.
ORA-07471: snclrd: name translation error of sgadef.dbf file name.
ORA-07472: snclrd: open error when opening sgadef.dbf file.
ORA-07473: snclrd: read error when trying to read sgadef.dbf file.
ORA-07474: snclrd: close error, unable to close sgadef.dbf file.
ORA-07475: slsget: cannot get vm statistics.
ORA-07476: slsget: cannot get mapped memory statistics.
ORA-07477: scgcmn: lock manager not initialized.
ORA-07478: scgcmn: cannot get lock status.
ORA-07479: scgcmn: cannot open or convert lock.
ORA-07480: snchmod: cannot change permissions on ?/dbs/sgalm.dbf.
ORA-07481: snlmatt: cannot attach to lock manager instance.
ORA-07482: snlmini: cannot create lock manager instance.
ORA-07483: snlkget: cannot convert(get) lock.
ORA-07484: snlkput: cannot convert(put) lock.
ORA-07485: scg_get_inst: cannot open instance number lock.
ORA-07486: scg_get_inst: cannot convert(get) instance number lock.
ORA-07487: scg_init_lm: cannot create lock manager instance.
ORA-07488: scgrcl: lock manager not initialized.
ORA-07489: scgrcl: cannot get lock status.
ORA-07490: scgrcl: cannot convert lock.
ORA-07491: scgrcl: cannot cancel lock request.
ORA-07492: scgrcl: cannot close lock.
ORA-07493: scgrcl: lock manager error.
ORA-07494: scgcm: unexpected error.
ORA-07495: spwat: lm_wait failed.
ORA-07496: sppst: lm_post failed.
ORA-07497: sdpri: cannot create trace file ”; errno = .
ORA-07498: spstp: Unable to open /dev/resched.
ORA-07499: spglk: Cannot reschedule.
ORA-07500: scglaa: $cantim unexpected return
ORA-07501: scgtoa: $deq unexpected return
ORA-07502: scgcmn: $enq unexpected return
ORA-07503: scgcmn: $setimr unexpected return
ORA-07504: scgcmn: $hiber unexpected return
ORA-07505: scggt: $enq parent lock unexpected return
ORA-07506: scgrl: $deq unexpected return on lockid
ORA-07507: scgcm: unexpected lock status condition
ORA-07508: scgfal: $deq all unexpected return
ORA-07509: scgfal: $deq parent lock unexpected return
ORA-07510: scgbrm: $getlki unexpected return on lockid
ORA-07511: sscggtl: $enq unexpected return for master termination lock
ORA-07512: sscggtl: $enq unexpected return for client termination lock
ORA-07513: sscgctl: $deq unexpected return on cancel of term. lock
ORA-07514: scgcan: $deq unexpected return while canceling lock
ORA-07534: scginq: $getlki unexpected return on lockid
ORA-07548: sftopn: Maximum number of files already open
ORA-07549: sftopn: $OPEN failure
ORA-07550: sftopn: $CONNECT failure
ORA-07551: sftcls: $CLOSE failure
ORA-07552: sftget: $GET failure
ORA-07561: szprv: $IDTOASC failure
ORA-07562: sldext: extension must be 3 characters
ORA-07563: sldext: $PARSE failure
ORA-07564: sldext: wildcard in filename or extension
ORA-07565: sldext: $SEARCH failure
ORA-07568: slspool: $OPEN failure
ORA-07569: slspool: $CLOSE failure
ORA-07570: szrfc: $IDTOASC failure
ORA-07571: szrfc: $FIND_HELD failure
ORA-07572: szrfc: insufficient rolename buffer space
ORA-07573: slkhst: could not perform host operation
ORA-07574: szrfc: $GETUAI failure
ORA-07576: sspexst: $GETJPIW failure on process ID
ORA-07577: no such user in authorization file
ORA-07578: szprv: $FIND_HELD failure
ORA-07579: spini: $DCLEXH failure
ORA-07580: spstp: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07581: spstp: cannot derive SID from unexpected process name
ORA-07582: spstp: ORA_SID has illegal value
ORA-07584: spdcr: invalid value for ORA_sid_(proc_)PQL$_item
ORA-07585: spdcr: $PARSE failure
ORA-07586: spdcr: $SEARCH failure
ORA-07587: spdcr: $CREPRC failure
ORA-07588: spdcr: $GETJPIW get image name failure
ORA-07589: spdde: system ID not set
ORA-07590: spdde: $DELPRC failure
ORA-07591: spdde: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07592: sspgprv: Error obtaining required privileges
ORA-07593: ssprprv: Error release privileges
ORA-07594: spiip: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07595: sppid: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07596: sptpa: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07597: spguns: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07598: spwat: $SETIMR failure
ORA-07599: spwat: $SCHDWK failure
ORA-07600: slkmnm: $GETSYIW failure
ORA-07601: spguno: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07602: spgto: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07605: szprv: $ASCTOID failure
ORA-07606: szprv: $CHKPRO failure
ORA-07607: szaud: $SNDOPR failure
ORA-07608: szprv: $GETUAI failure
ORA-07609: szprv: $HASH_PASSWORD failure
ORA-07610: $GETJPIW failed in retrieving the user’s MAC priviledges
ORA-07612: $GETUAI failed in retrieving the user’s clearance level
ORA-07613: $GETJPIW failed in retrieving the user’s process label
ORA-07614: $CHANGE_CLASS failed in retrieving the user’s process label
ORA-07615: $CHANGE_CLASS failed in retrieving the specified file label
ORA-07616: $CHANGE_CLASS failed in retrieving the specified device label
ORA-07617: $FORMAT_CLASS failed translating the binary label to a string
ORA-07618: $IDTOASC failed translating a secrecy level
ORA-07619: $IDTOASC failed translating an integrity level
ORA-07620: smscre: illegal database block size
ORA-07621: smscre: illegal redo block size
ORA-07622: smscre: $CREATE failure
ORA-07623: smscre: $CRMPSC failure
ORA-07624: smsdes: $DGBLSC failure
ORA-07625: smsget: $MGBLSC failure
ORA-07626: smsget: sga already mapped
ORA-07627: smsfre: $CRETVA failure
ORA-07628: smsfre: sga not mapped
ORA-07629: smpall: $EXPREG failure
ORA-07630: smpdal: $DELTVA failure
ORA-07631: smcacx: $EXPREG failure
ORA-07632: smsrcx: $DELTVA failure
ORA-07633: smsdbp: illegal protection value
ORA-07634: smsdbp: $CRETVA failure
ORA-07635: smsdbp: $SETPRT failure
ORA-07636: smsdbp: $MGBLSC failure
ORA-07637: smsdbp: buffer protect option not specified when sga created
ORA-07638: smsget: SGA pad area not large enough for created SGA
ORA-07639: smscre: SGA pad area not large enough ( bytes required)
ORA-07640: smsget: SGA not yet valid. Initialization in progress
ORA-07641: smscre: Unable to use the system pagefile for the SGA
ORA-07642: smprtset: $CMKRNL failure
ORA-07643: smsalo: SMSVAR is invalid
ORA-07645: sszfsl: $CHANGE_CLASS failure
ORA-07646: sszfck: $CREATE failure
ORA-07647: sszfck: $OPEN failure
ORA-07650: sigunc: $GETJPIW failure
ORA-07655: slsprom:$TRNLOG failure
ORA-07656: slsprom:$GETDVI failure
ORA-07657: slsprom:$ASSIGN failure
ORA-07658: slsprom:$QIOW read failure
ORA-07665: ssrexhd: recursive exception encountered
ORA-07670: $IDTOASC failed translating a secrecy category
ORA-07671: $IDTOASC failed translating an integrity category
ORA-07672: $PARSE_CLASS failed translating the string into a binary label
ORA-07680: sou2os: another call to Oracle currently executing
ORA-07681: sou2os: An error occurred while initializing Oracle
ORA-07682: sou2os: set kernel dispatch fail err
ORA-07683: sou2os: $SETPRV reset error
ORA-07684: sou2os: supervisor stack reset error
ORA-07685: sou2os: supervisor stack set error
ORA-07700: sksarch: interrupt received
ORA-07701: sksatln: internal exception: output buffer too small
ORA-07702: unrecognized device type in archive text
ORA-07703: error in archive text: need ‘/’ after device type
ORA-07704: error in archive text: need ‘:’ after device name
ORA-07705: sksaprs: device name buffer too small
ORA-07706: error in archive text: need disk file name
ORA-07707: error in archive text: need tape label name
ORA-07708: sksaprs: tape label name buffer too small
ORA-07709: sksaprs: archiving to a remote host is not allowed
ORA-07710: sksaprs: file name buffer too small
ORA-07713: sksamtd: could not mount archival device (SYS$MOUNT failure)
ORA-07715: sksadtd: could not dismount archival device (SYS$DISMNT failure)
ORA-07716: sksachk: invalid device specification for ARCHIVE
ORA-07717: sksaalo: error allocating memory
ORA-07718: sksafre: error freeing memory
ORA-07721: scgcm: not enough OS resource to obtain system enqueue
ORA-07740: slemop: incorrect handle size (programming error)
ORA-07741: slemop: $OPEN failure
ORA-07742: slemop: $CONNECT failure
ORA-07743: slemop: incorrect error file attributes
ORA-07744: slemcl: invalid error message file handle
ORA-07745: slemcl: $CLOSE failure
ORA-07746: slemrd: invalid error message file handle
ORA-07747: slemrd: $READ failure
ORA-07750: slemcr: fopen failure
ORA-07751: slemcr: malloc failure
ORA-07753: slemcf: fseek before write failure
ORA-07754: slemcf: fwrite failure
ORA-07755: slemcf: fseek before read failure
ORA-07756: slemcf: fread failure
ORA-07757: slemcc: invalid handle
ORA-07758: slemcw: invalid handle
ORA-07759: slemtr: invalid destination
ORA-07760: slemtr: $open failure
ORA-07800: slbtpd: invalid number
ORA-07801: slbtpd: invalid exponent
ORA-07802: slbtpd: overflow while converting to packed decimal
ORA-07803: slpdtb: invalid packed decimal nibble
ORA-07804: slpdtb: number too large for supplied buffer
ORA-07820: sspscn: SYS$CRELNM failure
ORA-07821: sspsdn: SYS$DELLNM failure
ORA-07822: sspscm: SYS$CREMBX failure
ORA-07823: sspsqr: $QIO failure
ORA-07824: sspain: $SETIMR failure
ORA-07825: sspsck: $QIO failure at AST level
ORA-07826: sspscm: SYS$GETDVIW failure
ORA-07840: sllfop: LIB$GET_VM failure
ORA-07841: sllfop: SYS$OPEN failure
ORA-07842: sllfcl: SYS$CLOSE failure
ORA-07843: sllfcl: LIB$FREE_VM failure
ORA-07844: sllfop: LIB$GET_VM failure
ORA-07845: sllfcl: LIB$FREE_VM failue
ORA-07846: sllfop: byte record too big for byte user buffer
ORA-07847: sllfop: $CONNECT failure
ORA-07848: sllfrb: $GET failure
ORA-07849: sllfsk: $GET failure
ORA-07850: sllfop: bad option
ORA-07860: osnsoi: error setting up interrupt handler
ORA-07880: sdopnf: internal error
ORA-08000: maximum number of session sequence lists exceeded
ORA-08001: maximum number of sequences per session exceeded
ORA-08002: sequence .CURRVAL is not yet defined in this session
ORA-08003: sequence .NEXTVAL exceeds internal limits
ORA-08004: sequence .NEXTVAL VALUE and cannot be instantiated
ORA-08005: specified row does not exist
ORA-08006: specified row no longer exists
ORA-08007: Further changes to this block by this transaction not allowed
ORA-08008: another instance is mounted with USE_ROW_ENQUEUES =
ORA-08100: index is not valid – see trace file for diagnostics
ORA-08101: index key does not exist file : (root , node ) blocks ()
ORA-08102: index key not found, obj# , file , block ()
ORA-08103: object no longer exists
ORA-08104: this index object is being online built or rebuilt
ORA-08105: Oracle event to turn off smon cleanup for online index build
ORA-08106: cannot create journal table .
ORA-08108: may not build or rebuild this type of index online
ORA-08109: nosort is not a supported option for online index build
ORA-08110: Oracle event to test SMON cleanup for online index build
ORA-08111: a partitioned index may not be coalesced as a whole
ORA-08112: a composite partition may not be coalesced as a whole
ORA-08113: composite partition index may not be compressed
ORA-08114: can not alter a fake index
ORA-08115: can not online create/rebuild this index type
ORA-08116: can not acquire dml enough lock(S mode) for online index build
ORA-08117: Index Organized Table operation released its block pin
ORA-08118: Deferred FK constraints cannot be enforced, index too big ()
ORA-08119: The new initrans will make the index too big
ORA-08120: Need to create SYS.IND_ONLINE$ table in order to (re)build index
ORA-08121: Number of indexes need to be maintained offline exceeds limit for DML
ORA-08175: discrete transaction restriction violated ()
ORA-08176: consistent read failure; rollback data not available
ORA-08177: can’t serialize access for this transaction
ORA-08178: illegal SERIALIZABLE clause specified for user INTERNAL
ORA-08179: concurrency check failed
ORA-08180: no snapshot found based on specified time
ORA-08181: specified number is not a valid system change number
ORA-08182: operation not supported while in Flashback mode
ORA-08183: Flashback cannot be enabled in the middle of a transaction
ORA-08184: attempting to re-enable Flashback while in Flashback mode
ORA-08185: Flashback not supported for user SYS
ORA-08186: invalid timestamp specified
ORA-08187: snapshot expression not allowed here
ORA-08189: cannot flashback the table because row movement is not enabled
ORA-08190: restore point is from a different incarnation of the database
ORA-08191: Flashback Table operation is not supported on remote tables
ORA-08192: Flashback Table operation is not allowed on fixed tables
ORA-08193: Flashback Table operation is not allowed on temporary tables
ORA-08194: Flashback Table operation is not allowed on materialized views
ORA-08195: Flashback Table operation is not supported on partitions
ORA-08196: Flashback Table operation is not allowed on AQ tables
ORA-08197: Flashback Table operation is not supported on clustered tables
ORA-08198: Flashback Table is not supported on object tables, nested tables
ORA-08199: Flashback Table operation is not supported on this object
ORA-08205: ora_addr: $ORACLE_SID not set in environment
ORA-08206: ora_addr: cannot translate address file name
ORA-08207: ora_addr: cannot open address file
ORA-08208: ora_addr: cannot read from address file
ORA-08209: scngrs: SCN not yet initialized
ORA-08210: Requested I/O error
ORA-08230: smscre: failed to allocate SGA
ORA-08231: smscre: unable to attach to SGA
ORA-08232: smsdes: cannot detach from SGA
ORA-08233: smsdes: cannot unmap SGA
ORA-08234: smsget: cannot get instance listener address
ORA-08235: smsget: listener not on this node
ORA-08236: smsget: cannot share subcube with listener
ORA-08237: smsget: SGA region not yet created
ORA-08238: smsfre: cannot detach from SGA
ORA-08260: ora_addr: cannot open nameserver
ORA-08261: ora_addr: cannot find name in nameserver
ORA-08263: ora_addr: cannot free listener address
ORA-08264: ora_addr: cannot close nameserver
ORA-08265: create_ora_addr: cannot open nameserver
ORA-08266: create_ora_addr: cannot register name in nameserver
ORA-08267: destroy_ora_addr: cannot close nameserver
ORA-08268: create_ora_addr: cannot close nameserver
ORA-08269: destroy_ora_addr: cannot destroy name
ORA-08270: sksachk: Illegal archival control string
ORA-08271: sksabln: Buffer size not large enough for archive control string
ORA-08274: Out of memory for environment variable
ORA-08275: Environment variable unset
ORA-08276: No room in nameserver for pid
ORA-10154: Switch to disallow synonyms in DDL statements
ORA-10155: CBO disable generation of transitive OR-chains
ORA-10156: CBO disable index fast full scan
ORA-10157: CBO disable index access path for in-list
ORA-10158: CBO preserve predicate order in post-filters
ORA-10159: CBO disable order-by sort pushdown into domain indexes
ORA-10160: CBO disable use of join index
ORA-10161: CBO recursive semi-join on/off-switch
ORA-10162: CBO join-back elimination on/off-switch
ORA-10163: CBO join-back elimination on/off-switch
ORA-10164: CBO disable subquery-adjusted cardinality fix
ORA-10165: mark session to be aborted during shutdown normal
ORA-10166: trace long operation statistics updates
ORA-10167: CBO use old index MIN/MAX optimization
ORA-10168: CBO disable single-table predicate predicate generation
ORA-10169: CBO disable histograms for multi partitions
ORA-10170: CBO use old bitmap costing
ORA-10171: CBO disable transitive join predicates
ORA-10172: CBO force hash join back
ORA-10173: Dynamic Sampling time-out error
ORA-10174: view join-back elimination switch
ORA-10175: CBO star transformation switch
ORA-10176: CBO colocated join switch
ORA-10177: CBO colocated join switch
ORA-10178: CBO turn off hash cluster filtering through memcmp
ORA-10179: CBO turn off transitive predicate replacement
ORA-10180: temp table transformation print error messages
ORA-10181: CBO disable multi-column in-list processing
ORA-10182: CBO disable generation of implied predicates
ORA-10183: CBO disable cost rounding
ORA-10184: CBO disable OR-exp if long inlist on bitmap column
ORA-10185: CBO force index joins
ORA-10186: CBO disable index join
ORA-10187: CBO additional index join switch
ORA-10188: CBO additional index join switch
ORA-10189: CBO turn off FFS null fix
ORA-10190: Analyze use old frequency histogram collection and density
ORA-10191: Avoid conversion of in-lists back to OR-expanded form
ORA-10192: nopushdown when number of groups exceed number of rows
ORA-10193: Force repeatable sampling with specified seed
ORA-10194: CBO disable new LIKE selectivity heuristic
ORA-10195: CBO don’t use check constraints for transitive predicates
ORA-10196: CBO disable index skip scan
ORA-10197: CBO force index skip scan
ORA-10199: set parameter in session
ORA-10200: consistent read buffer status
ORA-10201: consistent read undo application
ORA-10202: consistent read block header
ORA-10203: block cleanout
ORA-10204: signal recursive extend
ORA-10205: row cache debugging
ORA-10206: transaction table consistent read
ORA-10207: consistent read transactions’ status report
ORA-10208: consistent read loop check
ORA-10209: enable simulated error on control file
ORA-10210: check data block integrity
ORA-10212: check cluster integrity
ORA-10213: crash after control file write
ORA-10214: simulate write errors on control file
ORA-10215: simulate read errors on control file
ORA-10216: dump control file header
ORA-10217: debug sequence numbers
ORA-10218: dump uba of applied undo
ORA-10219: monitor multi-pass row locking
ORA-10220: show updates to the transaction table
ORA-10221: show changes done with undo
ORA-10222: row cache
ORA-10223: transaction layer – turn on verification codes
ORA-10224: index block split/delete trace
ORA-10225: free/used extent row cache
ORA-10226: trace CR applications of undo for data operations
ORA-10227: verify (multi-piece) row structure
ORA-10228: trace application of redo by kcocbk
ORA-10229: simulate I/O error against datafiles
ORA-10231: skip corrupted blocks on _table_scans_
ORA-10232: dump corrupted blocks symbolically when kcbgotten
ORA-10233: skip corrupted blocks on index operations
ORA-10234: trigger event after calling kcrapc to do redo N times
ORA-10235: check memory manager internal structures
ORA-10236: dump redo on object no. or block type mismatch errors 1410/8103
ORA-10237: simulate ^C (for testing purposes)
ORA-10238: instantiation manager
ORA-10239: multi-instance library cache manager
ORA-10240: dump dba’s of blocks that we wait for
ORA-10241: remote SQL execution tracing/validation
ORA-10242: suppress OER 2063 (for testing distrib w/o different error log)
ORA-10243: simulated error for test of K2GTAB latch cleanup
ORA-10244: make tranids in error msgs print as 0.0.0 (for testing)
ORA-10246: print trace of PMON actions to trace file
ORA-10247: Turn on scgcmn tracing. (VMS ONLY)
ORA-10248: turn on tracing for dispatchers
ORA-10249: turn on tracing for multi-stated servers
ORA-10250: Trace all allocate and free calls to the topmost SGA heap
ORA-10251: check consistency of transaction table and undo block
ORA-10254: trace cross-instance calls
ORA-10255: pl/sql parse checking
ORA-10257: trace shared server load balancing
ORA-10258: force shared servers to be chosen round-robin
ORA-10259: get error message text from remote using explicit call
ORA-10261: Limit the size of the PGA heap
ORA-10262: Don’t check for memory leaks
ORA-10263: Don’t free empty PGA heap extents
ORA-10265: Keep random system generated output out of error messages
ORA-10266: Trace OSD stack usage
ORA-10267: Inhibit KSEDMP for testing
ORA-10268: Don’t do forward coalesce when deleting extents
ORA-10269: Don’t do coalesces of free space in SMON
ORA-10270: Debug shared cursors
ORA-10271: distributed transaction after COLLECT
ORA-10272: distributed transaction before PREPARE
ORA-10273: distributed transaction after PREPARE
ORA-10274: distributed transaction before COMMIT
ORA-10275: distributed transaction after COMMIT
ORA-10276: distributed transaction before FORGET
ORA-10277: Cursor sharing (or not) related event (used for testing)
ORA-10278: Internal testing
ORA-10279: Simulate block corruption in kdb4chk
ORA-10280: Internal testing – segmentation fault during crash recovery
ORA-10281: maximum time to wait for process creation
ORA-10282: Inhibit signalling of other backgrounds when one dies
ORA-10284: simulate zero/infinite asynch I/O buffering
ORA-10285: Simulate control file header corruption
ORA-10286: Simulate control file open error
ORA-10287: Simulate archiver error
ORA-10288: Do not check block type in ktrget
ORA-10289: Do block dumps to trace file in hex rather than fromatted
ORA-10290: kdnchk – checkvalid event – not for general purpose use.
ORA-10291: die in tbsdrv to test control file undo
ORA-10293: trace log switch media recovery checkpoints
ORA-10295: die after file header update durning cf xact
ORA-10296: disable ORA-379
ORA-10297: customize dictionary object number cache
ORA-10298: ksfd i/o tracing
ORA-10299: Trace prefetch tracking decisions made by CKPT
ORA-10301: Enable LCK timeout table consistency check
ORA-10302: trace create or drop internal trigger
ORA-10303: trace loading of library cache for internal triggers
ORA-10304: trace replication trigger
ORA-10305: trace updatable materialized view trigger
ORA-10306: trace materialized view log trigger
ORA-10307: trace RepCat execution
ORA-10308: replication testing event
ORA-10309: Trigger Debug event
ORA-10310: trace synchronous change table trigger
ORA-10311: Disable Flashback Table Timestamp checking
ORA-10312: Allow disable to log rows into the mapping table
ORA-10314: Enable extra stats gathering for CR
ORA-10316: Events for extensible txn header, non zero ext header size
ORA-10317: Events for extensible txn header, zero ext header size
ORA-10318: Trace extensible txn header movements
ORA-10319: Trace PGA statistics maintenance
ORA-10320: Enable data layer (kdtgrs) tracing of space management calls
ORA-10321: Datafile header verification debug failure.
ORA-10322: CBO don’t simplify inlist predicates
ORA-10323: before committing an add datafile command
ORA-10324: Enable better checking of redo logs errors
ORA-10325: Trace control file record section expand and shrink operations
ORA-10326: clear logfile debug crash at , log
ORA-10327: simulate ORA-00235 error for testing
ORA-10328: disable first-to-mount split-brain error, for testing
ORA-10329: simulate out-of-memory error during first pass of recovery
ORA-10330: clear MTTR statistics in checkpoint progress record
ORA-10331: simulate resilvering during recovery
ORA-10332: force ALTER SYSTEM QUIESCE RESTRICTED command to fail
ORA-10333: dump MTTR statistics each time it is updated
ORA-10334: force FG to wait to be killed during MTTR advisory simulation
ORA-10335: reserved for recovery layer for testing purpose
ORA-10336: Do remote object transfer using remote SQL
ORA-10337: enable padding owner name in slave sql
ORA-10338: CBO don’t use inlist iterator with function-based indexes
ORA-10339: CBO disable DECODE simplification
ORA-10340: Buffer queues sanity check for corrupted buffers
ORA-10341: Simulate out of PGA memory in DBWR during object reuse
ORA-10342: Raise unknown exception in ACQ_ADD when checkpointing
ORA-10343: Raise an out of memory exception-OER 4031 in ACQ_ADD
ORA-10345: validate queue when linking or unlinking a buffer
ORA-10346: check that all buffers for checkpoint have been written
ORA-10347: dump active checkpoint entries and checkpoint buffers
ORA-10348: test abnormal termination of process initiating file checkpoint
ORA-10349: do not allow ckpt to complete
ORA-10350: Simulate more than one object & tsn id in object reuse
ORA-10351: size of slots
ORA-10352: report direct path statistics
ORA-10353: number of slots
ORA-10354: turn on direct read path for parallel query
ORA-10355: turn on direct read path for scans
ORA-10356: turn on hint usage for direct read
ORA-10357: turn on debug information for direct path
ORA-10358: Simulate out of PGA memory in cache advisory reset
ORA-10359: turn off updates to control file for direct writes
ORA-10360: enable dbwr consistency checking
ORA-10361: check buffer change vector count consistency
ORA-10362: simulate a write error to take a file offline
ORA-10364: Do not clear GIMH_STC_SHUT_BEGIN state during shutdown
ORA-10365: turn on debug information for adaptive direct reads
ORA-10368: maximum number of internal errors a process will tolerate
ORA-10370: parallel query server kill event
ORA-10371: disable TQ hint
ORA-10372: parallel query server kill event proc
ORA-10373: parallel query server kill event
ORA-10375: turn on checks for statistics rollups
ORA-10378: force hard process/range affinity
ORA-10380: kxfp latch cleanup testing event
ORA-10381: kxfp latch cleanup testing event
ORA-10382: parallel query server interrupt (reset)
ORA-10383: auto parallelization testing event
ORA-10384: parallel dataflow scheduler tracing
ORA-10385: parallel table scan range sampling method
ORA-10386: parallel SQL hash and range statistics
ORA-10387: parallel query server interrupt (normal)
ORA-10388: parallel query server interrupt (failure)
ORA-10389: parallel query server interrupt (cleanup)
ORA-10390: Trace parallel query slave execution
ORA-10391: trace PX granule allocation/assignment
ORA-10392: parallel query debugging bits
ORA-10393: print parallel query statistics
ORA-10394: generate a fake load to test adaptive and load balancing
ORA-10395: adjust sample size for range table queues
ORA-10397: suppress verbose parallel coordinator error reporting
ORA-10398: enable timeouts in parallel query threads
ORA-10399: trace buffer allocation
ORA-10400: turn on system state dumps for shutdown debugging
ORA-10401: turn on IPC (ksxp) debugging
ORA-10402: turn on IPC (skgxp) debugging
ORA-10403: fake CPU number for default degree of parallelism
ORA-10404: crash dbwr after write
ORA-10405: emulate broken mirrors
ORA-10406: enable datetime TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL datatype creation
ORA-10407: enable datetime TIME datatype creation
ORA-10408: disable OLAP builtin window function usage
ORA-10409: enable granule memset and block invalidation at startup
ORA-10410: trigger simulated communications errors in KSXP
ORA-10413: force simulated error for testing purposes
ORA-10414: simulated error from event level
ORA-10415: parallel degree specified is too large, max value allowed
ORA-10416: disable fix for 2736734
ORA-10417: limit 1 file per sbtinfo2() validation call
ORA-10418: disable re-creating tempfile
ORA-10419: create tempfile without create_scn and time
ORA-10420: trace KSO OS-process operations
ORA-10421: enable dump from ksbwco if there is no reply
ORA-10422: KSU debugging
ORA-10423: dump the call stack if the specified error is cleared
ORA-10424: KGE debugging
ORA-10425: enable global enqueue operations event trace
ORA-10426: enable ges/gcs reconfiguration event trace
ORA-10427: enable global enqueue service traffic controller event trace
ORA-10428: enable tracing of global enqueue service cached resource
ORA-10429: enable tracing of global enqueue service IPC calls
ORA-10430: enable ges/gcs dynamic remastering event trace
ORA-10431: enable verification messages on pi consistency
ORA-10432: enable tracing of global cache service fusion calls
ORA-10433: global enqueue service testing event
ORA-10434: enable tracing of global enqueue service multiple LMS
ORA-10435: enable tracing of global enqueue service deadlock detetction
ORA-10436: enable global cache service duplicate ping checking
ORA-10437: enable trace of global enqueue service S optimized resources
ORA-10438: force lowest node to be master of all gcs resources
ORA-10439: enable tracing of global cache service fusion calls – part 2
ORA-10440: enable global enqueue service inquire resource modes trace
ORA-10442: enable trace of kst for ORA-01555 diagnostics
ORA-10449: enable trace of kst for undo manageability features diagnostics
ORA-10450: signal ctrl-c in kdddca (drop column) after n rows
ORA-10451: Force heap segment compression bypassing compatibility checks
ORA-10453: Dump compression statistics to trace file
ORA-10454: Disable column reordering during compression
ORA-10460: Perform backward tablescans for consistent read reduction
ORA-10461: Simulate control file corruption during write operation
ORA-10462: enable recovery debug module
ORA-10463: enable controlfile test
ORA-10464: enable incremental checkpoint debug for split brain check
ORA-10465: force slave death during parallel crash recovery
ORA-10466: enable HARD check for block write
ORA-10467: amplify control file record expansion for testing
ORA-10468: log writer debug module
ORA-10490: Trace OSM misc. events
ORA-10491: Trace OSM messaging (KFN) events
ORA-10492: Trace OSM metadata events
ORA-10493: Return empty define buffers on 1422
ORA-10494: Trace OSM metadata events
ORA-10495: Trace OSM metadata events
ORA-10496: Turn off fix for bug 2554178
ORA-10497: Trace OSM metadata events
ORA-10498: Trim blank characters including contol characters
ORA-10499: Trace OSM metadata events
ORA-10500: turn on traces for SMON
ORA-10501: periodically check selected heap
ORA-10502: CBO disable the fix for bug 2098120
ORA-10503: enable user-specified graduated bind lengths
ORA-10504: CBO disable the fix for bug 2607029
ORA-10505: CBO enable dynamic sampling dump to table
ORA-10506: Disable fix for bug 2588217
ORA-10507: Trace bind equivalence logic
ORA-10509: Check kghu subheaps at call boundaries
ORA-10510: turn off SMON check to offline pending offline rollback segment
ORA-10511: turn off SMON check to cleanup undo dictionary
ORA-10512: turn off SMON check to shrink rollback segments
ORA-10515: turn on event to use physical cleanout
ORA-10520: recreate view only if definition has changed
ORA-10522: turn off wrap source compression
ORA-10523: force recreate package even if definition is unchanged
ORA-10525: Disable automatic object validation for describe
ORA-10550: signal error during create as select/create index after n rows
ORA-10551: Internal testing for ORA-1551 error handling
ORA-10560: block type ”
ORA-10561: block type ”, data object#
ORA-10562: Error occurred while applying redo to data block (file# , block# )
ORA-10563: Test recovery had to corrupt data block (file# , block# ) in order to proceed
ORA-10564: tablespace
ORA-10565: Another test recovery session is active
ORA-10566: Test recovery has used all the memory it can use
ORA-10567: Redo is inconsistent with data block (file# , block# )
ORA-10568: Failed to allocate recovery state object: out of SGA memory
ORA-10570: Test recovery complete
ORA-10571: Test recovery canceled
ORA-10572: Test recovery canceled due to errors
ORA-10573: Test recovery tested redo from change to
ORA-10574: Test recovery did not corrupt any data block
ORA-10575: Give up restoring recovered datafiles to consistent state: out of memory
ORA-10576: Give up restoring recovered datafiles to consistent state: some error occurred
ORA-10577: Can not invoke test recovery for managed standby database recovery
ORA-10578: Can not allow corruption for managed standby database recovery
ORA-10579: Can not modify control file during test recovery
ORA-10580: Can not modify datafile header during test recovery
ORA-10581: Can not modify redo log header during test recovery
ORA-10582: The control file is not a backup control file
ORA-10583: Can not recovery file renamed as missing during test recovery
ORA-10584: Can not invoke parallel recovery for test recovery
ORA-10585: Test recovery can not apply redo that may modify control file
ORA-10586: Test recovery had to corrupt 1 data block in order to proceed
ORA-10587: Invalid count for ALLOW n CORRUPTION option
ORA-10588: Can only allow 1 corruption for normal media/standby recovery
ORA-10589: Test recovery had to corrupt data blocks in order to proceed
ORA-10590: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10591: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10592: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10593: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10594: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10595: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10596: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10597: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10598: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10599: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10600: check cursor frame allocation
ORA-10601: turn on debugging for cursor_sharing (literal replacement)
ORA-10603: cause an error to occur during truncate (for testing purposes)
ORA-10604: trace parallel create index
ORA-10605: enable parallel create index by default
ORA-10606: trace parallel create index
ORA-10607: trace index rowid partition scan
ORA-10608: trace create bitmap index
ORA-10609: trace for array index insertion
ORA-10610: trace create index pseudo optimizer
ORA-10611: causes migration to fail – testing only
ORA-10612: prints debug information for auto-space managed segments
ORA-10613: prints debug information for auto-space managed segments
ORA-10614: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10615: Invalid tablespace type for temporary tablespace
ORA-10616: Operation not allowed on this tablespace
ORA-10617: Cannot create rollback segment in dictionary managed tablespace
ORA-10618: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10619: Avoid assertions when possible
ORA-10620: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10621: specify retry count for online index build cleanup DML lock get
ORA-10622: test/trace online index (re)build
ORA-10623: Enable Index range scan Prefetch – testing only
ORA-10624: Disable UJV invalidation on drop index
ORA-10625: Turn off redo log dump for the index when OERI 12700
ORA-10626: specify timeout for online index rebuild to wait for DML
ORA-10627: Dump the content of the index leaf block
ORA-10628: Turn on sanity check for kdiss index skip scan state
ORA-10629: force online index build to backoff and retry DML lock upgrade
ORA-10630: Illegal syntax specified with SHRINK clause
ORA-10631: SHRINK clause should not be specified for this object
ORA-10632: Invalid rowid
ORA-10633: No space found in the segment
ORA-10634: Segment is already being shrunk
ORA-10635: Invalid segment or tablespace type
ORA-10636: ROW MOVEMENT is not enabled
ORA-10637: The segment does not exist
ORA-10638: Index status is invalid
ORA-10639: Dump library cache during kksfbc-reparse-infinite-loop error
ORA-10640: Operation not permitted during SYSTEM tablespace migration
ORA-10641: Cannot find a rollback segment to bind to
ORA-10642: Found rollback segments in dictionary managed tablespaces
ORA-10643: Database should be mounted in restricted mode and Exclusive mode
ORA-10644: SYSTEM tablespace cannot be default temporary tablespace
ORA-10645: Recursive Extension in SYSTEM tablespace during migration
ORA-10646: Too many recursive extensions during SYSTEM tablespace migration
ORA-10647: Tablespace other than SYSTEM, , not found in read only mode
ORA-10648: Tablespace SYSAUX is not offline
ORA-10649: Turn off/trace lob index freelist coalesce
ORA-10650: disable cache-callback optimisation
ORA-10651: incorrect file number block number specified
ORA-10652: Object has on-commit materialized views
ORA-10653: Table is in a cluster
ORA-10654: Table is of type temporary or external
ORA-10655: Segment can be shrunk
ORA-10656: Table is in unusable state due to incomplete operation
ORA-10657: Lob column to be shrunk does not exist
ORA-10658: Lob column to be shrunk is marked unused
ORA-10659: Segment being shrunk is not a lob
ORA-10660: Segment is a shared lob segment
ORA-10661: Invalid option specified
ORA-10662: Segment has long columns
ORA-10663: Object has rowid based materialized views
ORA-10664: Table has bitmap join indexes
ORA-10665: Inject Evil Literals
ORA-10666: Do not get database enqueue name
ORA-10667: Cause sppst to check for valid process ids
ORA-10668: Inject Evil Identifiers
ORA-10690: Set shadow process core file dump type (Unix only)
ORA-10691: Set background process core file type (Unix only)
ORA-10700: Alter access violation exception handler
ORA-10701: Dump direct loader index keys
ORA-10704: Print out information about what enqueues are being obtained
ORA-10706: Print out information about global enqueue manipulation
ORA-10707: Simulate process death for instance registration
ORA-10708: print out trace information from the RAC buffer cache
ORA-10709: enable parallel instances in create index by default
ORA-10710: trace bitmap index access
ORA-10711: trace bitmap index merge
ORA-10712: trace bitmap index or
ORA-10713: trace bitmap index and
ORA-10714: trace bitmap index minus
ORA-10715: trace bitmap index conversion to rowids
ORA-10716: trace bitmap index compress/decompress
ORA-10717: trace bitmap index compaction trace for index creation
ORA-10718: event to disable automatic compaction after index creation
ORA-10719: trace bitmap index dml
ORA-10720: trace db scheduling
ORA-10721: Internal testing – temp table transformation
ORA-10722: set parameters for CPU frequency calculation (debug)
ORA-10723: Internal testing – release buffer for buffer cache shrink
ORA-10724: trace cross-instance broadcast
ORA-10725: bitmap index version control
ORA-10726: frequent itemset counting
ORA-10730: trace row level security policy predicates
ORA-10731: dump SQL for CURSOR expressions
ORA-10732: honor pctfree during insert into AQ IOTs
ORA-10733: test transient-IOT metadata during PMO cleanup
ORA-10734: reroute external procedures
ORA-10735: debug ksws operations
ORA-10736: buffer cache pin history dump
ORA-10737: test block checking
ORA-10738: internal block testing
ORA-10740: disables fix for bug 598861
ORA-10750: test rollback segment blksize guessing for index array insert
ORA-10751: override for remote row source maximum buffer size
ORA-10752: override for the Exponential Moving Average factor
ORA-10753: enforce deterministic behaviour for prefetching row source
ORA-10780: LogMiner API trace event
ORA-10781: LogMiner reader trace event
ORA-10782: LogMiner preparer trace event
ORA-10783: LogMiner builder trace event
ORA-10784: LogMiner dictionary trace event
ORA-10785: LogMiner trace event
ORA-10786: call push/pop (KSU)
ORA-10787: trace intra-instance broadcast
ORA-10788: trace call stacks
ORA-10789: LogMiner test event
ORA-10790: LogMiner trace event
ORA-10791: Logical Standby swithover/failover trace event
ORA-10792: Logical Standby XDAT trace event
ORA-10793: Logical Standby trace event
ORA-10794: Logical Standby trace event
ORA-10800: disable Smart Disk scan
ORA-10804: reserved for ksxb
ORA-10806: Switch to 7.3 mode when detaching sessions
ORA-10807: Disable user id check when switching to a global transaction
ORA-10808: Enable assert when waiting without a reason
ORA-10809: Trace state object allocate / free history
ORA-10810: Trace snapshot too old
ORA-10811: Trace block cleanouts
ORA-10812: Trace Consistent Reads
ORA-10826: enable upgrade/downgrade error message trace
ORA-10827: enable upgrade/downgrade diagnostics
ORA-10830: Trace group by sort row source
ORA-10831: Trace group by rollup row source
ORA-10839: trace / debug caching module (qesca.c)
ORA-10840: trace / debug pl/sql caching module (kkxmInitCache)
ORA-10841: Default un-inintialized charact set form to SQLCS_IMPLICIT
ORA-10842: Event for OCI Tracing and Statistics Info
ORA-10844: turn on Native Net IPC debugging (skgxp)
ORA-10845: Enable Director tracing
ORA-10846: Enable Director Single Node Testing
ORA-10849: Internal OCI event number
ORA-10850: Enable time manager tracing
ORA-10851: Allow Drop command to drop queue tables
ORA-10852: Enable tracing for Enqueue Dequeue Operations
ORA-10854: Sets poll count used for AQ listen code under RAC
ORA-10856: Disable AQ propagator from using streaming
ORA-10857: Force AQ propagator to use two-phase commit
ORA-10858: Crash the AQ propagator at different stages of commit
ORA-10859: Disable updates of message retry count
ORA-10860: event for AQ admin disable new name parser
ORA-10861: disable storing extended message properties
ORA-10862: resolve default queue owner to current user in enqueue/dequeue
ORA-10863: Control behavior of buffered background operations
ORA-10864: event to enable AQ dedicated propagation
ORA-10865: Control tracing of notification operations
ORA-10871: dump file open/close timestamp during media recovery
ORA-10872: Flashback Database fault insertion event #.
ORA-10880: trace Java VM execution
ORA-10891: disable column pruning in ANSI join transformation
ORA-10900: extent manager fault insertion event #
ORA-10901: disable the fix for bug 1230798
ORA-10902: disable seghdr conversion for ro operation
ORA-10903: Force tablespaces to become locally managed
ORA-10904: Allow locally managed tablespaces to have user allocation
ORA-10905: Do cache verification (kcbcxx) on extent allocation
ORA-10906: Unable to extend segment after insert direct load
ORA-10907: Trace extent management events
ORA-10908: Trace temp tablespace events
ORA-10909: Trace free list events
ORA-10910: inject corner case events into the RAC buffer cache
ORA-10911: Locally managed SYSTEM tablespace bitmaps can be modified only under the supervision of Oracle Support
ORA-10912: Used to perform admin operations on locally managed SYSTEM tablespace
ORA-09834: snyGetPortSet: failed to collect info on a port.
ORA-09835: addCallback: callback port is already in a set.
ORA-09836: addCallback: could not add a port to the callback set.
ORA-09837: addCallback: could not add allocate a callback link.
ORA-09838: removeCallback: failure removing the callback port.
ORA-09839: removeCallback: callback port is not in the callback set.
ORA-09840: soacon: Name translation failure.
ORA-09841: soacon: Name translation failure.
ORA-09842: soacon: Archmon unable to create named pipe.
ORA-09843: soacon: Archmon unable to create named pipe.
ORA-09844: soacon: Archmon unable to open named pipe.
ORA-09845: soacon: Archmon unable to open named pipe.
ORA-09846: soacon: ARCH unable to open named pipe.
ORA-09847: soacon: ARCH unable to open named pipe.
ORA-09848: soawrt: Unable to write to named pipe.
ORA-09849: soarcv: Unable to read from named pipe.
ORA-09850: soacon: Archmon unable to lock named pipe.
ORA-09851: soacon: Archmon unable to lock named pipe.
ORA-09853: snyRemovePort: bad return code from request.
ORA-09854: snyPortInfo: bad return code from request.
ORA-09855: removeCallback: bad message format.
ORA-09856: smpalo: vm_allocate error while allocating pga.
ORA-09857: smprset: vm_protect error while protecting pga.
ORA-09858: sfngat: the input file name is not in the OMF format
ORA-09859: sfngat: the input file name is not in the autobackup OMF format
ORA-09870: spini: failure initializing maximum number of open files.
ORA-09871: TASDEF_NAME: translation error while expanding ?/dbs/tasdef@.dbf.
ORA-09872: TASDEF_CREATE: create failure in creating ?/dbs/tasdef@.dbf.
ORA-09873: TASDEF_OPEN: open error when opening tasdef@.dbf file.
ORA-09874: TASDEF_READ: read error, unable to read tasdef@.dbf file.
ORA-09875: TASDEF_WRITE: write error when writing ?/dbs/tasdef@.dbf file.
ORA-09876: TASDEF_CLOSE: unable to close ?/dbs/tasdef@.dbf file.
ORA-09877: sstascre: shmget error, unable to get a shared memory segment.
ORA-09878: sstascre/sstasat: shmat error, unable to attach tas write page
ORA-09879: sstascre/sstasat: shmat error, unable to attach tas read page
ORA-09880: sstasfre/sstasdel: shmdt error, unable to detach tas write page
ORA-09881: sstasfre/sstasdel: shmdt error, unable to detach tas read page
ORA-09882: sstasfre/sstasdel: shmctl error, unable to remove tas shm page
ORA-09883: Two Task interface: oratab file does not exist
ORA-09884: Two Task interface: SID doens’t match current PU
ORA-09885: osnTXtt: cannot create TXIPC channel
ORA-09886: osnTXtt: translation error while expanding txipc@.trc.
ORA-09887: osnTXtt: Failed to create/open debug channel.
ORA-09888: osnTXtt: txipc channel creation failed
ORA-09889: osnTXtt: access error on oracle executable
ORA-09890: osnTXtt: malloc failed
ORA-09908: slkmnm: gethostname returned error code.
ORA-09909: Malloc of scratch buffer failed.
ORA-09910: Unable to find ORACLE password file entry for user.
ORA-09911: Incorrect user password.
ORA-09912: Malloc of name buffer(s) failed.
ORA-09913: Malloc of dummy name failed.
ORA-09914: Unable to open the ORACLE password file.
ORA-09915: Password encryption failed.
ORA-09916: Required password was not specified.
ORA-09918: Unable to get user privileges from SQL*Net
ORA-09919: Unable to set label of dedicated server
ORA-09920: Unable to get sensitivity label from connection
ORA-09921: Unable to get information label from connection
ORA-09922: Can’t spawn process – background log directory not created properly
ORA-09923: Can’t spawn process – user log directory not created properly
ORA-09924: Can’t spawn process – core dump directory not created properly
ORA-09925: Unable to create audit trail file
ORA-09926: Unable to set effective privilege set of the server
ORA-09927: Unable to set label of server
ORA-09928: Unable to restore the label of server
ORA-09929: GLB of two labels is invalid
ORA-09930: LUB of two labels is invalid
ORA-09931: Unable to open ORACLE password file for reading
ORA-09932: Close of ORACLE password file failed.
ORA-09933: Deletion of old password file failed.
ORA-09934: Link of current password file to old failed.
ORA-09935: Unlink of current password file failed.
ORA-09936: Open of ORACLE password file for write failed.
ORA-09937: Chmod of ORACLE password file failed.
ORA-09938: Save of signal handlers failed.
ORA-09939: Restoration of signal handlers failed.
ORA-09940: ORACLE password file header is corrupt
ORA-09941: Version of orapasswd or installer is older than file.
ORA-09942: Write of ORACLE password file header failed.
ORA-09943: Allocation of memory for password list component failed.
ORA-09944: Password entry is corrupt.
ORA-09945: Unable to initialize the audit trail file
ORA-09946: File name too long for buffer
ORA-09947: Unable to allocate connection attributes structure
ORA-09948: Process information label retrieval failed.
ORA-09949: Unable to get client operating system privileges
ORA-09950: Unable to get server operating system privileges
ORA-09951: Unable to create file
ORA-09952: scgcmn: lk_open_convert unexpected return: open failed
ORA-09953: scggc: unexpected return of a lock convert
ORA-09954: scgcc: unexpected return status to callback of lock close
ORA-09955: scgcan: unexpected return status when canceling a lock
ORA-09956: scgcm: unexpected lock status condition
ORA-09957: Unable to send termination request to IMON
ORA-09958: IMON: two processes with the same ORACLE pid are active
ORA-09959: IMON: deletion of a process failed.
ORA-09960: Unable to establish signal handler for termination signal
ORA-09961: Unable to restore termination signal handler
ORA-09962: lk_group_create error in scggrc
ORA-09963: lk_group_attach error in scggra
ORA-09964: lk_group_detach error in scggrd
ORA-09966: falure in translation while expanding ?/dbs/lk for lock file
ORA-09967: unable to create or open lock file
ORA-09968: unable to lock file
ORA-09969: unable to close or remove lock file
ORA-09974: skxfidini: Error Initializing SDI Channel
ORA-09975: kxfspini: Error Initializing SDI Process
ORA-09976: skxfqdini: Error Creating Port
ORA-09977: skxfqhini: Error Connecting
ORA-09978: skxfqhdel: Error Disconnecting from another endpoint.
ORA-09979: skxfqhsnd: Error Sending a message to another endpoint
ORA-09980: skxfqdrcv: Error Receiving a message from another endpoint
ORA-09981: skxfqdreg: Error Adding a page to the SDI buffer pool
ORA-09982: skxfqddrg: Error Removing a page from the SDI buffer pool
ORA-09983: skxfidsht: Error shutting down SDI channel
ORA-09984: SGA file $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/sgadef$ORACLE_SID.dbf does not exist
ORA-09985: SGA definition file could not be read
ORA-09986: wrong number of bytes read from SGA definition file
ORA-09987: unable to attach to SGA in READ-ONLY mode
ORA-09988: error while detaching SGA
ORA-09989: attempt to use invalid skgmsdef struct pointer
ORA-10000: control file debug event, name ‘control_file’
ORA-10001: control file crash event1
ORA-10002: control file crash event2
ORA-10003: control file crash event3
ORA-10004: block recovery testing – internal error
ORA-10005: trace latch operations for debugging
ORA-10006: block recovery testing – external error
ORA-10007: log switch debug crash after new log select, thread
ORA-10008: log switch debug crash after new log header write, thread
ORA-10009: log switch debug crash after old log header write, thread
ORA-10010: Begin Transaction
ORA-10011: End Transaction
ORA-10012: Abort Transaction
ORA-10013: Instance Recovery
ORA-10014: Roll Back to Save Point
ORA-10015: Undo Segment Recovery
ORA-10016: Undo Segment extend
ORA-10017: Undo Segment Wrap
ORA-10018: Data Segment Create
ORA-10020: partial link restored to linked list (KSG)
ORA-10021: KST event to trace control file header writes and reads
ORA-10022: trace ktsgsp
ORA-10023: Create Save Undo Segment
ORA-10024: Write to Save Undo
ORA-10026: Apply Save Undo
ORA-10027: Specify Deadlock Trace Information to be Dumped
ORA-10028: Dump trace information during lock / resource latch cleanup
ORA-10029: session logon (KSU)
ORA-10030: session logoff (KSU)
ORA-10031: sort debug event (S*)
ORA-10032: sort statistics (SOR*)
ORA-10033: sort run information (SRD*/SRS*)
ORA-10035: Write parse failures to alert log file
ORA-10036: create remote row source (QKANET)
ORA-10037: allocate remote row source (QKARWS)
ORA-10038: dump row source tree (QBADRV)
ORA-10039: type checking (OPITCA)
ORA-10041: dump undo records skipped
ORA-10043: check consistency of owner/waiter/converter lists in KSQ
ORA-10044: free list undo operations
ORA-10045: free list update operations – ktsrsp, ktsunl
ORA-10046: enable SQL statement timing
ORA-10047: trace switching of sessions
ORA-10048: Undo segment shrink
ORA-10049: protect library cache memory heaps
ORA-10050: sniper trace
ORA-10051: trace OPI calls
ORA-10052: don’t clean up obj$
ORA-10053: CBO Enable optimizer trace
ORA-10056: dump analyze stats (kdg)
ORA-10057: suppress file names in error messages
ORA-10058: use table scan cost in tab$.spare1
ORA-10059: simulate error in logfile create/clear
ORA-10060: CBO Enable predicate dump
ORA-10061: disable SMON from cleaning temp segment
ORA-10062: disable usage of OS Roles in osds
ORA-10063: disable usage of DBA and OPER privileges in osds
ORA-10064: thread enable debug crash level , thread
ORA-10065: limit library cache dump information for state object dump
ORA-10066: simulate failure to verify file
ORA-10067: force redo log checksum errors – block number
ORA-10068: force redo log checksum errors – file number
ORA-10070: force datafile checksum errors – block number
ORA-10071: force datafile checksum errors – file number
ORA-10072: protect latch recovery memory
ORA-10073: latch cleanup tracing
ORA-10074: default trace function mask for kst
ORA-10075: CBO Disable outer-join to regular join conversion
ORA-10076: CBO Enable cartesian product join costing
ORA-10077: CBO Disable view-merging optimization for outer-joins
ORA-10078: CBO Disable constant predicate elimination optimization
ORA-10079: trace data sent/received via SQL*Net
ORA-10080: dump a block on a segment list which cannot be exchanged
ORA-10081: segment High Water Mark has been advanced
ORA-10082: free list head block is the same as the last block
ORA-10084: free list becomes empty
ORA-10085: free lists have been merged
ORA-10086: CBO Enable error if kko and qka disagree on oby sort
ORA-10087: disable repair of media corrupt data blocks
ORA-10088: CBO Disable new NOT IN optimization
ORA-10089: CBO Disable index sorting
ORA-10090: invoke other events before crash recovery
ORA-10091: CBO Disable constant predicate merging
ORA-10092: CBO Disable hash join
ORA-10093: CBO Enable force hash joins
ORA-10094: before resizing a data file
ORA-10095: dump debugger commands to trace file
ORA-10096: after the cross instance call when resizing a data file
ORA-10097: after generating redo when resizing a data file
ORA-10098: after the OS has increased the size of a data file
ORA-10099: after updating the file header with the new file size
ORA-10100: after the OS has decreased the size of a data file
ORA-10102: switch off anti-joins
ORA-10103: CBO Disable hash join swapping
ORA-10104: dump hash join statistics to trace file
ORA-10105: CBO Enable constant pred trans and MPs w WHERE-clause
ORA-10106: CBO Disable evaluating correlation pred last for NOT IN
ORA-10107: CBO Always use bitmap index
ORA-10108: CBO Don’t use bitmap index
ORA-10109: CBO Disable move of negated predicates
ORA-10110: CBO Try index rowid range scans
ORA-10111: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10112: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10113: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10114: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10115: CBO Bitmap optimization use maximal expression
ORA-10116: CBO Bitmap optimization switch
ORA-10117: CBO Disable new parallel cost model
ORA-10118: CBO Enable hash join costing
ORA-10119: QKA Disable GBY sort elimination
ORA-10120: generate relative file # different from absolute
ORA-10121: CBO Don’t sort bitmap chains
ORA-10122: Disable transformation of count(col) to count(*)
ORA-10124: Force creation of segmented arrays by kscsAllocate
ORA-10125: Disable remote sort elimination
ORA-10126: Debug oracle java xa
ORA-10127: Disable remote query block operation
ORA-10128: Dump Partition Pruning Information
ORA-10129: Alter histogram lookup for remote queries
ORA-10130: sort disable readaheads
ORA-10131: CONNECT BY debug event
ORA-10132: dump plan after compilation
ORA-10133: testing for SQL Memory Management
ORA-10134: tracing for SQL Memory Management for session
ORA-10135: CBO do not count 0 rows partitions
ORA-10136: CBO turn off fix for bug 1089848
ORA-10137: CBO turn off fix for bug 1344111
ORA-10138: CBO turn off fix for bug 1577003
ORA-10139: CBO turn off fix for bug 1386119
ORA-10140: CBO turn off fix for bug 1332980
ORA-10141: CBO disable additional keys for inlist in bitmap optimization
ORA-10142: CBO turn off advanced OR-expansion checks
ORA-10143: CBO turn off hints
ORA-10144: CBO turn off cost based selection of bji over bsj subquery
ORA-10145: test auditing network errors
ORA-10146: enable Oracle TRACE collection
ORA-10147: enable join push through UNION view
ORA-10149: allow the creation of constraints with illegal date constants
ORA-10150: import exceptions
ORA-10152: CBO don’t consider function costs in plans
ORA-10153: Switch to use public synonym if private one does not translate
ORA-13204: failed to create spatial index table
ORA-13205: internal error while parsing spatial parameters
ORA-13206: internal error [] while creating the spatial index
ORA-13207: incorrect use of the [] operator
ORA-13208: internal error while evaluating [] operator
ORA-13209: internal error while reading SDO_INDEX_METADATA table
ORA-13210: error inserting data into the index table
ORA-13211: failed to tessellate the window object
ORA-13212: failed to compare tile with the window object
ORA-13213: failed to generate spatial index for window object
ORA-13214: failed to compute supercell for window object
ORA-13215: window object is out of range
ORA-13216: failed to update spatial index
ORA-13217: invalid parameters supplied in ALTER INDEX statement
ORA-13218: max number of supported index tables reached for [] index
ORA-13219: failed to create spatial index table []
ORA-13220: failed to compare tile with the geometry
ORA-13221: unknown geometry type in the geometry object
ORA-13222: failed to compute supercell for geometry in
ORA-13223: duplicate entry for in SDO_GEOM_METADATA
ORA-13224: zero tolerance specified for layer in USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA
ORA-13225: specified index table name is too long for a spatial index
ORA-13226: interface not supported without a spatial index
ORA-13227: SDO_LEVEL values for the two index tables do not match
ORA-13228: spatial index create failed due to invalid type
ORA-13230: failed to create temporary table [] during R-tree creation
ORA-13231: failed to create index table [] during R-tree creation
ORA-13232: failed to allocate memory during R-tree creation
ORA-13233: failed to create sequence number [] for R-tree
ORA-13234: failed to access R-tree-index table []
ORA-13236: internal error in R-tree processing: []
ORA-13237: internal error during R-tree concurrent updates: []
ORA-13239: sdo_dimensionality not specified during n-d R-tree creation
ORA-13240: specified dimensionality greater than that of the query mbr
ORA-13241: specified dimensionality does not match that of the data
ORA-13243: specified operator is not supported for 3- or higher-dimensional R-tree
ORA-13250: insufficient privileges to modify metadata table entries
ORA-13251: duplicate entry in metadata table
ORA-13260: layer table does not exist
ORA-13261: geometry table does not exist
ORA-13262: geometry column does not exist in table
ORA-13263: column in table is not of type SDO_GEOMETRY
ORA-13264: geometry identifier column does not exist in table
ORA-13265: geometry identifier column in table is not of type NUMBER
ORA-13266: error inserting data into table
ORA-13267: error reading data from layer table
ORA-13268: error obtaining dimension from USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA
ORA-13269: internal error [] encountered when processing geometry table
ORA-13270: OCI error

ORA-13271: error allocating memory for geometry object
ORA-13272: geometric object in table is invalid
ORA-13273: dimension metadata table does not exist
ORA-13274: operator invoked with non-compatible SRIDs
ORA-13275: spatial index creation failure on unsupported type
ORA-13276: internal error [] in coordinate transformation
ORA-13278: failure to convert SRID to native format
ORA-13281: failure in execution of SQL statement to retrieve WKT
ORA-13282: failure on initialization of coordinate transformation
ORA-13283: failure to get new geometry object for conversion in place
ORA-13284: failure to copy geometry object for conversion in place
ORA-13285: Geometry coordinate transformation error
ORA-13287: can’t transform unknown gtype
ORA-13288: point coordinate transformation error
ORA-13290: the specified unit is not supported
ORA-13291: conversion error between the specified unit and standard unit
ORA-13292: incorrect ARC_TOLERANCE specification
ORA-13293: cannot specify unit for geometry without a georeferenced SRID
ORA-13294: cannot transform geometry containing circular arcs
ORA-13295: geometry objects are in different coordinate systems
ORA-13296: incorrect coordinate system specification
ORA-13300: single point transform error
ORA-13303: failure to retrieve a geometry object from a table
ORA-13304: failure to insert a transformed geometry object in a table
ORA-13330: invalid MASK
ORA-13331: invalid LRS segment
ORA-13332: invalid LRS point
ORA-13333: invalid LRS measure
ORA-13334: LRS segments not connected
ORA-13335: LRS measure information not defined
ORA-13336: failure in converting standard diminfo/geometry to LRS dim/geom
ORA-13337: failure in concatenating LRS polygons
ORA-13338: failure in reversing LRS polygon/collection geometry
ORA-13339: LRS polygon clipping across multiple rings
ORA-13340: a point geometry has more than one coordinate
ORA-13341: a line geometry has fewer than two coordinates
ORA-13342: an arc geometry has fewer than three coordinates
ORA-13343: a polygon geometry has fewer than four coordinates
ORA-13344: an arcpolygon geometry has fewer than five coordinates
ORA-13345: a compound polygon geometry has fewer than five coordinates
ORA-13346: the coordinates defining an arc are collinear
ORA-13347: the coordinates defining an arc are not distinct
ORA-13348: polygon boundary is not closed
ORA-13349: polygon boundary crosses itself
ORA-13350: two or more rings of a complex polygon touch
ORA-13351: two or more rings of a complex polygon overlap
ORA-13352: the coordinates do not describe a circle
ORA-13353: ELEM_INFO_ARRAY not grouped in threes
ORA-13354: incorrect offset in ELEM_INFO_ARRAY
ORA-13355: SDO_ORDINATE_ARRAY not grouped by number of dimensions specified
ORA-13356: adjacent points in a geometry are redundant
ORA-13357: extent type does not contain 2 points
ORA-13358: circle type does not contain 3 points
ORA-13359: extent does not have an area
ORA-13360: invalid subtype in a compound type
ORA-13361: not enough sub-elements within a compound ETYPE
ORA-13362: disjoint sub-element in a compound polygon
ORA-13363: no valid ETYPE in the geometry
ORA-13364: layer dimensionality does not match geometry dimensions
ORA-13365: layer SRID does not match geometry SRID
ORA-13366: invalid combination of interior exterior rings
ORA-13367: wrong orientation for interior/exterior rings
ORA-13368: simple polygon type has more than one exterior ring
ORA-13369: invalid value for etype in the 4-digit format
ORA-13370: failure in applying 3D LRS functions
ORA-13371: invalid position of measure dimension
ORA-13372: failure in modifying metadata for a table with spatial index
ORA-13373: invalid line segment in geodetic data
ORA-13374: SDO_MBR not supported for geodetic data
ORA-13375: the layer is of type [] while geometry inserted has type []
ORA-13376: invalid type name specified for layer_gtype parameter
ORA-13377: invalid combination of elements with orientation
ORA-13378: invalid index for element to be extracted
ORA-13379: invalid index for sub-element to be extracted
ORA-13380: network not found
ORA-13381: table: not found in network:
ORA-13382: geometry metadata (table: column:) not found in spatial network:
ORA-13383: inconsistent network metadata:
ORA-13384: error in network schema:
ORA-13385: error in network manager: []
ORA-13386: commit/rollback operation error: []
ORA-13387: sdo_batch_size for array inserts should be in the range [%d,%d]
ORA-13388: invalid value for dst_spec parameter
ORA-13389: unable to compute buffers or intersections in analysis function
ORA-13390: error in spatial analysis and mining function: []
ORA-13401: duplicate entry for in USER_SDO_GEOR_SYSDATA view
ORA-13402: the rasterType is null or not supported
ORA-13403: invalid rasterDataTable specification:
ORA-13404: invalid ultCoordinate parameter
ORA-13405: null or invalid dimensionSize parameter
ORA-13406: null or invalid GeoRaster object for output
ORA-13407: invalid storage parameter
ORA-13408: invalid blockSize storage parameter
ORA-13409: null or invalid pyramidLevel parameter
ORA-13410: invalid layerNumbers or bandNumbers parameter
ORA-13411: subset results in null data set
ORA-13412: invalid scale parameter
ORA-13413: null or invalid resampling parameter
ORA-13414: invalid pyramid parameter
ORA-13415: invalid or out of scope point specification
ORA-13416: invalid geometry parameter
ORA-13417: null or invalid layerNumber parameter
ORA-13418: null or invalid parameter(s) for set functions
ORA-13419: cannot perform mosaick operation on the specified table column
ORA-13420: the SRID of the geometry parameter was not null
ORA-13421: null or invalid cell value
ORA-13422: invalid model coordinate parameter
ORA-13423: invalid cell coordinate parameter
ORA-13424: the GeoRaster object is not spatially referenced
ORA-13425: function not implemented
ORA-13426: invalid window parameter for subset operation
ORA-13427: invalid BLOB parameter for output
ORA-13428: invalid modelCoordinateLocation
ORA-13429: invalid xCoefficients or yCoefficients parameter(s)
ORA-13430: the GeoRaster object has null attribute(s)
ORA-13431: GeoRaster metadata rasterType error
ORA-13432: GeoRaster metadata blankCellValue error
ORA-13433: GeoRaster metadata default RGB error
ORA-13434: GeoRaster metadata cellRepresentation error
ORA-13435: GeoRaster metadata dimension inconsistent
ORA-13436: GeoRaster metadata dimensionSize error
ORA-13437: GeoRaster metadata blocking error
ORA-13438: GeoRaster metadata pyramid type error
ORA-13439: GeoRaster metadata pyramid maxLevel error
ORA-13440: GeoRaster metadata compression type error
ORA-13441: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13442: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13443: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13444: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13445: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13446: GeoRaster metadata TRS error
ORA-13447: GeoRaster metadata BRS error
ORA-13448: GeoRaster metadata BRS error
ORA-13449: GeoRaster metadata ULTCoordinate error
ORA-13450: GeoRaster metadata layerInfo error
ORA-13451: GeoRaster metadata scaling function error
ORA-13452: GeoRaster metadata BIN function error
ORA-13453: GeoRaster metadata layer error
ORA-13454: GeoRaster metadata is invalid
ORA-13455: GeoRaster metadata TRS error
ORA-13456: GeoRaster cell data error
ORA-13457: GeoRaster cell data error
ORA-13458: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13459: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13460: GeoRaster metadata SRS error
ORA-13461: the interleaving type is not supported
ORA-13462: invalid blocking specification
ORA-13463: error retrieving GeoRaster data:
ORA-13464: error loading GeoRaster data:
ORA-13465: null or invalid table or column specification
ORA-13466: format not appropriate for specified compression method
ORA-13467: unsupported GeoRaster metadata specification:
ORA-13480: the Source Type is not supported
ORA-13481: the destination type is not supported
ORA-13482: GeoRaster object is not initialized for the image
ORA-13483: insufficient memory for the specified GeoRaster data
ORA-13484: the file format and/or compression type is not supported
ORA-13485: error occurred during compression or decompression:
ORA-13500: SYSAUX DATAFILE clause specified more than once
ORA-13501: Cannot drop SYSAUX tablespace
ORA-13502: Cannot rename SYSAUX tablespace
ORA-13503: Creating SYSAUX tablespace with invalid attributes
ORA-13504: No SYSAUX datafile clause specified
ORA-13505: SYSAUX tablespace can not be made read only
ORA-13506: operation failed due to invalid snapshot range (, )
ORA-13507: Event for Testing SYSAUX occupant view
ORA-13508: Event to update INTERVAL and RETENTION in number of seconds
ORA-13509: error encountered during updates to a AWR table
ORA-13510: invalid RETENTION , must be in the range (, )
ORA-13511: invalid INTERVAL , must be in the range (, )
ORA-13512: event #1 to test the top Segment Statistics
ORA-13513: event #2 to test the top Segment Statistics
ORA-13514: Metric Capture too close to last capture, group
ORA-13515: Error encountered during Database Usage Statistics capture
ORA-13516: AWR Operation failed:
ORA-13517: Baseline (id = ) does not exist
ORA-13518: Invalid database id ()
ORA-13519: Database id () exists in the workload repository
ORA-13520: Database id () not registered, Status =
ORA-13521: Unregister operation on local Database id () not allowed
ORA-13522: event to toggle checking for duplicate sql id (num)
ORA-13523: unable to allocate required space for return type
ORA-13524: error encountered while retrieving baseline information
ORA-13525: error with computing space usage for sysaux occupant
ORA-13526: baseline () does not exist
ORA-13527: invalid baseline name
ORA-13528: name () is already used by an existing baseline
ORA-13529: Error occurred when flushing AWR table group
ORA-13530: invalid TOPNSQL , must be in the range (, )
ORA-13600: error encountered in Advisor

ORA-13601: The specified Advisor does not exist.
ORA-13602: The specified parameter is not valid for task or object .
ORA-13603: The specified parameter cannot be fetched as a numeric value for task or object .
ORA-13604: The specified parameter cannot be fetched as a SQL table.
ORA-13605: The specified task or object does not exist for the current user.
ORA-13606: the specified task parameter element is out of range for parameter .
ORA-13607: The specified task or object already exists
ORA-13608: The task or object name is invalid.
ORA-13609: The specified task must be executing to be cancelled or interrupted.
ORA-13610: The directive does not exist for task .
ORA-13611: The command is not a valid advisor command.
ORA-10913: Create locally managed database if compatible > 920 by default
ORA-10914: invalid TABLESPACE GROUP clause
ORA-10915: TABLESPACE GROUP cannot be specified for this type of tablespace
ORA-10916: TABLESPACE GROUP already specified
ORA-10917: TABLESPACE GROUP cannot be specified
ORA-10918: TABLESPACE GROUP name cannot be the same as tablespace name
ORA-10919: Default temporary tablespace group must have at least one tablespace
ORA-10920: Cannot offline tablespace belonging to default temporary tablespace group
ORA-10921: Cannot drop tablespace belonging to default temporary tablespace group
ORA-10922: Temporary tablespace group is empty
ORA-10923: prints debug information for object space server manageability
ORA-10924: import storage parse error ignore event
ORA-10925: trace name context forever
ORA-10926: trace name context forever
ORA-10927: trace name context forever
ORA-10928: trace name context forever
ORA-10929: trace name context forever
ORA-10930: trace name context forever
ORA-10931: trace name context forever
ORA-10932: trace name context forever
ORA-10933: trace name context forever
ORA-10936: trace name context forever
ORA-10938: trace name context forever
ORA-10939: trace name context forever
ORA-10940: trace name context forever
ORA-10941: trace name context forever
ORA-10943: trace name context forever
ORA-10944: trace name context forever
ORA-10945: trace name context forever
ORA-10946: trace name context forever
ORA-10947: trace name context forever
ORA-10948: trace name context forever
ORA-10960: AQ tracing event
ORA-10970: backout event for bug 2133357
ORA-10971: prints debugging information for LOBs
ORA-10972: raise a 1551 exception in kdu_array_flush
ORA-10973: backout evet for 2619509
ORA-10974: Turn on LOB integrity verification
ORA-10975: trace execution of parallel propagation
ORA-10976: internal package related tracing
ORA-10977: trace event for RepAPI
ORA-10979: trace flags for join index implementation
ORA-10980: prevent sharing of parsed query during Materialized View query generation
ORA-10981: dscn computation-related event in replication
ORA-10982: event to turn off CDC-format MV Logs
ORA-10983: event to enable Create_Change_Table debugging
ORA-10984: subquery materialized view-related event
ORA-10985: event for NULL refresh of materialized views
ORA-10986: donot use HASH_AJ in refresh
ORA-10987: event for the support of caching table with object feature
ORA-10988: event to get exclusive lock during materialized view refresh in IAS
ORA-10989: event to internally create statistics MV
ORA-10990: dump spreadsheet info
ORA-10991: event for optimizing the online redefinition instantiation
ORA-10992: event to enable dbms_job instead of dbms_scheduler
ORA-10995: general event for materialized views
ORA-10997: another startup/shutdown operation of this instance inprogress
ORA-10998: event to enable short stack dumps in system state dumps
ORA-10999: do not get database enqueue name
ORA-12000: a materialized view log already exists on table ”
ORA-12001: cannot create log: table ” already has a trigger
ORA-12002: there is no materialized view log on table “”.””
ORA-12003: materialized view “”.”” does not exist
ORA-12004: REFRESH FAST cannot be used for materialized view “”.””
ORA-12005: may not schedule automatic refresh for times in the past
ORA-12006: a materialized view with the same already exists
ORA-12007: materialized view reuse parameters are inconsistent
ORA-12008: error in materialized view refresh path
ORA-12009: materialized views may not contain long columns
ORA-12010: cannot create materialized view log on table owned by SYS
ORA-12011: execution of jobs failed
ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job
ORA-12013: updatable materialized views must be simple enough to do fast refresh
ORA-12014: table ” does not contain a primary key constraint
ORA-12015: cannot create a fast refresh materialized view from a complex query
ORA-12016: materialized view does not include all primary key columns
ORA-12017: cannot alter primary key mview ” to a rowid mview
ORA-12018: following error encountered during code generation for “”.””
ORA-12019: master table is a synonym to a remote object
ORA-12020: materialized view is not registered
ORA-12021: materialized view “”.”” is corrupt
ORA-12022: materialized view log on “”.”” already has rowid
ORA-12023: missing index on materialized view “”.””
ORA-12024: materialized view log on “”.”” does not have primary key columns
ORA-12025: materialized view log on “”.”” already has primary keys
ORA-12026: invalid filter column detected
ORA-12027: duplicate filter column
ORA-12028: materialized view type is not supported by master site
ORA-12029: LOB columns may not be used as filter columns
ORA-12030: cannot create a fast refresh materialized view
ORA-12031: cannot use primary key columns from materialized view log on “”.””
ORA-12032: cannot use rowid column from materialized view log on “”.””
ORA-12033: cannot use filter columns from materialized view log on “”.””
ORA-12034: materialized view log on “”.”” younger than last refresh
ORA-12035: could not use materialized view log on “”.””
ORA-12036: updatable materialized view log is not empty, refresh materialized view
ORA-12037: unknown export format
ORA-12038: string literal has unexpected length
ORA-12039: unable to use local rollback segment “”
ORA-12040: master rollback segment option not support by master site
ORA-12041: cannot record ROWIDs for index-organized table “”.””
ORA-12042: cannot alter job_queue_processes in single process mode
ORA-12043: invalid CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW option
ORA-12046: cannot use trusted constraints for refreshing remote MV
ORA-12047: PCT FAST REFRESH cannot be used for materialized view “”.””
ORA-12048: error encountered while refreshing materialized view “”.””
ORA-12051: ON COMMIT attribute is incompatible with other options
ORA-12052: cannot fast refresh materialized view .
ORA-12053: this is not a valid nested materialized view
ORA-12054: cannot set the ON COMMIT refresh attribute for the materialized view
ORA-12055: materialized view definition contains cyclic dependencies with existing materialized views
ORA-12056: invalid REFRESH method
ORA-12057: materialized view “”.”” is INVALID and must complete refresh
ORA-12058: materialized view cannot use prebuilt table
ORA-12059: prebuilt table “”.”” does not exist
ORA-12060: shape of prebuilt table does not match definition query
ORA-12061: invalid ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW option
ORA-12062: transaction received out of sequence from site
ORA-12063: unable to apply transaction from site
ORA-12064: invalid refresh sequence number:
ORA-12065: unknown refresh group identifier
ORA-12066: invalid CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW command
ORA-12067: empty refresh groups are not allowed
ORA-12068: updatable mview log for mview “”.”” does not exist
ORA-12069: invalid object for offline instantiation
ORA-12070: cannot offline instantiate materialized view “”.””
ORA-12071: definition query of “”.”” is invalid for offline instantiation
ORA-12072: updatable materialized view log data for “”.”” cannot be created
ORA-12073: request cannot be processed
ORA-12074: invalid memory address
ORA-12075: invalid object or field
ORA-12076: invalid threshold value
ORA-12077: temporary updatable materialized view log does not exist
ORA-12078: fast refresh of refresh group ID failed
ORA-12079: materialized view options require COMPATIBLE parameter to be or greater
ORA-12081: update operation not allowed on table “”.””
ORA-12082: “”.”” cannot be index organized
ORA-12083: must use DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW to drop “”.””
ORA-12084: must use ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW to alter “”.””
ORA-12085: materialized view log on “”.”” already has object id
ORA-12086: table “”.”” is not an object table
ORA-12087: online redefinition not allowed on tables owned by “”
ORA-12088: cannot online redefine table “”.”” with unsupported datatype
ORA-12089: cannot online redefine table “”.”” with no primary key
ORA-12090: cannot online redefine table “”.””
ORA-12091: cannot online redefine table “”.”” with materialized views
ORA-12092: cannot online redefine replicated table “”.””
ORA-12093: invalid interim table “”.””
ORA-12094: error during online redefinition
ORA-12096: error in materialized view log on “”.””
ORA-12097: changes in the master tables during refresh, try refresh again
ORA-12098: cannot comment on the materialized view
ORA-12099: Don’t go into fast table scan (kdst) mode
ORA-12100: materialized view log on “”.”” already has sequence
ORA-12150: TNS:unable to send data
ORA-12151: TNS:received bad packet type from network layer
ORA-12152: TNS:unable to send break message
ORA-12153: TNS:not connected
ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
ORA-12155: TNS:received bad datatype in NSWMARKER packet
ORA-12156: TNS:tried to reset line from incorrect state
ORA-12157: TNS:internal network communication error
ORA-12158: TNS:could not initialize parameter subsystem
ORA-12159: TNS:trace file not writeable
ORA-12160: TNS:internal error: Bad error number
ORA-12161: TNS:internal error: partial data received
ORA-12162: TNS:net service name is incorrectly specified
ORA-12163: TNS:connect descriptor is too long
ORA-12164: TNS:Sqlnet.fdf file not present
ORA-12165: TNS:Trying to write trace file into swap space.
ORA-12166: TNS:Client can not connect to HO agent.
ORA-12168: TNS:Unable to contact LDAP Directory Server
ORA-12169: TNS:Net service name given as connect identifier is too long
ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred
ORA-12171: TNS:could not resolve connect identifier:
ORA-12196: TNS:received an error from TNS
ORA-12197: TNS:keyword-value resolution error
ORA-12198: TNS:could not find path to destination
ORA-12200: TNS:could not allocate memory
ORA-12201: TNS:encountered too small a connection buffer
ORA-12202: TNS:internal navigation error
ORA-12203: TNS:unable to connect to destination
ORA-12204: TNS:received data refused from an application
ORA-12205: TNS:could not get failed addresses
ORA-12206: TNS:received a TNS error during navigation
ORA-12207: TNS:unable to perform navigation
ORA-12208: TNS:could not find the TNSNAV.ORA file
ORA-12209: TNS:encountered uninitialized global
ORA-12210: TNS:error in finding Navigator data
ORA-12212: TNS:incomplete PREFERRED_CMANAGERS binding in TNSNAV.ORA
ORA-12213: TNS:incomplete PREFERRED_CMANAGERS binding in TNSNAV.ORA
ORA-12214: TNS:missing local communities entry in TNSNAV.ORA
ORA-12215: TNS:poorly formed PREFERRED_NAVIGATORS Addresses in TNSNAV.ORA
ORA-12216: TNS:poorly formed PREFERRED_CMANAGERS addresses in TNSNAV.ORA
ORA-12217: TNS:could not contact PREFERRED_CMANAGERS in TNSNAV.ORA
ORA-12218: TNS:unacceptable network configuration data
ORA-12219: TNS:missing community name from address in ADDRESS_LIST
ORA-12221: TNS:illegal ADDRESS parameters
ORA-12222: TNS:no support is available for the protocol indicated
ORA-12223: TNS:internal limit restriction exceeded
ORA-12224: TNS:no listener
ORA-12225: TNS:destination host unreachable
ORA-12226: TNS:operating system resource quota exceeded
ORA-12227: TNS:syntax error
ORA-12228: TNS:protocol adapter not loadable
ORA-12229: TNS:Interchange has no more free connections
ORA-12230: TNS:Severe Network error occurred in making this connection
ORA-12231: TNS:No connection possible to destination
ORA-12232: TNS:No path available to destination
ORA-12233: TNS:Failure to accept a connection
ORA-12234: TNS:Redirect to destination
ORA-12235: TNS:Failure to redirect to destination
ORA-12236: TNS:protocol support not loaded
ORA-12315: database link type is invalid for the ALTER DATABASE statement
ORA-12316: syntax error in database link’s connect string
ORA-12317: logon to database (link name ) denied
ORA-12318: database (link name ) is already mounted
ORA-12319: database (link name ) is already open
ORA-12321: database (link name ) is not open and AUTO_MOUNTING=FALSE
ORA-12322: unable to mount database (link name )
ORA-12323: unable to open database (link name )
ORA-12324: cannot use the ROM: link type on a private database link
ORA-12326: database is closing immediately; no operations are permitted
ORA-12329: database is closed; no operations are permitted
ORA-12333: database (link name ) is not mounted
ORA-12334: database (link name ) is still open
ORA-12335: database (link name ) is not open
ORA-12336: cannot login to database (link name )
ORA-12341: maximum number of open mounts exceeded
ORA-12342: open mounts exceeds limit set on the OPEN_MOUNTS parameter
ORA-12345: user lacks CREATE SESSION privilege in database link (linkname )
ORA-12350: database link being dropped is still mounted
ORA-12351: cannot create view using a remote object which has a remote object reference
ORA-12352: object .@ is invalid
ORA-12353: secondary stored object cannot reference remote object
ORA-12354: secondary object being dropped
ORA-12400: invalid argument to facility error handling
ORA-12401: invalid label string:
ORA-12402: invalid format string:
ORA-12403: invalid internal label
ORA-12404: invalid privilege string:
ORA-12405: invalid label list
ORA-12406: unauthorized SQL statement for policy
ORA-12407: unauthorized operation for policy
ORA-12408: unsupported operation:
ORA-12409: policy startup failure for policy
ORA-12410: internal policy error for policy:
ORA-12411: invalid label value
ORA-12412: policy package is not installed
ORA-12413: labels do not belong to the same policy
ORA-12414: internal LBAC error:
ORA-12415: A column of another datatype exists on the specified table
ORA-12416: policy not found
ORA-12417: database object “” not found
ORA-12418: user not found
ORA-12419: null binary label value
ORA-12420: required procedures and functions not in policy package “”
ORA-12421: different size binary labels
ORA-12422: max policies exceeded
ORA-12423: invalid position specified
ORA-12424: length exceeds binary label size
ORA-12425: cannot apply policies or set authorizations for system schemas
ORA-12426: invalid audit option
ORA-12427: invalid input value for parameter
ORA-12429: label list range exceeded
ORA-12430: invalid privilege number
ORA-12431: invalid audit action
ORA-12432: LBAC error:
ORA-12433: create trigger failed, policy not applied
ORA-12434: invalid audit type:
ORA-12435: invalid audit success:
ORA-12436: no policy options specified
ORA-12437: invalid policy option:
ORA-12438: repeated policy option:
ORA-12439: invalid combination of policy options
ORA-12440: insufficient authorization for the SYSDBA package
ORA-12441: policy already exists
ORA-12442: policy column “” already used by an existing policy
ORA-12443: policy not applied to some tables in schema
ORA-12444: policy already applied to table
ORA-12445: cannot change HIDDEN property of column
ORA-12446: Insufficient authorization for administration of policy
ORA-12447: policy role already exists for policy
ORA-12448: policy not applied to schema
ORA-12449: Labels specified for user must be of type USER
ORA-12450: LOB datatype disabled in LBAC initialization file
ORA-12451: label not designated as USER or DATA
ORA-12452: label tag already exists
ORA-12453: label already exists
ORA-12454: label does not exist for policy
ORA-12455: internal error in Label Security MMON cleanup task
ORA-12456: label security startup in progress
ORA-12457: security label exceeded maximum allowable length
ORA-12461: undefined level for policy
ORA-12462: undefined compartment for policy
ORA-12463: undefined group for policy
ORA-12464: invalid characters in label component
ORA-12465: Not authorized for read or write on specified groups or compartments
ORA-12466: default level is greater than the user’s maximum
ORA-12467: minimum label can contain a level only
ORA-12468: max write level does not equal max read level
ORA-12469: no user levels found for user and policy
ORA-12470: NULL or invalid user label:
ORA-12471: Specified compartment or group is not authorized for user
ORA-12472: policy is being used
ORA-12473: The procedure is disabled when Label Security is used with OID.
ORA-12476: least upper bound resulted in an invalid OS label
ORA-12477: greatest lower bound resulted in an invalid OS label
ORA-12479: file label must equal DBHIGH
ORA-12480: specified clearance labels not within the effective clearance
ORA-12481: effective label not within program unit clearance range
ORA-12482: internal MLS error:
ORA-12483: label not in OS system accreditation range
ORA-12484: invalid OS label
ORA-12485: new effective label not within effective clearance
ORA-12486: effective max labels and min labels cannot be changed
ORA-12487: clearance labels not between DBHIGH and DBLOW
ORA-12488: maximum label does not dominate minimum label
ORA-12489: default label not within clearance range
ORA-12490: DBHIGH cannot be lowered
ORA-12491: DBHIGH value does not dominate DBLOW
ORA-12492: DBLOW cannot be changed
ORA-12493: invalid MLS binary label
ORA-12494: cannot insert or delete a level, category, or release category
ORA-12495: cannot disable an enabled level, category, or release category
ORA-12496: cannot change existing level, category, or release numbers
ORA-12497: maximum combined categories exceeds
ORA-12500: TNS:listener failed to start a dedicated server process
ORA-12502: TNS:listener received no CONNECT_DATA from client
ORA-12504: TNS:listener was not given the SID in CONNECT_DATA
ORA-12505: TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor
ORA-12508: TNS:listener could not resolve the COMMAND given
ORA-12509: TNS:listener failed to redirect client to service handler
ORA-12510: TNS:database temporarily lacks resources to handle the request
ORA-12511: TNS:service handler found but it is not accepting connections
ORA-12513: TNS:service handler found but it has registered for a different protocol
ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor
ORA-12515: TNS:listener could not find a handler for this presentation
ORA-12516: TNS:listener could not find available handler with matching protocol stack
ORA-12518: TNS:listener could not hand off client connection
ORA-12519: TNS:no appropriate service handler found
ORA-12520: TNS:listener could not find available handler for requested type of server
ORA-12521: TNS:listener does not currently know of instance requested in connect descriptor
ORA-12522: TNS:listener could not find available instance with given INSTANCE_ROLE
ORA-12523: TNS:listener could not find instance appropriate for the client connection
ORA-12524: TNS:listener could not resolve HANDLER_NAME given in connect descriptor
ORA-12525: TNS:listener has not received client’s request in time allowed
ORA-12526: TNS:listener: all appropriate instances are in restricted mode
ORA-12527: TNS:listener: all instances are in restricted mode or blocking new connections
ORA-12528: TNS:listener: all appropriate instances are blocking new connections
ORA-12529: TNS:connect request rejected based on current filtering rules
ORA-12531: TNS:cannot allocate memory
ORA-12532: TNS:invalid argument
ORA-12533: TNS:illegal ADDRESS parameters
ORA-12534: TNS:operation not supported
ORA-12535: TNS:operation timed out
ORA-12536: TNS:operation would block
ORA-12537: TNS:connection closed
ORA-12538: TNS:no such protocol adapter
ORA-12539: TNS:buffer over- or under-flow
ORA-12540: TNS:internal limit restriction exceeded
ORA-12541: TNS:no listener
ORA-12542: TNS:address already in use
ORA-12543: TNS:destination host unreachable
ORA-12544: TNS:contexts have different wait/test functions
ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
ORA-12546: TNS:permission denied
ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact
ORA-12548: TNS:incomplete read or write
ORA-12549: TNS:operating system resource quota exceeded
ORA-12550: TNS:syntax error
ORA-12551: TNS:missing keyword
ORA-12552: TNS:operation was interrupted
ORA-12554: TNS:current operation is still in progress
ORA-12555: TNS:permission denied
ORA-12556: TNS:no caller
ORA-12557: TNS:protocol adapter not loadable
ORA-12558: TNS:protocol adapter not loaded
ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
ORA-12561: TNS:unknown error
ORA-12562: TNS:bad global handle
ORA-12564: TNS:connection refused
ORA-12566: TNS:protocol error
ORA-12569: TNS:packet checksum failure
ORA-12570: TNS:packet reader failure
ORA-12571: TNS:packet writer failure
ORA-12574: TNS:redirection denied
ORA-12582: TNS:invalid operation
ORA-12583: TNS:no reader
ORA-12585: TNS:data truncation
ORA-12589: TNS:connection not bequeathable
ORA-12590: TNS:no I/O buffer
ORA-12591: TNS:event signal failure
ORA-12592: TNS:bad packet
ORA-12593: TNS:no registered connection
ORA-12595: TNS:no confirmation
ORA-12596: TNS:internal inconsistency
ORA-12597: TNS:connect descriptor already in use
ORA-12598: TNS:banner registration failed
ORA-12599: TNS:cryptographic checksum mismatch
ORA-12600: TNS: string open failed
ORA-12601: TNS:information flags check failed
ORA-12602: TNS: Connection Pooling limit reached
ORA-12606: TNS: Application timeout occurred
ORA-12607: TNS: Connect timeout occurred
ORA-12608: TNS: Send timeout occurred
ORA-12609: TNS: Receive timeout occurred
ORA-12611: TNS:operation is not portable
ORA-12612: TNS:connection is busy
ORA-12615: TNS:preempt error
ORA-12616: TNS:no event signals
ORA-12618: TNS:versions are incompatible
ORA-12619: TNS:unable to grant requested service
ORA-12620: TNS:requested characteristic not available
ORA-12622: TNS:event notifications are not homogeneous
ORA-12623: TNS:operation is illegal in this state
ORA-12624: TNS:connection is already registered
ORA-12625: TNS:missing argument
ORA-12626: TNS:bad event type
ORA-12628: TNS:no event callbacks
ORA-12629: TNS:no event test
ORA-12630: Native service operation not supported
ORA-12631: Username retrieval failed
ORA-12632: Role fetch failed
ORA-12633: No shared authentication services
ORA-12634: Memory allocation failed
ORA-12635: No authentication adapters available
ORA-12636: Packet send failed
ORA-12637: Packet receive failed
ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed
ORA-12639: Authentication service negotiation failed
ORA-12640: Authentication adapter initialization failed
ORA-12641: Authentication service failed to initialize
ORA-12642: No session key
ORA-12643: Client received internal error from server
ORA-12645: Parameter does not exist.
ORA-12646: Invalid value specified for boolean parameter
ORA-12647: Authentication required
ORA-12648: Encryption or data integrity algorithm list empty
ORA-12649: Unknown encryption or data integrity algorithm
ORA-12650: No common encryption or data integrity algorithm
ORA-12651: Encryption or data integrity algorithm unacceptable
ORA-12652: String truncated
ORA-12653: Authentication control function failed
ORA-12654: Authentication conversion failed
ORA-12655: Password check failed
ORA-12656: Cryptographic checksum mismatch
ORA-12657: No algorithms installed
ORA-12658: ANO service required but TNS version is incompatible
ORA-12659: Error received from other process
ORA-12660: Encryption or crypto-checksumming parameters incompatible
ORA-12661: Protocol authentication to be used
ORA-12662: proxy ticket retrieval failed
ORA-12663: Services required by client not available on the server
ORA-12664: Services required by server not available on the client
ORA-12665: NLS string open failed
ORA-12666: Dedicated server: outbound transport protocol different from inbound
ORA-12667: Shared server: outbound transport protocol different from inbound
ORA-12668: Dedicated server: outbound protocol does not support proxies
ORA-12669: Shared server: outbound protocol does not support proxies
ORA-12670: Incorrect role password
ORA-12671: Shared server: adapter failed to save context
ORA-12672: Database logon failure
ORA-12673: Dedicated server: context not saved
ORA-12674: Shared server: proxy context not saved
ORA-12675: External user name not available yet
ORA-12676: Server received internal error from client
ORA-12677: Authentication service not supported by database link
ORA-12678: Authentication disabled but required
ORA-12679: Native services disabled by other process but required
ORA-12680: Native services disabled but required
ORA-12681: Login failed: the SecurID card does not have a pincode yet
ORA-12682: Login failed: the SecurID card is in next PRN mode
ORA-12683: encryption/crypto-checksumming: no Diffie-Hellman seed
ORA-12684: encryption/crypto-checksumming: Diffie-Hellman seed too small
ORA-12685: Native service required remotely but disabled locally
ORA-12686: Invalid command specified for a service
ORA-12687: Credentials expired.
ORA-12688: Login failed: the SecurID server rejected the new pincode
ORA-12689: Server Authentication required, but not supported
ORA-12690: Server Authentication failed, login cancelled
ORA-12696: Double Encryption Turned On, login disallowed
ORA-12699: Native service internal error
ORA-12700: invalid NLS parameter value ()
ORA-12701: CREATE DATABASE character set is not known
ORA-12702: invalid NLS parameter string used in SQL function
ORA-12703: this character set conversion is not supported
ORA-12704: character set mismatch
ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified
ORA-12706: this CREATE DATABASE character set is not allowed
ORA-12707: error while getting create database NLS parameter
ORA-12708: error while loading create database NLS parameter
ORA-12709: error while loading create database character set
ORA-12710: CREATE CONTROLFILE character set is not known
ORA-12711: this CREATE CONTROLFILE character set is not allowed
ORA-12712: new character set must be a superset of old character set
ORA-12713: Character data loss in NCHAR/CHAR conversion
ORA-12714: invalid national character set specified
ORA-12715: invalid character set specified
ORA-12716: Cannot ALTER DATABASE CHARACTER SET when CLOB data exists
ORA-12718: operation requires connection as SYS
ORA-12719: operation requires database is in RESTRICTED mode
ORA-12720: operation requires database is in EXCLUSIVE mode
ORA-12721: operation cannot execute when other sessions are active
ORA-12722: regular expression internal error
ORA-12723: regular expression too complex
ORA-12724: regular expression corrupt
ORA-12725: unmatched parentheses in regular expression
ORA-12726: unmatched bracket in regular expression
ORA-12727: invalid back reference in regular expression
ORA-12728: invalid range in regular expression
ORA-12729: invalid character class in regular expression
ORA-12730: invalid equivalence class in regular expression
ORA-12731: invalid collation class in regular expression
ORA-12732: invalid interval value in regular expression
ORA-12733: regular expression too long
ORA-12734: Instant Client Light: unsupported client national character set
ORA-12735: Instant Client Light: unsupported client character set
ORA-12736: Instant Client Light: unsupported server national character set
ORA-12737: Instant Client Light: unsupported server character set
ORA-12800: system appears too busy for parallel query execution
ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server
ORA-12802: parallel query server lost contact with coordinator
ORA-12803: parallel query server lost contact with another server
ORA-12804: parallel query server appears to have died
ORA-12805: parallel query server died unexpectedly
ORA-12806: could not get background process to hold enqueue
ORA-12807: process queue could not receive parallel query message
ORA-12808: cannot set _INSTANCES greater than number of instances
ORA-12809: cannot set _INSTANCES when mounted in exclusive mode
ORA-12810: PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS must be less than or equal to
ORA-12811: PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS must be less than or equal to PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS,
ORA-12812: only one PARALLEL or NOPARALLEL clause may be specified
ORA-12813: value for PARALLEL or DEGREE must be greater than 0
ORA-12814: only one CACHE or NOCACHE clause may be specified
ORA-12815: value for INSTANCES must be greater than 0
ORA-12816: parallel create index fastpath operation
ORA-12817: parallel query option must be enabled
ORA-12818: invalid option in PARALLEL clause
ORA-12819: missing options in PARALLEL clause
ORA-12820: invalid value for DEGREE
ORA-12821: invalid value for INSTANCES
ORA-12822: duplicate option in PARALLEL clause
ORA-12823: default degree of parallelism may not be specified here
ORA-12824: INSTANCES DEFAULT may not be specified here
ORA-12825: explicit degree of parallelism must be specified here
ORA-12826: hung parallel query server was killed
ORA-12827: insufficient parallel query slaves available
ORA-12828: Can’t start parallel transaction at a remote site
ORA-12829: Deadlock – itls occupied by siblings at block of file
ORA-12830: Must COMMIT or ROLLBACK after executing parallel INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE
ORA-12831: Must COMMIT or ROLLBACK after executing INSERT with APPEND hint
ORA-12832: Could not allocate slaves on all specified instances
ORA-12833: Coordinator’s instance not a member of parallel_instance_group
ORA-12834: Instance group name, ”, too long, must be less than characters
ORA-12835: No instances are active in the GLOBAL_VIEW_ADMIN_GROUP
ORA-12836: Control delayed index maintenance event
ORA-12837: Delayed index maintenance debugging event
ORA-12838: cannot read/modify an object after modifying it in parallel
ORA-12839: cannot modify an object in parallel after modifying it
ORA-12840: cannot access a remote table after parallel/insert direct load txn
ORA-12841: Cannot alter the session parallel DML state within a transaction
ORA-12842: Cursor invalidated during parallel execution
ORA-12843: pdml lock not held properly on the table
ORA-12844: cluster reconfiguration in progress
ORA-12845: failed to receive interinstance parallel execution message
ORA-12850: Could not allocate slaves on all specified instances: needed, allocated
ORA-12851: PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS must be greater than or equal to PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS,
ORA-12852: PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS must be less than PROCESSES,
ORA-12853: insufficient memory for PX buffers: current K, max needed K
ORA-12854: Parallel query is not supported on temporary LOBs
ORA-12855: cannot run parallel or insert direct load in a loopback
ORA-12856: cannot run parallel query on a loopback connection
ORA-12872: First slave parse gave different plan
ORA-12899: value too large for column (actual: , maximum: )
ORA-12900: must specify a default temporary tablespace for a locally managed database
ORA-12901: default temporary tablespace must be of TEMPORARY type
ORA-12902: default temporary tablespace must be SYSTEM or of TEMPORARY type
ORA-12903: default temporary tablespace must be an ONLINE tablespace
ORA-12904: default temporary tablespace cannot be altered to PERMANENT type
ORA-12905: default temporary tablespace cannot be brought OFFLINE
ORA-12906: cannot drop default temporary tablespace
ORA-12907: tablespace is already the default temporary tablespace
ORA-12908: cannot specify SYSTEM as default temporary tablespace when creating database
ORA-12909: TEMPORARY keyword expected
ORA-12910: cannot specify temporary tablespace as default tablespace
ORA-12911: permanent tablespace cannot be temporary tablespace
ORA-12912: Dictionary managed tablespace specified as temporary tablespace
ORA-12913: Cannot create dictionary managed tablespace
ORA-12914: Cannot migrate tablespace to dictionary managed type
ORA-12915: Cannot alter dictionary managed tablespace to read write
ORA-12916: Cannot use default permanent tablespace with this release
ORA-12917: Invalid option specified for default permanent tablespace
ORA-12918: Invalid tablespace type for default permanent tablespace
ORA-12919: Can not drop the default permanent tablespace
ORA-12920: database is already in force logging mode
ORA-12921: database is not in force logging mode
ORA-12922: concurrent ALTER DATABASE [NO] FORCE LOGGING command is running
ORA-12923: tablespace is in force logging mode
ORA-12924: tablespace is already in force logging mode
ORA-12925: tablespace is not in force logging mode
ORA-12926: FORCE LOGGING option already specified
ORA-12927: RETENTION option already specified
ORA-12950: SYSTEM tablespace specified as default permanent tablespace
ORA-12951: Attempt to change default permanent tablespace to temporary
ORA-12952: Control space growth in ASSM segment under concurrency
ORA-12980: checkpoint option not allowed with SET UNUSED
ORA-12981: cannot drop column from an object type table
ORA-12982: cannot drop column from a nested table
ORA-12983: cannot drop all columns in a table
ORA-12984: cannot drop partitioning column
ORA-12985: tablespace ” is read only, cannot drop column
ORA-12986: columns in partially dropped state. Submit ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMNS CONTINUE
ORA-12987: cannot combine drop column with other operations
ORA-12988: cannot drop column from table owned by SYS
ORA-12989: invalid value for checkpoint interval
ORA-12990: duplicate option specified
ORA-12991: column is referenced in a multi-column constraint
ORA-12992: cannot drop parent key column
ORA-12993: tablespace ” is offline, cannot drop column
ORA-12994: drop column option only allowed once in statement
ORA-12995: no columns in partially dropped state
ORA-12996: cannot drop system-generated virtual column
ORA-12997: cannot drop primary key column from an index-organized table
ORA-12998: Ignore errors during drop column from atb.c
ORA-13000: dimension number is out of range
ORA-13001: dimensions mismatch error
ORA-13002: specified level is out of range
ORA-13003: the specified range for a dimension is invalid
ORA-13004: the specified buffer size is invalid
ORA-13005: recursive HHCODE function error
ORA-13006: the specified cell number is invalid
ORA-13007: an invalid HEX character was detected
ORA-13008: the specified date format has an invalid component
ORA-13009: the specified date string is invalid
ORA-13010: an invalid number of arguments has been specified
ORA-13011: value is out of range
ORA-13012: an invalid window type was specified
ORA-13013: the specified topology was not INTERIOR or BOUNDARY
ORA-13014: a topology identifier outside the range of 1 to 8 was specified
ORA-13015: the window definition is not valid
ORA-13016: specified topology [] is invalid
ORA-13017: unrecognized line partition shape
ORA-13018: bad distance type
ORA-13019: coordinates out of bounds
ORA-13020: coordinate is NULL
ORA-13021: element not continuous
ORA-13022: polygon crosses itself
ORA-13023: interior element interacts with exterior element
ORA-13024: polygon has less than three segments
ORA-13025: polygon does not close
ORA-13026: unknown element type for element ..
ORA-13027: unable to read dimension definition from
ORA-13028: Invalid Gtype in the SDO_GEOMETRY object
ORA-13029: Invalid SRID in the SDO_GEOMETRY object
ORA-13030: Invalid dimension for the SDO_GEOMETRY object
ORA-13031: Invalid Gtype in the SDO_GEOMETRY object for point object
ORA-13032: Invalid NULL SDO_GEOMETRY object
ORA-13033: Invalid data in the SDO_ELEM_INFO_ARRAY in SDO_GEOMETRY object
ORA-13034: Invalid data in the SDO_ORDINATE_ARRAY in SDO_GEOMETRY object
ORA-13035: Invalid data (arcs in geodetic data) in the SDO_GEOMETRY object
ORA-13036: Operation [] not supported for Point Data
ORA-13037: SRIDs do not match for the two geometries
ORA-13039: failed to update spatial index for element ..
ORA-13040: failed to subdivide tile
ORA-13041: failed to compare tile with element ..
ORA-13042: invalid SDO_LEVEL and SDO_NUMTILES combination
ORA-13043: failed to read metadata from the _SDOLAYER table
ORA-13044: the specified tile size is smaller than the tolerance
ORA-13045: invalid compatibility flag
ORA-13046: invalid number of arguments
ORA-13047: unable to determine ordinate count from table _SDOLAYER
ORA-13048: recursive SQL fetch error
ORA-13049: unable to determine tolerance value from table _SDODIM
ORA-13050: unable to construct spatial object
ORA-13051: failed to initialize spatial object
ORA-13052: unsupported geometric type for geometry .
ORA-13053: maximum number of geometric elements in argument list exceeded
ORA-13054: recursive SQL parse error
ORA-13055: Oracle object does not exist in specified table
ORA-13060: topology with the name already exists
ORA-13061: topology with the name does not exist
ORA-13062: topology IDs do not match in the feature table and the topology
ORA-13063: relationship information table is missing data for feature table []
ORA-13064: relationship information table has inconsistent data for feature table []
ORA-13065: cannot delete a child layer with a parent layer
ORA-13066: wrong feature geometry or element type
ORA-13067: operator requires both parameters from the same topology
ORA-13068: wrong table or column name in SDO_TOPO_GEOMETRY constructor
ORA-13108: spatial table not found
ORA-13109: spatial table exists
ORA-13110: cannot drop topology with associated topo_geometry tables
ORA-13111: cannot add topo_geometry layer [] to topology
ORA-13112: cannot delete topo_geometry layer [] from topology
ORA-13113: invalid tg_layer_id in sdo_topo_geometry constructor
ORA-13114: []_NODE$ table does not exist
ORA-13115: []_EDGE$ table does not exist
ORA-13116: []_FACE$ table does not exist
ORA-13117: []_RELATION$ table does not exist
ORA-13118: invalid node_id []
ORA-13119: invalid edge_id []
ORA-13120: invalid face_id []
ORA-13121: layer type type mismatch with topo_geometry layer type
ORA-13122: invalid topo_geometry specified
ORA-13123: invalid name specified
ORA-13124: unable to determine column id for column
ORA-13125: partition key is already set
ORA-13126: unable to determine class for spatial table
ORA-13127: failed to generate target partition
ORA-13128: current tiling level exceeds user specified tiling level
ORA-13129: HHCODE column not found
ORA-13135: failed to alter spatial table
ORA-13136: null common code generated
ORA-13137: failed to generate tablespace sequence number
ORA-13138: could not determine name of object
ORA-13139: could not obtain column definition for
ORA-13140: invalid target type
ORA-13141: invalid RANGE window definition
ORA-13142: invalid PROXIMITY window definition
ORA-13143: invalid POLYGON window definition
ORA-13144: target table not found
ORA-13145: failed to generate range list
ORA-13146: could not find table substitution variable
ORA-13147: failed to generate MBR
ORA-13148: failed to generate SQL filter
ORA-13149: failed to generate next sequence number for spatial table
ORA-13150: failed to insert exception record
ORA-13151: failed to remove exception record
ORA-13152: invalid HHCODE type
ORA-13153: invalid high water mark specified
ORA-13154: invalid precision specified
ORA-13155: invalid number of dimensions specified
ORA-13156: table to be registered . is not empty
ORA-13157: Oracle error ORA encountered while
ORA-13158: Oracle object does not exist
ORA-13159: Oracle table already exists
ORA-13181: unable to determine length of column _SDOINDEX.SDO_CODE
ORA-13182: failed to read element ..
ORA-13183: unsupported geometric type for geometry .
ORA-13184: failed to initialize tessellation package
ORA-13185: failed to generate initial HHCODE
ORA-13186: fixed tile size tessellation failed
ORA-13187: subdivision failed
ORA-13188: cell decode failed
ORA-13189: recursive SQL parse failed
ORA-13190: recursive SQL fetch failed
ORA-13191: failed to read SDO_ORDCNT value
ORA-13192: failed to read number of element rows
ORA-13193: failed to allocate space for geometry
ORA-13194: failed to decode supercell
ORA-13195: failed to generate maximum tile value
ORA-13196: failed to compute supercell for element ..
ORA-13197: element .. is out of range
ORA-13198: Spatial error:
ORA-13200: internal error [] in spatial indexing.
ORA-13201: invalid parameters supplied in CREATE INDEX statement
ORA-13202: failed to create or insert into the SDO_INDEX_METADATA table
ORA-13203: failed to read USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA view
ORA-15129: entry ” does not refer to a valid directory
ORA-15130: diskgroup “” is being dismounted
ORA-15131: block of file in diskgroup could not be read
ORA-15132: block of file in diskgroup could not be written
ORA-15133: instance recovery required for diskgroup
ORA-15150: instance lock mode ” conflicts with other ASM instance(s)
ORA-15151: missing or invalid version number for rolling upgrade or downgrade
ORA-15152: cluster in rolling upgrade
ORA-15153: cluster not in rolling upgrade
ORA-15154: cluster rolling upgrade incomplete
ORA-15155: version incompatible with the cluster
ORA-15156: cluster in rolling upgrade from version [] to []
ORA-15157: rolling upgrade or downgrade is not allowed
ORA-15158: rolling upgrade prevented by
ORA-15159: Internal testing event
ORA-15162: cluster in rolling downgrade
ORA-15163: cluster not in rolling downgrade
ORA-15164: cluster rolling downgrade incomplete
ORA-15166: cluster in rolling downgrade from version [] to []
ORA-15168: rolling downgrade prevented by
ORA-15169: destination ” is a subdirectory of ”
ORA-15170: cannot add entry ” in directory ”
ORA-15171: invalid syntax in the alias path after ”
ORA-15173: entry ” does not exist in directory ”
ORA-15175: cannot create alias for diskgroup metadata file ”
ORA-15176: file ” already has an alias associated with it
ORA-15177: cannot operate on system aliases
ORA-15178: directory ” is not empty; cannot drop this directory
ORA-15179: missing or invalid alias name
ORA-15180: Could not open dynamic library , error []
ORA-15181: Symbol [] not found in library , error []
ORA-15182: ASMLIB [] version mismatch, ORACLE version []
ORA-15183: ASMLIB initialization error []
ORA-15184: ASMLIB error could not be determined [] []
ORA-15185: Could not close dynamic library , error []
ORA-15186: ASMLIB error function = [], error = [], mesg = []
ORA-15190: Internal ASM testing event number 15190
ORA-15191: Internal ASM testing event number 15191
ORA-15192: invalid ASM disk header [] [] [] [] []
ORA-15193: Internal ASM tracing event number 15193
ORA-15194: Internal ASM-DB interaction testing event number 15194
ORA-15195: Internal ASM testing event number 15195
ORA-15196: invalid ASM block header [:] [] [] [] [ != ]
ORA-15197: suppressing additional ASM messages
ORA-15198: operation is not yet available
ORA-15199: Internal ASM tracing event number 15199
ORA-15200: initialization parameter () is not a power of two
ORA-15201: disk contains a valid RDBMS file
ORA-15202: cannot create additional ASM internal change segment
ORA-15203: diskgroup contains disks from an incompatible version of ASM
ORA-15204: database version is incompatible with diskgroup
ORA-15205: requested mirror side unavailable
ORA-15206: duplicate diskgroup specified
ORA-15285: ASM could not add disk “” to disk group “”
ORA-15289: ASM disk cannot be resized beyond M
ORA-15290: operation not permitted on offline disk
ORA-15500: Reserved for Workload Capture and Replay tracing
ORA-15501: cannot start workload capture on instance
ORA-15502: cannot stop workload capture on instance
ORA-15503: cannot startup instance when procedures in “DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE” or “DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY” are in the middle of their execution
ORA-15504: cannot start workload capture because instance not present in RESTRICTED SESSION mode
ORA-15505: cannot start workload capture because instance encountered errors while accessing directory “”
ORA-15506: cannot prepare instance for replay
ORA-15507: cannot start workload replay on instance
ORA-15508: cannot cancel workload replay on instance
ORA-15509: workload replay has been cancelled
ORA-15510: cannot perform operation when “STATISTICS_LEVEL” is “BASIC”
ORA-15511: cannot process workload capture because no user sessions were recorded
ORA-15512: directory “” does not contain a valid processed workload capture
ORA-15513: cannot access the input directory
ORA-15514: cannot find a match for the remote procedure call during replay
ORA-15515: error while replaying remote procedure call: “..”
ORA-15551: workload replay client cannot connect to database server
ORA-15552: workload replay client cannot login to database server
ORA-15553: workload replay client cannot execute the DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY package
ORA-15554: cannot start workload replay client because the database server is not in PREPARE mode
ORA-15555: workload replay client encountered unexpected error: “”
ORA-15556: invalid input specified to the workload replay client
ORA-15557: workload replay client cannot access the replay directory or the database version do not match the preprocessing one
ORA-15558: replay thread encountered unexpected error
ORA-15559: workload replay client cannot open workload capture file
ORA-15560: workload replay client cannot access the work directory
ORA-15561: workload replay client cannot connect to the remapped connection with conn_id :
ORA-15562: workload replay client cannot read the DBA_WORKLOAD_CONNECTION_MAP view
ORA-15563: workload replay client cannot spawn new threads
ORA-15564: contents of the replay directory provided to the workload replay client do not match with the replay directory provided to the database server
ORA-15566: workload replay client cannot replay user call in the current version
ORA-15590: encountered an incomplete workload capture file
ORA-15591: cannot start because parameter “” is not enabled
ORA-15599: Last message reserved for WCR (KEC)
ORA-16000: database open for read-only access
ORA-16001: database already open for read-only access by another instance
ORA-16002: database already open for read-write access by another instance
ORA-16003: standby database is restricted to read-only access
ORA-16004: backup database requires recovery
ORA-16005: database requires recovery
ORA-16006: audit_trail destination incompatible with database open mode
ORA-16007: invalid backup control file checkpoint
ORA-16008: indeterminate control file checkpoint
ORA-16009: remote archive log destination must be a STANDBY database
ORA-16010: disable stale RFS process extermination
ORA-16011: Archivelog Remote File Server process in Error state
ORA-16012: Archive log standby database identifier mismatch
ORA-16013: log sequence# does not need archiving
ORA-16014: log sequence# not archived, no available destinations
ORA-16015: log sequence# not archived, media recovery disabled
ORA-16016: archived log for thread sequence# unavailable
ORA-16017: cannot use LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST without a primary archive destination
ORA-16018: cannot use with LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n or DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
ORA-16020: less destinations available than specified by LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST
ORA-16021: session destination cannot be the same as session destination
ORA-16023: system destination cannot be the same as session destination
ORA-16024: parameter cannot be parsed
ORA-16025: parameter contains repeated or conflicting attributes
ORA-16026: parameter contains an invalid attribute value
ORA-16027: parameter is missing a destination option
ORA-16028: new causes less destinations than LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST requires
ORA-16029: cannot change LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST, no archive log destinations
ORA-16030: session specific change requires a LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n destination
ORA-16031: parameter destination string exceeds character limit
ORA-16032: parameter destination string cannot be translated
ORA-16033: parameter destination cannot be the same as parameter destination
ORA-16034: FROM parameter is incompatible with MANAGED recovery
ORA-16035: missing required keyword
ORA-16036: invalid MANAGED recovery CANCEL option
ORA-16037: user requested cancel of managed recovery operation
ORA-16038: log sequence# cannot be archived
ORA-16039: RFS request version mismatch
ORA-16040: standby destination archive log file is locked
ORA-16041: Remote File Server fatal error
ORA-16042: user requested cancel immediate of managed recovery operation
ORA-16043: managed recovery session canceled
ORA-16044: destination attribute cannot be specified at session level
ORA-16045: circular archive log destination dependency chain
ORA-16046: Archive log destination failed due to failed dependent destination
ORA-16047: DGID mismatch between destination setting and standby
ORA-16048: enable simulated error on archive log write
ORA-16049: simulated error on archive log write
ORA-16050: destination exceeded specified quota size
ORA-16051: parameter contains an invalid delay time
ORA-16052: DB_UNIQUE_NAME attribute is required
ORA-16053: DB_UNIQUE_NAME is not in the Data Guard Configuration
ORA-16054: Event for automatic RFS gap sequence detection
ORA-16055: FAL request rejected
ORA-16056: backup control file archival requires proper syntax
ORA-16057: DGID from server not in Data Guard configuration
ORA-16058: standby database instance is not mounted
ORA-16059: Log file is empty or invalid next available block
ORA-16060: Log file is current
ORA-16061: Log file status has changed
ORA-16062: DGID from standby not in Data Guard configuration
ORA-16063: remote archival is enabled by another instance
ORA-16064: remote archival is disabled by another instance
ORA-16065: remote archival disabled at standby destination
ORA-16066: remote archival disabled
ORA-16067: activation identifier mismatch in archive log
ORA-16068: redo log file activation identifier mismatch
ORA-16069: Archive Log standby database activation identifier mismatch
ORA-16070: parameter contains an invalid REGISTER attribute value
ORA-16071: dependency archived log file not found
ORA-16072: a minimum of one standby database destination is required
ORA-16073: archiving must be enabled
ORA-16074: ARCH processes must be active
ORA-16075: standby database destination mismatch
ORA-16076: unknown standby database destination
ORA-16077: simulate network transmission error
ORA-16078: media recovery disabled
ORA-16079: standby archival not enabled
ORA-16080: invalid LogMiner session for APPLY
ORA-16081: insufficient number of processes for APPLY
ORA-16082: logical standby is not initialized correctly
ORA-16083: LogMiner session has not been created
ORA-16084: an apply engine is already running
ORA-16085: apply engine related event
ORA-16086: standby database does not contain available standby log files
ORA-16087: graceful switchover requires standby or current control file
ORA-16088: archive log has not been completely archived
ORA-16089: archive log has already been registered
ORA-16090: archive log to be replaced not created by managed standby process
ORA-16091: dependent archive log destination already archived
ORA-16092: dependent archive log destination is not active
ORA-16093: dependent archive log destination is not LGWR-enabled
ORA-16094: database shutdown during archival operation
ORA-16095: Dependent destination removal for inactivation
ORA-16098: inaccessible standby database forced shutdown to protect primary
ORA-16099: internal error ORA-00600 occurred at standby database
ORA-16100: not a valid Logical Standby database
ORA-16101: a valid start SCN could not be found
ORA-16102: remote information is not available on the specified primary
ORA-16103: Logical Standby apply must be stopped to allow this operation
ORA-16104: invalid Logical Standby option requested
ORA-16105: Logical Standby is already running in background
ORA-16106: Event for enabling netslave testing
ORA-16107: all log data from primary has been processed
ORA-16108: database is no longer a standby database
ORA-16109: failed to apply log data from previous primary
ORA-16110: user procedure processing of logical standby apply DDL
ORA-16111: log mining and apply setting up
ORA-16112: log mining and apply stopping
ORA-16113: applying change to table or sequence
ORA-16114: applying DDL transaction with commit SCN
ORA-16115: % of LogMiner dictionary loading is done
ORA-16116: no work available
ORA-16117: processing
ORA-16118: enable RFS wait event threshold identification
ORA-16119: building transaction at SCN
ORA-16120: dependencies being computed for transaction at SCN
ORA-16121: applying transaction with commit SCN
ORA-16122: applying large dml transaction at SCN
ORA-16123: transaction is waiting for commit approval
ORA-16124: transaction is waiting on another transaction
ORA-16125: large transaction is waiting for more data
ORA-16126: loading table or sequence
ORA-16127: stalled waiting for additional transactions to be applied
ORA-16128: User initiated stop apply successfully completed
ORA-16129: unsupported dml encountered
ORA-16130: supplemental log information is missing from log stream
ORA-16131: An error occurred during a Terminal Recovery of the standby.
ORA-16132: An error occurred during activation of the standby.
ORA-16133: Datafile has incorrect terminal recovery stamp.
ORA-16134: invalid MANAGED recovery FINISH option
ORA-16135: Invalid LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG modification while in protected mode
ORA-16136: Managed Standby Recovery not active
ORA-16137: No terminal recovery is required
ORA-16138: end of log stream not received from primary
ORA-16139: media recovery required
ORA-16140: standby online logs have not been recovered
ORA-16141: enable simulated archive log error
ORA-16142: simulated archive log error
ORA-16143: RFS connections not allowed during or after terminal recovery
ORA-13612: The recommendation action , is not valid for task .
ORA-13613: The requested operation is not supported for this advisor object.
ORA-13614: The template is not compatible with the current advisor.
ORA-13615: The task or object is greater than the maximum allowable length of 30 characters.
ORA-13616: The current user has not been granted the ADVISOR privilege.
ORA-13617: The specified task already executing
ORA-13618: The specified value is not a valid value for procedure argument .
ORA-13619: The procedure argument is greater than the maximum allowable length of characters.
ORA-13620: The task or object is read-only and cannot be deleted or modified.
ORA-13621: The task_or object is marked as a template and cannot perform the requested operation.
ORA-13622: invalid recommendation annotation
ORA-13623: The recommendation is not valid for task .
ORA-13624: The task is executing and cannot be deleted or modified.
ORA-13625: is an invalid advisor object type.
ORA-13626: The specified object is not valid for task .
ORA-13627: Setting of parameter is disallowed until the task is reset.
ORA-13628: Insufficient privileges to access the task belonging to the specified user
ORA-13629: The task or object is being used by another operation.
ORA-13630: The task contains execution results and cannot be executed.
ORA-13631: The task contains no execution results.
ORA-13632: The user cancelled the current operation.
ORA-13633: The task was interrupted and needs to be resumed.
ORA-13634: The task needs to be reset before being re-executed.
ORA-13635: The value provided for parameter cannot be converted to a number.
ORA-13636: The specified value provided for parameter is not valid for this advisor.
ORA-13637: Executing or modifying task is disallowed until the task is reset to its initial state.
ORA-13638: The user interrupted the current operation.
ORA-13639: The current operation was interrupted because it timed out.
ORA-13640: The current operation was cancelled because it timed out, and was not in interruptible mode.
ORA-13641: Task cannot be interrupted yet. You may cancel it instead.
ORA-13642: The specified string provided for cannot be converted to a date. The acceptable date format is .
ORA-13643: The task can not be interrupted or cancelled.
ORA-13644: The user “” is invalid.
ORA-13699: Advisor feature is not currently implemented.
ORA-13700: Reserved for ADDM tracing.
ORA-13701: Snapshot pair [, ] seems to be specified in reverse order.
ORA-13702: Snapshot IDs specified by the range [, ] are equal.
ORA-13703: The snapshot pair [, ] for database_id and instance_id are not found in the current repository.
ORA-13704: Invalid value “” specified for parameter “”.
ORA-13705: There was a instance shutdown/startup between the snapshots in the range [, ].
ORA-13706: Invalid value “” specified for parameter “” in “” analysis mode.
ORA-13707: Either the start snapshot or the end snapshot is incomplete or missing key statistics.
ORA-13708: Some snapshots in the range [, ] were purged before the analysis was complete.
ORA-13709: Required parameter “” must be set before execution.
ORA-13710: Parameter “” must have a higher value than parameter “”. The values supplied were “” and “” respectively.
ORA-13711: Some snapshots in the range [, ] are missing key statistics.
ORA-13712: Cannot perform ADDM analysis on AWR snapshots from previous releases. Snapshot version “” do not match the database version “”.
ORA-13750: User “” has not been granted the “ADMINISTER SQL TUNING SET” privilege.
ORA-13751: “SQL Tuning Set” “” does not exist for owner “” or user “” does not have permission to access the “SQL Tuning Set”.
ORA-13752: User “” must be SYS or must have the “ADMINISTER ANY SQL TUNING SET” privilege.
ORA-13753: “SQL Tuning Set” “” already exists for user “”.
ORA-13754: “SQL Tuning Set” “” does not exist for user “”.
ORA-13755: invalid “SQL Tuning Set” name
ORA-13756: Cannot update attribute “”.
ORA-13757: “SQL Tuning Set” “” owned by user “” is active.
ORA-13758: “SQL Tuning Set” “” owned by user “” is in use.
ORA-13759: User “” cannot remove reference “”.
ORA-13761: invalid filter
ORA-13762: The ranking measure is invalid.
ORA-13763: illegal ranking attribute “”
ORA-13764: Value “” is illegal as a result percentage.
ORA-13765: Value “” is illegal for a result limit.
ORA-13766: A ranking measure is required.
ORA-13767: End snapshot ID must be greater than or equal to begin snapsho ID.
ORA-13768: Snapshot ID must be between and .
ORA-13769: Snapshots and do not exist.
ORA-13770: Baseline “” does not exist.
ORA-13771: cannot obtain exclusive lock on “SQL Tuning Set” “” owned by user “”
ORA-13772: unexpected deadlock on “SQL Tuning Set” “” owned by user “”
ORA-13773: insufficient privileges to select data from the cursor cache
ORA-13774: insufficient privileges to select data from the workload repository
ORA-13775: inconsistent datatype in input cursor
ORA-13776: User “” has not been granted the “SELECT” privilege on the “SQL tuning set” DBA views.
ORA-13777: invalid list of attribute names
ORA-13778: no new name or owner specified for “SQL Tuning Set”
ORA-13779: invalid load option
ORA-13780: SQL statement does not exist.
ORA-13783: invalid tuning scope
ORA-13784: cannot accept SQL profiles for all statements in the “SQL Tuning Set”
ORA-13785: missing target object for tuning task “”
ORA-13786: missing SQL text of statement object “” for tuning task “”
ORA-13787: missing SQL profile for statement object “” for tuning task “”
ORA-13788: invalid recommendation type
ORA-13789: invalid process action
ORA-13790: invalid value for time limit
ORA-13791: cannot resume a tuning task created to tune a single statement
ORA-13797: invalid SQL Id specified,
ORA-13798: Parameter cannot be NULL.
ORA-13799: threshold not found
ORA-13800: concurrent DDL failure on SQL repository objects
ORA-13801: invalid value for SQLTUNE_CATEGORY parameter
ORA-13802: failed to purge SQL Tuning Base entry from sql$
ORA-13825: missing SQL statement text for create SQL profile
ORA-13826: empty SQL profile not allowed for create or update SQL profile
ORA-13827: null or zero length attribute specified in SQL profile collection
ORA-13828: generated SQL profile name already exists
ORA-13829: SQL profile named already exists
ORA-13830: SQL profile with category already exists for this SQL statement
ORA-13831: SQL profile name specified is invalid
ORA-13832: category name specified is invalid
ORA-13833: SQL profile named doesn’t exist
ORA-13834: name of SQL profile to be cloned must be provided
ORA-13835: invalid attribute name specified
ORA-13836: invalid attribute value specified
ORA-13837: invalid HASH_VALUE
ORA-13838: invalid ADDRESS value
ORA-13839: V$SQL row doesn’t exist with given HASH_VALUE and ADDRESS.
ORA-13840: Concurrent DDL Error in create SQL profile operation.
ORA-13841: SQL profile named already exists for a different signature/category pair
ORA-13842: no SELECT privilege on DBA_SQL_PROFILES
ORA-13843: no SQL profile with name like “” exists for category like “”
ORA-13844: no new SQL profile name or category specified.
ORA-13850: Tracing for client identifier is not enabled
ORA-13851: Tracing for client identifier is already enabled
ORA-13852: Tracing for service(module/action) is not enabled
ORA-13853: Tracing for service (module/action) is already enabled
ORA-13854: Tracing for service(module/action) on instance is not enabled
ORA-13855: Tracing for service (module/action) on instance is already enabled
ORA-13856: Service name must be specified
ORA-13857: Invalid module name
ORA-13858: Invalid action name
ORA-13859: Action cannot be specified without the module specification
ORA-13860: Invalid service name
ORA-13861: Statistics aggregation for client identifier is already enabled
ORA-13862: Statistics aggregation for client identifier is not enabled
ORA-13863: Statistics aggregation for service(module/action) is not enabled
ORA-13864: Statistics aggregation for service (module/action) is already enabled
ORA-13865: Module name must be specified
ORA-13866: Client identifier must be specified
ORA-13867: Database-wide SQL tracing is already enabled
ORA-13868: Instance-wide SQL tracing on instance is not enabled
ORA-13869: Instance-wide SQL tracing on instance is already enabled
ORA-13870: Database-wide SQL tracing is not enabled
ORA-13871: Invalid instance name
ORA-13900: missing or invalid parameter
ORA-13901: Object was not found.
ORA-13902: The specified file is not a data file.
ORA-13903: Invalid combination of threshold value and operator.
ORA-13904: The file has been dropped and recreated during the procedure call.
ORA-13905: Critical or warning threshold have incorrect values
ORA-13906: The tablepace is not of the right type.
ORA-13907: Threshold value is invalid.
ORA-13908: Invalid combination of metrics id and object type parameters.
ORA-13909: Invalid combination of threshold value and operator.
ORA-13910: Parameter cannot be NULL.
ORA-13911: Threshold not found
ORA-13912: Critical threshold value is less than warning threshold value.
ORA-13913: The threshold cannot be set when SYSAUX is offline.
ORA-13914: Threshold notification failed.
ORA-13915: Critical byte based free space threshold value is greater than warning threshold value.
ORA-13916: Invalid value “” specified for parameter “”
ORA-13917: Posting system alert with reason_id failed with code [] []
ORA-13918: Updating system alert with reason_id failed; previous alert not found
ORA-13919: Cannot specify values for parameter “” and for parameter “”
ORA-13950: MMON action time limit exceeded
ORA-13951: MMON sub-action time limit exceeded
ORA-14000: only one LOCAL clause may be specified
ORA-14001: LOCAL clause contradicts previosly specified GLOBAL clause
ORA-14002: only one GLOBAL clause may be specified
ORA-14003: GLOBAL clause contradicts previosly specified LOCAL clause
ORA-14004: missing PARTITION keyword
ORA-14005: missing RANGE keyword
ORA-14006: invalid partition name
ORA-14007: missing LESS keyword
ORA-14008: missing THAN keyword
ORA-14009: partition bound may not be specified for a LOCAL index partition
ORA-14010: this physical attribute may not be specified for an index partition
ORA-14011: names assigned to resulting partitions must be distinct
ORA-14012: resulting partition name conflicts with that of an existing partition
ORA-14013: duplicate partition name
ORA-14014: maximum number of partitioning columns is 16
ORA-14015: too many partition descriptions
ORA-14016: underlying table of a LOCAL partitioned index must be partitioned
ORA-14017: partition bound list contains too many elements
ORA-14018: partition bound list contains too few elements
ORA-14019: partition bound element must be one of: string, datetime or interval literal, number, or MAXVALUE
ORA-14020: this physical attribute may not be specified for a table partition
ORA-14021: MAXVALUE must be specified for all columns
ORA-14022: creation of LOCAL partitioned cluster indices is not supported
ORA-14023: creation of GLOBAL partitioned cluster indices is not supported
ORA-14024: number of partitions of LOCAL index must equal that of the underlying table
ORA-14025: PARTITION may not be specified for a materialized view or a materialized view log
ORA-14026: PARTITION and CLUSTER clauses are mutually exclusive
ORA-14027: only one PARTITION clause may be specified
ORA-14028: missing AT or VALUES keyword
ORA-14029: GLOBAL partitioned index must be prefixed
ORA-14030: non-existent partitioning column in CREATE TABLE statement
ORA-14031: partitioning column may not be of type LONG or LONG RAW
ORA-14032: partition bound of partition number is too high
ORA-14033: ctchvl: unexpected strdef type
ORA-14034: ctchvl: unexpected operand type
ORA-14035: ctchvl: unexpected string data type
ORA-14036: partition bound value too large for column
ORA-14037: partition bound of partition “” is too high
ORA-14038: GLOBAL partitioned index must be prefixed
ORA-14039: partitioning columns must form a subset of key columns of a UNIQUE index
ORA-14040: inadequate number of arguments passed to tbl$or$idx$part$num
ORA-14041: partition bound may not be specified for resulting partitions
ORA-14042: partition bound may not be specified for a partition being moved, modified or rebuilt
ORA-14043: only one partition may be added
ORA-14044: only one partition may be moved
ORA-14045: only one partition may be modified
ORA-14046: a partition may be split into exactly two new partitions
ORA-14047: ALTER TABLE|INDEX RENAME may not be combined with other operations
ORA-14048: a partition maintenance operation may not be combined with other operations
ORA-14051: invalid ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW option
ORA-14052: partition-extended table name syntax is disallowed in this context
ORA-14053: illegal attempt to modify in statement
ORA-14055: keyword REBUILD in ALTER INDEX REBUILD must immediately follow
ORA-14056: partition number : sum of PCTUSED and PCTFREE may not exceed 100
ORA-14057: partition “”: sum of PCTUSED and PCTFREE may not exceed 100
ORA-14058: partition number : INITRANS value must be less than MAXTRANS value
ORA-14059: partition “”: INITRANS value must be less than MAXTRANS value
ORA-14060: data type or length of a table partitioning column may not be changed
ORA-14061: data type or length of an index partitioning column may not be changed
ORA-14062: one or more of table’s partitions reside in a read-only tablespace
ORA-14063: Unusable index exists on unique/primary constraint key
ORA-14064: Index with Unusable partition exists on unique/primary constraint key
ORA-14065: ALLOCATE STORAGE may not be specified for a partitioned table
ORA-14066: illegal option for a non-partitioned index-organized table
ORA-14067: duplicate TABLESPACE_NUMBER specification
ORA-14068: TABLESPACE and TABLESPACE_NUMBER may not be both specified
ORA-14069: invalid TABLESPACE_NUMBER value
ORA-14070: option may be specified only for partitioned indices or with REBUILD
ORA-14071: invalid option for an index used to enforce a constraint
ORA-14072: fixed table may not be truncated
ORA-14073: bootstrap table or cluster may not be truncated
ORA-14074: partition bound must collate higher than that of the last partition
ORA-14075: partition maintenance operations may only be performed on partitioned indices
ORA-14076: submitted alter index partition/subpartition operation is not valid for local partitioned index
ORA-14078: you may not drop the highest partition of a GLOBAL index
ORA-14079: illegal option for a partition marked Index Unusable
ORA-14080: partition cannot be split along the specified high bound
ORA-14081: new partition name must differ from the old partition name
ORA-14082: new partition name must differ from that of any other partition of the object
ORA-14083: cannot drop the only partition of a partitioned table
ORA-14084: you may specify TABLESPACE DEFAULT only for a LOCAL index
ORA-14085: partitioned table cannot have column with LONG datatype
ORA-14086: a partitioned index may not be rebuilt as a whole
ORA-14087: use of PARTITION (|) syntax
ORA-14088: second argument to tbl$or$idx$part$num must be an integer constant
ORA-14089: base table does not have an index with a specified ID defined on it
ORA-14090: index must be partitioned
ORA-14091: table must be partitioned
ORA-14092: number of expressions is not equal to the number of partitioning columns
ORA-14093: data type of expression incompatible with that of partitioning column
ORA-14095: ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE requires a non-partitioned, non-clustered table
ORA-14096: tables in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION must have the same number of columns
ORA-14097: column type or size mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-14098: index mismatch for tables in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-14099: all rows in table do not qualify for specified partition
ORA-14100: partition extended table name cannot refer to a remote object
ORA-14101: partition extended table name cannot refer to a synonym
ORA-14102: only one LOGGING or NOLOGGING clause may be specified
ORA-14104: RECOVERABLE/UNRECOVERABLE may not be specified for partitioned tables/indices
ORA-14105: RECOVERABLE/UNRECOVERABLE may not be specified in this context
ORA-14106: LOGGING/NOLOGGING may not be specified for a clustered table
ORA-14107: partition specification is required for a partitioned object
ORA-14108: illegal partition-extended table name syntax
ORA-14109: partition-extended object names may only be used with tables
ORA-14110: partitioning column may not be of type ROWID
ORA-14111: creation of a GLOBAL partitioned index on clustered tables is not supported
ORA-14112: RECOVERABLE/UNRECOVERABLE may not be specified for a partition or subpartition
ORA-14113: partitioned table cannot have column with LOB datatype
ORA-14114: partitioned table cannot have column with object, REF, nested table, array datatype
ORA-14115: partition bound of partition number is too long
ORA-14116: partition bound of partition “” is too long
ORA-14117: partition resides in offlined tablespace
ORA-14118: CHECK constraint mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-14119: specified partition bound is too long
ORA-14120: incompletely specified partition bound for a DATE column
ORA-14121: MODIFY DEFAULT ATTRIBUTES may not be combined with other operations
ORA-14122: only one REVERSE or NOREVERSE clause may be specified
ORA-14123: duplicate NOREVERSE clause
ORA-14124: duplicate REVERSE clause
ORA-14125: REVERSE/NOREVERSE may not be specified in this context
ORA-14126: only a may follow description(s) of resulting partitions
ORA-14127: illegal index-partition-extended table name syntax
ORA-14129: INCLUDING INDEXES must be specified as tables have enabled UNIQUE constraints
ORA-14130: UNIQUE constraints mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-14131: enabled UNIQUE constraint exists on one of the tables
ORA-14132: table cannot be used in EXCHANGE
ORA-14133: ALTER TABLE MOVE cannot be combined with other operations
ORA-14134: indexes cannot use both DESC and REVERSE
ORA-14135: a LOB column cannot serve as a partitioning column
ORA-14136: ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE restricted by fine-grained security
ORA-14137: Table in partially dropped state, submit DROP TABLE PURGE
ORA-14138: An unexpected error encountered during drop table operation
ORA-14150: missing SUBPARTITION keyword
ORA-14151: invalid table partitioning method
ORA-14152: invalid number of partitions specified in PARTITIONS clause
ORA-14153: only one of STORE IN or clause may be specified
ORA-14154: only one of STORE IN or clause may be specified
ORA-14155: missing PARTITION or SUBPARTITION keyword
ORA-14156: invalid number of subpartitions specified in [SUBPARTITIONS | SUBPARTITION TEMPLATE] clause
ORA-14157: invalid subpartition name
ORA-14158: too many subpartition descriptions
ORA-14159: duplicate subpartition name
ORA-14160: this physical attribute may not be specified for a table subpartition
ORA-14161: subpartition number : sum of PCTUSED and PCTFREE may not exceed 100
ORA-14162: subpartition “”: sum of PCTUSED and PCTFREE may not exceed 100
ORA-14163: subpartition number : INITRANS value must be less than MAXTRANS value
ORA-14164: subpartition “”: INITRANS value must be less than MAXTRANS value
ORA-14165: MODIFY DEFAULT ATTRIBUTES FOR PARTITION may not be combined with other operations
ORA-14166: missing INTO keyword
ORA-14167: only one subpartition may be moved
ORA-14168: only one subpartition may be modified
ORA-14170: cannot specify clause in CREATE TABLE|INDEX
ORA-14171: cannot specify clause in CREATE|ALTER TABLE
ORA-14173: illegal subpartition-extended table name syntax
ORA-14175: a subpartition maintenance operation may not be combined with other operations
ORA-14176: this attribute may not be specified for a hash partition
ORA-14177: STORE-IN (Tablespace list) can only be specified for a LOCAL index on a Hash or Composite Range Hash table
ORA-14178: STORE IN (DEFAULT) clause is not supported for hash partitioned global indexes
ORA-14183: TABLESPACE DEFAULT can be specified only for Composite LOCAL index
ORA-14184: cannot create an UNIQUE partitioned index on a SYSTEM partitioned table
ORA-14185: incorrect physical attribute specified for this index partition
ORA-14186: number of sub-partitions of LOCAL index must equal that of the underlying table
ORA-14187: partitioning method for LOCAL index is inconsistent with that of the underlying table
ORA-14188: sub-partitioning columns must form a subset of key columns of a UNIQUE index
ORA-14189: this physical attribute may not be specified for an index subpartition
ORA-14190: only one ENABLE/DISABLE ROW MOVEMENT clause can be specified
ORA-14191: ALLOCATE STORAGE may not be specified for Composite Range partitioned object
ORA-14192: cannot modify physical index attributes of a Hash index partition
ORA-14194: only one subpartition may be rebuilt
ORA-14195: ALLOCATE STORAGE may not be specified for RANGE or LIST partitioned object
ORA-14196: Specified index cannot be used to enforce the constraint.
ORA-14197: dimension values 3,4 cannot be used with domain indexes
ORA-14198: rowid column must refer to table specified in 1st parameter
ORA-14199: Disable fix for 4900129
ORA-14240: use of syntax for SYSTEM and Range Composite/System (R+S) partitioning methods
ORA-14241: invalid table partitioning method
ORA-14242: table is not partitioned by System, or Hash method
ORA-14243: table is not partitioned by Range, System, or Hash method
ORA-14244: illegal operation for a System or Composite Range/System partitioned table
ORA-14251: Specified subpartition does not exist
ORA-14252: invalid ALTER TABLE MODIFY PARTITION option for a Hash partition
ORA-14253: table is not partitioned by Composite Range method
ORA-14254: cannot specify ALLOCATE STORAGE for a (Composite) Range or List partitioned table
ORA-14255: table is not partitioned by Range, Composite Range or List method
ORA-14256: invalid resulting partition description(s)
ORA-14257: cannot move partition other than a Range or Hash partition
ORA-14258: invalid partition description
ORA-14259: table is not partitioned by Hash method
ORA-14260: incorrect physical attribute specified for this partition
ORA-14261: partition bound may not be specified when adding this Hash partition
ORA-14262: new subpartition name must differ from the old subpartition name
ORA-14263: new subpartition name must differ from that of any other subpartition of the object
ORA-14264: table is not partitioned by Composite Range method
ORA-14265: data type or length of a table subpartitioning column may not be changed
ORA-14266: data type or length of an index subpartitioning column may not be changed
ORA-14267: cannot specify PARALLEL clause when adding a (Composite) Range partition
ORA-14268: subpartition ” of the partition resides in offlined tablespace
ORA-14269: cannot exchange partition other than a Range or Hash partition
ORA-14270: table is not partitioned by Range or Hash or List method
ORA-14271: table is not partitioned by Composite Range method
ORA-14272: only a partition with higher bound can be reused
ORA-14273: lower-bound partition must be specified first
ORA-14274: partitions being merged are not adjacent
ORA-14275: cannot reuse lower-bound partition as resulting partition
ORA-14276: EXCHANGE SUBPARTITION requires a non-partitioned, non-clustered table
ORA-14277: tables in EXCHANGE SUBPARTITION must have the same number of columns
ORA-14278: column type or size mismatch in EXCHANGE SUBPARTITION
ORA-14279: index mismatch for tables in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE SUBPARTITION
ORA-14280: all rows in table do not qualify for specified subpartition
ORA-14284: one or more of table’s subpartitions reside in a read-only tablespace
ORA-14285: cannot COALESCE the only partition of this hash partitioned table or index
ORA-14286: cannot COALESCE the only subpartition of this table partition
ORA-14287: cannot REBUILD a partition of a Composite Range partitioned index
ORA-14288: index is not partitioned by Composite Range method
ORA-14289: cannot make local index partition of Composite Range partitioned table unusable
ORA-14291: cannot EXCHANGE a composite partition with a non-partitioned table
ORA-14292: Partitioning type of table must match subpartitioning type of composite partition
ORA-14293: Number of partitioning columns does not match number of subpartitioning columns
ORA-14294: Number of partitions does not match number of subpartitions
ORA-14295: column type or size mismatch between partitioning columns and subpartitioning columns
ORA-14296: Table block size mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE [SUB]PARTITION
ORA-14297: Index block size mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE [SUB]PARTITION
ORA-14298: LOB column block size mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE [SUB]PARTITION
ORA-14299: total number of partitions/subpartitions exceeds the maximum limit
ORA-14301: table-level attributes must be specified before partition-level attributes
ORA-14302: only one list of added-LOB-storage-clauses can be specified in a statement
ORA-14303: partitions or subpartitions are not in the right order
ORA-14304: List partitioning method expects a single partitioning column
ORA-14305: List value ” specified twice in partition ”
ORA-14306: List value ” specified twice in partitions ”, ”
ORA-14307: partition contains too many list values
ORA-14308: partition bound element must be one of: string, datetime or interval literal, number, or NULL
ORA-14309: Total count of list values exceeds maximum allowed
ORA-14310: VALUES LESS THAN or AT clause cannot be used with List partitioned tables
ORA-14311: Expecting VALUES LESS THAN or AT clause
ORA-14312: Value already exists in partition
ORA-14313: Value does not exist in partition
ORA-14314: resulting List partition(s) must contain atleast 1 value
ORA-14315: cannot merge a partition with itself
ORA-14316: table is not partitioned by List method
ORA-14317: cannot drop the last value of partition
ORA-14318: DEFAULT partition must be last partition specified
ORA-14319: DEFAULT cannot be specified with other values
ORA-14320: DEFAULT cannot be specified for ADD/DROP VALUES or SPLIT
ORA-14321: cannot add/drop values to DEFAULT partition
ORA-14322: DEFAULT partition already exists
ORA-14323: cannot add partition when DEFAULT partition exists
ORA-14324: values being added already exist in DEFAULT partition
ORA-14325: only LOCAL indexes may be specified in this clause
ORA-14326: Primary index on an IOT, DOMAIN and LOB indexes may not be specified in the UPDATE INDEXES clause
ORA-14327: Some index [sub]partitions could not be rebuilt
ORA-14328: Allow UPDATE INDEXES clause for PIOTs. To be used for testing
ORA-14329: domain index [sub]partitions cannot be renamed in this clause
ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition
ORA-14401: inserted partition key is outside specified partition
ORA-14402: updating partition key column would cause a partition change
ORA-14403: cursor invalidation detected after getting DML partition lock
ORA-14404: partitioned table contains partitions in a different tablespace
ORA-14405: partitioned index contains partitions in a different tablespace
ORA-14406: updated partition key is beyond highest legal partition key
ORA-14407: partitioned table contains subpartitions in a different tablespace
ORA-14408: partitioned index contains subpartitions in a different tablespace
ORA-14409: inserted partition key is outside specified subpartition
ORA-14450: attempt to access a transactional temp table already in use
ORA-14451: unsupported feature with temporary table
ORA-14452: attempt to create, alter or drop an index on temporary table already in use
ORA-14453: attempt to use a LOB of a temporary table, whose data has alreadybeen purged
ORA-14454: attempt to reference temporary table in a referential integrity constraint
ORA-14455: attempt to create referential integrity constraint on temporary table
ORA-14456: cannot rebuild index on a temporary table
ORA-14457: disallowed Nested Table column in a Temporary table
ORA-14458: attempt was made to create a temporary table with INDEX organization
ORA-14459: missing GLOBAL keyword
ORA-14460: only one COMPRESS or NOCOMPRESS clause may be specified
ORA-14461: cannot REUSE STORAGE on a temporary table TRUNCATE
ORA-14462: cannot TRUNCATE temporary table in an autonomous transaction which is already in use by the parent transaction
ORA-14500: LOCAL option not valid without partition name
ORA-14501: object is not partitioned
ORA-14503: only one partition name can be specified
ORA-14504: syntax not supported for analyze
ORA-14505: LOCAL option valid only for partitioned indexes
ORA-14506: LOCAL option required for partitioned indexes
ORA-14507: partition corrupt. all rows do not fall within partition bounds
ORA-14508: specified VALIDATE INTO table not found
ORA-14509: specified VALIDATE INTO table form incorrect
ORA-14510: can specify VALIDATE INTO clause only for partitioned tables
ORA-14511: cannot perform operation on a partitioned object
ORA-14512: cannot perform operation on a clustered object
ORA-14513: partitioning column may not be of object datatype
ORA-14514: LOCAL option not valid without subpartition name
ORA-14515: only one aubpartition name can be specified
ORA-14516: subpartition corrupt. all rows do not fall within subpartition bounds
ORA-14517: subpartition of index ‘.’ is in unusable state
ORA-14518: partition contains rows corresponding to values being dropped
ORA-14519: Conflicting tablespace blocksizes for : Tablespace block size [] conflicts with previously specified/implied tablespace block size []
ORA-14520: Tablespace block size [] does not match existing object block size []
ORA-14521: Default tablespace block size [] for does not match existing block size []
ORA-14522: Partition-level default tablespace block size [] for does not match existing block size []
ORA-14523: Cannot co-locate [sub]partition of with table [sub]partition because block size [] does not match table block size []
ORA-14524: Always allow partitioning. To be used only by trusted clients
ORA-14525: Fast Split event
ORA-14526: This event is no longer used.
ORA-14527: Allow ROWID datatype for partitioning key columns
ORA-14528: simulated crash during drop table optimization
ORA-14529: copy hakan factor during ctas at facilitate exchange partition
ORA-14532: Event for bug 5618049
ORA-14534: Event for bug 5996430 fix to be turned on
ORA-14551: cannot perform a DML operation inside a query
ORA-14552: cannot perform a DDL, commit or rollback inside a query or DML
ORA-14553: cannot perform a lob write operation inside a query
ORA-14601: Illegal to specify SUBPARTITIONS or STORE-IN while specifying a subpartition template
ORA-14602: SUBPARTITION TEMPLATE is legal only for a composite partitioned table
ORA-14603: [SUBPARTITIONS | SUBPARTITION TEMPLATE] subpartition_count syntax is valid only for range-hash tables
ORA-14604: During CREATE TABLE time it is illegal to specify SUBPARTITIONS or STORE IN once a SUBPARTITION TEMPLATE has been specified
ORA-14605: Name missing for subpartition / lob segment in template
ORA-14606: Tablespace was specified for previous subpartitions in template but is not specified for
ORA-14607: Tablespace was not specified for previous subpartitions in template but is specified for
ORA-14608: Tablespace was specified for the previous lob segments of column in template but is not specified for
ORA-14609: Tablespace was not specified for the previous lob segments of column in template but is specified for
ORA-14610: Lob attributes not specified for lob column for subpartition
ORA-14611: Duplicate subpartition name in template
ORA-14612: Duplicate lob segment name for lob column in template
ORA-14613: Attempt to generate name from parent name and template name failed as the combine named would have been longer than allowed
ORA-14614: List value ” specified twice in subpartition ”
ORA-14615: List value ” specified twice in subpartitions ”, ”
ORA-14616: table is not subpartitioned by List method
ORA-14617: cannot add/drop values to DEFAULT subpartition
ORA-14618: cannot drop the last value of subpartition
ORA-14619: resulting List subpartition(s) must contain at least 1 value
ORA-14620: DEFAULT subpartition already exists
ORA-14621: cannot add subpartition when DEFAULT subpartition exists
ORA-14622: Value already exists in subpartition
ORA-14623: Value does not exist in subpartition
ORA-14624: DEFAULT subpartition must be last subpartition specified
ORA-14625: subpartition contains rows corresponding to values being dropped
ORA-14626: values being added already exist in DEFAULT subpartition
ORA-14627: Invalid operation was specified on a GLOBAL partitioned index
ORA-14628: specification of bounds is inconsistent with LIST method
ORA-14629: cannot drop the only subpartition of a partition
ORA-14630: subpartition resides in offlined tablespace
ORA-14631: the partition bounds do not match the subpartition bounds of the partition
ORA-14632: cannot specify PARALLEL clause when adding a List subpartition
ORA-14633: Index maintainence clause not allowed for ADD list subpartition to a Composite partitioned table
ORA-14634: Subpartition descriptions cannot be specified during the SPLIT/MERGE of a partition of a Range-List partitioned table
ORA-14635: only one resulting subpartition can be specified for MERGE SUBPARTITIONS
ORA-14636: only 2 resulting subpartition can be specified for SPLIT SUBPARTITION
ORA-14637: cannot merge a subpartition with itself
ORA-14638: cannot MERGE subpartitions in different Range Composite partitions
ORA-14639: SUBPARTITIONS clause can be specfied only for Hash, Composite Range Hash table/partition
ORA-14640: add/coalesce index partition operation is valid only for hash partitioned global indexes
ORA-14641: STORE-IN clause can be specified only for a Hash, Composite Range Hash table/partition
ORA-14642: Bitmap index mismatch for tables in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-14643: Hakan factor mismatch for tables in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-14644: table is not subpartitioned by Hash method
ORA-14645: STORE IN clause cannot be specified for Range List objects
ORA-14646: Specified alter table operation involving compression cannot be performed in the presence of usable bitmap indexes
ORA-14700: Object(s) owned by SYS cannot be locked by non-SYS user
ORA-15000: command disallowed by current instance type
ORA-15001: diskgroup “” does not exist or is not mounted
ORA-15002: parameter LOCK_NAME_SPACE exceeds limit of characters
ORA-15003: diskgroup “” already mounted in another lock name space
ORA-15004: alias “” does not exist
ORA-15005: name “” is already used by an existing alias
ORA-15006: template “” does not exist
ORA-15007: name is already used by an existing template
ORA-15008: cannot drop system template
ORA-15009: ASM disk “” does not exist
ORA-15010: name is already used by an existing ASM disk
ORA-15011: failure group “” contains no members
ORA-15012: ASM file ” does not exist
ORA-15013: diskgroup “” is already mounted
ORA-15014: location ” is not in the discovery set
ORA-15017: diskgroup “” cannot be mounted
ORA-15018: diskgroup cannot be created
ORA-15019: discovered duplicate path ” for ”
ORA-15020: discovered duplicate ASM disk “”
ORA-15021: parameter “” is not valid in instance
ORA-15023: reached maximum allowable number of disks
ORA-15024: discovered duplicately numbered ASM disk
ORA-15025: could not open disk ”
ORA-15026: disk ” is not an ASM disk
ORA-15027: active use of diskgroup “” precludes its dismount
ORA-15028: ASM file ” not dropped; currently being accessed
ORA-15029: disk ” is already mounted by this instance
ORA-15030: diskgroup name “” is in use by another diskgroup
ORA-15031: disk specification ” matches no disks
ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-15033: disk ” belongs to diskgroup “”
ORA-15034: disk ” does not require the FORCE option
ORA-15035: no disks belong to diskgroup “”
ORA-15036: disk ” is truncated
ORA-15037: disk ” is smaller than mimimum of MBs
ORA-15038: disk ” size mismatch with diskgroup [] [] []
ORA-15039: diskgroup not dropped
ORA-15040: diskgroup is incomplete
ORA-15041: diskgroup space exhausted
ORA-15042: ASM disk “” is missing
ORA-15043: ASM disk “” is not a diskgroup member
ORA-15044: ASM disk ” is incorrectly named
ORA-15045: ASM file name ” is not in reference form
ORA-15046: ASM file name ” is not in single-file creation form
ORA-15047: ASM file name ” is not in multiple-file creation form
ORA-15048: ASM internal files cannot be deleted
ORA-15049: diskgroup “” contains error(s)
ORA-15050: disk “” contains error(s)
ORA-15051: file ” contains error(s)
ORA-15052: ASM file name ” is not in diskgroup “”
ORA-15053: diskgroup “” contains existing files
ORA-15054: disk “” does not exist in diskgroup “”
ORA-15055: unable to connect to ASM instance
ORA-15056: additional error message
ORA-15057: specified size of MB is larger than actual size of MB
ORA-15058: disk ” belongs to an incompatible diskgroup
ORA-15059: invalid device type for ASM disk
ORA-15060: template “” does not exist
ORA-15061: ASM operation not supported []
ORA-15062: ASM disk is globally closed
ORA-15063: ASM discovered an insufficient number of disks for diskgroup “”
ORA-15064: communication failure with ASM instance
ORA-15065: hash collision for diskgroup names ” and ”
ORA-15066: offlining disk “” may result in a data loss
ORA-15067: command or option incompatible with diskgroup redundancy
ORA-15068: maximum number of diskgroups already mounted
ORA-15069: ASM file ” not accessible; timed out waiting for lock
ORA-15070: maximum number of files exceeded in diskgroup “”
ORA-15071: ASM disk “” is already being dropped
ORA-15072: command requires at least failure groups, discovered only
ORA-15073: diskgroup is mounted by another ASM instance
ORA-15074: diskgroup requires rebalance completion
ORA-15075: disk(s) are not visible cluster-wide
ORA-15076: Emulating I/O errors on the OSM disk
ORA-15077: could not locate ASM instance serving a required diskgroup
ORA-15078: ASM diskgroup was forcibly dismounted
ORA-15079: ASM file is closed
ORA-15080: synchronous I/O operation to a disk failed
ORA-15081: failed to submit an I/O operation to a disk
ORA-15082: ASM failed to communicate with database instance
ORA-15083: failed to communicate with ASMB background process
ORA-15090: handle is not a valid descriptor
ORA-15091: operation incompatible with open handle in this session
ORA-15092: I/O request size is not a multiple of logical block size
ORA-15093: buffer only contains bytes, I/O requested is bytes
ORA-15094: attempted to write to file opened in read only mode
ORA-15095: reached maximum ASM file size ( GB)
ORA-15096: lost disk write detected
ORA-15097: cannot SHUTDOWN ASM instance with connected RDBMS instance
ORA-15099: disk ” is larger than maximum size of MBs
ORA-15100: invalid or missing diskgroup name
ORA-15101: no action specified
ORA-15102: invalid POWER expression
ORA-15103: conflicting or duplicate REPAIR options
ORA-15104: conflicting CONTENTS options
ORA-15105: missing or invalid FAILGROUP name
ORA-15106: missing or invalid operating system disk locator string
ORA-15107: missing or invalid ASM disk name
ORA-15108: missing or invalid template name
ORA-15109: conflicting protection attributes specified
ORA-15110: no diskgroups mounted
ORA-15111: conflicting or duplicate STRIPE options
ORA-15112: No diskgroups are currently mounted.
ORA-15113: alias name ” refers to a directory
ORA-15114: missing or invalid ASM file name
ORA-15115: missing or invalid ASM disk size specifier
ORA-15116: invalid combination of ALTER DISKGROUP options
ORA-15117: command only operates on one diskgroup
ORA-15120: ASM file name ” does not begin with the ASM prefix character
ORA-15121: ASM file name ” contains an invalid diskgroup name
ORA-15122: ASM file name ” contains an invalid file number
ORA-15123: ASM file name ” contains an invalid incarnation number
ORA-15124: ASM file name ” contains an invalid alias name
ORA-15125: ASM file name ” contains an invalid template name
ORA-15126: component within ASM file name ” exceeds maximum length
ORA-15127: ASM file name ” cannot use templates
ORA-15128: ASM file name ” exceeds maximum length
ORA-19570: file number is outside valid range of 1 through
ORA-19571: recid stamp not found in control file
ORA-19572: cannot process file , file is being being resized
ORA-19573: cannot obtain enqueue for datafile
ORA-19574: output filename must be specified
ORA-19575: expected blocks in file , found
ORA-19576: datafile not defined in control file
ORA-19577: file is MISSING
ORA-19578: end of volume while duplexing to sequential files, backup piece incomplete
ORA-19579: archivelog record for not found
ORA-19580: conversation not active
ORA-19581: no files have been named
ORA-19582: archivelog file header validation for failed
ORA-19583: conversation terminated due to error
ORA-19584: file already in use
ORA-19585: premature end of volume on piece
ORA-19586: k-byte limit is too small to hold piece directory
ORA-19587: error occurred reading bytes at block number
ORA-19588: recid stamp is no longer valid
ORA-19589: is not a snapshot or backup control file
ORA-19590: conversation already active
ORA-19591: backup aborted because job time exceeded duration time
ORA-19592: wrong conversation type
ORA-19593: datafile number already included as
ORA-19594: control file already included as
ORA-19595: archivelog already included in backup conversation
ORA-19596: SPFILE already included
ORA-19597: file blocksize does not match set blocksize of
ORA-19598: can not backup SPFILE because the instance was not started with SPFILE
ORA-19599: block number is corrupt in
ORA-19600: input file is ()
ORA-19601: output file is ()
ORA-19602: cannot backup or copy active file in NOARCHIVELOG mode
ORA-19603: cannot backup or copy active file with KEEP .. UNRECOVERABLE option
ORA-19604: conversation file naming phase is over
ORA-19605: input filename must be specified
ORA-19606: Cannot copy or restore to snapshot control file
ORA-19607: is an active control file
ORA-19608: is not a backup piece
ORA-19609: is from different backup set: stamp count
ORA-19610: directory block is corrupt
ORA-19611: backup piece out of order. Expected but found
ORA-19612: datafile not restored due to
ORA-19613: datafile not found in backup set
ORA-19614: archivelog thread sequence not found in backup set
ORA-19615: some files not found in backup set
ORA-19616: output filename must be specified if database not mounted
ORA-19617: file contains different resetlogs data
ORA-19618: cannot name files after restoreValidate has been called
ORA-19619: cannot call restoreValidate after files have been named
ORA-19620: is not of type
ORA-19621: archivelog range has already been specified
ORA-19622: archivelog thread sequence not restored due to
ORA-19623: file is open
ORA-19624: operation failed, retry possible
ORA-19625: error identifying file
ORA-19626: backup set type is – can not be processed by this conversation
ORA-19627: cannot read backup pieces during control file application
ORA-19628: invalid SCN range
ORA-19629: no files in specified archivelog SCN range
ORA-19630: end of volume encountered while copying backup piece
ORA-19631: archivelog record contains no file name
ORA-19632: file name not found in control file
ORA-19633: control file record is out of sync with recovery catalog
ORA-19634: filename required for this function
ORA-19635: input and output filenames are identical:
ORA-19636: archivelog thread sequence already included
ORA-19637: backupPieceCreate requires file name when using DISK device
ORA-19638: file is not current enough to apply this incremental backup
ORA-19639: file is more current than this incremental backup
ORA-19640: datafile checkpoint is SCN time
ORA-19641: backup datafile checkpoint is SCN time
ORA-19642: start SCN of incremental backup is
ORA-19643: datafile : incremental-start SCN is too recent
ORA-19644: datafile : incremental-start SCN is prior to resetlogs SCN
ORA-19645: datafile : incremental-start SCN is prior to creation SCN
ORA-19646: cannot change size of datafile from to
ORA-19647: non-zero LEVEL cannot be specified when INCREMENTAL is FALSE
ORA-19648: datafile : incremental-start SCN equals checkpoint SCN
ORA-19649: offline-range record recid stamp not found in file
ORA-19650: Offline-range record recid stamp in file has SCN
ORA-19651: cannot apply offline-range record to datafile : SCN mismatch
ORA-19652: cannot apply offline-range record to datafile : file is fuzzy
ORA-19653: cannot switch to older file incarnation
ORA-19654: must use backup control file to switch file incarnations
ORA-19655: cannot switch to incarnation with different resetlogs data
ORA-19656: cannot backup, copy, or delete online log
ORA-19657: cannot inspect current datafile
ORA-19658: cannot inspect – file is from different resetlogs
ORA-19659: incremental restore would advance file past resetlogs
ORA-19660: some files in the backup set could not be verified
ORA-19661: datafile could not be verified
ORA-19662: archived log thread sequence could not be verified
ORA-19663: cannot apply current offline range to datafile
ORA-19664: file type: , file name:
ORA-19665: size in file header does not match actual file size of
ORA-19666: cannot do incremental restore of the control file
ORA-19667: cannot do incremental restore of datafile
ORA-19668: cannot do full restore of datafile
ORA-19669: proxy copy functions cannot be run on DISK channel
ORA-19670: file already being restored
ORA-19671: media management software returned invalid proxy handle
ORA-19672: media management software returned invalid file status
ORA-19673: error during proxy copy of file
ORA-19674: file is already being backed up with proxy copy
ORA-19675: file was modified during proxy copy
ORA-19676: one or more files failed during proxy backup or restore
ORA-19677: RMAN configuration name exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19678: RMAN configuration value exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19679: RMAN configuration number is outside valid range of 1 through
ORA-19680: some blocks not recovered. See trace file for details
ORA-19681: block media recovery on control file not possible
ORA-19682: file not in block media recovery context
ORA-19683: real and backup blocksize of file are unequal
ORA-19684: block media recovery failed because database is suspended
ORA-19685: SPFILE could not be verified
ORA-19686: SPFILE not restored due to
ORA-19687: SPFILE not found in backup set
ORA-19688: control file autobackup format() for does not have %F
ORA-19689: cannot have more than one %F in control file autobackup format() for
ORA-19690: backup piece release incompatible with Oracle release
ORA-19691: is from different database: id=, name=
ORA-19692: missing creation stamp on piece
ORA-19693: backup piece already included
ORA-19694: some changed blocks were not found in the change tracking file
ORA-19695: fixed table x$krbmsft has not been populated
ORA-19696: control file not found in backup set
ORA-19697: standby control file not found in backup set
ORA-19698: is from different database: id=, db_name=
ORA-19699: cannot make copies with compression enabled
ORA-19700: device type exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19701: device name exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19702: device parameter exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19703: device command string exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19704: file name exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19705: tag value exceeds maximum length of characters
ORA-19706: invalid SCN
ORA-19707: invalid record block number –
ORA-19708: log destination exceeds maximum length of characters
ORA-19709: numeric parameter must be non-negative integer
ORA-19710: unsupported character set
ORA-19711: cannot use reNormalizeAllFileNames while database is open
ORA-19712: table name exceeds maximum length of
ORA-19713: invalid copy number:
ORA-19714: length for generated name longer than
ORA-19715: invalid format for generated name
ORA-19716: error processing format to generate name for backup
ORA-19717: for non-OMF search the pattern must be specified
ORA-19718: length for command id longer than
ORA-19719: length for operation name longer than
ORA-19720: Error occurred when converting an OCI number into an SCN
ORA-19721: Cannot find datafile with absolute file number in tablespace
ORA-19722: datafile is an incorrect version
ORA-19723: Cannot recreate plugged in read-only datafile
ORA-19724: snapshot too old: snapshot time is before file plug-in time
ORA-19725: can not acquire plug-in enqueue
ORA-19726: cannot plug data [] at level into database running at compatibility level
ORA-19727: cannot plug data [] at level into database running Oracle
ORA-19728: data object number conflict between table and partition in table
ORA-19729: File is not the initial version of the plugged in datafile
ORA-19730: can not convert offline plugged-in datafile
ORA-19731: cannot apply change to unverified plugged-in datafile
ORA-19732: incorrect number of datafiles for tablespace
ORA-19733: COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be or greater
ORA-19734: wrong creation SCN – control file expects converted plugged-in datafile
ORA-19735: wrong creation SCN – control file expects initial plugged-in datafile
ORA-19736: can not plug a tablespace into a database using a different national character set
ORA-19737: simulate read-only database connection to execute sql query
ORA-19738: cannot find language information for character set: ”
ORA-19740: text is longer than
ORA-19750: change tracking file: ”
ORA-19751: could not create the change tracking file
ORA-19752: block change tracking is already enabled
ORA-19753: error writing to change tracking file
ORA-19754: error reading from change tracking file
ORA-19755: could not open change tracking file
ORA-19756: corrupt block number found in change tracking file
ORA-19757: could not resize change tracking file to blocks
ORA-19758: failed to enable/disable block change tracking: out of SGA memory
ORA-19759: block change tracking is not enabled
ORA-19760: error starting change tracking
ORA-19761: block size is not valid for change tracking file
ORA-19762: invalid file type
ORA-19763: compatibility version is higher than maximum allowed:
ORA-19764: database id does not match database id in control file
ORA-19765: mount id does not match mount id in control file
ORA-19766: missing CHANGE keyword
ORA-19767: missing TRACKING keyword
ORA-19768: USING clause only valid with ENABLE CHANGE TRACKING
ORA-19769: missing FILE keyword
ORA-19770: invalid change tracking file name
ORA-19771: cannot rename change tracking file while database is open
ORA-19772: change tracking file name exceeds limit of characters
ORA-19773: must specify change tracking file name
ORA-19776: PROXY restore to ASM diskgroup “” is not supported.
ORA-19777: ASM file cannot be proxy backed up.
ORA-19778: event to be in hot backup mode for given seconds
ORA-19800: Unable to initialize Oracle Managed Destination
ORA-19801: initialization parameter DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST is not set
ORA-19803: Parameter DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE is out of range (1 – )
ORA-19804: cannot reclaim bytes disk space from limit
ORA-19805: recid of was deleted to reclaim disk space
ORA-19806: cannot make duplex backups in recovery area
ORA-19808: recovery destination parameter mismatch
ORA-19809: limit exceeded for recovery files
ORA-19810: Cannot create temporary control file in DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
ORA-19811: cannot have files in DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST with keep attributes
ORA-19812: cannot use without DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
ORA-19813: cannot have unavailable file in DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
ORA-19815: WARNING: of bytes is % used, and has remaining bytes available.
ORA-19816: WARNING: Files may exist in that are not known to database.
ORA-19830: error from target database:

ORA-19831: incompatible … DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE package: … required
ORA-19851: OS error while managing auxiliary database
ORA-19852: error creating services for auxiliary instance (error )
ORA-19853: error preparing auxiliary instance (error )
ORA-19854: error obtaining connect string from target
ORA-19860: piece validation cannot be performed more than once
ORA-19861: additional backup pieces cannot be validated in this conversation
ORA-19862: backup pieces must be validated before accessing results
ORA-19863: device block size is larger than max allowed:
ORA-19870: error reading backup piece
ORA-19880: Corrupted space header for datafile , block backup aborted
ORA-19881: Corrupted space bitmap for datafile , block backup aborted
ORA-19900: RESETLOGS must be specified after recovery to new incarnation
ORA-19901: database needs more recovery to create new incarnation
ORA-19902: incarnation key not found
ORA-19903: test recovery not allowed when recovering to new incarnation
ORA-19904: test recovery not allowed for datafile
ORA-19905: log_archive_format must contain %s, %t and %r
ORA-19906: recovery target incarnation changed during recovery
ORA-19907: recovery time or SCN does not belong to recovered incarnation
ORA-19908: datafile has invalid checkpoint
ORA-19909: datafile belongs to an orphan incarnation
ORA-19910: can not change recovery target incarnation in control file
ORA-19911: datafile contains future changes at the incarnation boundary
ORA-19912: cannot recover to target incarnation
ORA-19913: unable to decrypt backup
ORA-19914: unable to encrypt backup
ORA-19915: unable to encrypt pre-10.2 files
ORA-19921: maximum number of rows exceeded
ORA-16144: simulate RFS error while terminal recovery in progress
ORA-16145: archival for thread# sequence# in progress
ORA-16146: standby destination control file enqueue unavailable
ORA-16147: standby database referenced by multiple archive log destinations
ORA-16148: user requested expiration of managed recovery operation
ORA-16149: enable simulated ARCH RAC archival testing
ORA-16150: FINISH recovery performed on another, older standby database
ORA-16151: Managed Standby Recovery not available
ORA-16152: standby database is in ‘no-data-loss’ protected mode
ORA-16153: enable ARCH Physical RFS client debugging
ORA-16154: suspect attribute:
ORA-16155: enable arch procs to not exceed log_archive_max_processes
ORA-16156: LGWR archive log dependency not allowed if database is standby protected
ORA-16157: media recovery not allowed following successful FINISH recovery
ORA-16158: simulated failure during terminal recovery
ORA-16159: Cannot change protected standby destination attributes
ORA-16160: Cannot change protected standby database configuration
ORA-16161: Cannot mix standby and online redo log file members for group
ORA-16162: Cannot add new standby databases to protected configuration
ORA-16163: LGWR network server host attach error
ORA-16164: LGWR network server host detach error
ORA-16165: LGWR failed to hear from network server
ORA-16166: LGWR network server failed to send remote message
ORA-16167: LGWR network server could not switch to non-blocking mode
ORA-16168: LGWR network server could not switch to blocking mode
ORA-16169: LGWR network server invalid parameters
ORA-16170: Terminal recovery may have left the database in an inconsistent state
ORA-16171: RECOVER…FINISH not allowed due to gap for thr , seq –
ORA-16172: archive logs detected beyond Terminal End-Of-Redo
ORA-16173: incompatible archival network connections active
ORA-16174: user requested thread/sequence termination of managed recovery
ORA-16175: cannot shut down database when media recovery is active
ORA-16176: background dictionary build cannot be running
ORA-16177: media recovery is not required
ORA-16178: Cannot specify remote destinations in archivelog manual mode
ORA-16179: incremental changes to “” not allowed with SPFILE
ORA-16180: number processes specified for MAX_PARALLEL_SERVERS is too small
ORA-16181: SGA specified for Logical Standby is too large
ORA-16182: Internal error on internal channel during remote archival
ORA-16183: Internal event for testing purposes
ORA-16184: DB_UNIQUE_NAME hashes to the same value as DB_UNIQUE_NAME
ORA-16186: Modifying LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG requires SID=’*’ qualifier
ORA-16187: LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG contains duplicate, conflicting or invalid attributes
ORA-16188: LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG settings inconsistent with previously started instance
ORA-16189: Internal event for testing RTA purposes
ORA-16190: Internal event for RFS Auth testing purposes
ORA-16191: Primary log shipping client not logged on standby
ORA-16192: Primary and standby network integrity mismatch
ORA-16193: Primary and standby network encryption mismatch
ORA-16194: Modifying DB_UNIQUE_NAME requires SID=’*’ qualifier
ORA-16195: DG_CONFIG requires DB_UNIQUE_NAME be explicitly defined
ORA-16196: database has been previously opened and closed
ORA-16197: Invalid DB_UNIQUE_NAME parameter specification
ORA-16198: Timeout incurred on internal channel during remote archival
ORA-16199: Terminal recovery failed to recover to a consistent point
ORA-16200: Skip procedure requested to skip statement
ORA-16201: Skip procedure requested to apply statement
ORA-16202: Skip procedure requested to replace statement
ORA-16203: Unable to interpret skip procedure return values
ORA-16204: DDL successfully applied
ORA-16205: DDL skipped due to skip setting
ORA-16206: database already configured as Logical Standby database
ORA-16207: Logical standby dictionary build not permitted.
ORA-16208: Logical standby dictionary build failed to start.
ORA-16209: Logical standby dictionary build failed to complete.
ORA-16210: Logical standby coordinator process terminated with error
ORA-16211: unsupported record found in the archived redo log
ORA-16212: number processes specified for APPLY is too great
ORA-16213: ddl encountered, stopping apply engine
ORA-16214: apply stalled for apply delay
ORA-16215: history metadata inconsistency
ORA-16216: Log stream sequence error
ORA-16217: prepare to switchover has not completed
ORA-16218: This database is already preparing to switch over.
ORA-16219: This database is not preparing to switch over.
ORA-16220: no failed transaction found
ORA-16221: history table synchronization error
ORA-16222: automatic Logical Standby retry of last action
ORA-16223: DDL skipped, unsupported in current version
ORA-16224: Database Guard is enabled
ORA-16225: Missing LogMiner session name for Streams
ORA-16226: DDL skipped due to lack of support
ORA-16227: DDL skipped due to missing object
ORA-16228: Insufficient recovery for logical standby
ORA-16229: PDML child for parent cannot be skipped.
ORA-16230: committing transaction
ORA-16231: DDL barrier
ORA-16232: adding Logical Standby skip entry for table .
ORA-16233: The table . is unsupported now
ORA-16234: restarting to reset Logical Standby apply
ORA-16235: DDL skipped because import has occurred
ORA-16236: Logical Standby metadata operation in progress
ORA-16237: SGA specified for Logical Standby is too small
ORA-16238: attempt to use version 9 log
ORA-16239: IMMEDIATE option not available without standby redo logs
ORA-16240: Waiting for logfile (thread# , sequence# )
ORA-16241: Waiting for gap logfile (thread# , sequence# )
ORA-16242: Processing logfile (thread# , sequence# )
ORA-16243: paging out bytes of memory to disk
ORA-16244: taking checkpoint and paging out bytes to disk
ORA-16245: paging in transaction , ,
ORA-16246: User initiated abort apply successfully completed
ORA-16247: DDL skipped on internal schema
ORA-16248: RFS connections not permitted during Terminal Apply
ORA-16249: Terminal apply failed to complete during failover
ORA-16250: Failed to acquire starting scn of new log stream
ORA-16251: LSP1 Background Build not permitted
ORA-16252: Rebuild operation not permitted
ORA-16253: Logical Standby cannot start due to incomplete terminal apply
ORA-16254: change db_name to in the client-side parameter file (pfile)
ORA-16255: Log Auto Delete conflicts with another LogMiner session
ORA-16256: Failure to complete standby redo logfile archival after failover
ORA-16257: Switchover initiated stop apply successfully completed
ORA-16258: marking index unusable due to a constraint violation
ORA-16259: Switchover to logical standby requires a log archive destination
ORA-16260: Waiting to replace partial or corrupt logfile (thread# , sequence# )
ORA-16276: specified database link does not correspond to primary database
ORA-16277: specified table is not supported by logical standby database
ORA-16278: specified table has a multi-object skip rule defined
ORA-16279: Supplied dblink must have CONNECT, RESOURCE, and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE roles
ORA-16300: LSBY architected tracing event
ORA-16400: quota attributes are not allowed with DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
ORA-16401: archivelog rejected by RFS
ORA-16402: ONDEMAND archival requires FAL_CLIENT and FAL_SERVER support
ORA-16403: shutdown in progress – remote connection is not permitted
ORA-16404: Internal event for simulating software version mismatches
ORA-16405: Internal event for simulating software version mismatches
ORA-16406: Primary and standby database software version mismatch
ORA-16407: Standby database is in the future of the archive log
ORA-16408: Incompatible archival Redo Branch lineage
ORA-16409: Archive log switchover reference number mismatch
ORA-16410: enable simulated LGWR netslave infinite wait
ORA-16411: ONDEMAND archival requires active managed recovery operation
ORA-16412: ONDEMAND archival requires active SQL apply operation
ORA-16413: Unsupported database type for ONDEMAND archivelog destinations
ORA-16414: Event to prevent MRP from clearing online redo logfiles
ORA-16415: Event to enable lock dumping
ORA-16416: Switchover target is not synchronized with the primary
ORA-16417: Activation occurred after recovery from standby redo log files; a full database backup is required
ORA-16427: Potential archive log gap too large to service
ORA-16431: Cannot expand control file
ORA-16501: the Data Guard broker operation failed
ORA-16502: the Data Guard broker operation succeeded with warnings
ORA-16503: site ID allocation failure
ORA-16504: the Data Guard configuration already exists
ORA-16505: site ID is invalid
ORA-16506: out of memory
ORA-16507: unrecognized request identifier
ORA-16508: channel handle not initialized
ORA-16509: the request timed out
ORA-16510: messaging error using ksrwait
ORA-16511: messaging error using ksrget
ORA-16512: parameter exceeded maximum size limit
ORA-16513: maximum requests exceeded
ORA-16514: the request was not found
ORA-16515: no rcv channel
ORA-16516: the current state is invalid for the attempted operation
ORA-16517: the object handle is invalid
ORA-16518: unable to allocate virtual instance id
ORA-16519: the resource handle is invalid
ORA-16520: unable to allocate resource id
ORA-16521: unable to create generic template id
ORA-16522: generic template not found
ORA-16523: operation requires the client to connect to instance “”
ORA-16524: unsupported operation
ORA-16525: the Data Guard broker is not yet available
ORA-16526: unable to allocate task element
ORA-16527: unable to allocate SGA heap
ORA-16528: unable to allocate PGA heap
ORA-16529: bad sender id
ORA-16530: invalid buffer or length
ORA-16531: unable to post message
ORA-16532: Data Guard broker configuration does not exist
ORA-16533: inconsistent Data Guard broker state
ORA-16534: no more requests accepted
ORA-16535: CRS is preventing execution of a broker operation
ORA-16536: unknown object type
ORA-16537: child count exceeded
ORA-16538: no match on requested item
ORA-16539: task element not found
ORA-16540: invalid argument
ORA-16541: site is not enabled
ORA-16542: unrecognized operation
ORA-16543: invalid request made to broker
ORA-16544: modifying DG_BROKER_START requires SID=’*’ qualifier
ORA-16545: unable to get response
ORA-16546: missing or invalid piece
ORA-16547: cannot disable the primary database
ORA-16548: object not enabled
ORA-16549: invalid string
ORA-16550: truncated result
ORA-16551: short string copied
ORA-16552: an error occurred when generating the CLIENT OPERATION table
ORA-16553: the Data Guard broker process (DMON) failed to shutdown
ORA-16554: translation not valid
ORA-16555: the Data Guard database is not active
ORA-16556: observer version mismatch
ORA-16557: the database is already in use
ORA-16558: the database specified for switchover is not a standby database
ORA-16559: out of memory at
ORA-16560: unable to convert document, syntax error at “”
ORA-16561: cannot remove an active instance
ORA-16562: intended_state not used here, syntax error at “”
ORA-16563: unable to add value, syntax error at “”
ORA-16564: lookup failed, syntax error at
ORA-16565: duplicate property, syntax error at “”
ORA-16566: unsupported document type
ORA-16567: Data Guard broker internal parser error at “”
ORA-16568: cannot set property
ORA-16569: Data Guard configuration is not enabled
ORA-16570: operation requires restart of database “”
ORA-16571: Data Guard configuration file creation failure
ORA-16572: Data Guard configuration file not found
ORA-16573: attempt to change configuration file for an enabled broker configuration
ORA-16574: switchover disallowed when required databases are offline
ORA-16575: request terminated at broker discretion
ORA-16576: failed to update Data Guard configuration file
ORA-16577: corruption detected in Data Guard configuration file
ORA-16578: failed to read Data Guard configuration file
ORA-16579: bad Data Guard NetSlave state detected
ORA-16580: bad Data Guard NetSlave network link
ORA-16581: Data Guard NetSlave failed to send message to DRCX
ORA-16582: could not edit instance specific property
ORA-16583: bad Data Guard Connection Process DRCX state
ORA-16584: illegal operation on a standby site
ORA-16585: illegal operation on a primary site
ORA-16586: could not edit database property through instance
ORA-16587: ambiguous object specified to Data Guard broker
ORA-16588: no more internal buffers
ORA-16589: Data Guard Connection process detected a network transfer error
ORA-16590: Data Guard configuration does not contain a primary database
ORA-16591: unknown field “” in document
ORA-16592: missing field “” in document
ORA-16593: XML conversion failed
ORA-16594: process discovered that DMON process does not exist
ORA-16595: Process failed to terminate
ORA-16596: object not part of the Data Guard broker configuration
ORA-16597: Data Guard broker detects two or more primary databases
ORA-16598: Data Guard broker detected a mismatch in configuration
ORA-16599: Data Guard broker detected a stale configuration
ORA-16600: failover operation can only be submitted at target database
ORA-16601: site contains required resources that are disabled
ORA-16602: object must be disabled to perform this operation
ORA-16603: Data Guard broker detected a mismatch in configuration ID
ORA-16604: unable to describe template using package “”
ORA-16605: unable to delete template, template is in use
ORA-16606: unable to find property “”
ORA-16607: one or more databases have failed
ORA-16608: one or more databases have warnings
ORA-16609: database is being disabled
ORA-16610: command ” in progress
ORA-16611: operation aborted at user request
ORA-16612: string value too long for attribute “”
ORA-16613: initialization in progress for database
ORA-16614: object has an ancestor that is disabled
ORA-16615: event for Data Guard NetSlave testing
ORA-16616: event for Data Guard monitor testing
ORA-16617: unknown object identifier specified in request
ORA-16618: response document of size “” bytes is too large
ORA-16619: health check timed out
ORA-16620: one or more databases could not be contacted for a delete operation
ORA-16621: database name for ADD DATABASE must be unique
ORA-16622: two or more broker database objects resolve to one physical database
ORA-16623: stale DRC UID sequence number detected
ORA-16624: broker protocol version mismatch detected
ORA-16625: cannot reach the database
ORA-16626: failed to enable specified object
ORA-16627: operation disallowed since no standby databases would remain to support protection mode
ORA-16628: the broker protection mode is inconsistent with the database setting
ORA-16629: database reports a different protection level from the protection mode
ORA-16630: that database property was deprecated
ORA-16631: operation requires shutdown of database/instance “”
ORA-16632: instance being added to database profile
ORA-16633: the only instance of the database cannot be removed
ORA-16634: Event for Data Guard NetSlave tracing
ORA-16635: NetSlave connection was broken in the middle of a transmission session
ORA-16636: Fast-Start Failover target standby in error state, cannot stop observer
ORA-16637: an instance failed to access the Data Guard broker configuration
ORA-16638: could not get the instance status
ORA-16639: specified instance inactive or currently unavailable
ORA-16640: CRS warns that multiple instances may still be running
ORA-16641: failure to acquire broker configuration metadata lock
ORA-16642: db_unique_name mismatch
ORA-16643: unable to determine location of broker configuration files
ORA-16644: apply instance not available
ORA-16645: unexpected new instance interrupted current operation
ORA-16646: Fast-Start Failover is disabled
ORA-16647: could not start more than one observer
ORA-16648: a new observer registered with identifier
ORA-16649: database will open after Data Guard broker has evaluated Fast-Start Failover status
ORA-16650: command incompatible when Fast-Start Failover is enabled
ORA-16651: requirements not met for enabling Fast-Start Failover
ORA-16652: Fast-Start Failover target standby database is disabled
ORA-16653: failed to reinstate database
ORA-16654: Fast-Start Failover is enabled
ORA-16655: specified target standby database invalid
ORA-16656: higher DRC UID sequence number detected
ORA-16657: reinstatement of database in progress
ORA-16658: unobserved Fast-Start Failover configuration
ORA-16659: failover operation in progress
ORA-16660: FSFO operation attempted in absence of a broker configuration
ORA-16661: the standby database needs to be reinstated
ORA-16662: network timeout when contacting a remote database
ORA-16663: event to control broker’s actions in the development environment
ORA-16664: unable to receive the result from a remote database
ORA-16665: timeout waiting for the result from a remote database
ORA-16666: error message is in XML already
ORA-16700: the standby database has diverged from the primary database
ORA-16701: generic resource guard request failed
ORA-16702: generic resource guard warning
ORA-16703: cannot set property while the database is enabled
ORA-16704: cannot modify a read-only property
ORA-16705: internal error in resource guard
ORA-16706: no resource guard is available
ORA-16707: the value of the property is invalid, valid values are
ORA-16708: the state supplied to resource guard is invalid
ORA-16709: standby archived log location settings conflict with flash recovery area
ORA-16710: the resource guard is out of memory
ORA-16711: the resource guard index is out of bounds
ORA-16712: the resource handle is invalid
ORA-16713: the resource guard timed out while servicing the request
ORA-16714: the value of property is inconsistent with the database setting
ORA-16715: redo transport-related property of standby database “” is inconsistent
ORA-16716: clearing parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST failed
ORA-16717: clearing parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST failed
ORA-16718: failed to locate database object
ORA-16719: unable to query V$ARCHIVE_DEST fixed view
ORA-16720: no LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameters available
ORA-16721: unable to set LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameters
ORA-16722: unable to set LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_STATE_n initialization parameters
ORA-16723: setting AlternateLocation property conflicts with the redo transport setting
ORA-16724: the intended state for the database has been set to OFFLINE
ORA-16725: the phase supplied to resource guard is invalid
ORA-16726: the external condition supplied to resource guard is invalid
ORA-16727: resource guard cannot close database
ORA-16728: consistency check for property found error
ORA-16729: validation of value for property found error
ORA-16730: error executing dbms_logstdby.skip_txn procedure
ORA-16731: error executing dbms_logstdby.unskip_txn procedure
ORA-16732: error executing dbms_logstdby.skip procedure
ORA-16733: error executing dbms_logstdby.unskip procedure
ORA-16734: error executing dbms_logstdby.skip_error procedure
ORA-16735: error executing dbms_logstdby.unskip_error procedure
ORA-16736: unable to find the destination entry of standby database “” in V$ARCHIVE_DEST
ORA-16737: the redo transport service for standby database “” has an error
ORA-16738: redo tranport service for standby database “” unexpectedly offline
ORA-16739: redo transport service for standby database “” unexpectedly online
ORA-16740: redo transport service for standby database “” incorrectly set to ALTERNATE
ORA-16741: the destination parameter of standby database “” has incorrect syntax
ORA-16742: the standby database “” has exhausted its quota
ORA-16743: the status of redo transport service for standby database “” is unknown
ORA-16744: the DG_CONFIG list of LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG parameter is full
ORA-16745: unable to add DB_UNIQUE_NAME into the DG_CONFIG list because it is full
ORA-16746: resource guard encountered errors during database mount
ORA-16747: logical standby database guard could not be turned on
ORA-16748: resource guard encountered errors during database open
ORA-16749: resource guard encountered errors in switchover to logical primary database
ORA-16750: resource guard encountered errors while activating logical primary database
ORA-16751: resource guard encountered errors in switchover to primary database
ORA-16752: resource guard could not mount standby database
ORA-16753: resource guard could not open standby database
ORA-16754: resource guard could not activate standby database
ORA-16755: failed to set initialization parameter
ORA-16756: resource guard could not open standby database read-only
ORA-16757: resource guard could not get property
ORA-16758: the specified apply instance is not running
ORA-16759: resource guard unable to start SQL Apply with initial SCN
ORA-16760: resource guard could not start SQL Apply
ORA-16761: resource guard could not stop SQL Apply
ORA-16762: invalid database state
ORA-16763: redo transport service for a standby database is online
ORA-16764: redo transport service to a standby database is offline
ORA-16765: Redo Apply is unexpectedly online
ORA-16766: Redo Apply unexpectedly offline
ORA-16767: SQL Apply unexpectedly online
ORA-16768: SQL Apply unexpectedly offline
ORA-16769: the physical standby database is open read-only
ORA-16770: physical standby database not in read-only state
ORA-16771: failover to a physical standby database failed
ORA-16772: error switching over between primary and standby databases
ORA-16773: error starting Redo Apply
ORA-16774: error stopping Redo Apply
ORA-16775: target standby database in broker operation has potential data loss
ORA-16776: health check of the redo transport service failed
ORA-16777: unable to find the destination entry of a standby database in V$ARCHIVE_DEST
ORA-16778: redo transport error for one or more databases
ORA-16779: the destination parameter of a database is set incorrectly
ORA-16780: a database has exhausted its archived redo log storage quota
ORA-16781: the status of redo transport service for a database is unknown
ORA-16782: instance not open for read and write access
ORA-16783: instance not open for read and write access
ORA-16784: the database name in Dependency property is incorrect
ORA-16785: the database is not in ARCHIVELOG mode
ORA-16786: resource guard cannot access Data Guard broker metadata
ORA-16787: event for Data Guard Resource Guard process testing
ORA-16788: unable to set one or more database configuration property values
ORA-16789: missing standby redo logs
ORA-16790: the value of the configurable property is invalid
ORA-16791: unable to check the existence of the standby redo logs
ORA-16792: configuration property value is inconsistent with database setting
ORA-16793: logical standby database guard is unexpectedly off
ORA-16794: database guard is on for primary database
ORA-16795: database resource guard detects that database re-creation is required
ORA-16796: one or more properties could not be imported from the database
ORA-16797: database is not using a server parameter file
ORA-16798: unable to complete terminal recovery on the standby database
ORA-16799: Redo Apply is offline
ORA-16800: redo transport service for a standby database incorrectly set to ALTERNATE
ORA-16801: redo transport-related property is inconsistent with database setting
ORA-16802: downgrading redo transport mode from SYNC disallowed
ORA-16803: unable to query a database table or fixed view
ORA-16804: one or more configuration properties in metadata have invalid values
ORA-16805: change of LogXptMode property violates overall protection mode
ORA-16806: supplemental logging is not turned on
ORA-16807: unable to change database protection mode
ORA-16808: unable to resolve the full path name
ORA-16809: multiple warnings detected for the database
ORA-16810: multiple errors or warnings detected for the database
ORA-16811: apply instance not recorded by the Data Guard broker
ORA-16812: log apply service not running on apply instance recorded by the broker
ORA-16813: log apply service not running on apply instance recorded by the broker
ORA-16814: incorrect redo transport setting for AlternateLocation for standby database
ORA-16815: incorrect redo transport setting for AlternateLocation for standby database “”
ORA-16816: incorrect database role
ORA-16817: unsynchronized Fast-Start Failover configuration
ORA-16818: Fast-Start Failover suspended
ORA-16819: Fast-Start Failover observer not started
ORA-16820: Fast-Start Failover observer is no longer observing this database
ORA-16821: logical standby database dictionary not yet loaded
ORA-16822: new primary database not yet ready for standby database reinstatement
ORA-16823: redo transport mode is incompatible for current operation
ORA-16824: Fast-Start Failover and other warnings detected for the database
ORA-16825: Fast-Start Failover and other errors or warnings detected for the database
ORA-16826: apply service state is inconsistent with the DelayMins property
ORA-16827: Flashback Database is disabled
ORA-16828: Dump System State
ORA-16829: Dump Hang Analysis
ORA-16950: Remote mapped cursors are not supported by this feature.
ORA-16951: Too many bind variables supplied for this SQL statement.
ORA-16952: Failed to bind this SQL statement.
ORA-16953: Type of SQL statement not supported.
ORA-16954: SQL parse error.
ORA-16955: Unknown error during SQL analyze.
ORA-16956: Only SELECT or DML statements are supported for test execute.
ORA-16957: SQL Analyze time limit interrupt
ORA-16958: DML statements running parallel are not supported for test execute.
ORA-17500: ODM err:
ORA-17501: logical block size is invalid
ORA-17502: ksfdcre: Failed to create file
ORA-17503: ksfdopn: Failed to open file
ORA-17504: ksfddel:Failed to delete file
ORA-17505: ksfdrsz: Failed to resize file to size blocks
ORA-17506: I/O Error Simulation
ORA-17507: I/O request size is not a multiple of logical block size
ORA-17508: I/O request buffer ptr is not alligned
ORA-17509: Attempt to do i/o beyond block1 offset
ORA-17510: Attempt to do i/o beyond file size
ORA-17610: file ” does not exist and no size specified
ORA-17611: ksfd: file ” cannot be accessed, global open closed
ORA-17612: Failed to discover Oracle Disk Manager library, return value
ORA-17613: Failed to initialize Oracle Disk Manager library:
ORA-17614: Event to cause disk subsystem to require pre-allocation
ORA-17615: Event to disable pre-allocation algorithm during backup
ORA-17616: Event to disable pupulating V$RMAN_STATUS
ORA-17617: Event to disable populating V$RMAN_OUTPUT
ORA-17618: Unable to update block 0 to version 10 format
ORA-17619: max number of processes using I/O slaves in a instance reached
ORA-17620: failed to register the network adapter with Oracle Disk Manager library:
ORA-17621: failed to register the memory with Oracle Disk Manager library
ORA-17622: failed to deregister the memory with Oracle Disk Manager library
ORA-17623: Event to enable compression debugs in backup and restore
ORA-17624: Failed to delete directory
ORA-17625: Event to test delete directory
ORA-17626: ksfdcre: file exists
ORA-18000: invalid outline name
ORA-18001: no options specified for ALTER OUTLINE
ORA-18002: the specified outline does not exist
ORA-18003: an outline already exists with this signature
ORA-18004: outline already exists
ORA-18005: CREATE ANY OUTLINE privilege is required for this operation
ORA-18006: DROP ANY OUTLINE privilege is required for this operation
ORA-18007: ALTER ANY OUTLINE privilege is required for this operation
ORA-18008: cannot find OUTLN schema
ORA-18009: one or more outline system tables do not exist
ORA-18010: command missing mandatory CATEGORY keyword
ORA-18011: the outline specified in the FROM clause does not exist
ORA-18012: select_catalog_role role is required for this operation
ORA-18013: timed out while waiting for resource
ORA-18014: deadlock detected while waiting for resource
ORA-18015: invalid source outline signature
ORA-19000: missing RELATIONAL keyword
ORA-19001: Invalid storage option specified
ORA-19002: Missing XMLSchema URL
ORA-19003: Missing XML root element name
ORA-19004: Duplicate XMLType OBJECT RELATIONAL storage option
ORA-19005: Duplicate XMLType LOB storage option
ORA-19006: XMLType TYPE storage option not appropriate for storage type
ORA-19007: Schema does not match expected .
ORA-19008: Invalid version of the XMLType
ORA-19009: Missing XMLSchema keyword
ORA-19010: Cannot insert XML fragments
ORA-19011: Character string buffer too small
ORA-19012: Cannot convert XML fragment to the required datatype
ORA-19013: Cannot create VARRAY columns containing XMLType
ORA-19015: Invalid XML tag identifier ()
ORA-19016: attributes cannot occur after element specifications
ORA-19017: Attributes can only be simple scalars
ORA-19018: Invalid character in XML tag ”
ORA-19019: Invalid context passed to DBMS_XMLGEN.GETXML
ORA-19020: invalid dereference of XMLType columns
ORA-19021: General event for XML operations
ORA-19022: XML XPath functions are disabled
ORA-19023: The first argument to UPDATEXML operator has to be an XMLTYPE
ORA-19024: Cursor expression must be named
ORA-19025: EXTRACTVALUE returns value of only one node
ORA-19026: EXTRACTVALUE can only retrieve value of leaf node
ORA-19027: Event for supressing query rewrite with XML operators
ORA-19028: Invalid ADT parameter passed to toObject() function
ORA-19029: Cannot convert the given XMLType to the required type
ORA-19030: Method invalid for non-schema based XML Documents.
ORA-19031: XML element or attribute does not match any in type .
ORA-19032: Expected XML tag got
ORA-19033: schema specified in the XML document does not match the schema parameter
ORA-19034: Type not supported during schema generation
ORA-19035: Invalid select item of the query in newContextFromHierarchy()
ORA-19036: Invalid query result set in newContextFromHierarchy()
ORA-19037: XMLType result can not be a fragment
ORA-19038: Invalid opertions on query context
ORA-19039: Keyword reserved for future use
ORA-19040: Element does not match expected .
ORA-19041: Comment data cannot contain two consecutive ‘-‘s
ORA-19042: Enclosing tag cannot be xml in any case combination
ORA-19043: Multiply nested XMLROOT function disallowed
ORA-19044: character length specified for XMLSerialize is too small.
ORA-19045: character set id specified for XMLSerialize not valid
ORA-19100: PASSING or RETURNING keyword expected
ORA-19101: CONTENT keyword expected
ORA-19102: XQuery string literal expected
ORA-19103: VALUE keyword keyword
ORA-19104: invalid XQueryX: missing attribute
ORA-19105: invalid XQueryX: expected text node – got
ORA-19106: invalid XQueryX: expected – got
ORA-19107: invalid XQueryX – unsupported construct –
ORA-19108: WHITESPACE keyword expected
ORA-19109: RETURNING keyword expected
ORA-19110: unsupported XQuery expression
ORA-19111: error during evaluation of the XQuery expression
ORA-19112: error raised during evaluation:
ORA-19113: trace function called during evaluation:
ORA-19114: error during parsing the XQuery expression:
ORA-19115: too many context items specified
ORA-19116: too many xmlspace declarations
ORA-19117: invalid redefinition of predefined namespace prefix ”
ORA-19118: duplicate default namespace definition –
ORA-19119: Event for turning on XMLQuery and XMLTable function
ORA-19120: Event for changing behavior of XMLQuery and XMLTable functions
ORA-19121: duplicate attribute definition –
ORA-19122: unsupported XQuery declaration
ORA-19123: fn:zero-or-one() called with a sequence containing more than one item
ORA-19124: fn:one-or-more() called with a sequence containing no items
ORA-19125: fn:exactly-one() called with a sequence containing zero or more than one item
ORA-19160: XP0003 – syntax error: invalid variable name
ORA-19161: XP0004 – XQuery type mismatch: invalid argument type ” for function ”
ORA-19162: XP0004 – XQuery type mismatch: invalid argument types ”, ” for function ”
ORA-19163: XP0004 – XQuery type mismatch: argument type mismatch: expected – ” got – ” for function ”
ORA-19164: XQST0085 – It is a static error if the namespace URI in a namespace declaration attribute is a zero-length string, and the implementation does not support [XML Names 1.1].
ORA-19200: Invalid column specification
ORA-19201: Datatype not supported
ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing
ORA-19203: Error occurred in DBMS_XMLGEN processing
ORA-19204: Non-scalar value ” is marked as XML attribute
ORA-19205: Attribute ” qualifies a non-scalar value in the select list
ORA-19206: Invalid value for query or REF CURSOR parameter
ORA-19207: scalar parameter of XMLELEMENT cannot have an alias.
ORA-19208: parameter of function must be aliased
ORA-19209: invalid or unsupported formatting argument
ORA-19210: column ”, specified to be a key or update column for DBMS_XMLSTORE, does not not exist in table ”
ORA-19211: column ”, specified as key using DBMS_XMLSTORE.setKeyColumn() , must be of scalar type
ORA-19212: no key columns specified before call to DBMS_XMLSTORE.updateXML()
ORA-19221: XP0001 – XQuery static context component not initialized
ORA-19222: XP0002 – XQuery dynamic context component not initialized
ORA-19223: XP0003 – syntax error in XQuery expression
ORA-19224: XP0004 – XQuery static type mismatch: expected – got –
ORA-19225: XP0005 – XQuery static type error: expected non empty type got empty sequence
ORA-19226: XP0006 – XQuery dynamic type mismatch: expected got
ORA-19227: XP0007 – fn:data function is applied to a node (type ()) whose type annotation denotes a complex type with non-mixed complex content.
ORA-19228: XP0008 – undeclared identifier: prefix ” local-name ”
ORA-19229: XP0009 – schema import not supported
ORA-19230: XP0010 – unsupported axis
ORA-19231: XP0011 –
ORA-19232: XQ0012 – imported schemas violate validity rules
ORA-19233: XQ0013 – invalid pragma
ORA-19234: XQ0014 – invalid or unsupported must-understand extension
ORA-19235: XQ0015 – unsupported must-understand extension
ORA-19236: XQ0016 – module declaration or import not supported
ORA-19237: XP0017 – unable to resolve call to function – :
ORA-19238: XP0018 – focus not defined
ORA-19239: XP0019 – step expression must return sequence of nodes
ORA-19240: XP0020 – context item must be node in an axis expression
ORA-19241: XP0021 – cast to type failed
ORA-19242: XQ0022 – namespace declaration attribute must be a literal
ORA-19243: XQ0023 – invalid document node content in element constructor
ORA-19244: XQ0024 – invalid attribute node in element constructor
ORA-19245: XQ0025 – duplicate attribute name
ORA-19246: XQ0026 – validation failed – element not found in in-scope element declarations
ORA-19247: XQ0027 – validation error
ORA-19248: XQ0028 – invalid node in document constructor
ORA-19249: XP0029 – value does not match facet of the target type
ORA-19250: XQ0030 – too many values to validate expression
ORA-19251: XQ0031 – unsupported query version
ORA-19252: XQ0032 – too many declarations for base URI
ORA-19253: XQ0033 – too many declarations for namespace prefix
ORA-19254: XQ0034 – too many declarations for function
ORA-19255: XQ0035 – too many declarations of in imported schemas
ORA-19256: XQ0036 – missing type definitions in imported module
ORA-19257: XQ0037 – function or variable in module already defined
ORA-19258: XQ0038 – unsupported or duplicate default collation specified
ORA-19259: XQ0039 – duplicate parameter name in function declaration
ORA-19260: XQ0040 – invalid namespace node in element constructor
ORA-19261: XQ0041 – non empty URI in QName
ORA-19262: XQ0042 – namespace constructor not inside an element constructor
ORA-19263: XQ0043 – duplicate namespace prefix
ORA-19264: XQ0044 – invalid namespace in attribute constructors
ORA-19265: XQ0045 – invalid or unknown prefix in function declaration
ORA-19266: XQ0046 – invalid URI
ORA-19267: XQ0047 – module not found
ORA-19268: XQ0048 – namespace does not match target namespace
ORA-19269: XQ0049 – variable defined multiple times
ORA-19270: XP0050 – treat failed – expected got
ORA-19271: XP0051 – invalid atomic type definition
ORA-19272: XQ0052 – invalid atomic value in attribute or element constructor
ORA-19273: XQ0053 – empty string in namespace declaration
ORA-19274: XQ0054 – variable initialization failed due to circularity
ORA-19275: XP0055 – schema path not found in list of in-scope schema definitions
ORA-19276: XP0005 – XPath step specifies an invalid element/attribute name: ()
ORA-19277: XP0005 – XPath step specifies an item type matching no node: ()
ORA-19278: Invalid value: () for type: ()
ORA-19279: XQuery dynamic type mismatch: expected singleton sequence – got multi-item sequence
ORA-19280: XQuery dynamic type mismatch: expected atomic value – got node
ORA-19281: XQ0055 – It is a static error if a Prolog contains more than one inherit-namespaces declaration
ORA-19282: XQ0068 – It is a static error if a Prolog contains more than one xmlspace declaration
ORA-19283: XQ0031 – It is a static error if the version number specified in a version declaration is not supported by the implementation.
ORA-19284: Encoding specification in version declaration not supported
ORA-19285: FODC0002 – error retrieving resource
ORA-19286: XP0017 – unable to resolve call to function –
ORA-19287: XP0017 – invalid number of arguments to function – :
ORA-19288: XP0017 – invalid number of arguments to function –
ORA-19289: XQ0034 – function : declared or defined multiple times
ORA-19300: Error occurred in uri processing
ORA-19320: Host name not specified in HTTP URL
ORA-19321: Could not open HTTP connection to host (): port ()
ORA-19322: An error occurred while reading from host (): port ()
ORA-19323: Invalid url string
ORA-19330: Type ”.” not installed. Please install the type before using the CREATE_DBURI operator
ORA-19331: Last argument to CREATE_DBURI operator must be a column
ORA-19332: Invalid column in the CREATE_DBURI operator
ORA-19333: Invalid flags for the CREATE_DBURI operator
ORA-19334: Invalid column specification for CREATE_DBURI operator
ORA-19335: Invalid format type object
ORA-19336: Missing XML root element
ORA-19361: ONLINE option not allowed with this type of index
ORA-19371: invalid update option
ORA-19372: invalid update condition
ORA-19373: invalid staging table or tablespace
ORA-19374: invalid staging table
ORA-19375: no CREATE TABLE privilege on schema “”
ORA-19376: no privileges on tablespace provided or tablespace is offline
ORA-19377: no “SQL Tuning Set” with name like “” exists for owner like “”
ORA-19378: invalid mode
ORA-19379: invalid time_limit or repeat_interval
ORA-19380: invalid plan filter
ORA-19400: System type conflict with object SYS.
ORA-19500: device block size is invalid
ORA-19501: read error on file “”, blockno (blocksize=)
ORA-19502: write error on file “”, blockno (blocksize=)
ORA-19503: cannot obtain information on device, name=””, type=””, parms=””
ORA-19504: failed to create file “”
ORA-19505: failed to identify file “”
ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, name=””, parms=””
ORA-19507: failed to retrieve sequential file, handle=””, parms=””
ORA-19508: failed to delete file “”
ORA-19509: failed to delete sequential file, handle=””, parms=””
ORA-19510: failed to set size of blocks for file “” (blocksize=)
ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:

ORA-19512: file search failed
ORA-19513: failed to identify sequential file
ORA-19525: temporary file for the clone database must be renamed
ORA-19526: only one location allowed for parameter
ORA-19527: physical standby redo log must be renamed
ORA-19528: redo logs being cleared may need access to files
ORA-19550: cannot use backup/restore functions while using dispatcher
ORA-19551: device is busy, device type: , device name:
ORA-19552: device type is invalid
ORA-19553: device name is invalid
ORA-19554: error allocating device, device type: , device name:
ORA-19555: invalid LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST parameter value
ORA-19556: required destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST currently is deferred
ORA-19557: device error, device type: , device name:
ORA-19558: error de-allocating device
ORA-19559: error sending device command:
ORA-19560: is not a valid device limit
ORA-19561: requires a DISK channel
ORA-19562: file is empty
ORA-19563: header validation failed for file
ORA-19564: error occurred writing bytes at block number
ORA-19565: BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES not enabled when duplexing to sequential devices
ORA-19566: exceeded limit of corrupt blocks for file
ORA-19567: cannot shrink file because it is being backed up or copied
ORA-19568: a device is already allocated to this session
ORA-19569: no device is allocated to this session
ORA-22860: object type expected
ORA-22861: invalid user-defined type
ORA-22862: specified object identifier doesn’t match existing object identifier
ORA-22863: synonym for datatype . not allowed
ORA-22864: cannot ALTER or DROP LOB indexes
ORA-22865: more than one column specified
ORA-22866: default character set is of varying width
ORA-22868: table with LOBs contains segments in different tablespaces
ORA-22869: depth of type dependency hierarchy exceeds maximum limit
ORA-22870: ALTER TYPE with REPLACE option a non-object type
ORA-22871: ALTER TYPE with REPLACE is not allowed for pure incomplete types
ORA-22872: OID INDEX clause not allowed on tables with primary key based object identifiers
ORA-22873: primary key not specified for primary key based object table
ORA-22874: attribute “” is not part of the type “”
ORA-22875: cannot drop primary key of an object table whose object identifier is primary key based
ORA-22876: this user-defined type is not allowed or it cannot be used in this context
ORA-22877: invalid option specified for a HASH partition or subpartition of a LOB column
ORA-22878: duplicate LOB partition or subpartition specified
ORA-22879: cannot use the LOB INDEX clause for partitioned tables
ORA-22880: invalid REF
ORA-22881: dangling REF
ORA-22882: object creation failed
ORA-22883: object deletion failed
ORA-22884: object modification failed
ORA-22885: cannot get REF to a non-persistent object
ORA-22886: scoped table “” in schema “” is not an object table
ORA-22887: type of REF column is not the same as that of its scoped table
ORA-22888: duplicate SCOPE clauses for a REF column
ORA-22889: REF value does not point to scoped table
ORA-22890: cannot specify name for REF column constraint
ORA-22891: cannot have multiple columns in REF constraint
ORA-22892: scoped table “” does not exist in schema “”
ORA-22893: constraint can be specified only for REF columns
ORA-22894: cannot add constraint on existing unscoped REF columns of non-empty tables
ORA-22895: referenced table “” in schema “” is not an object table
ORA-22896: cannot have both scope and referential constraint on REF column “”
ORA-22897: no scope clause specified for user-defined REF column “”
ORA-22898: existing scope clause on “” points to a table other than the one mentioned in the referential constraint
ORA-22899: cannot specify both scope and rowid constraint on ref column
ORA-22900: the SELECT list item of THE subquery is not a collection type
ORA-22901: cannot compare nested table or VARRAY or LOB attributes of an object type
ORA-22902: CURSOR expression not allowed
ORA-22903: MULTISET expression not allowed
ORA-22904: invalid reference to a nested table column
ORA-22905: cannot access rows from a non-nested table item
ORA-22906: cannot perform DML on expression or on nested table view column
ORA-22907: invalid CAST to a type that is not a nested table or VARRAY
ORA-22908: reference to NULL table value
ORA-22909: exceeded maximum VARRAY limit
ORA-22910: cannot specify schema name for nested tables
ORA-22911: duplicate storage specification for the nested table item
ORA-22912: specified column or attribute is not a nested table type
ORA-22913: must specify table name for nested table column or attribute
ORA-22914: DROP of nested tables not supported
ORA-22915: cannot ALTER a nested table’s storage table to ADD/MODIFY columns
ORA-22916: cannot do an exact FETCH on a query with Nested cursors
ORA-22917: use VARRAY to define the storage clause for this column or attribute
ORA-22918: specified column or attribute is not a VARRAY type
ORA-22919: dangling REF error or lock object failed for no wait request
ORA-22920: row containing the LOB value is not locked
ORA-22921: length of input buffer is smaller than amount requested
ORA-22922: nonexistent LOB value
ORA-22923: amount of data specified in streaming LOB write is 0
ORA-22924: snapshot too old
ORA-22925: operation would exceed maximum size allowed for a LOB value
ORA-22926: specified trim length is greater than current LOB value’s length
ORA-22927: invalid LOB locator specified
ORA-22928: invalid privilege on directories
ORA-22929: invalid or missing directory name
ORA-22930: directory does not exist
ORA-22931: MOVE of nested table to a different tablespace not supported
ORA-22932: event to create tables in 8.0 image format
ORA-22933: cannot change object with type or table dependents
ORA-22934: event to store lob columns with very small headers
ORA-22935: event to support functions on remote lobs
ORA-22950: cannot ORDER objects without MAP or ORDER method
ORA-22951: NULL returned by ORDER method
ORA-22952: Nested Table equality requires a map method on the element ADT
ORA-22953: Cardinality of the input to powermultiset exceeds maximum allowed
ORA-22954: This multiset operation is not supported for this element type.
ORA-22955: The cardinality parameter is not within the allowed limits
ORA-22956: The set contains no elements
ORA-22957: NULL is an invalid input to powermultiset and COLLECT functions
ORA-22958: This operation is not allowed in check constraints or triggers
ORA-22970: name does not correspond to an object view
ORA-22971: invalid datatype for PRIMARY KEY-based object identifier
ORA-22972: NULL value not allowed in PRIMARY KEY-based object identifier
ORA-22973: size of object identifier exceeds maximum size allowed
ORA-22974: missing WITH OBJECT OID clause
ORA-22975: cannot create a PRIMARY KEY-based REF to this object view
ORA-22976: incorrect number of arguments to MAKE_REF
ORA-22977: missing or invalid attribute
ORA-22978: only simple attribute name is allowed in the WITH OBJECT OID clause
ORA-22979: cannot INSERT object view REF or user-defined REF
ORA-22980: must specify a set of attributes for the WITH OBJECT OID clause
ORA-22981: must specify a table/view having system generated OID
ORA-22982: cannot create sub-view under this view
ORA-22983: not a user-defined REF
ORA-22984: view query cannot contain references to a super view
ORA-22985: event for tracing frodef in ddfCFull
ORA-22990: LOB locators cannot span transactions
ORA-22991: insufficient space allocated for argument
ORA-22992: cannot use LOB locators selected from remote tables
ORA-22993: specified input amount is greater than actual source amount
ORA-22994: source offset is beyond the end of the source LOB
ORA-22995: TABLESPACE DEFAULT option is invalid in this context
ORA-22996: NEXT extent size is smaller than LOB chunksize
ORA-22997: VARRAY | OPAQUE stored as LOB is not specified at the table level
ORA-22998: CLOB or NCLOB in multibyte character set not supported
ORA-22999: CLOB or NCLOB data may have been corrupted
ORA-23290: This operation may not be combined with any other operation
ORA-23291: Only base table columns may be renamed
ORA-23292: The constraint does not exist
ORA-23293: Cannot rename a column which is part of a join index
ORA-23301: mixed use of deferred rpc destination modes
ORA-23302: application raised communication failure during deferred RPC
ORA-23303: application raised generic exception during deferred RPC
ORA-23304: malformed deferred rpc at arg of in call , in tid
ORA-23305: internal deferred RPC error:
ORA-23306: schema does not exist
ORA-23307: replicated schema already exists
ORA-23308: object . does not exist or is invalid
ORA-23309: object . of type exists
ORA-23310: object group “”.”” is not quiesced
ORA-23312: not the masterdef according to
ORA-23313: object group “”.”” is not mastered at
ORA-23314: database is not a materialized view site for “”.””
ORA-23315: repcatlog version or request is not supported by version
ORA-23316: the masterdef is
ORA-23317: a communication failure has occurred
ORA-23318: a ddl failure has occurred
ORA-23319: parameter value is not appropriate
ORA-23320: the request failed because of values and
ORA-23321: Pipename may not be null
ORA-23322: Privilege error accessing pipe
ORA-23323: parameter length exceeds deferred RPC limits
ORA-23324: error , while creating deferror entry at “” with error
ORA-23325: parameter type is not
ORA-23326: object group “”.”” is quiesced
ORA-23327: imported deferred rpc data does not match of importing db
ORA-23328: mview base table “”.”” differs from master table “”.””
ORA-23329: successful user-provided ddl but no materialized view “”.””
ORA-23330: column group already exists
ORA-23331: column group does not exist
ORA-23332: group is in use; cannot drop
ORA-23333: column is already part of a column group
ORA-23334: column does not exist in table or column group
ORA-23335: priority group already exists
ORA-23336: priority group does not exist
ORA-23337: priority or value not in priority group
ORA-23338: priority or value already in priority group
ORA-23339: duplicate conflict resolution information
ORA-23340: incorrect resolution method
ORA-23341: user function required
ORA-23342: invalid parameter column
ORA-23343: no match for specified conflict resolution information
ORA-23344: constraint (.) does not exist
ORA-23345: table “”.”” not registered to collect statistics
ORA-23346: primary key or object ID is undefined for table or materialized view
ORA-23347: datatype for column table not supported
ORA-23348: cannot replicate procedure ; only IN parameters supported
ORA-23349: cannot generate replication support for functions
ORA-23350: maximum number of recursive calls exceeded
ORA-23351: parameter datatype for procedure not supported
ORA-23352: duplicate destination for deferred transaction
ORA-23353: deferred RPC queue has entries for object group “”.””
ORA-23354: deferred RPC execution disabled for “” with “”
ORA-23355: object . does not exist or is invalid at master site
ORA-23356: masterdef recognizes a master which does not recognize the masterdef
ORA-23357: the propagator does not exist
ORA-23358: invalid remote user
ORA-23359: error on creating a ddl record for a repcatlog record
ORA-23360: only one materialized view for master table “” can be created
ORA-23361: materialized view “” does not exist at master site
ORA-23362: invalid user
ORA-23363: mismatch of mview base table “” at master and mview site
ORA-23364: Feature not enabled: Advanced replication
ORA-23365: site does not exist
ORA-23366: integer value is less than 1
ORA-23367: table is missing the primary key
ORA-23368: name cannot be null or the empty string
ORA-23369: value of “” argument cannot be null
ORA-23370: table and table are not shape equivalent ()
ORA-23371: column unknown in table
ORA-23372: type in table is unsupported
ORA-23373: object group “”.”” does not exist
ORA-23374: object group “”.”” already exists
ORA-23375: feature is incompatible with database version at
ORA-23376: node is not compatible with replication version “”
ORA-23377: bad name for missing_rows_oname1 argument
ORA-23378: connection qualifier “” is not valid for object group “”.””
ORA-23379: connection qualifier “” is too long
ORA-23380: propagation mode “” is not valid
ORA-23381: generated object for base object .@ does not exist
ORA-23382: materialized view repgroup “”.”” is not registered at site
ORA-23383: registration for materialized view repgroup “”.”” failed at site
ORA-23384: replication parallel push argument out of range
ORA-23385: replication parallel push argument not valid
ORA-23386: replication parallel push cannot create slave processes
ORA-23387: replication parallel push dequeue error
ORA-23388: replication parallel push watermark error
ORA-23389: obsolete procedure; drop objects and recreate using new master
ORA-23392: could not find materialized view to be associated with “”.””
ORA-23393: the user is already the propagator
ORA-23394: duplicate propagator
ORA-23395: object “”.”” of type “” does not exist or is invalid
ORA-23396: database link “” does not exist or has not been scheduled
ORA-23397: global name “” does not match database link name “”
ORA-23398: user name “” at database link “” does not match local user name “”
ORA-23399: generation of replication support for “”.”” is not complete
ORA-23400: invalid materialized view name “”
ORA-23401: materialized view “”.”” does not exist
ORA-23402: refresh was aborted because of conflicts caused by deferred txns
ORA-23403: refresh group “”.”” already exists
ORA-23404: refresh group “”.”” does not exist
ORA-23405: refresh group number does not exist
ORA-23406: insufficient privileges on user “”
ORA-23407: object name must be shaped like “schema”.”object” or “object”
ORA-23408: this replication operation is not supported in a mixed configuration
ORA-23409: could not find an unused refresh group number
ORA-23410: materialized view “”.”” is already in a refresh group
ORA-23411: materialized view “”.”” is not in refresh group “”.””
ORA-23412: master table’s primary key columns have changed
ORA-23413: table “”.”” does not have a materialized view log
ORA-23414: materialized view log for “”.”” does not record rowid values
ORA-23415: materialized view log for “”.”” does not record the primary key
ORA-23416: table “”.”” does not contain a primary key constraint
ORA-23417: unknown materialized view type:
ORA-23418: cannot unregister the propagator who is currently in use
ORA-23419: regenerate replication support before resuming master activity
ORA-23420: interval must evaluate to a time in the future
ORA-23421: job number is not a job in the job queue
ORA-23422: Oracle Server could not generate an unused job number
ORA-23423: job number is not positive
ORA-23424: materialized view “”.”” at not registered
ORA-23425: invalid materialized view identifier
ORA-23426: deferred RPC queue has entries for
ORA-23427: deferred purge queue argument out of range
ORA-23428: job associated instance number is not valid
ORA-23430: argument “” cannot be NULL or empty string
ORA-23431: wrong state:
ORA-23432: master site already exists
ORA-23433: executing against wrong master site
ORA-23434: master site not known for object group
ORA-23435: cannot create an updatable ROWID materialized view with LOB columns
ORA-23436: missing template authorization for user
ORA-23437: template authorization already exists for user
ORA-23438: missing refresh group template
ORA-23439: refresh group template already exists
ORA-23440: incorrect public template value
ORA-23441: object does not exist for refresh group template
ORA-23442: object already exists for the refresh group template
ORA-23443: missing template parameter
ORA-23444: duplicate template parameter
ORA-23445: missing template site
ORA-23446: duplicate template site
ORA-23447: missing user parameter value
ORA-23448: duplicate user parameter value
ORA-23449: missing user name
ORA-23450: flavor already contains object “”.””
ORA-23451: flavor already defined for object group “”.””
ORA-23452: flavor of object group “”.”” is already published
ORA-23453: requested operation is not supported on top flavor
ORA-23454: flavor not defined for object group “”.””
ORA-23455: flavor contains object “”
ORA-23456: flavor does not contain “”
ORA-23457: invalid flavor ID
ORA-23458: inappropriate flavor at
ORA-23459: flavor must contain “”
ORA-23460: missing value for column in resolution method “” for “”.””.””
ORA-23461: fail to resolve conflict for “”.””.””
ORA-23462: flavor in use at site
ORA-23463: flavor incompatible with object “”.””
ORA-23464: flavor lacks column of “”.””
ORA-23465: flavor already includes column of “”.””
ORA-23466: flavor requires missing object “”.””
ORA-23467: flavor lacks object “”.””
ORA-23468: missing
ORA-23469: is different between templates
ORA-23470: invalid status
ORA-23471: template not authorized for user
ORA-23472: materialized view “”.”” must be atomically refreshed
ORA-23473: replication RPC processing for “”.”” is disabled
ORA-23474: definition of “”.”” has changed since generation of replication support
ORA-23475: key column must be sent and compared
ORA-23476: cannot import from to
ORA-23477: unable to alter propagation mode for object group “”.””
ORA-23478: object group “” is already mastered at
ORA-23480: Column is not a top-level column of “”.””.
ORA-23481: unexpected name string “”
ORA-23482: column of “”.””: object types not allowed.
ORA-23483: object “”.”” not allowed in this operation.
ORA-23484: internal internet Application Server error:
ORA-23485: Column group “” must consist of a single numeric column only
ORA-23487: object groups “”.”” and “”.”” do not have the same connection qualifier
ORA-23488: propagation mode “” for “” is not allowed for this operation
ORA-23489: duplicate entry “”
ORA-23490: extension request “” with status “” not allowed in this operation
ORA-23491: no valid extension request at “”
ORA-23492: no new sites for extension request “”
ORA-23493: “” is not a new site for extension request “”
ORA-23494: too many rows for destination “”
ORA-23495: serial propagation can not be used for “”
ORA-23496: can not change disabled status for “” and “”
ORA-23497: repgroup name cannot be null
ORA-23498: repgroups specified must have the same masters
ORA-23500: cannot switch master for a multi-tier materialized view repgroup “”.””
ORA-23501: refresh template cannot be instantiated for database with compatibilty equal to or less than 8.0
ORA-23502: valid directory for offline instatiation is not specified
ORA-23503: error occurred during IAS instantiation
ORA-23504: columns added to table do not match list of columns to be added
ORA-23505: Object “”.”” is missing.
ORA-23514: invalid or incorrect number of arguments
ORA-23515: materialized views and/or their indices exist in the tablespace
ORA-23531: site owner already exists in the template.
ORA-23532: tables with different synchronization mechanisms are in the same group
ORA-23533: object “”.”” can not be cached
ORA-23534: missing column in materialized view container table “”.””
ORA-23535: instantiating templates from multiple back ends is not allowed.
ORA-23536: the object “”.”” is not cached at the middle tier as expected.
ORA-23537: function or procedure is not allowed to be invoked from this site.
ORA-23538: cannot explicitly refresh a NEVER REFRESH materialized view (“”)
ORA-23539: table “”.”” currently being redefined
ORA-23540: Redefinition not defined or initiated
ORA-23541: tables do not match tables used while defining the redefinition
ORA-23542: dependent object “”.”” already registered
ORA-23600: cannot create PROPAGATION, already exists
ORA-23601: PROPAGATION_NAME does not exist
ORA-23602: Invalid streams process type
ORA-23603: STREAMS enqueue aborted due to low SGA
ORA-23605: invalid value “” for STREAMS parameter
ORA-23606: invalid object
ORA-23607: invalid column “”
ORA-23608: invalid resolution column “”
ORA-23609: unable to find directory object for directory
ORA-23610: internal dbms_streams_tablespaces error: [] [] [] []
ORA-23611: tablespace “” has more than one data file
ORA-23612: unable to find tablespace “”
ORA-23613: Script already exists
ORA-23614: Script does not exist
ORA-23615: Block number does not exist for script
ORA-23616: Failure in executing block for script
ORA-23617: Block for script has already been executed
ORA-23618: Generation of script is not complete.
ORA-23619: non-Oracle system error:
ORA-23620: bind value size too large for PL/SQL CALL operation
ORA-23621: Operation corresponding to script is in progress.
ORA-23622: Operation .. is in progress.
ORA-23623: MAINTAIN_TTS: tablespace(s) already exist(s) in target database.
ORA-23624: MAINTAIN_TTS: Invalid tablespace name, reason: .
ORA-23657: the converted file already exists
ORA-24000: invalid value , should be of the form [SCHEMA.]NAME
ORA-24001: cannot create QUEUE_TABLE, already exists
ORA-24002: QUEUE_TABLE does not exist
ORA-24003: Queue table index inconsistent with queue table
ORA-24004: invalid column name in SORT_LIST, should be ENQ_TIME or PRIORITY
ORA-24005: must use DBMS_AQADM.DROP_QUEUE_TABLE to drop queue tables
ORA-24006: cannot create QUEUE, already exists
ORA-24007: invalid value , MAX_RETRIES should be non-negative integer
ORA-24008: queue table . must be dropped first
ORA-24009: invalid value , QUEUE_TYPE should be NORMAL_QUEUE or EXCEPTION_QUEUE
ORA-24010: QUEUE does not exist
ORA-24011: cannot drop QUEUE, should be stopped first
ORA-24012: cannot drop QUEUE_TABLE, some queues in have not been dropped
ORA-24013: invalid value , RETRY_DELAY should be non-negative
ORA-24014: invalid value , RETENTION_TIME should be FOREVER or non-negative
ORA-24015: cannot create QUEUE_TABLE, QUEUE_PAYLOAD_TYPE . does not exist
ORA-24016: cannot create QUEUE_TABLE, user does not have execute privileges on QUEUE_PAYLOAD_TYPE .
ORA-24017: cannot enable enqueue on QUEUE, is an exception queue
ORA-24018: STOP_QUEUE on failed, outstanding transactions found
ORA-24019: identifier for too long, should not be greater than characters
ORA-24020: Internal error in DBMS_AQ_IMPORT_INTERNAL,
ORA-24021: queue table definition not imported for .
ORA-24022: the specified parameters has no effect on the queue
ORA-24023: Internal error in DBMS_AQ_EXP_INTERNAL. [] []
ORA-24024: Internal error in DBMS_AQ_IMP_INTERNAL. [] []
ORA-24025: invalid value , QUEUE_PAYLOAD_TYPE should be RAW or an object type
ORA-24026: operation failed, queue . has errors
ORA-24027: AQ HTTP propagation encountered error, status-code ,
ORA-24028: cannot create a reciever non-repudiable single consumer queue
ORA-24029: operation not allowed on a single-consumer queue
ORA-24030: Only one of rule or rule-set must be specified
ORA-24031: invalid value, should be non-NULL
ORA-24032: object exists, index could not be created for queue table
ORA-24033: no recipients for message
ORA-24034: application is already a subscriber for queue
ORA-24035: AQ agent is not a subscriber for queue
ORA-24036: invalid SORT_ORDER column specified for queue table
ORA-24037: schema in QUEUE_NAME is not same as schema in QUEUE_TABLE
ORA-24038: RETRY_DELAY and MAX_RETRIES cannot be used for a 8.0 compatible multiple consumer queue
ORA-24039: Queue not created in queue table for multiple consumers
ORA-24040: AQ tracing event
ORA-24041: propagation schedule exists for QUEUE and DESTINATION
ORA-24042: no propagation schedule exists for QUEUE and DESTINATION
ORA-24043: destination uses a reserved name, names with AQ$_ prefix are not valid
ORA-24044: source and destination object types do not match
ORA-24045: invalid agent address , agent address should be of the form [SCHEMA.]NAME[@DATABASE LINK]
ORA-24046: protocol attribute reserved for future use
ORA-24047: invalid agent name , agent name should be of the form NAME
ORA-24048: cannot create QUEUE_TABLE, user does not have access to AQ object types
ORA-24049: invalid agent name , names with AQ$_ prefix are not valid
ORA-24050: subscribers are not supported for exception queue
ORA-24051: cannot propagate object type payloads that have a REF attribute
ORA-24052: cannot propagate object type payloads with LOB attributes to an 8.0 release
ORA-24053: PRIMARY_INSTANCE and SECONDARY_INSTANCE must be non-negative
ORA-24054: cannot propagate to an Oracle 8.0.3 release or lower release
ORA-24055: cannot delete propagation status rows that are in prepared state
ORA-24056: internal inconsistency for QUEUE and destination
ORA-24057: cannot define subscriber with rule for queue
ORA-24058: cannot downgrade QUEUE_TABLE that has propagation in a prepared state
ORA-24059: invalid COMPATIBLE parameter setting specified in DBMS_AQADM.
ORA-24060: cannot convert QUEUE_TABLE, already is compatible with release
ORA-24061: cannot specify non-zero SECONDARY_INSTANCE if PRIMARY_INSTANCE was zero
ORA-24062: Subscriber table inconsistent with queue table
ORA-24063: cannot downgrade QUEUE_TABLE that has queues with rule-based subscribers
ORA-24064: propagation for QUEUE and DESTINATION already enabled
ORA-24065: propagation for QUEUE and DESTINATION already disabled
ORA-24066: invalid privilege specified
ORA-24067: exceeded maximum number of subscribers for queue
ORA-24068: cannot start queue , queue table is being migrated
ORA-24069: cannot downgrade queue table while it is being upgraded
ORA-24070: cannot upgrade queue table while it is being downgraded
ORA-24071: cannot perform operation , queue table is being migrated
ORA-24072: cannot execute MIGRATE_QUEUE_TABLE procedure; must own queue table
ORA-24073: cannot specify RETENTION_TIME on exception queue .
ORA-24074: RETRY_DELAY and MAX_RETRIES cannot be used for exception queue %.
ORA-24075: cannot specify agent with NULL address and non-NULL protocol
ORA-24076: cannot perform operation for NON_PERSISTENT queue .
ORA-24077: cannot create propagation schedule for EXCEPTION queue .
ORA-24079: invalid name , names with AQ$_ prefix are not valid for
ORA-24080: unschedule_propagation pending for QUEUE and DESTINATION
ORA-24081: compatible parameter needs to be or greater
ORA-24082: propagation may still be happening for the schedule for QUEUE and DESTINATION
ORA-24083: cannot specify remote subscribers for QUEUE
ORA-24084: DBLINK name in address field of agent is not unique within the first 24 bytes
ORA-24085: operation failed, queue is invalid
ORA-24086: cannot create a 8.0 compatible queue
ORA-24087: Invalid database user
ORA-24088: AQ Agent does not exist
ORA-24089: AQ Agent already exists
ORA-24090: at least one protocol must be enabled
ORA-24091: Destination queue is the same as the source queue
ORA-24092: invalid value specified
ORA-24093: AQ agent not granted privileges of database user
ORA-24094: invalid transformation, target type does not match that of the queue
ORA-24095: invalid transformation, source type does not match that of the queue
ORA-24096: invalid message state specified
ORA-24097: Invalid value , should be non-negative
ORA-24098: invalid value for
ORA-24099: operation not allowed for 8.0 compatible queues
ORA-24100: error in ktz testing layer
ORA-24101: stopped processing the argument list at:
ORA-24102: invalid prefix for generate_job_name
ORA-24120: invalid parameter passed to DBMS_REPAIR. procedure
ORA-24121: both cascade and a block range passed to DBMS_REPAIR.CHECK_OBJECT procedure
ORA-24122: invalid block range specification
ORA-24123: feature is not yet implemented
ORA-24124: invalid ACTION parameter passed to DBMS_REPAIR. procedure
ORA-24125: Object . has changed
ORA-24126: invalid CASCADE_FLAG passed to DBMS_REPAIR. procedure
ORA-24127: TABLESPACE parameter specified with an ACTION other than CREATE_ACTION
ORA-24128: partition name specified for a non-partitioned object
ORA-24129: table name does not start with prefix
ORA-24130: table does not exist
ORA-24131: table has incorrect columns
ORA-24132: table name is too long
ORA-24141: rule set . does not exist
ORA-24142: invalid ruleset name
ORA-24143: invalid evaluation context name
ORA-24144: rules engine internal error, arguments: [], []
ORA-24145: evaluation context . already exists
ORA-24146: rule . already exists
ORA-24147: rule . does not exist
ORA-24148: cannot drop rule . with dependents
ORA-24149: invalid rule name
ORA-19922: there is no parent row with id and level
ORA-19923: the session for row with id is not active
ORA-19924: there are no row with id
ORA-19925: Internal error while cleaning memory used by V$RMAN_STATUS view
ORA-19926: Database cannot be converted at this time
ORA-19927: CONVERT DATABASE operation cannot proceed
ORA-19930: file has invalid checkpoint SCN
ORA-19931: file has invalid creation SCN
ORA-19932: control file is not clone or standby
ORA-19951: cannot modify control file until DBNEWID is completed
ORA-19952: database should be mounted exclusively
ORA-19953: database should not be open
ORA-19954: control file is not current
ORA-19955: only one open thread is allowed to change the DBID
ORA-19956: database should have no offline immediate datafiles
ORA-19957: database should have no datafiles in unknown state
ORA-19958: potential deadlock involving DIAG process
ORA-19960: Internal use only
ORA-19999: skip_row procedure was called
ORA-21000: error number argument to raise_application_error of is out of range
ORA-21001: error number argument to raise_system_error of is out of range
ORA-21300: objects option not installed
ORA-21301: not initialized in object mode
ORA-21500: internal error code, arguments: [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-21501: program could not allocate memory
ORA-21503: program terminated by fatal error
ORA-21520: database server driver not installed
ORA-21521: exceeded maximum number of connections in OCI (object mode only)
ORA-21522: attempted to use an invalid connection in OCI (object mode only)
ORA-21523: functionality not supported by the server (object mode only)
ORA-21524: object type mismatch
ORA-21525: attribute number or (collection element at index) violated its constraints
ORA-21526: initialization failed
ORA-21527: internal OMS driver error
ORA-21560: argument is null, invalid, or out of range
ORA-21561: OID generation failed
ORA-21600: path expression too long
ORA-21601: attribute is not an object
ORA-21602: operation does not support the specified typecode
ORA-21603: property id [] is invalid
ORA-21604: property [] is not a property of transient or value instances
ORA-21605: property [] is not a property of value instances
ORA-21606: can not free this object
ORA-21607: memory cartridge service handle not initialized
ORA-21608: duration is invalid for this function
ORA-21609: memory being resized without being allocated first
ORA-21610: size [] is invalid
ORA-21611: key length [] is invalid
ORA-21612: key is already being used
ORA-21613: key does not exist
ORA-21614: constraint violation for attribute number []
ORA-21615: copy of an OTS (named or simple) instance failed
ORA-21700: object does not exist or is marked for delete
ORA-21701: attempt to flush objects to different servers
ORA-21702: object is not instantiated or has been de-instantiated in cache
ORA-21703: cannot flush an object that is not modified
ORA-21704: cannot terminate cache or connection without flushing first
ORA-21705: service context is invalid
ORA-21706: duration does not exist or is invalid
ORA-21707: pin duration is longer than allocation duration
ORA-21708: inappropriate operation on a transient object
ORA-21709: cannot refresh an object that has been modified
ORA-21710: argument is expecting a valid memory address of an object
ORA-21779: duration not active
ORA-21780: Maximum number of object durations exceeded.
ORA-22053: overflow error
ORA-22054: underflow error
ORA-22055: unknown sign flag value []
ORA-22056: value [] is divided by zero
ORA-22057: bad integer length []
ORA-22059: buffer size [] is too small – [] is needed
ORA-22060: argument [] is an invalid or uninitialized number
ORA-22061: invalid format text []
ORA-22062: invalid input string []
ORA-22063: reading negative value [] as unsigned
ORA-22064: invalid NLS parameter string []
ORA-22065: number to text translation for the given format causes overflow
ORA-22130: buffer size [] is less than the required size []
ORA-22131: hexadecimal string length is zero
ORA-22132: hexadecimal string does not correspond to a valid REF
ORA-22140: given size [] must be in the range of 0 to []
ORA-22150: variable-length array has not been initialized
ORA-22151: cannot resize non-zero variable-length array to zero elements
ORA-22152: destination variable-length array is not initialized
ORA-22153: source variable-length array is not initialized
ORA-22160: element at index [] does not exist
ORA-22161: type code [] is not valid
ORA-22162: element at index [] has been previously deleted
ORA-22163: left hand and right hand side collections are not of same type
ORA-22164: delete element operation is not allowed for variable-length array
ORA-22165: given index [] must be in the range of [] to []
ORA-22166: collection is empty
ORA-22167: given trim size [] must be less than or equal to []
ORA-22275: invalid LOB locator specified
ORA-22276: invalid locator for LOB buffering
ORA-22277: cannot use two different locators to modify the same LOB
ORA-22278: must update the LOB only through the LOB buffers
ORA-22279: cannot perform operation with LOB buffering enabled
ORA-22280: no more buffers available for operation
ORA-22281: cannot perform operation with an updated locator
ORA-22282: non-contiguous append to a buffering enabled LOB not allowed
ORA-22283: filename contains characters that refer to parent directory
ORA-22285: non-existent directory or file for operation
ORA-22286: insufficient privileges on file or directory to perform operation
ORA-22287: invalid or modified directory occurred during operation
ORA-22288: file or LOB operation failed

ORA-22289: cannot perform operation on an unopened file or LOB
ORA-22290: operation would exceed the maximum number of opened files or LOBs
ORA-22291: Open LOBs exist at transaction commit time
ORA-22292: Cannot open a LOB in read-write mode without a transaction
ORA-22293: LOB already opened in the same transaction
ORA-22294: cannot update a LOB opened in read-only mode
ORA-22295: cannot bind more than 4000 bytes data to LOB and LONG columns in 1 statement
ORA-22296: invalid ALTER TABLE option for conversion of LONG datatype to LOB
ORA-22297: warning: Open LOBs exist at transaction commit time
ORA-22298: length of directory alias name or file name too long
ORA-22299: Synonym compile without validating base object
ORA-22300: acquiring DML lock in WAIT mode on table that is locked by KGL or KQR
ORA-22303: type “”.”” not found
ORA-22304: input type is not an object type
ORA-22305: attribute/method/parameter “” not found
ORA-22306: type “”.”” already exists
ORA-22307: operation must be on a user-defined type
ORA-22308: operation not allowed on evolved type
ORA-22309: attribute with name “” already exists
ORA-22310: ALTER TYPE error. Refer to table “”.”” for errors
ORA-22311: type for attribute “” does not exist
ORA-22312: must specify either CASCADE or INVALIDATE option
ORA-22313: cannot use two versions of the same type “”
ORA-22314: method information mismatch in ALTER TYPE
ORA-22315: type “” does not contain a map or order function
ORA-22316: input type is not a collection type
ORA-22317: typecode %d is not legal as a number type
ORA-22318: input type is not an array type
ORA-22319: type attribute information altered in ALTER TYPE
ORA-22320: missing user version string
ORA-22321: method does not return any result
ORA-22322: error table “”.”” has incorrect structure
ORA-22323: error table “”.”” does not exist
ORA-22324: altered type has compilation errors
ORA-22325: event for create type with user version string
ORA-22326: cannot change a type to FINAL if it has subtypes
ORA-22327: cannot change a type to NOT INSTANTIABLE if it has dependent tables
ORA-22328: object “”.”” has errors.

ORA-22329: cannot alter a non-object type
ORA-22330: cannot alter a type that is not valid
ORA-22331: cannot alter an incomplete type
ORA-22332: a dependent object in schema “” has errors.

ORA-22333: cannot reset type “”.”” due to invalid dependent types and tables
ORA-22334: cannot reset type “”.””. Dependent tables must be upgraded to latest version
ORA-22335: The client cannot work with an altered type
ORA-22336: table contained 8.0 image format, must specify INCLUDING DATA
ORA-22337: the type of accessed object has been evolved
ORA-22338: must specify CASCADE INCLUDING DATA when altering the final property
ORA-22339: cannot alter to not final since its attribute column is substitutable
ORA-22340: cannot type “”.””. Dependent tables must be upgraded to latest version
ORA-22341: cannot assign supertype instance to subtype
ORA-22342: dependent VARRAY column exceeds the maximum inline column size
ORA-22343: Compilation error for type invalidated by ALTER TYPE
ORA-22344: can not specify CONVERT TO SUBSTITUTABLE option for ALTER TYPE other than NOT FINAL change
ORA-22345: recompile type . before attempting this operation
ORA-22346: Type has cyclical dependency. Should use CASCADE option
ORA-22347: No changes to type specified for ALTER TYPE
ORA-22369: invalid parameter encountered in method
ORA-22370: incorrect usage of method
ORA-22371: Table contains data of type ., version , which does not exist
ORA-22372: Event for type dictionary upgrade
ORA-22600: encountered 8.0.2 (Beta) VARRAY data that cannot be processed
ORA-22601: pickler TDS context [] is not initialized
ORA-22602: pickler TDS handle [] is not well-formed
ORA-22603: cannot add an attribute to the already generated TDS handle
ORA-22604: TDS handle already generated
ORA-22605: FDO handle [] is not initialized
ORA-22606: pickler image handle [] is not well-formed
ORA-22607: image handle already generated
ORA-22608: cannot add an attribute to the already generated image handle
ORA-22609: error during initialization of FDO
ORA-22610: error while adding a scalar to the image handle
ORA-22611: TDS version is not recognized
ORA-22612: TDS does not describe a collection TDS
ORA-22613: buflen does not match the size of the scalar
ORA-22614: error while construction the collection in the image
ORA-22615: attribute is not a collection
ORA-22616: image is not of Oracle 8.1 format
ORA-22617: error while accessing the image handle collection
ORA-22618: attribute is a BAD NULL in the image handle
ORA-22619: all collection elements have already been accessed
ORA-22620: buffer size too small to hold the value
ORA-22621: error transfering an object from the agent
ORA-22625: OCIAnyData is not well-formed
ORA-22626: Type Mismatch while constructing or accessing OCIAnyData
ORA-22627: tc [] must be that of object/varray/nested table
ORA-22628: OCIAnyData already constructed
ORA-22629: OCIAnyData is null
ORA-22630: attribute [] is null or it is not well-formed
ORA-22631: attribute [] is is not well-formed or does not match the type
ORA-22632: AnyDataSet parameter is not valid for the current operation
ORA-22633: Error freeing AnyDataSet
ORA-22634: Error adding new instance to AnyDataSet
ORA-22635: Object and image FDO mismatch during conversion
ORA-22700: object access trace event number
ORA-22800: invalid user-defined type
ORA-22801: invalid object row variable
ORA-22803: object type contains zero attributes
ORA-22804: remote operations not permitted on object tables or user-defined type columns
ORA-22805: cannot insert NULL object into object tables or nested tables
ORA-22806: not an object or REF
ORA-22807: cannot resolve to a scalar type or a collection type
ORA-22808: REF dereferencing not allowed
ORA-22809: nonexistent attribute
ORA-22810: cannot modify object attributes with REF dereferencing
ORA-22812: cannot reference nested table column’s storage table
ORA-22813: operand value exceeds system limits
ORA-22814: attribute or element value is larger than specified in type
ORA-22815: sql name resolution event
ORA-22816: unsupported feature with RETURNING clause
ORA-22817: subquery not allowed in the default clause
ORA-22818: subquery expressions not allowed here
ORA-22819: scope of input value does not correspond to the scope of the target
ORA-22820: Event to turn off redundant join elimination by the optimizer
ORA-22821: Event to turn off common subexpression elimination
ORA-22822: Event to accept dot notation in the insert statement
ORA-22824: Event to lookup remote objects using DDFNET for snapshots
ORA-22825: event set during import/export
ORA-22826: cannot construct an instance of a non instantiable type
ORA-22827: Event to lookup remote objects using KGL
ORA-22828: input pattern or replacement parameters exceed 32K size limit
ORA-22829: Event to allow LATERAL views
ORA-22830: Event enabling VARRAYs columns to be created as OCTs
ORA-22831: Offset or offset+amount does not land on character boundary
ORA-22832: Event enabling LOB columns to share the same segment
ORA-22833: Must cast a transient type to a persistent type
ORA-22834: Event to turn off smon cleanup for transient types
ORA-22835: Buffer too small for CLOB to CHAR or BLOB to RAW conversion (actual: , maximum: )
ORA-22836: Event to turn on lob to char/raw silent truncation
ORA-22850: duplicate LOB storage option specificed
ORA-22851: invalid CHUNK LOB storage option value
ORA-22852: invalid PCTVERSION LOB storage option value
ORA-22853: invalid LOB storage option specification
ORA-22854: invalid option for LOB storage index
ORA-22855: optional name for LOB storage segment incorrectly specified
ORA-22856: cannot add columns to object tables
ORA-22857: cannot modify columns of object tables
ORA-22858: invalid alteration of datatype
ORA-22859: invalid modification of columns
ORA-26521: rpc initialization error
ORA-26522: rpc execution error
ORA-26523: rpc termination error
ORA-26524: nls subsystem initialization failure for product=, facility=
ORA-26525: session connection attempt failed for (@)
ORA-26526: materialized view sql ddl parse/expansion failed for .
ORA-26527: local store callback init phase failed for ‘.’
ORA-26528: local store callback proc phase failed for ‘.’
ORA-26529: local store callback term phase failed for ‘.’
ORA-26530: unable to build materialized view refresh control list
ORA-26531: replication parallel push failure recovery test event
ORA-26532: replication parallel push simulated site failure
ORA-26534: collision: tranID %ld ignored and purged
ORA-26535: %ud byte row cache insufficient for table with rowsize=%ud
ORA-26536: refresh was aborted because of conflicts caused by deferred transactions
ORA-26562: last RepAPI error
ORA-26563: renaming this table is not allowed
ORA-26564: argument is not of specified type
ORA-26565: Call to _arg made before calling
ORA-26566: Couldn’t open connect to
ORA-26571: ..: number of arguments () does not match replication catalog
ORA-26572: ..: argument does not match replication catalog
ORA-26575: remote database does not support replication parallel propagation
ORA-26576: cannot acquire SR enqueue
ORA-26577: PRESERVE TABLE can not be used when dropping old style materialized view .
ORA-26650: background process might not be started successfully
ORA-26660: Invalid action context value for
ORA-26661: STREAMS tracing event
ORA-26662: unable to process STREAMS Data Dictonary information for object
ORA-26663: error queue for apply process must be empty
ORA-26664: cannot create STREAMS process
ORA-26665: STREAMS process already exists
ORA-26666: cannot alter STREAMS process
ORA-26667: invalid STREAMS parameter
ORA-26668: STREAMS process exists
ORA-26669: parameter inconsistent with parameter
ORA-26670: STREAMS option requires COMPATIBLE parameter to be or higher
ORA-26671: maximum number of STREAMS processes exceeded
ORA-26672: timeout occurred while stopping STREAMS process
ORA-26673: duplicate column name
ORA-26674: Column mismatch in ‘.’ (LCR: type=; DB: type=)
ORA-26675: cannot create Streams capture process
ORA-26676: Table ‘.’ has columns in the LCR and columns in the replicated site
ORA-26677: Streams downstream capture process cannot proceed
ORA-26678: Streams capture process must be created first
ORA-26679: operation not allowed on LOB or LONG columns in LCR
ORA-26680: object type not supported
ORA-26681: command type not supported
ORA-26682: invalid value for publication_on
ORA-26683: invalid value for value_type
ORA-26684: invalid value for value_type
ORA-26685: cannot apply transactions from multiple sources
ORA-26686: cannot capture from specified SCN
ORA-26687: no instantiation SCN provided for “”.”” in source database “”
ORA-26688: missing key in LCR
ORA-26689: column datatype mismatch in LCR
ORA-26690: datatype not supported at non-Oracle system
ORA-26691: operation not supported at non-Oracle system
ORA-26692: invalid value , should be in format
ORA-26693: STREAMS process dropped successfully, but error occurred while dropping rule set
ORA-26694: error while enqueueing into queue .
ORA-26695: error on call to : return code
ORA-26696: no streams data dictionary for object with number and version number from source database
ORA-26697: LCR contains extra column ”
ORA-26698: did not have a rule set
ORA-26699: STREAMS message consumer already exists
ORA-26700: STREAMS tracing event
ORA-26701: STREAMS process does not exist
ORA-26702: shut the STREAMS/CDC apply engine down
ORA-26703: event for configuring STREAMS rules cache
ORA-26704: The Owner instance %d of the queue table is not up or the QMN0 process is down.
ORA-26705: cannot downgrade capture process after Streams data dictionary has been upgraded
ORA-26706: cannot downgrade capture process
ORA-26707: STREAMS or_expand complexity
ORA-26708: remote DDL not supported by STREAMS : dblink
ORA-26709: Streams RFS restart
ORA-26710: incompatible version marker encountered during Capture
ORA-26711: remote table does not contain a primary key constraint
ORA-26712: remote object is “”.””@””
ORA-26713: remote object does not exist or is inaccessible
ORA-26714: User error encountered while applying
ORA-26715: time limit reached
ORA-26716: message limit reached
ORA-26717: SCN limit reached
ORA-26718: transaction limit reached
ORA-26719: STREAMS tracing event
ORA-26720: STREAMS assemble lobs event
ORA-26721: enqueue of the LCR not allowed
ORA-26722: STREAMS canonicalization event
ORA-26723: user “” requires the role “”
ORA-26724: only SYS is allowed to set the Capture or Apply user to SYS.
ORA-26725: cannot downgrade apply handlers
ORA-26726: logical standby and DOWNSTREAM_REAL_TIME_MINE are incompatible
ORA-26727: Cannot alter queue_to_queue property of existing propagation.
ORA-26728: event for configuring STREAMS apply segcol mapping cache
ORA-26729: event for configuring STREAMS apply destination object cache
ORA-26730: ” already exists
ORA-26731: ” does not exist
ORA-26732: invalid file group privilege
ORA-26733: timed-out waiting for file group lock
ORA-26734: different datafiles_directory_object parameter must be specified
ORA-26735: operation not allowed on the specified file group version
ORA-26736: Data Pump error
ORA-26737: version already has an export dump file
ORA-26738: ” is not empty
ORA-26739: FILE GROUP tracing event
ORA-26740: cannot downgrade because there are file groups
ORA-26741: cannot assemble lobs
ORA-26742: Maximum number of ignored transactions exceeded
ORA-26743: Streams tracing event
ORA-26744: STREAMS capture process “” does not support “”.”” because of the following reason:
ORA-26745: cursors () are not sufficient
ORA-26746: DDL rule “”.”” not allowed for this operation
ORA-26747: The one-to-many transformation function encountered the following error:
ORA-26748: The one-to-one transformation function encountered the following error:
ORA-26749: STREAMS propagation batch size
ORA-26750: STREAMS internal transformation
ORA-26751: STREAMS testing event
ORA-26752: Unsupported LCR received for “”.””
ORA-26753: Mismatched columns found in ‘.’
ORA-26754: cannot specify both one-to-one transformation function and one-to-many transformation function
ORA-26755: STREAMS apply spill table partitioning event
ORA-26756: STREAMS apply spill table partition ceiling event
ORA-26757: Timed out waiting for remote operation on instance to finish
ORA-26758: STREAMS skip LCR requested
ORA-26759: Maximum number of skip LCR requests exceeded
ORA-26761: Standby Redo Logs not available for real time mining
ORA-26762: Cannot autogenerate name for parameter because of the following reason:
ORA-26763: invalid file type “”
ORA-26764: invalid parameter “” for local capture “”
ORA-26765: invalid parameter “” for downstream capture “”
ORA-26770: Index-organized table not supported
ORA-26771: User-defined column type not supported
ORA-26772: Encrypted column not supported
ORA-26773: Invalid data type for column “”
ORA-26774: Queue table not supported
ORA-26775: Temporary table not supported
ORA-26776: Subordinate object not supported
ORA-26777: External table not supported
ORA-26778: File column not supported
ORA-26779: Materialized view not supported
ORA-26780: Object table not supported
ORA-26781: Nested table not supported
ORA-26782: Function-based index not supported
ORA-26783: Column data type not supported
ORA-26784: STREAMS internal event
ORA-26792: Invalid source database name
ORA-26796: STREAMS excessive IO event
ORA-27000: skgfqsbi: failed to initialize storage subsystem (SBT) layer
ORA-27001: unsupported device type
ORA-27002: function called with invalid device structure
ORA-27003: cannot open file on device allocated with NOIO option
ORA-27004: invalid blocksize specified
ORA-27005: cannot open file for async I/O on device not supporting async
ORA-27006: sbtremove returned error
ORA-27007: failed to open file
ORA-27008: function called with invalid file structure
ORA-27009: skgfwrt: cannot write to file opened for read
ORA-27010: skgfwrt: write to file failed
ORA-27011: skgfrd: cannot read from file opened for write
ORA-27012: skgfrd: read from file failed
ORA-27013: skgfqdel: cannot delete an open file
ORA-27014: skgfqpini: translation error while expanding SS_UDMPDIR
ORA-27015: skgfcls: failed to close the file
ORA-27016: skgfcls: sbtinfo returned error
ORA-27017: skgfcls: media handle returned by sbtinfo exceeds max length(SSTMXQMH)
ORA-27018: BLKSIZE is not a multiple of the minimum physical block size
ORA-27019: tape filename length exceeds limit (SBTOPMXF)
ORA-27020: named devices not supported
ORA-27021: sequential file handle must be specified
ORA-27022: skgfqsbi: could not allocate memory for media manager
ORA-27023: skgfqsbi: media manager protocol error
ORA-27024: skgfqsbi: sbtinit2 returned error
ORA-27025: skgfqsbi: invalid media manager context area size
ORA-27026: skgfrls: sbtend returned error
ORA-27027: sbtremove2 returned error
ORA-27028: skgfqcre: sbtbackup returned error
ORA-27029: skgfrtrv: sbtrestore returned error
ORA-27030: skgfwrt: sbtwrite2 returned error
ORA-27031: mirror resilvering functions not supported
ORA-27032: failed to obtain file size limit
ORA-27033: failed to obtain file size limit
ORA-27034: maximum length of ORACLE_SID exceeded
ORA-27035: logical block size is invalid
ORA-27036: translation error, unable to expand file name
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
ORA-27038: created file already exists
ORA-27039: create file failed, file size limit reached
ORA-27040: file create error, unable to create file
ORA-27041: unable to open file
ORA-27042: not enough space on raw partition to fullfill request
ORA-27043: unable to seek to beginning of file
ORA-27044: unable to write the header block of file
ORA-27045: unable to close the file
ORA-27046: file size is not a multiple of logical block size
ORA-27047: unable to read the header block of file
ORA-27048: skgfifi: file header information is invalid
ORA-27049: unable to seek to and read the last block
ORA-27050: function called with invalid FIB/IOV structure
ORA-27051: I/O error (simulated, not real)
ORA-27052: unable to flush file data
ORA-27053: blocksize in file header not a multiple of logical block size
ORA-27054: NFS file system where the file is created or resides is not mounted with correct options
ORA-27056: could not delete file
ORA-27057: cannot perform async I/O to file
ORA-27058: file I/O question parameter is invalid
ORA-27059: could not reduce file size
ORA-27060: could not set close-on-exec bit on file
ORA-27061: waiting for async I/Os failed
ORA-27062: could not find pending async I/Os
ORA-27063: number of bytes read/written is incorrect
ORA-27064: cannot perform async I/O to file
ORA-27065: cannot perform async vector I/O to file
ORA-27066: number of buffers in vector I/O exceeds maximum
ORA-27067: size of I/O buffer is invalid
ORA-27068: I/O buffer is not aligned properly
ORA-27069: attempt to do I/O beyond the range of the file
ORA-27070: async read/write failed
ORA-27071: unable to seek to desired position in file
ORA-27072: File I/O error
ORA-27073: Trying to close a file which has async I/Os pending to be dequeued
ORA-27074: unable to determine limit for open files
ORA-27075: SSTMOFRC constant too large
ORA-27076: unable to set limit for open files
ORA-27077: too many files open
ORA-27078: unable to determine limit for open files
ORA-27080: too many files open
ORA-27081: unable to close the file
ORA-27083: waiting for async I/Os failed
ORA-27084: unable to get/set file status flags
ORA-27086: unable to lock file – already in use
ORA-27087: unable to get share lock – file not readable
ORA-27088: unable to get file status
ORA-27089: unable to release advisory lock
ORA-27091: unable to queue I/O
ORA-27092: size of file exceeds file size limit of the process
ORA-27093: could not delete directory
ORA-27094: raw volume used can damage partition table
ORA-27100: shared memory realm already exists
ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist
ORA-27102: out of memory
ORA-27103: internal error
ORA-27120: unable to removed shared memory segment
ORA-27121: unable to determine size of shared memory segment
ORA-27122: unable to protect memory
ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment
ORA-27124: unable to detach from shared memory segment
ORA-27125: unable to create shared memory segment
ORA-27126: unable to lock shared memory segment in core
ORA-27127: unable to unlock shared memory segment
ORA-27128: unable to determine pagesize
ORA-27140: attach to post/wait facility failed
ORA-27141: invalid process ID
ORA-27142: could not create new process
ORA-27143: OS system call failure
ORA-27144: attempt to kill process failed
ORA-27145: insufficient resources for requested number of processes
ORA-27146: post/wait initialization failed
ORA-27147: post/wait reset failed
ORA-27148: spawn wait error
ORA-27149: assignment out of range
ORA-27150: attempt to notify process of pending oradebug call failed
ORA-27151: buffer not large enough to hold process ID string
ORA-27152: attempt to post process failed
ORA-27153: wait operation failed
ORA-24150: evaluation context . does not exist
ORA-24151: no evaluation context is associated with rule . or rule set .
ORA-24152: cannot drop evaluation context . with dependents
ORA-24153: rule set . already exists
ORA-24154: rule . already in rule set .
ORA-24155: rule . not in rule set .
ORA-24156: duplicate table alias
ORA-24157: duplicate variable name
ORA-24158: invalid table alias
ORA-24159: invalid variable definiton
ORA-24160: name already exists in the name value pair list
ORA-24161: name does not exist in the name value pair list
ORA-24162: name value pair list is full, cannot add another entry
ORA-24163: dblink is not supported in rules engine DDLs
ORA-24164: invalid rule engine system privilege:
ORA-24165: invalid rule engine object privilege:
ORA-24166: evaluation context . has errors
ORA-24167: incompatible rule engine objects, cannot downgrade
ORA-24168: rule . cannot have default evaluation context
ORA-24169: rule condition has unrecognized variables
ORA-24170: . is created by AQ, cannot be dropped directly
ORA-24171: creation properties are only for internal use
ORA-24172: rule set . has errors
ORA-24173: nested query not supported for rule condition
ORA-24180: invalid transformation expression, the transformation expression does not evaluate to the target type/attribute
ORA-24181: The type does not exist
ORA-24182: attribute number specified does not exist
ORA-24183: invalid transformation
ORA-24184: transformation . already exists
ORA-24185: transformation . does not exist
ORA-24186: wrong object type, could not transform message
ORA-24190: length of payload exceeds
ORA-24191: the property name has existed
ORA-24192: the property name cannot be null
ORA-24193: the property value exceeds the valid range
ORA-24194: attempt to read data in a message as the wrong type
ORA-24195: attemp to retrieve the name list of a map message with size exceeding 1024
ORA-24196: access the message in a wrong access mode
ORA-24197: JAVA stored procedure throws JAVA exceptions
ORA-24198: attempt to use an invalid operation ID
ORA-24199: message store is overflow
ORA-24201: duplicate publisher, publisher already added to the queue
ORA-24202: publisher does not exist for the queue
ORA-24203: operation failed, queue table . has errors
ORA-24230: input to DBMS_DDL.WRAP is not a legal PL/SQL unit
ORA-24231: database access descriptor (DAD) not found
ORA-24232: unknown Embedded PL/SQL Gateway attribute
ORA-24233: argument passed to DBMS_UTILITY.VALIDATE is not legal
ORA-24234: unable to get source of “”.””, insufficient privileges or does not exist
ORA-24235: bad value for object type:
ORA-24236: source text is empty
ORA-24237: object id argument passed to DBMS_UTILITY.INVALIDATE is not legal
ORA-24238: object settings argument passed to DBMS_UTILITY.INVALIDATE is not legal
ORA-24239: object could not be invalidated
ORA-24240: invalid database access descriptor (DAD) name
ORA-24265: Insufficient privileges for SQL profile operation
ORA-24270: a row already exists in the table for these parameters
ORA-24271: translation type must be either T, S or M
ORA-24272: initialization value must be either F or T
ORA-24273: translation text is required if translation type is T or S
ORA-24274: no row exists in the table for these parameters
ORA-24275: function ” parameter ” missing or invalid
ORA-24276: function ” output ” maximum value exceeded
ORA-24280: invalid input value for parameter
ORA-24281: invalid access past the maximum size of LOB parameter
ORA-24291: Sort Hash Cluster error
ORA-24292: no more tables permitted in this sorted hash cluster
ORA-24295: max key length () for sorted hash cluster exceeded
ORA-24300: bad value for mode
ORA-24301: null host specified in thread-safe logon
ORA-24302: host connection in use by another thread
ORA-24303: call not supported in non-deferred linkage
ORA-24304: datatype not allowed for this call
ORA-24305: bad bind or define context
ORA-24306: bad buffer for piece
ORA-24307: invalid length for piece
ORA-24308: illegal define position
ORA-24309: already connected to a server
ORA-24310: length specified for null connect string
ORA-24311: memory initialization failed
ORA-24312: illegal parameters specified for allocating user memory
ORA-24313: user already authenticated
ORA-24314: service handle not initialized
ORA-24315: illegal attribute type
ORA-24316: illegal handle type
ORA-24317: define handle used in a different position
ORA-24318: call not allowed for scalar data types
ORA-24319: unable to allocate memory
ORA-24320: unable to initialize a mutex
ORA-24321: inconsistent parameters passed
ORA-24322: unable to delete an initialized mutex
ORA-24323: value not allowed
ORA-24324: service handle not initialized
ORA-24325: this OCI operation is not currently allowed
ORA-24326: handle passed in is already initialized
ORA-24327: need explicit attach before authenticating a user
ORA-24328: illegal attribute value
ORA-24329: invalid character set identifier
ORA-24330: internal OCI error
ORA-24331: user buffer too small
ORA-24332: invalid object type
ORA-24333: zero iteration count
ORA-24334: no descriptor for this position
ORA-24335: cannot support more than 1000 columns
ORA-24336: invalid result set descriptor
ORA-24337: statement handle not prepared
ORA-24338: statement handle not executed
ORA-24339: cannot set server group name after connecting to server
ORA-24340: cannot support more than 255 columns
ORA-24341: bad mode specified
ORA-24342: unable to destroy a mutex
ORA-24343: user defined callback error
ORA-24344: success with compilation error
ORA-24345: A Truncation or null fetch error occurred
ORA-24346: cannot execute without binding variables
ORA-24347: Warning of a NULL column in an aggregate function
ORA-24348: Update or Delete without Where
ORA-24350: OCI call not allowed
ORA-24351: invalid date passed into OCI call
ORA-24352: invalid COBOL display type passed into OCI call
ORA-24353: user buffer too small to accommodate COBOL display type
ORA-24354: number fetched too large to fit in COBOL display type buffer.
ORA-24355: attempt to store a negative number in an Unsigned Display type.
ORA-24356: internal error while converting from to COBOL display type.
ORA-24357: internal error while converting from to OCIDate.
ORA-24358: OCIBindObject not invoked for a Object type or Reference
ORA-24359: OCIDefineObject not invoked for a Object type or Reference
ORA-24360: Type Descriptor Object not specified for Object Bind/Define
ORA-24361: basic bind call not invoked before invoking advanced bind call
ORA-24362: improper use of the character count flag
ORA-24363: measurements in characters illegal here
ORA-24364: internal error while padding blanks
ORA-24365: error in character conversion
ORA-24366: migratable user handle is set in service handle
ORA-24367: user handle has not been set in service handle
ORA-24368: OCI mutex counter non-zero when freeing a handle
ORA-24369: required callbacks not registered for one or more bind handles
ORA-24370: illegal piecewise operation attempted
ORA-24371: data would not fit in current prefetch buffer
ORA-24372: invalid object for describe
ORA-24373: invalid length specified for statement
ORA-24374: define not done before fetch or execute and fetch
ORA-24375: Cannot use V6 syntax when talking to a V8 server
ORA-24376: cannot register/get user callback for non-environment handle
ORA-24377: invalid OCI function code
ORA-24378: user callbacks not allowed for this call
ORA-24379: invalid user callback type
ORA-24380: invalid mode specification
ORA-24381: error(s) in array DML
ORA-24382: statement handled already executed or described
ORA-24383: Overflow segment of an IOT cannot be described
ORA-24384: Application context size is not initialized
ORA-24385: Application context size or index is not valid
ORA-24386: statement/server handle is in use when being freed
ORA-24387: Invalid attach driver
ORA-24388: Unsupported functionality in fast path mode
ORA-24389: Invalid scrollable fetch parameters
ORA-24390: Unsupported scrollable cursor operation
ORA-24391: invalid fetch operation
ORA-24392: no connection pool to associate server handle
ORA-24393: invalid mode for creating connection pool
ORA-24394: invalid mode for destroying connection pool
ORA-24395: cannot reinitialize non-existent pool
ORA-24396: invalid attribute set in server handle
ORA-24397: error occured while trying to free connections
ORA-24398: connection pool already exists
ORA-24399: invalid number of connections specified
ORA-24400: error occured while creating connections in the pool
ORA-24401: cannot open further connections
ORA-24402: error occured while creating connections in the pool
ORA-24403: error occured while trying to destroy the connection pool
ORA-24404: connection pool does not exist
ORA-24405: error occured while trying to create connections in the pool
ORA-24406: API mode switch is disallowed when a call is in progress.
ORA-24407: connection pool already exists
ORA-24408: could not generate unique server group name
ORA-24409: client cannot understand the object
ORA-24410: scrollable cursor max size exceeded
ORA-24411: Session pool already exists.
ORA-24412: Cannot reinitialize non-existent pool
ORA-24413: Invalid number of sessions specified
ORA-24414: Only %d sessions could be started.
ORA-24415: Missing or null username.
ORA-24416: Invalid session Poolname was specified.
ORA-24417: Session pool size has exceeded the maximum limit
ORA-24418: Cannot open further sessions.
ORA-24419: Proxy sessions are not supported in this mode.
ORA-24420: OCISessionRelease must be used to release this session.
ORA-24421: OCISessionRelease cannot be used to release this session.
ORA-24422: error occurred while trying to destroy the Session Pool
ORA-24430: Null values for sqltext and key were specified.
ORA-24431: Statement does not exist in the cache
ORA-24432: The statement that was returned is not tagged.
ORA-24433: This statement has already been prepared using OCIStmtPrepare2.
ORA-24434: OCIStmtRelease called before OCIStmtPrepare2.
ORA-24435: Invalid Service Context specified.
ORA-24436: Invalid statement Handle.
ORA-24437: OCIStmtExecute called before OCIStmtPrepare2.
ORA-24438: Invalid Authentication Handle specified.
ORA-24439: success with PLSQL compilation warning
ORA-24440: OCI Easy Install mode cannot be initialized
ORA-24450: Cannot pre-process OCI statement
ORA-24460: Native Net Internal Error
ORA-24471: KOH tracing event
ORA-24472: KOC tracing event
ORA-24476: KOPF tracing event
ORA-24500: invalid UTF16 mode
ORA-24501: invalid UTF16 string passed in
ORA-24502: codepoint length overflows
ORA-24503: codepoint length overflows for piecewise operation
ORA-24504: data length larger than expected
ORA-24505: cannot change character set id on the handle
ORA-24506: invalid attempt to change character set id on env handle
ORA-24507: invalid combination of character set ids
ORA-24508: Buffer is not aligned correctly.
ORA-24750: incorrect size of attribute
ORA-24752: OCI_TRANS_NEW flag must be specified for local transactions
ORA-24753: local transactions cannot be detached
ORA-24754: cannot start new transaction with an active transaction
ORA-24755: OCI_TRANS_NOMIGRATE, OCI_TRANS_JOIN options are not supported
ORA-24756: transaction does not exist
ORA-24757: duplicate transaction identifier
ORA-24758: not attached to the requested transaction
ORA-24759: invalid transaction start flags
ORA-24760: invalid isolation level flags
ORA-24761: transaction rolled back
ORA-24762: server failed due to unspecified error
ORA-24763: transaction operation cannot be completed now
ORA-24764: transaction branch has been heuristically committed
ORA-24765: transaction branch has been heuristically rolled back
ORA-24766: transaction branch has been partly committed and aborted
ORA-24767: transaction was read-only and has been committed
ORA-24768: commit protocol error occured in the server
ORA-24769: cannot forget an active transaction
ORA-24770: cannot forget a prepared transaction
ORA-24771: cannot detach, prepare or forget a local transaction
ORA-24772: Cannot mix tightly-coupled and loosely-coupled branches
ORA-24773: invalid transaction type flags
ORA-24774: cannot switch to specified transaction
ORA-24775: cannot prepare or commit transaction with non-zero lock value
ORA-24776: cannot start a new transaction
ORA-24777: use of non-migratable database link not allowed
ORA-24778: cannot open connections
ORA-24779: detach not allowed with open remote cursor
ORA-24780: cannot recover a transaction while in an existing transaction
ORA-24781: branches don’t belong to the same global transaction
ORA-24782: Cannot detach from a non-migratable transaction
ORA-24783: Cannot switch non-migratable transactions
ORA-24784: Transaction exists
ORA-24785: Cannot resume a non-migratable transaction
ORA-24786: separated transaction has been completed
ORA-24787: remote cursors must be closed before a call completes
ORA-24788: cannot switch to specified transaction (server type)
ORA-24789: start not allowed in recursive call
ORA-24790: cannot mix OCI_TRANS_RESUME and transaction isolation flags
ORA-24791: invalid transaction start flags
ORA-24792: cannot mix services in a single global transaction
ORA-24793: Test DTP service start and stop
ORA-24794: no active DTP service found
ORA-24795: Illegal attempt made
ORA-24796: operation completed; resume of original transaction rolled back
ORA-24801: illegal parameter value in OCI lob function
ORA-24802: user defined lob read callback error
ORA-24803: illegal parameter value in lob read function
ORA-24804: Lob read/write functions called while another OCI LOB read/write streaming is in progress
ORA-24805: LOB type mismatch
ORA-24806: LOB form mismatch
ORA-24807: LOB form mismatch
ORA-24808: streaming of lob data is not allowed when using lob buffering
ORA-24809: amount specified will not fit in the lob buffers
ORA-24810: attempting to write more data than indicated
ORA-24811: less data provided for writing than indicated
ORA-24812: character set conversion to or from UCS2 failed
ORA-24813: cannot send or receive an unsupported LOB
ORA-24814: operation not allowed for temporary LOBs
ORA-24815: Invalid character set form
ORA-24816: Expanded non LONG bind data supplied after actual LONG or LOB column
ORA-24817: Unable to allocate the given chunk for current lob operation
ORA-24850: failed to startup shared subsystem
ORA-24851: failed to connect to shared subsystem
ORA-24852: protocol error during statement execution
ORA-24853: failed to connect thread to shared subsystem
ORA-24854: invalid pieceinfo provided
ORA-24900: invalid or unsupported mode paramater passed in call
ORA-24901: handles belonging to different environments passed into an OCI call
ORA-24902: invalid subscription name or name-length in subscription handle
ORA-24903: invalid namespace attribute passed into OCI call
ORA-24904: invalid callback attribute passed into OCI call
ORA-24905: invalid recepient protocol attribute passed into OCI call
ORA-24906: invalid recepient attribute passed into OCI call
ORA-24907: invalid pair of callback and recepient protocol attributes
ORA-24908: invalid recipient presentation attribute
ORA-24909: call in progress. Current operation cancelled
ORA-24910: Event to enable optimized fetch protocol
ORA-24911: Cannot start listener thread at specified port
ORA-24912: Listener thread failed.
ORA-24950: unregister failed, registeration not found
ORA-24951: EMON tracing event
ORA-24952: register, unregister or post has incorrect collection count
ORA-24960: the attribute is greater than the maximum allowable length of %d
ORA-25000: invalid use of bind variable in trigger WHEN clause
ORA-25001: cannot create this trigger type on views
ORA-25002: cannot create INSTEAD OF triggers on tables
ORA-25003: cannot change NEW values for this column type in trigger
ORA-25004: WHEN clause is not allowed in INSTEAD OF triggers
ORA-25005: cannot CREATE INSTEAD OF trigger on a read-only view
ORA-25006: cannot specify this column in UPDATE OF clause
ORA-25007: functions or methods not allowed in WHEN clause
ORA-25008: no implicit conversion to LOB datatype in instead-of trigger
ORA-25009: Nested table clause allowed only for INSTEAD OF triggers
ORA-25010: Invalid nested table column name in nested table clause
ORA-25011: cannot create trigger on internal AQ table
ORA-25012: PARENT and NEW values cannot be identical
ORA-25013: OLD and PARENT values cannot be identical
ORA-25014: cannot change the value of a PARENT reference variable
ORA-25015: cannot perform DML on this nested table view column
ORA-25016: cannot specify column list for insert into nested table view column
ORA-25017: cannot reference NEW ROWID for movable rows in before triggers
ORA-25018: conflicting trigger already exists
ORA-25019: too much concurreny
ORA-25020: renaming system triggers is not allowed
ORA-25100: TABLESPACE option can only be used with ALTER INDEX REBUILD
ORA-25101: duplicate REBUILD option specification
ORA-25102: PARALLEL option can only be used with ALTER INDEX REBUILD
ORA-25103: NOPARALLEL option can only be used with ALTER INDEX REBUILD
ORA-25104: UNRECOVERABLE option can only be used with ALTER INDEX REBUILD
ORA-25105: RECOVERABLE option can only be used with ALTER INDEX REBUILD
ORA-25106: only one of PARALLEL or NOPARALLEL clause may be specified
ORA-25107: duplicate TABLESPACE option specification
ORA-25108: standby lock name space exceeds size limit of characters
ORA-25109: standby lock name space has illegal character ”
ORA-25110: NOSORT may not be used with a bitmap index
ORA-25111: creation of BITMAP cluster indices is not supported
ORA-25112: maximum number of BITMAP index columns is 30
ORA-25113: GLOBAL may not be used with a bitmap index
ORA-25114: invalid file number specified in the DUMP DATAFILE/TEMPFILE command
ORA-25115: duplicate BLOCK option specification
ORA-25116: invalid block number specified in the DUMP DATAFILE/TEMPFILE command
ORA-25117: MIN/MAX/Block Number expected
ORA-25118: invalid DUMP DATAFILE/TEMPFILE option
ORA-25119: LOGGING/NOLOGGING option already specified
ORA-25120: MINIMUM EXTENT option already specified
ORA-25121: MINIMUM EXTENT value greater than maximum extent size
ORA-25122: Only LOCAL bitmap indexes are permitted on partitioned tables
ORA-25123: Too many components specified in the name.
ORA-25124: Database link name not allowed.
ORA-25125: BUFFER_POOL storage option not allowed
ORA-25126: Invalid name specified for BUFFER_POOL
ORA-25127: RELY not allowed in NOT NULL constraint
ORA-25128: No insert/update/delete on table with constraint (.) disabled and validated
ORA-25129: cannot modify constraint () – no such constraint
ORA-25130: cannot modify primary key – primary key not defined for table
ORA-25131: cannot modify unique() – unique key not defined for table
ORA-25132: UNIQUE constraint (.) disabled and validated in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-25133: duplicate SINGLE TABLE option specified
ORA-25134: keyword TABLE expected
ORA-25135: cannot use the SINGLE TABLE option
ORA-25136: this cluster can contain only one table
ORA-25137: Data value out of range
ORA-25138: initialization parameter has been made obsolete
ORA-25139: invalid option for CREATE TEMPORARY TABLESPACE
ORA-25140: space policy cannot be specified for the extent management
ORA-25141: invalid EXTENT MANAGEMENT clause
ORA-25142: default storage clause specified twice
ORA-25143: default storage clause is not compatible with allocation policy
ORA-25144: invalid option for CREATE TABLESPACE with TEMPORARY contents
ORA-25145: allocation policy already specified
ORA-25146: EXTENT MANAGEMENT option already specified
ORA-25147: UNIFORM SIZE value greater than maximum extent size
ORA-25148: ONLINE option not permitted
ORA-25149: Columns of UROWID type may not be indexed
ORA-25150: ALTERING of extent parameters not permitted
ORA-25151: Rollback Segment cannot be created in this tablespace
ORA-25152: TEMPFILE cannot be dropped at this time
ORA-25153: Temporary Tablespace is Empty
ORA-25154: column part of USING clause cannot have qualifier
ORA-25155: column used in NATURAL join cannot have qualifier
ORA-25156: old style outer join (+) cannot be used with ANSI joins
ORA-25157: Specified block size is not valid
ORA-25158: Cannot specify RELY for foreign key if the associated primary key is NORELY
ORA-25175: no PRIMARY KEY constraint found
ORA-25176: storage specification not permitted for primary key
ORA-25177: UNRECOVERABLE option not permitted
ORA-25178: duplicate PCTTHRESHOLD storage option specification
ORA-25179: invalid PCTTHRESHOLD storage option value
ORA-25180: PCTTHRESHOLD only valid for certain table organizations
ORA-25181: missing ON keyword for NESTED INDEX
ORA-25182: feature not currently available for index-organized tables
ORA-25183: index-organized table top index segment is in a different tablespace
ORA-25184: column name expected
ORA-25185: index column other than last can not be specified for INCLUDE clause
ORA-25186: INCLUDING clause specified for index-organized table without OVERFLOW
ORA-25187: specified exceptions table form incorrect
ORA-25188: cannot drop/disable/defer the primary key constraint for index-organized tables or sorted hash cluster
ORA-25189: illegal ALTER TABLE option for an index-organized table
ORA-25190: an index-organized table maintenance operation may not be combined with other operations
ORA-25191: cannot reference overflow table of an index-organized table
ORA-25192: invalid option for an index-organized table
ORA-25193: cannot use COMPRESS option for a single column key
ORA-25194: invalid COMPRESS prefix length value
ORA-25195: invalid option for index on an index-organized table
ORA-25196: keyword MOVE in ALTER TABLE MOVE must immediately follow table name
ORA-25197: an overflow segment already exists for the indexed-organized table
ORA-25198: only range, list, and hash partitioning are supported for index-organized table
ORA-25199: partitioning key of a index-organized table must be a subset of the primary key
ORA-25200: invalid value , QUEUE_NAME should be [SCHEMA.]NAME
ORA-25201: invalid value, VISIBILITY should be ON_COMMIT or IMMEDIATE
ORA-25202: invalid value NULL, should be non-NULL
ORA-25203: invalid value , DELAY should be non-negative
ORA-25204: invalid value, SEQUENCE_DEVIATION should be BEFORE or TOP
ORA-25205: the QUEUE . does not exist
ORA-25206: enqueue failed, enqueue to exception queue . not permitted
ORA-25207: enqueue failed, queue . is disabled from enqueueing
ORA-25209: invalid value , EXPIRATION should be non-negative or NEVER
ORA-25210: invalid value for RELATIVE_MSGID, no message in queue with that msgid
ORA-25211: invalid DELAY specified when using sequence deviation
ORA-25212: invalid PRIORITY specified when using sequence deviation
ORA-25213: message with specified RELATIVE_MSGID has been dequeued
ORA-25214: cannot specify delay or expiration for enqueue to exception queue
ORA-25215: user_data type and queue type do not match
ORA-25216: invalid recipient, either NAME or ADDRESS must be specified
ORA-25217: enqueue failed, visibility must be IMMEDIATE for queue .
ORA-25218: enqueue failed, delay must be zero for queue .
ORA-25219: enqueue failed, sequence deviation not allowed for queue .
ORA-25220: enqueue failed, signature not specified for a non-repudiable queue
ORA-25221: enqueue failed, signature specified queue not supporting non-repudiation
ORA-25222: enqueue failed, complete sender info. not provided for a queue supporting non-repudiation
ORA-25223: user_data type used is not supported
ORA-25224: sender name must be specified for enqueue into secure queues
ORA-25225: invalid value , DEQUEUE_MODE should be REMOVE or BROWSE or LOCKED
ORA-25226: dequeue failed, queue . is not enabled for dequeue
ORA-25228: timeout or end-of-fetch during message dequeue from .
ORA-25229: error on transformation of message
ORA-25230: invalid value , WAIT should be non-negative
ORA-25231: cannot dequeue because CONSUMER_NAME not specified
ORA-25232: duplicate recipients specified for message
ORA-25233: invalid parameter specified for NAVIGATION
ORA-25234: NEXT_TRANSACTION navigation option invalid for queue table .
ORA-25235: fetched all messages in current transaction
ORA-25236: buffer too small for user data
ORA-25237: navigation option used out of sequence
ORA-25238: too many recipients specified for message destination
ORA-25239: message ID not supplied when dequeuing from exception queue .
ORA-25240: message ID and dequeue condition/correlation ID specified in dequeue options
ORA-25241: cannot change correlation ID from to without FIRST_MESSAGE option
ORA-25242: cannot change subscriber name from to without FIRST_MESSAGE option
ORA-25243: CONSUMER_NAME cannot be specified when dequeuing from exception queue .
ORA-25244: dequeue index key not found, QUEUE , rowid
ORA-25245: agent name cannot be specified if address is a single-consumer queue or an exception queue
ORA-25246: listen failed, the address is an 8.0 style exception queue
ORA-25247: is not a recipient of specified message
ORA-25248: duplicate agent specified in the agent list
ORA-25249: dequeue failed, dequeue not allowed for queue .
ORA-25250: Cannot specify a remote recipient for the message
ORA-25251: exceeded maximum number of recipients for message
ORA-25252: listen failed, the address is a non-persistent queue
ORA-25253: listen failed, queue . is not enabled for dequeue
ORA-25254: time-out in LISTEN while waiting for a message
ORA-25255: incorrect subscription string
ORA-25256: consumer cannot be specified with a single-consumer queue or an exception queue
ORA-25257: consumer must be specified with a multi-consumer queue
ORA-25258: cannot register for notifications on an 8.0 style exception queue
ORA-25259: cannot specify protocol for agent
ORA-25260: AQ latch cleanup testing event
ORA-25261: JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES must be at least 2 for AQ propagation
ORA-25262: agent name cannot be NULL if address is a multi-consumer queue
ORA-25263: no message in queue . with message ID
ORA-25264: cant get signature for this queue
ORA-25265: specified signature for a queue which does not support reciever non-repudiation
ORA-25266: didnt try to dequeue by message id. with the signature
ORA-25267: didnt specify the signature for a reciever non-repudiable queue
ORA-25268: didnt dequeue in browse mode with get signature option
ORA-25269: cant specify sognature with get signature option
ORA-25270: sender info does not match with the actual sender of the message
ORA-25271: queue table not found for the given queue
ORA-25272: Signature does not exist for the given reciever and message id.
ORA-25273: AQ QMN process alternate cleanup event
ORA-25274: AQ Buffered Queue event
ORA-25275: Test support for buffered queues
ORA-25276: table specified is not a queue table
ORA-25277: cannot grant or revoke object privilege on release 8.0 compatible queues
ORA-25278: grantee name cannot be NULL
ORA-25279: dequeue as select not supported before 8.2
ORA-25280: complete sender information not provided to non-repudiate sender
ORA-25281: complete reciever information not provided to non-repudiate reciever
ORA-25282: message id. not provided for non-repudiation
ORA-25283: either agent’s name or address needed for non-repudiation
ORA-25284: Invalid value for
ORA-25285: Invalid value for array_mode
ORA-25286: Invalid number of elements in the message properties array
ORA-25287: Invalid value , should be non-negative
ORA-25288: AQ HTTP propagation encountered error, status-code %d,
ORA-25289: Buffer Already Exists
ORA-25290: Cannot complete operation on queue with existing messages
ORA-25291: Buffer does not exist for the specified queue
ORA-25292: Buffer operations are not supported on the queue
ORA-25293: Lob attributes must be null for buffered operations
ORA-25294: Cannot propagate user buffered messages to a database with version lower than 10.2
ORA-25295: Subscriber is not allowed to dequeue buffered messages
ORA-25296: Queue Table has a buffered queue
ORA-25298: Only immediage visibility mode supported for buffered message enqueue or dequeue
ORA-25299: Invalid message delivery_mode
ORA-25300: Cannot drop buffer for queue with buffered subscribers
ORA-25301: Cannot enqueue or dequeue user buffered messages to a database with version lower than 10.2
ORA-25302: Operation not possible for non-buffered queue
ORA-25303: Buffered operation allowed only on the owner instance
ORA-25304: Cannot use priority order queues for capture LCRs
ORA-25305: enqueue failed, expiration must be zero for queue .
ORA-25306: Cannot connect to buffered queue’s owner instance
ORA-25307: Enqueue rate too high, flow control enabled
ORA-25308: AQ canonicalization event
ORA-25309: Unable to lock deq IOT, skip retry count increment
ORA-25310: Subscriber is Notification only; dequeue not supported
ORA-25311: not supported for non-persistent queue
ORA-25312: Cannot specify nonzero sender protocol
ORA-25313: a queue may not subscribe to itself for propagation
ORA-25314: a commit-time queue table cannot be migrated to 8.0
ORA-25315: unsupported configuration for propagation of buffered messages
ORA-25316: Late in the current transaction to begin an Enqueue/Dequeue operation
ORA-25321: enqueue failed, user property specified but queue . is not an 8.1 style queue
ORA-25326: Array operation failed for message at index
ORA-25327: Array size is invalid
ORA-25328: argument size is smaller than array size
ORA-25329: AQ array operations not allowed on 8.0 queues
ORA-25330: PL/SQL associative arrays may not be used with AQ array operations
ORA-25331: cannot downgrade because there are commit-time queue tables
ORA-25332: Invalid release value for queue table compatible parameter
ORA-25333: Buffered Queue to Queue propagation did not connect to the correct instance
ORA-25334: Buffered propagation must restart as the destination queue was recreated/moved
ORA-25335: AQ array operations not allowed for buffered messages
ORA-25336: Cannot contact instance during Streams AQ operation
ORA-25337: Cannot propagate in queue-to-queue mode to a database with version lower than 10.2
ORA-25338: Streams capture or apply process is enabled
ORA-25350: maximum number of concurrent transaction branches exceeded
ORA-25351: transaction is currently in use
ORA-25352: no current transaction
ORA-25353: branch marked for deletion
ORA-25400: must replay fetch
ORA-25401: can not continue fetches
ORA-25402: transaction must roll back
ORA-25403: could not reconnect
ORA-25404: lost instance
ORA-25405: transaction status unknown
ORA-25406: could not generate a connect address
ORA-25407: connection terminated
ORA-25408: can not safely replay call
ORA-25409: failover happened during the network operation,cannot continue
ORA-25425: connection lost during rollback
ORA-25426: remote instance does not support shared dblinks
ORA-25427: cannot downgrade database links after database link data dictionary has been upgraded
ORA-25436: invalid table alias:
ORA-25437: duplicate table value for table alias:
ORA-25438: invalid variable name:
ORA-25439: duplicate variable value for variable:
ORA-25440: invalid table alias:
ORA-25441: duplicate column value for table alias:
ORA-25442: too many column values for table alias:
ORA-25443: duplicate column value for table alias: , column number:
ORA-25444: invalid ROWID: for table alias:
ORA-25445: invalid column number: for table alias:
ORA-25446: duplicate column value for table alias: , column:
ORA-25447: encountered errors during evaluation of rule .
ORA-25448: rule . has errors
ORA-25449: invalid variable name:
ORA-25450: error during evaluation of rule set .
ORA-25451: too many attribute values for variable:
ORA-25452: duplicate attribute value for variable: , attribute:
ORA-25453: invalid iterator:
ORA-25454: error during evaluation of rule set: . for iterator:
ORA-25455: evaluation error for rule set: ., evaluation context: .
ORA-25456: rule set was modified or evaluation terminated for iterator:
ORA-25457: evaluation function returns failure
ORA-25461: rule set not specified
ORA-25462: evaluation context not specified
ORA-25463: table alias not specified
ORA-25464: ROWID not specified for table alias:
ORA-25465: variable name not specified
ORA-25466: data not specified for variable name:
ORA-25467: table alias not specified
ORA-25468: column name not specified for alias:
ORA-25469: data not specified for alias: column name:
ORA-25470: duplicate attribute value for variable:
ORA-25471: attribute name not specified for variable:
ORA-25472: maximum open iterators exceeded
ORA-25473: cannot store in rule action context
ORA-25476: use pre-5523578 behaviour when looking up enabled roles
ORA-25500: database is not open
ORA-25502: concurrent ALTER SYSTEM QUIESCE/UNQUIESCE command is running
ORA-25503: cannot open database because the database is being quiesced
ORA-25504: the system is already in quiesced state
ORA-25505: the system is not in quiesced state
ORA-25506: resource manager has not been continuously on in some instances
ORA-25507: resource manager has not been continuously on
ORA-25508: database is not mounted
ORA-25509: operation on “”.””. not allowed
ORA-25510: DBRM process died unexpectedly
ORA-25526: bad format of _DB_MTTR_SIM_TARGET:
ORA-25527: bad format of _DB_MTTR_SIM_TARGET
ORA-25528: too many candidate MTTRs are specified in _DB_MTTR_SIM_TARGET
ORA-25530: FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET is not specified
ORA-25531: MTTR specified is too small:
ORA-25532: MTTR specified is too large:
ORA-25950: missing where clause in join index specification
ORA-25951: join index where clause cannot contain OR condition
ORA-25952: join index must only contain inner equi-joins
ORA-25953: join index cannot be a functional index
ORA-25954: missing primary key or unique constraint on dimension
ORA-25955: all tables must be joined in the where clause
ORA-25956: join index cannot be created on tables owned by SYS
ORA-25957: join index where clause cannot contain cycles
ORA-25958: join index where clause predicate may only contain column references
ORA-25959: join index must be of the bitmap type
ORA-25960: join index cannot be based on a temporary table
ORA-25961: join index prevents dml cascade constraint operation
ORA-25962: join index prevents multitable insert or merge
ORA-25963: join index must be created on tables
ORA-25964: column type incompatible with join column type
ORA-25965: fact table must be included in the from clause
ORA-25966: join index cannot be based on an index organized table
ORA-26000: partition load specified but table is not partitioned
ORA-26001: Index specified in SORTED INDEXES does not exist on table
ORA-26002: Table has index defined upon it.
ORA-26003: parallel load not supported for index-organized table .
ORA-26004: Tables loaded through the direct path may not be clustered
ORA-26005: Invalid handle for direct path load
ORA-26006: Incorrect bind variable in column ‘s sql expression –
ORA-26007: invalid value for SETID or OID column
ORA-26008: Invalid syntax or bind variable in SQL string for column .
ORA-26010: Column in table is NOT NULL and is not being loaded
ORA-26011: Cannot load type into column in table
ORA-26013: List allocated may not be big enough
ORA-26014: unexpected error on while retrieving

ORA-26015: Array column in table is not supported by direct path
ORA-26017: global indexes not allowed for direct path load of table partition
ORA-26018: Column in table does not exist
ORA-26019: Column in table of type not supported by direct path
ORA-26020: index . loaded successfully with keys
ORA-26021: index . partition loaded successfully with keys
ORA-26022: index . was made unusable due to:
ORA-26023: index . partition was made unusable due to:
ORA-26024: SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES requested and index segment was initially unusable
ORA-26025: SKIP_INDEX_MAINTENANCE option requested
ORA-26026: unique index . initially in unusable state
ORA-26027: unique index . partition initially in unusable state
ORA-26028: index . initially in unusable state
ORA-26029: index . partition initially in unusable state
ORA-26030: index . had partitions made unusable due to:
ORA-26031: index maintenance error, the load cannot continue
ORA-26032: index . loading aborted after keys
ORA-26033: column . encryption properties differ for source or target table
ORA-26034: Column does not exist in stream
ORA-26035: Error attempting to encrypt or decrypt column
ORA-26036: subpartition load specified but table is not subpartitioned
ORA-26040: Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option
ORA-26041: DATETIME/INTERVAL datatype conversion error
ORA-26045: REF column expects arguments; found .
ORA-26046: REF column expects scoped table name ; user passed in .
ORA-26048: Scoped REF column has wrong table name.
ORA-26049: Unscoped REF column has non-existent table name.
ORA-26050: Direct path load of domain index is not supported for this column type.
ORA-26051: internal error parsing packed decimal format string
ORA-26052: Unsupported type %d for SQL expression on column .
ORA-26053: Row was not loaded due to conversion error.
ORA-26054: Direct Path Context prepared for a different mode than operation requested.
ORA-26055: Invalid buffer specified for direct path unload
ORA-26056: Requested direct path operation on a view is not supported.
ORA-26057: Conversion is not necessary for this direct path stream.
ORA-26058: unexpected error fetching metadata for column %*s in table %*s
ORA-26059: Data is too large for column
ORA-26060: Can not convert type identifier for column
ORA-26061: Concurrent direct unloads is not allowed.
ORA-26062: Can not continue from previous errors.
ORA-26063: Can not flashback to specified SCN value – Wrap: Base: .
ORA-26064: Invalid SCN specified – Wrap: Base: .
ORA-26065: check constraint cannot reference column, , in direct path load
ORA-26076: cannot set or reset value after direct path structure is allocated
ORA-26077: direct path column array is not initialized
ORA-26078: file “” is not part of database being loaded
ORA-26079: file “” is not part of table .
ORA-26080: file “” is not part of table . partition
ORA-26082: load of overlapping segments on table . is not allowed
ORA-26083: unsupported direct path stream version
ORA-26084: direct path context already finished
ORA-26085: direct path operation must start its own transaction
ORA-26086: direct path does not support triggers
ORA-26088: scalar column “” must be specified prior to LOB columns
ORA-26089: LONG column “” must be specified last
ORA-26090: row is in partial state
ORA-26091: requested direct path operation not supported
ORA-26092: only LONG or LOB types can be partial
ORA-26093: input data column size (%d) exceeds the maximum input size (%d)
ORA-26094: stream format error: input column overflow
ORA-26095: unprocessed stream data exists
ORA-26096: transfer size too small for row data (%lu bytes required)
ORA-26097: unsupported conversion for column (from type %d to type %d)
ORA-26098: direct path context is not prepared
ORA-26099: direct path context is already prepared
ORA-26100: unused error
ORA-26101: tablespace # in file header is rather than for file
ORA-26102: relative file # in file header is rather than for file
ORA-26103: V6 or V7 data file used to create control file
ORA-26500: error on caching “”.””
ORA-26501: RepAPI operation failure
ORA-26502: error resignal
ORA-26503: internal RepAPI operation failure on object .
ORA-26504: operation not implemented
ORA-26505: unexpected internal null
ORA-26506: null global context
ORA-26507: null master connection
ORA-26508: null materialized view connection
ORA-26509: null materialized view control structure
ORA-26510: materialized view name: ” is greater than max. allowed length of bytes
ORA-26511: master table ‘.’ not found
ORA-26512: error pushing transaction to def$error
ORA-26513: push error: master proc. $RP. failed for trans: seq:
ORA-26514: object ‘.’ not found
ORA-26515: no master log available for ‘.’
ORA-26516: no push transaction acknowledgement
ORA-26517: materialized view control entry for ‘.’ was not found
ORA-26518: push queue synchronization error detected
ORA-26519: no memory available to allocate
ORA-26520: internal memory failure
ORA-29327: unsupported client compatibility mode used when talking to the server
ORA-29328: too many datafiles in this tablespace ”
ORA-29329: Table not of type XMLType
ORA-29330: Source script length too big
ORA-29335: tablespace ” is not read only
ORA-29336: Internal error [] [] from DBMS_PLUGTS
ORA-29337: tablespace ” has a non-standard block size ()
ORA-29338: datafile is in an undesired state (, )
ORA-29339: tablespace block size does not match configured block sizes
ORA-29340: export file appears to be corrupted: [] [] []
ORA-29341: The transportable set is not self-contained
ORA-29342: user does not exist in the database
ORA-29343: user (mapped from user ) does not exist in the database
ORA-29344: Owner validation failed – failed to match owner ”
ORA-29345: cannot plug a tablespace into a database using an incompatible character set
ORA-29346: invalid tablespace list
ORA-29347: Tablespace name validation failed – failed to match tablespace ”
ORA-29348: You must specify the datafiles to be plugged in
ORA-29349: tablespace ” already exists
ORA-29350: server version incompatible with package version
ORA-29351: can not transport system, sysaux, or temporary tablespace ”
ORA-29352: event ” is not an internal event
ORA-29353: The transportable list is too long.
ORA-29355: NULL or invalid argument specified
ORA-29356: These parameters can be specified only for directives that refer to consumer groups
ORA-29357: object already exists
ORA-29358: resource plan does not exist
ORA-29359: invalid method name specified for resource plan
ORA-29360: retry operation. Too much concurrent activity
ORA-29361: value is outside valid range of 0 to 100
ORA-29362: plan directive , does not exist
ORA-29363: plan directive , is mandatory and cannot be modified or deleted
ORA-29364: plan directive , already exists
ORA-29365: parameters and cannot both be set
ORA-29366: invalid CONSUMER_GROUP argument specified
ORA-29367: object does not exist
ORA-29368: consumer group does not exist
ORA-29369: invalid method name specified for consumer group
ORA-29370: pending area is already active
ORA-29371: pending area is not active
ORA-29372: identifier is too long; it must be less than characters
ORA-29373: resource manager is not on
ORA-29374: resource plan in top-plan has no plan directives
ORA-29375: sum of values for level , plan exceeds
ORA-29376: number of consumer groups in top-plan exceeds
ORA-29377: consumer group is not part of top-plan
ORA-29378: invalid consumer group mapping priorities
ORA-29379: resource plan is involved in a loop in top-plan
ORA-29380: resource plan is currently active and cannot be deleted
ORA-29381: plan/consumer_group referred to by another plan and cannot be deleted
ORA-29382: validation of pending area failed
ORA-29383: all leaves of top-plan must be consumer groups
ORA-29384: number of children for plan exceeds
ORA-29385: cannot create plan directive from to
ORA-29386: plan or consumer group is mandatory and cannot be deleted or modified
ORA-29387: no top-plans found in the pending area
ORA-29388: plan/consumer_group is part of more than one top-plan
ORA-29389: too many errors during validation
ORA-29390: some resource plans are not part of any top-plan
ORA-29391: and must be mandatory to create a mandatory plan directive
ORA-29392: cpu parameters for level for plan must be zero
ORA-29393: user does not exist or is not logged on
ORA-29394: session id and serial# do not exist
ORA-29395: cannot set the initial consumer group to
ORA-29396: cannot switch group to
ORA-29397: cannot grant/revoke switch privilege for
ORA-29398: invalid privilege name specified
ORA-29399: user does not have privilege to switch to consumer group
ORA-29400: data cartridge error

ORA-29500: NAMED keyword is invalid in CREATE JAVA CLASS
ORA-29501: invalid or missing Java source, class, or resource name
ORA-29502: NAMED keyword required in CREATE JAVA RESOURCE
ORA-29503: SCHEMA keyword not valid with NAMED keyword
ORA-29504: invalid or missing schema name
ORA-29505: AS keyword is invalid in CREATE JAVA CLASS or RESOURCE
ORA-29506: invalid query derived from USING clause
ORA-29507: query derived from USING clause found zero or many rows
ORA-29508: query derived from USING clause did not select a value of type
ORA-29509: incorrectly formed Java binary class definition
ORA-29510: name, ., already used by an existing object
ORA-29511: could not resolve Java class
ORA-29512: incorrectly formed name resolver specification
ORA-29513: referenced class name too long
ORA-29514: class name contains illegal character
ORA-29515: exit called from Java code with status
ORA-29516: Aurora assertion failure:
ORA-29517: recursive resolution failed for a referenced class
ORA-29518: name resolved to an object in schema that is not a Java class
ORA-29519: name resolved via a synonym in schema to a class with a different name
ORA-29520: name resolved to a class in schema that could not be accessed
ORA-29521: referenced name could not be found
ORA-29522: authorization error for referenced name .
ORA-29523: authorization error for unknown referenced name
ORA-29524: wrong types of arguments in call to ”
ORA-29525: referenced name is too long: ”
ORA-29526: created Java class “”
ORA-29527: created Java source “”
ORA-29528: invalid Java call in trigger
ORA-29529: invalid function or method call in trigger
ORA-29530: could not create shortened name for
ORA-29531: no method in class
ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception:
ORA-29533: attempt to overwrite class or resource while defining or compiling .
ORA-29534: referenced object . could not be resolved
ORA-29535: source requires recompilation
ORA-29536: badly formed source:
ORA-29537: class or resource cannot be created or dropped directly
ORA-29538: Java not installed
ORA-29539: Java system classes already installed
ORA-29540: class does not exist
ORA-29541: class . could not be resolved
ORA-29542: class already defined by source
ORA-29543: Java command not yet implemented
ORA-29544: invalid type
ORA-29545: badly formed class:
ORA-29546: badly formed resource:
ORA-29547: Java system class not available:
ORA-29548: Java system class reported:
ORA-29549: class . has changed, Java session state cleared
ORA-29550: Java session state cleared
ORA-29551: could not convert to Unicode
ORA-29552: verification warning:
ORA-29553: class in use: .
ORA-29554: unhandled Java out of memory condition
ORA-29555: Java source, class or resource is not allowed here
ORA-29556: object type has changed
ORA-29557: Java system class cannot be modified
ORA-29558: JAccelerator (NCOMP) not installed. Refer to Install Guide for instructions.
ORA-29655: USING clause is incompatible with its supertype
ORA-29656: Invalid option for USING
ORA-29657: class defined in EXTERNAL NAME clause is used in another subtype
ORA-29658: EXTERNAL NAME clause is not compatible with its supertype
ORA-29659: SQLJ Object Type validation failed to get default connection
ORA-29660: Unable to find the class defined in the EXTERNAL NAME clause
ORA-29661: Unable to find the superclass of the defined in the EXTERNAL NAME
ORA-29662: Unable to find a field that matches one or more of the attributes
ORA-29663: Unable to find a method that matches one or more of the functions
ORA-29664: Unable to generate the helper class for the defined type
ORA-29665: Java thread deadlock detected
ORA-29701: unable to connect to Cluster Manager
ORA-29702: error occurred in Cluster Group Service operation
ORA-29703: error occurred in global enqueue service operation
ORA-29704: cannot specify ACTIVE_INSTANCE_COUNT in 8.1.5 or earlier release
ORA-29705: ACTIVE_INSTANCE_COUNT is which is incompatible with the value in other instances
ORA-29706: incorrect value for parameter ACTIVE_INSTANCE_COUNT
ORA-29707: inconsistent value for initialization parameter with other instances
ORA-29712: enable global enqueue service cancel event trace
ORA-29713: enable global enqueue service close event trace
ORA-29714: enable global enqueue service state object event trace
ORA-29717: enable global resource directory freeze/unfreeze event trace
ORA-29718: enable global enqueue service CGS interface event trace
ORA-29719: enable IMR split brain test event
ORA-29720: enable global enqueue service SCN service event trace
ORA-29722: enable global enqueue service process death event trace
ORA-29723: Failed to attach to the global enqueue service (status=)
ORA-29730: use global enqueue converts to determine highest held mode
ORA-29733: enable multiple recovery domains event trace
ORA-29740: evicted by member , group incarnation
ORA-29741: IMR active for some, but not all members of cluster
ORA-29745: Perform IMR test
ORA-29746: Cluster Synchronization Service is being shut down.
ORA-29750: enable CGS name service event trace
ORA-29760: instance_number parameter not specified
ORA-29798: Dump diagnostics for HA only during internal testing.
ORA-29799: crash for soft assert macros in global enqueue service layer
ORA-29800: invalid name for operator
ORA-29801: missing RETURN keyword
ORA-29802: missing CONTEXT keyword
ORA-29803: missing ANCILLARY keyword
ORA-29804: missing DATA keyword
ORA-29805: missing COLUMN keyword
ORA-29806: specified binding does not exist
ORA-29807: specified operator does not exist
ORA-29808: specified primary operator binding does not exist
ORA-29809: cannot drop an operator with dependent objects
ORA-29810: inadequate operator privileges
ORA-29811: missing STATISTICS keyword
ORA-29812: incorrect object name specified
ORA-29813: non-supported object type with associate statement
ORA-29814: expecting USING or DEFAULT keyword
ORA-29815: object being associated is not present
ORA-29816: object being disassociated is not present
ORA-29817: non-supported option with disassociate statement
ORA-29818: column name not properly specified
ORA-29819: cannot associate default values with columns
ORA-29820: the statistics type is not present
ORA-29821: specified primary operator does not exist
ORA-29822: selectivity cannot be specified for the type of object
ORA-29823: object being analyzed is not a table
ORA-29824: operator is invalid
ORA-29825: invalid name for indextype
ORA-29826: keyword FOR is missing
ORA-29827: keyword USING is missing
ORA-29828: invalid name for implementation type
ORA-29829: implementation type does not exist
ORA-29830: operator does not exist
ORA-29831: operator binding not found
ORA-29832: cannot drop or replace an indextype with dependent indexes
ORA-29833: indextype does not exist
ORA-29834: REF datatype not supported with operators
ORA-29835: ODCIGETINTERFACES routine does not return required interface(s)
ORA-29836: failed to validate referenced operators
ORA-29837: insufficient privileges to execute implementation type
ORA-29838: insufficient privileges to execute the operator(s)
ORA-29839: failed to validate implementation type
ORA-29840: indextype and implementation type are not in same schema
ORA-29841: invalid option for ALTER INDEXTYPE
ORA-29842: option not supported with the version of the indextype interface
ORA-29843: indextype should support atleast one operator
ORA-29844: duplicate operator name specified
ORA-29845: indextype does not support local domain index on partitioned table
ORA-29846: cannot create a local domain index on a partitioned table
ORA-29847: cannot create a local domain index on a partitioned index-organized table
ORA-29848: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXMERGEPARTITION routine
ORA-29849: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXSPLITPARTITION routine
ORA-29850: invalid option for creation of domain indexes
ORA-29851: cannot build a domain index on more than one column
ORA-29852: keyword IS is missing
ORA-29853: keyword UNIQUE may not be used in creating domain indexes
ORA-29854: keyword BITMAP may not be used in creating domain indexes
ORA-29855: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine
ORA-29856: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXDROP routine
ORA-29857: domain indexes and/or secondary objects exist in the tablespace
ORA-29858: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXALTER routine
ORA-29859: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXTRUNCATE routine
ORA-29860: cannot truncate a table with domain indexes marked LOADING
ORA-29861: domain index is marked LOADING/FAILED/UNUSABLE
ORA-29862: cannot specify FORCE option for dropping non-domain index
ORA-29863: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine
ORA-29864: analyzing domain indexes marked LOADING/FAILED not supported
ORA-29865: indextype is invalid
ORA-29866: cannot create domain index on a column of index-organized table
ORA-29867: cannot create a domain index on a LONG column
ORA-29868: cannot issue DDL on a domain index marked as LOADING
ORA-29869: cannot issue ALTER without REBUILD on a domain index marked FAILED
ORA-29870: specified options are only valid for altering a domain index
ORA-29871: invalid alter option for a domain index
ORA-29872: parameters clause cannot be combined with the specified options
ORA-29873: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXDROP routine
ORA-29874: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXALTER routine
ORA-29875: failed in the execution of the ODCIINDEXINSERT routine
ORA-29876: failed in the execution of the ODCIINDEXDELETE routine
ORA-29877: failed in the execution of the ODCIINDEXUPDATE routine
ORA-29878: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXTRUNCATE routine
ORA-27154: post/wait create failed
ORA-27155: could not execute file
ORA-27156: request for process information failed
ORA-27157: OS post/wait facility removed
ORA-27158: process control failure
ORA-27159: failure setting process scheduling priority
ORA-27160: process requested to perform operation
ORA-27161: request for Oracle binary information failed
ORA-27162: thread creation failed
ORA-27163: out of memory
ORA-27164: tried to join detached thread
ORA-27165: tried to join thread that does not exist
ORA-27166: tried to join current thread
ORA-27190: skgfrd: sbtread2 returned error
ORA-27191: sbtinfo2 returned error
ORA-27192: skgfcls: sbtclose2 returned error – failed to close file
ORA-27193: sbtinfo2 did not return volume label
ORA-27194: skgfdvcmd: sbtcommand returned error
ORA-27195: proxy copy not supported
ORA-27196: skgfpbk: sbtpcbackup returned error
ORA-27197: skgfprs: sbtpcrestore returned error
ORA-27198: skgfpvl: sbtpcvalidate returned error
ORA-27199: skgfpst: sbtpcstatus returned error
ORA-27200: skgfpgo: sbtpcstart returned error
ORA-27201: skgfpcm: sbtpccommit returned error
ORA-27202: skgfpen: sbtpcend returned error
ORA-27203: skgfpqb: sbtpcquerybackup returned error
ORA-27204: skgfpqr: sbtpcqueryrestore returned error
ORA-27205: skgfpcn: sbtpccancel returned error
ORA-27206: requested file not found in media management catalog
ORA-27207: syntax error in device PARMS – parentheses mismatch or missing
ORA-27208: syntax error in device PARMS – environment variable value missing
ORA-27209: syntax error in device PARMS – unknown keyword or missing =
ORA-27210: syntax error in device PARMS
ORA-27211: Failed to load Media Management Library
ORA-27212: some entrypoints in Media Management Library are missing
ORA-27213: failed to unload Media Management Library
ORA-27214: skgfrsfe: file search failed
ORA-27215: skgfgsmcs: sbtinfo2 returned unknown file
ORA-27216: skgfgsmcs: sbtinfo2 returned a malformed response
ORA-27230: OS system call failure
ORA-27250: OS system call failure
ORA-27300: OS system dependent operation: failed with status:
ORA-27301: OS failure message:
ORA-27302: failure occurred at:
ORA-27303: additional information:
ORA-27352: unable to get lock on queue
ORA-27355: unable to lock row cache entry
ORA-27358: unknown allocation type
ORA-27360: unknown operation type
ORA-27365: job has been notified to stop, but failed to do so immediately
ORA-27366: job “.” is not running
ORA-27367: program “.” associated with this job is disabled
ORA-27368: job execution abandoned
ORA-27369: job of type EXECUTABLE failed with exit code:
ORA-27370: job slave failed to launch a job of type EXECUTABLE
ORA-27371: jobs of type EXECUTABLE are not supported on this platform
ORA-27372: length of action and arguments exceeds platform limit
ORA-27373: unknown or illegal event source queue
ORA-27374: insufficient privileges on event source queue
ORA-27375: valid agent name must be specified for secure queues
ORA-27376: event condition cannot be NULL
ORA-27377: windows cannot have event based schedules
ORA-27378: cannot stop jobs of type EXECUTABLE on this platform
ORA-27399: job type EXECUTABLE requires the CREATE EXTERNAL JOB privilege
ORA-27401: Scheduler debug event
ORA-27402: Scheduler tracing event
ORA-27403: scheduler stop job event
ORA-27411: empty string is not a valid repeat interval.
ORA-27412: repeat interval or calendar contains invalid identifier:
ORA-27413: repeat interval is too long
ORA-27414: Invalid BY value type
ORA-27415: repeat interval or calendar must start with the FREQ= clause
ORA-27416: BYDAY= clause in repeat interval or calendar contains an invalid weekday
ORA-27417: BYWEEKNO clause is only supported when FREQ=YEARLY
ORA-27418: syntax error in repeat interval or calendar
ORA-27419: unable to determine valid execution date from repeat interval
ORA-27421: usage of not supported in a calendar definition
ORA-27431: chain . has a user-managed rule set
ORA-27432: step does not exist for chain .
ORA-27433: cannot alter state of step for job . to
ORA-27434: cannot alter chain step job ..
ORA-27435: chain job terminated abnormally
ORA-27451: cannot be NULL
ORA-27452: is an invalid name for a database object.
ORA-27453: is an invalid job or program argument name.
ORA-27454: argument name and position cannot be NULL
ORA-27455: Only “SYS” is a valid schema for a .
ORA-27456: not all arguments of program “.” have been defined
ORA-27457: argument of job “.” has no value
ORA-27458: A program of type PLSQL_BLOCK cannot have any arguments.
ORA-27459: A program of type EXECUTABLE must have character-only arguments.
ORA-27460: cannot execute disabled job “.”
ORA-27461: The value for attribute is too large.
ORA-27463: invalid program type
ORA-27464: invalid schedule type
ORA-27465: invalid value for attribute
ORA-27466: internal scheduler error:
ORA-27467: invalid datatype for value
ORA-27468: “.” is locked by another process
ORA-27469: is not a valid attribute
ORA-27470: failed to re-enable “.” after making requested change
ORA-27471: window “.” is already closed
ORA-27472: invalid metadata attribute
ORA-27473: argument does not exist
ORA-27474: cannot give both an argument name and an argument position
ORA-27475: “.” must be a
ORA-27476: “.” does not exist
ORA-27477: “.” already exists
ORA-27478: job “.” is running
ORA-27479: Cannot “.” because other objects depend on it
ORA-27480: window “” is currently open
ORA-27481: “.” has an invalid schedule
ORA-27483: “.” has an invalid END_DATE
ORA-27484: Argument names are not supported for jobs without a program.
ORA-27485: argument already exists at a different position
ORA-27486: insufficient privileges
ORA-27487: invalid object privilege for a
ORA-27488: unable to set because was/were already set
ORA-27489: unable to process job “.” from job class “”
ORA-27490: cannot open disabled window “.”
ORA-27491: repeat_interval and start_date cannot both be NULL
ORA-27500: inter-instance IPC error
ORA-27501: IPC error creating a port
ORA-27502: IPC error deleting OSD context
ORA-27503: IPC error attempting to cancel request
ORA-27504: IPC error creating OSD context
ORA-27505: IPC error destroying a port
ORA-27506: IPC error connecting to a port
ORA-27507: IPC error disconnecting from a port
ORA-27508: IPC error sending a message
ORA-27509: IPC error receiving a message
ORA-27510: IPC error waiting for a request to complete
ORA-27512: IPC error posting a process
ORA-27513: parameter contains invalid value
ORA-27514: IPC error coyping memory to remote process
ORA-27542: Failed to unprepare a buffer prepared for remote update
ORA-27543: Failed to cancel outstanding IPC request
ORA-27544: Failed to map memory region for export
ORA-27545: Fail to prepare buffer for remote update
ORA-27546: Oracle compiled against IPC interface version . found version .
ORA-27547: Unable to query IPC OSD attribute
ORA-27548: Unable to unprepare IPC buffer
ORA-27550: Target ID protocol check failed. tid vers=%d, type=%d, remote instance number=%d, local instance number=%d
ORA-27551: Number of IPC ports exceeds OSD limit
ORA-28000: the account is locked
ORA-28001: the password has expired
ORA-28002: the password will expire within days
ORA-28003: password verification for the specified password failed
ORA-28004: invalid argument for function specified in PASSWORD_VERIFY_FUNCTION
ORA-28005: invalid logon flags
ORA-28006: conflicting values for parameters and
ORA-28007: the password cannot be reused
ORA-28008: invalid old password
ORA-28009: connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER
ORA-28010: cannot expire external or global accounts
ORA-28011: the account will expire soon; change your password now
ORA-28012: Manual commit not allowed here
ORA-28020: IDENTIFIED GLOBALLY already specified
ORA-28021: cannot grant global roles
ORA-28022: cannot grant external roles to global user or role
ORA-28023: must revoke grants of this role to other user(s) first
ORA-28024: must revoke grants of external roles to this role/user
ORA-28025: missing or null external name
ORA-28026: user with same external name already exists
ORA-28027: privileged database links may be used by global users
ORA-28028: could not authenticate remote server
ORA-28029: could not authorize remote server for user
ORA-28030: Server encountered problems accessing LDAP directory service
ORA-28031: maximum of enabled roles exceeded
ORA-28033: LDAP problem
ORA-28035: Cannot Get Session Key for Authentication
ORA-28037: Cannot Get Session Key for RACF Authentication
ORA-28038: disallow O2LOGON
ORA-28039: cannot validate Kerberos service ticket
ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol
ORA-28041: Authentication protocol internal error
ORA-28042: Server authentication failed
ORA-28043: invalid bind credentials for DB-OID connection
ORA-28044: unsupported directory type
ORA-28045: SSL authentication between database and OID failed
ORA-28046: Password change for SYS disallowed
ORA-28047: database is not a member of any enterprise domain in OID
ORA-28048: database is a member of multiple enterprise domains in OID
ORA-28049: the password has expired
ORA-28051: the account is locked
ORA-28052: the account is disabled
ORA-28053: the account is inactive
ORA-28054: the password has expired. Grace logins are left
ORA-28055: the password will expire within days
ORA-28100: policy function schema is invalid
ORA-28101: policy already exists
ORA-28102: policy does not exist
ORA-28103: adding a policy to an object owned by SYS is not allowed
ORA-28104: input value for is not valid
ORA-28105: cannot create security relevant column policy in an object view
ORA-28106: input value for argument # is not valid
ORA-28107: policy was disabled
ORA-28108: circular security policies detected
ORA-28109: the number of related policies has exceeded the limit of 16
ORA-28110: policy function or package . has error
ORA-28111: insufficient privilege to evaluate policy predicate
ORA-28112: failed to execute policy function
ORA-28113: policy predicate has error
ORA-28115: policy with check option violation
ORA-28116: insufficient privileges to do direct path access
ORA-28117: integrity constraint violated – parent record not found
ORA-28118: policy group already exists
ORA-28119: policy group does not exist
ORA-28120: driving context already exists
ORA-28121: driving context does not exist
ORA-28122: can not update SYS_DEFAULT policy group
ORA-28123: Driving context ‘,’ contains invalid group ”
ORA-28130: Fine Grained Access Control at table level
ORA-28131: Fine Grained Access Control enforced
ORA-28132: Merge into syntax does not support security policies.
ORA-28133: full table access is restricted by fine-grained security
ORA-28134: object cannot have fine-grained access control policy
ORA-28135: VPD check option silent error event
ORA-28136: Ignore check option error
ORA-28137: Invalid FGA audit Handler
ORA-28138: Error in Policy Predicate
ORA-28139: Maximum allowed Fine Grain Audit Policies Exceeded
ORA-28140: Invalid column specified
ORA-28141: error in creating audit index file
ORA-28142: error in accessing audit index file
ORA-28150: proxy not authorized to connect as client
ORA-28151: more than one user name specified for command
ORA-28152: proxy user ” may not specify initial role ” on behalf of client ”
ORA-28153: Invalid client initial role specified: ”
ORA-28154: Proxy user may not act as client ”
ORA-28155: user ” specified as a proxy is actually a role
ORA-28156: Proxy user ” not authorized to set role ” for client ”
ORA-28157: Proxy user ” forbidden to set role ” for client ”
ORA-28158: missing ALL keyword
ORA-28159: missing BEHALF keyword
ORA-28160: missing EXCEPT keyword
ORA-28161: missing ROLES keyword
ORA-28162: missing THROUGH keyword
ORA-28163: GRANT already specified
ORA-28164: REVOKE already specified
ORA-28165: proxy ” may not specify password-protected role ” for client ”
ORA-28166: duplicate rolename in list
ORA-28168: attempted to grant password-protected role
ORA-28169: unsupported certificate type
ORA-28170: unsupported certificate version
ORA-28171: unsupported Kerberos version
ORA-28172: distinguished name not provided by proxy
ORA-28173: certificate not provided by proxy
ORA-28174: Kerberos ticket not provided by proxy
ORA-28175: incorrect certificate type
ORA-28176: incorrect certificate version
ORA-28177: incorrect Kerberos ticket version
ORA-28178: password not provided by proxy
ORA-28179: client user name not provided by proxy
ORA-28180: multiple authentication methods provided by proxy
ORA-28181: proxy ” failed to enable one or more of the specified initial roles for client ”
ORA-28182: cannot acquire Kerberos service ticket for client
ORA-28183: proper authentication not provided by proxy
ORA-28184: global user cannot have proxy permissions managed in the directory
ORA-28200: IDENTIFIED USING already specified
ORA-28201: Not enough privileges to enable application role ”
ORA-28221: REPLACE not specified
ORA-28231: no data passed to obfuscation toolkit
ORA-28232: invalid input length for obfuscation toolkit
ORA-28233: double encryption not supported
ORA-28234: key length too short
ORA-28235: algorithm not available
ORA-28236: invalid Triple DES mode
ORA-28237: seed length too short
ORA-28238: no seed provided
ORA-28239: no key provided
ORA-28261: CURRENT_USER can not be used in PLSQL Definer’s Right procedure.
ORA-28262: global_context_pool_size has invalid value.
ORA-28263: Insufficient memory in global context pool
ORA-28264: Client identifier is too long
ORA-28265: NameSpace beginning with ‘sys_’ is not allowed
ORA-28266: Application Context tracing event
ORA-28267: Invalid NameSpace Value
ORA-28268: Exceeded the maximum allowed size for Context information in a session
ORA-28270: Malformed user nickname for password authenticated global user.
ORA-28271: No permission to read user entry in LDAP directory service.
ORA-28272: Domain policy restricts password based GLOBAL user authentication.
ORA-28273: No mapping for user nickname to LDAP distinguished name exists.
ORA-28274: No ORACLE password attribute corresponding to user nickname exists.
ORA-28275: Multiple mappings for user nickname to LDAP distinguished name exist.
ORA-28276: Invalid ORACLE password attribute.
ORA-28277: LDAP search, while authenticating global user with passwords, failed.
ORA-28278: No domain policy registered for password based GLOBAL users.
ORA-28279: Error reading ldap_directory_access init parameter.
ORA-28280: Multiple entries for ORACLE database password exist.
ORA-28290: Multiple entries found for the same Kerberos Principal Name
ORA-28291: No Kerberos Principal Value found.
ORA-28292: No Domain Policy registered for Kerberos based authentication
ORA-28293: No matched Kerberos Principal found in any user entry
ORA-28300: No permission to read user entry in LDAP directory service.
ORA-28301: Domain Policy hasn’t been registered for SSL authentication.
ORA-28302: User does not exist in the LDAP directory service.
ORA-28310: Cannot enable more than one mutual exclusive role
ORA-28330: encryption is not allowed for this data type
ORA-28331: encrypted column size too long for its data type
ORA-28332: cannot have more than one password for the encryption key
ORA-28333: column is not encrypted
ORA-28334: column is already encrypted
ORA-28335: referenced or referencing FK constraint column cannot be encrypted
ORA-28336: cannot encrypt SYS owned objects
ORA-28337: the specified index may not be defined on an encrypted column
ORA-28338: cannot encrypt indexed column(s) with salt
ORA-28339: missing or invalid encryption algorithm
ORA-28340: a different encryption algorithm has been chosen for the table
ORA-28341: cannot encrypt constraint column(s) with salt
ORA-28342: integrity check fails on column key
ORA-28343: fails to encrypt data
ORA-28344: fails to decrypt data
ORA-28345: cannot downgrade because there exists encrypted column
ORA-28346: an encrypted column cannot serve as a partitioning column
ORA-28347: encryption properties mismatch
ORA-28348: index defined on the specified column cannot be encrypted
ORA-28349: cannot encrypt the specified column recorded in the materialized view log
ORA-28350: cannot encrypt the specified column recorded in CDC synchronized change table
ORA-28353: failed to open wallet
ORA-28354: wallet already open
ORA-28355: failed to initialize security module
ORA-28356: invalid open wallet syntax
ORA-28357: password required to open the wallet
ORA-28358: improper set key syntax
ORA-28359: invalid certificate identifier
ORA-28360: security module internal error
ORA-28361: master key not yet set
ORA-28362: master key not found
ORA-28363: buffer provided not large enough for output
ORA-28364: invalid wallet operation
ORA-28365: wallet is not open
ORA-28366: invalid database encryption operation
ORA-28367: wallet does not exist
ORA-28368: cannot auto-create wallet
ORA-28378: Wallet not open after setting the Master Key
ORA-28379: a different integrity algorithm has been chosen for the table
ORA-28400: Event to enable TDE tracing
ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message:
ORA-28501: communication error on heterogeneous database link
ORA-28502: internal communication error on heterogeneous database link
ORA-28503: bind value cannot be translated into SQL text for non-Oracle system
ORA-28504: ROWID not found in ROWID cache for heterogeneous database link
ORA-28505: cannot get non-Oracle system capabilities from
ORA-28506: parse error in data dictionary translation for stored in
ORA-28507: error in data dictionary view
ORA-28508: invalid value for Heterogeneous Services initialization parameter
ORA-28509: unable to establish a connection to non-Oracle system
ORA-28510: heterogeneous database link initialization failed
ORA-28511: lost RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent using SID=
ORA-28512: cannot get data dictionary translations from
ORA-28513: internal error in heterogeneous remote agent
ORA-28514: heterogeneous database link initialization could not convert system date
ORA-28515: cannot get external object definitions from
ORA-28518: data dictionary translation has illegal translation type
ORA-28519: no heterogeneous data dictionary translations available
ORA-28520: error initializing heterogeneous data dictionary translations
ORA-28521: no heterogeneous capability information available
ORA-28522: error initializing heterogeneous capabilities
ORA-28523: ORACLE and heterogeneous agent are incompatible versions
ORA-28525: unable to create Heterogeneous Services error message text
ORA-28526: invalid describe information returned to Heterogeneous Services
ORA-28527: Heterogeneous Services datatype mapping error
ORA-28528: Heterogeneous Services datatype conversion error
ORA-28529: invalid or missing parameter in Net8 service name definition
ORA-28530: Heterogeneous Services initialization error in NLS language ID
ORA-28533: Heterogeneous Services coercion handling error
ORA-28534: Heterogeneous Services preprocessing error
ORA-28535: invalid Heterogeneous Services context
ORA-28536: error in processing Heterogeneous Services initialization parameters
ORA-28537: no more result sets
ORA-28538: result set not found
ORA-28539: gateway does not support result sets
ORA-28540: internal result set error
ORA-28541: Error in HS init file on line %d.
ORA-28542: Error in reading HS init file
ORA-28543: Error initializing apply connection to non-Oracle system
ORA-28544: connect to agent failed, probable Net8 administration error
ORA-28545: error diagnosed by Net8 when connecting to an agent
ORA-28546: connection initialization failed, probable Net8 admin error
ORA-28547: connection to server failed, probable Oracle Net admin error
ORA-28550: pass-through SQL: cursor not found
ORA-28551: pass-through SQL: SQL parse error
ORA-28552: pass-through SQL: call flow error
ORA-28553: pass-through SQL: invalid bind-variable position
ORA-28554: pass-through SQL: out of cursors
ORA-28555: pass-through SQL: required parameter missing or NULL
ORA-28556: authorization insufficient to access table
ORA-28557: unknown for database link to non-Oracle system
ORA-28558: HS_FDS_CONNECT_STRING undefined for non-Oracle system
ORA-28560: error in configuration of agent process
ORA-28561: unable to set date format on non-Oracle system
ORA-28575: unable to open RPC connection to external procedure agent
ORA-28576: lost RPC connection to external procedure agent
ORA-28577: argument of external procedure has unsupported datatype
ORA-28578: protocol error during callback from an external procedure
ORA-28579: network error during callback from external procedure agent
ORA-28580: recursive external procedures are not supported
ORA-28581: protocol error while executing recursive external procedure
ORA-28582: a direct connection to this agent is not allowed
ORA-28583: remote references are not permitted during agent callbacks
ORA-28584: heterogeneous apply internal error
ORA-28590: agent control utility: illegal or badly formed command
ORA-28591: agent control utility: unable to access parameter file
ORA-28592: agent control utility: agent SID not set
ORA-28593: agent control utility: command terminated with error
ORA-28594: agent control utility: invalid parameter name
ORA-28595: Extproc agent : Invalid DLL Path
ORA-28601: invalid [no]MINIMIZE option
ORA-28602: statement not permitted on tables containing bitmap indexes
ORA-28603: statement not permitted on empty tables
ORA-28604: table too fragmented to build bitmap index (,,)
ORA-28605: bitmap indexes cannot be reversed
ORA-28606: block too fragmented to build bitmap index (,)
ORA-28611: bitmap index is corrupted – see trace file for diagnostics
ORA-28650: Primary index on an IOT cannot be rebuilt
ORA-28651: Primary index on IOTs can not be marked unusable
ORA-28652: overflow segment attributes cannot be specified
ORA-28653: tables must both be index-organized
ORA-28654: table and partition not overflow compatible
ORA-28655: Alter table add overflow syntax error
ORA-28656: incomplete attribute specification
ORA-28657: Allow IOT w/o overflow though overflow is required
ORA-28658: This operation is supported only for Index-Organized tables
ORA-28659: COMPRESS must be specified at object level first
ORA-28660: Partitioned Index-Organized table may not be MOVEd as a whole
ORA-28661: Object already has COMPRESS clause specified
ORA-28662: IOT index and overflow segments must share the same LOGGING attribute
ORA-28663: Logging/Nologging attribute can not be specified in the statement ALTER TABLE ADD OVERFLOW
ORA-28664: a partitioned table may not be coalesced as a whole
ORA-28665: table and partition must have same compression attribute
ORA-28666: option not allowed for an index on UROWID column(s)
ORA-28667: USING INDEX option not allowed for the primary key of an IOT
ORA-28668: cannot reference mapping table of an index-organized table
ORA-28669: bitmap index can not be created on an IOT with no mapping table
ORA-28670: mapping table cannot be dropped due to an existing bitmap index
ORA-28671: UPDATE BLOCK REFERENCES may not be used on a partitioned index as a whole
ORA-28672: UPDATE BLOCK REFERENCES may not be used on a global index
ORA-28673: Merge operation not allowed on an index-organized table
ORA-28674: cannot reference transient index-organized table
ORA-28750: unknown error
ORA-28751: memory allocation failure
ORA-28752: data source initialization failure
ORA-28753: failure to terminate use of data source
ORA-28754: object storage failure
ORA-28755: object retrieval failure
ORA-28756: callback failure to allocate memory
ORA-28757: system attempt to allocate 0 bytes of memory
ORA-28758: memory release failure
ORA-28759: failure to open file
ORA-28760: list creation failure
ORA-28761: element creation failure
ORA-28762: failure to add element
ORA-28763: Invalid parameter type found in configuration file.
ORA-28764: failure to retrieve a configuration parameter
ORA-28765: Data method list does not exist.
ORA-28766: failure to terminate use of data source
ORA-28767: invalid version number
ORA-28768: bad magic number
ORA-28769: Specified method does not exist.
ORA-28770: Data source is already initialized.
ORA-28771: Data source is not yet initialized.
ORA-28772: invalid file ID
ORA-28773: failure to write magic and version numbers
ORA-28774: file cannot write to disk
ORA-28775: file cannot close
ORA-28776: Output buffer supplied is too small.
ORA-28777: binding creation failure
ORA-28778: Configuration parameter is not specified in the proper format.
ORA-28779: no data access method specified in parameter
ORA-28780: invalid data access method specified by the parameter
ORA-28781: No data for the access method is specified in the parameter.
ORA-28782: data source is not allocated
ORA-28783: invalid parameter
ORA-28784: file name translation failure
ORA-28785: parameter does not exist
ORA-28786: decryption of encrypted private key failure
ORA-28787: private key encryption failure
ORA-28788: user provided invalid information, or an unknown error
ORA-28789: name type not found
ORA-28790: NLS string open failure
ORA-28791: certificate verification failure
ORA-28792: PL/SQL operation failure
ORA-28793: variable bind failure
ORA-28794: data type attribute did not initialize
ORA-28795: data type attribute did not terminate
ORA-28796: access method is not supported
ORA-28797: invalid key data type
ORA-28798: Number of sub-keys application passes to bind does not match that in the key.
ORA-28799: failure to allocate shared memory
ORA-28800: data source failed to open
ORA-28801: invalid object type
ORA-28802: invalid mode or data source in configuration file
ORA-28803: I/O operation failure
ORA-28804: Data source cannot close.
ORA-28805: Cannot retrieve information from the data source.
ORA-28806: Cannot write to the data source.
ORA-28807: Cannot update the data source.
ORA-28808: Cannot retrieve method information from the configuration file.
ORA-28809: Cannot delete information from the data source.
ORA-28810: Cannot create key descriptor.
ORA-28811: invalid access descriptor
ORA-28812: record operation failure
ORA-28813: invalid record type
ORA-28814: Cannot convert a number in Oracle format to native format.
ORA-28815: Cannot convert a number in native format to Oracle format.
ORA-28816: No password provided for a PL/SQL function.
ORA-28817: PL/SQL function returned an error.
ORA-28818: No package context provided.
ORA-28819: No distinguished name provided.
ORA-28820: Signature or decryption/encryption state is not provided.
ORA-28821: No input buffer provided.
ORA-28822: Required seed is not specified.
ORA-28823: Number of random bytes to generate is not specified.
ORA-28824: invalid encryption/decryption/signature state passed
ORA-28825: No cryptographic engine function specified.
ORA-28826: invalid cryptographic engine function passed
ORA-28827: invalid cipher type passed
ORA-28828: invalid identity type passed
ORA-28829: no cipher type specified
ORA-28830: no identity type specified
ORA-28831: no data unit format
ORA-28832: invalid data unit format
ORA-28833: inadequate information provided
ORA-28834: Buffer is too small.
ORA-28835: Identity descriptor is not present or is too small.
ORA-28836: Wallet is not open.
ORA-28837: no wallet descriptor
ORA-28838: no identity descriptor
ORA-28839: no persona descriptor
ORA-28840: Wallet is already open.
ORA-28841: Operation is not supported.
ORA-28842: Incorrect file permissions
ORA-28843: Operating system error while creating/opening file
ORA-28844: No wallet present
ORA-28845: No certificate
ORA-28846: No private key
ORA-28847: No clear private key file
ORA-28848: No encrypted private key file
ORA-28849: No Trustpoints
ORA-28850: No clear trustpoint file
ORA-28851: No encrypted trustpoint file
ORA-28852: Bad password
ORA-28853: Initialization failure
ORA-28854: Memory allocation failure
ORA-28855: Unsupported SSL operation
ORA-28856: Buffer overflow error
ORA-28857: Unknown SSL error
ORA-28858: SSL protocol error
ORA-28859: SSL negotiation failure
ORA-28860: Fatal SSL error
ORA-28861: SSL connection would block
ORA-28862: SSL connection failed
ORA-28863: SSL session not found
ORA-28864: SSL connection closed gracefully
ORA-28865: SSL connection closed
ORA-28866: Invalid peer certificate encoding
ORA-28867: Integer value is too big.
ORA-28868: Peer certificate chain check failed.
ORA-28869: Peer’s certificate is expired.
ORA-28870: Name comparison failure
ORA-28871: Peer certificate chain is incomplete.
ORA-28872: Invalid peer certificate format
ORA-28873: Invalid parameter
ORA-28874: SSL: I/O closed – override goodbye kiss
ORA-28875: SSL: use server-gated cryptographic suites
ORA-28876: Internet Explorer SGC Error
ORA-28879: no protocol side set
ORA-28884: invalid cipher suite
ORA-28885: No certificate with the required key usage found.
ORA-28890: Entrust Login Failed
ORA-29000: Certificate not installed
ORA-29002: SSL transport detected invalid or obsolete server certificate.
ORA-29003: SSL transport detected mismatched server certificate.
ORA-29004: Callback Failure
ORA-29005: The certificate is invalid.
ORA-29006: The certificate request message is invalid when using SSL 2.0.
ORA-29007: Bad Clear Key Length when using SSL 2.0
ORA-29008: Bad DH Param key length
ORA-29009: Bad encrypted key length when using SSL 2.0
ORA-29010: Export key length does not meet export restrictions.
ORA-29011: Finished message is incorrect.
ORA-29012: Bad key argument length when using SSL 2.0
ORA-29013: SSL MAC verification failure
ORA-29014: Maximum fragment length extension is incorrect.
ORA-29015: incorrect message length
ORA-29016: inadequate PKCS1 message padding
ORA-29017: The premaster secret length is incorrect.
ORA-29018: The premaster secret contains an incorrect version number.
ORA-29019: The protocol version is incorrect.
ORA-29020: The handshake record length is too long.
ORA-29021: Secret key length is incorrect when using SSL 2.0.
ORA-29022: Operation is being attempted on the wrong side of the client/server connection.
ORA-29023: The buffers are not empty.
ORA-29024: Certificate validation failure
ORA-29025: Error found in certificate check callback.
ORA-29026: Decryption failure
ORA-29027: Error in entropy collection
ORA-29028: Server verification failure when using SSL 2.0
ORA-29029: SSL handshake already completed
ORA-29030: SSL handshake is requested.
ORA-29031: SSL handshake is required.
ORA-29032: The given identity is not complete.
ORA-29033: Invalid PFX
ORA-29034: Correct cipher suite or client authentication is needed.
ORA-29035: Pseudo Random Number Generator is needed
ORA-29036: This feature is not supported
ORA-29037: No certificate is present
ORA-29038: There are no matching certificates.
ORA-29039: There are no matching cipher suites.
ORA-29040: There are no supported cipher suites.
ORA-29041: The callback is NULL.
ORA-29042: Read buffer is not empty.
ORA-29043: Read is required.
ORA-29044: Renegotiation has already been requested.
ORA-29045: Renegotiation request has been refused.
ORA-29046: Session is resumable.
ORA-29047: Mismatch in Transport Layer Security extension
ORA-29048: Unexpected message received.
ORA-29049: Unknown record
ORA-29050: Installed client authentication mode is not supported.
ORA-29051: The given public key type is not supported.
ORA-29052: Write buffer is not empty.
ORA-29084: The parameter specified is illegal.
ORA-29095: Index is not correct.
ORA-29096: The given length is incorrect.
ORA-29100: Cannot create local key ID.
ORA-29101: Cannot add private key bag.
ORA-29102: Cannot add certificate bag.
ORA-29103: Cannot create PKCS #12 wallet.
ORA-29104: Cannot add certificate request.
ORA-29105: Cannot export PKCS #12 wallet.
ORA-29106: Cannot import PKCS #12 wallet.
ORA-29107: Cannot create PKCS #12 wallet.
ORA-29108: Cannot initialize random object.
ORA-29109: Cannot create private key object.
ORA-29110: Invalid PKCS #12 bag type
ORA-29111: Invalid index
ORA-29112: Cannot access attributes from a PKCS #12 certificate bag.
ORA-29113: Cannot access attributes from a PKCS #12 key bag.
ORA-29114: Cannot import private key.
ORA-29115: Cannot export private key.
ORA-29116: Cannot get PKCS #12 attributes.
ORA-29117: Cannot add PKCS #12 attributes.
ORA-29118: Cannot create PKCS #12 attributes.
ORA-29119: Cannot import certificate.
ORA-29120: Cannot export certificate.
ORA-29122: could not add pkcs11 info to the pkcs12 wallet
ORA-29123: could not get pkcs11 info from the pkcs12 wallet
ORA-29124: pkcs11 library name already set
ORA-29125: pkcs11 token label already set
ORA-29126: pkcs11 token passphrase already set
ORA-29127: unknown pkcs11 information
ORA-29128: pkcs11 library name not set
ORA-29129: pkcs11 token label not set
ORA-29130: pkcs11 token passphrase not set
ORA-29131: pkcs11 certificate label already set in wallet
ORA-29135: Seed generation for Random Number Generator failed.
ORA-29136: The allocated buffer is too small.
ORA-29137: The global context is incorrect.
ORA-29140: Cannot create certificate object.
ORA-29141: Cannot import in the der format.
ORA-29150: DES self-test failure
ORA-29151: 3DES self-test failure
ORA-29152: SHA-1 self-test failure
ORA-29153: RSA self-test failure
ORA-29154: deterministic RNG self-test failure
ORA-29155: continuous key pair consistency check self-test failure
ORA-29156: conditional RNG self-test failure
ORA-29157: Unable to build an absolute path to the library.
ORA-29158: Unable to open library.
ORA-29159: Unable to read library.
ORA-29160: NZ library being used is different.
ORA-29161: software integrity self-test failure
ORA-29162: Non-FIPS cipher suites being used in FIPS mode.
ORA-29163: Third party PKI vendor is not supported in FIPS mode.
ORA-29164: External PKCS #12 wallet is not supported in FIPS mode.
ORA-29176: CRL signature verification failed
ORA-29177: certificate serial number is not in CRL
ORA-29178: certificate serial number is in CRL
ORA-29179: certificate validation check failed
ORA-29180: Unsupported validation protocol
ORA-29181: ldap_open failed
ORA-29182: ldap_bind failed
ORA-29183: ldap_search failed
ORA-29184: ldap_result failed
ORA-29185: ldap_first_attribute failed
ORA-29186: ldap_get_values_len failed
ORA-29187: unsupported validation mechanism
ORA-29188: ldap_count_entries failed
ORA-29189: No entry found in OID
ORA-29190: Multiple entries in OID
ORA-29191: OID connection information not set
ORA-29192: Validation mechanism not set in OID
ORA-29193: no CRL found using CRLDP mechanism
ORA-29194: no CRL found in cache
ORA-29195: CRL is expired
ORA-29222: Distinguished name does not match.
ORA-29223: Cannot create certificate chain.
ORA-29224: Cannot locate matching certificate request.
ORA-29225: Certificate already installed.
ORA-29226: No matching private key found.
ORA-29227: Certificate is expired.
ORA-29228: Cannot calculate the number of bytes for output.
ORA-29229: the magic number found in the header does not match expected
ORA-29230: the header length is not sufficient for message header
ORA-29231: the cryptographic engine failed to initialize
ORA-29232: the cryptographic engine key initialization failed
ORA-29233: the key object could not be encoded
ORA-29234: a key object was not extracted from encoding
ORA-29235: the key information could not be retrieved
ORA-29236: the random number generator will not accept seed
ORA-29237: the cryptographic engine could not finish the algorithm
ORA-29238: the cryptographic engine could not apply the algorithm
ORA-29239: the cryptographic engine could not initialize the algorithm
ORA-29240: the cryptographic engine does not recognize the algorithm
ORA-29241: a buffer block needs to more space but its length is fixed
ORA-29242: the asymmetric key is too short to be used with the data.
ORA-29243: the toolkit does not recognize the type of key being used
ORA-29245: the toolkit does not recognize the function being used
ORA-29246: the toolkit could not parse the tdu
ORA-29247: an unopen toolkit object was used before it was opened
ORA-29248: an unrecognized WRL was used to open a wallet
ORA-29249: an unrecognized state was passed to a cryptographic function
ORA-29250: Invalid index specifed in call to dbms_sql.bind_array
ORA-29251: Index1 is greater than Index2 in call to dbms_sql.bind_array
ORA-29252: collection does not contain elements at index locations in call to dbms_sql.bind_array
ORA-29253: Invalid count argument passed to procedure dbms_sql.define_array
ORA-29254: Invalid lower_bound argument passed to procedure dbms_sql.define_array
ORA-29255: Cursor contains both bind and define arrays which is not permissible
ORA-29256: Cursor contains both regular and array defines which is illegal
ORA-29257: host unknown
ORA-29258: buffer too small
ORA-29259: end-of-input reached
ORA-29260: network error:
ORA-29261: bad argument
ORA-29262: bad URL
ORA-29263: HTTP protocol error
ORA-29264: unknown or unsupported URL scheme
ORA-29265: HTTP header not found
ORA-29266: end-of-body reached
ORA-29267: illegal call
ORA-29268: HTTP client error
ORA-29269: HTTP server error
ORA-29270: too many open HTTP requests
ORA-29271: not connected
ORA-29272: initialization failed
ORA-29273: HTTP request failed
ORA-29274: fixed-width multibyte character set not allowed for a URL
ORA-29275: partial multibyte character
ORA-29276: transfer timeout
ORA-29277: invalid SMTP operation
ORA-29278: SMTP transient error:
ORA-29279: SMTP permanent error:
ORA-29280: invalid directory path
ORA-29281: invalid mode
ORA-29282: invalid file ID
ORA-29283: invalid file operation
ORA-29284: file read error
ORA-29285: file write error
ORA-29286: internal error
ORA-29287: invalid maximum line size
ORA-29288: invalid file name
ORA-29289: directory access denied
ORA-29290: invalid offset specified for seek
ORA-29291: file remove operation failed
ORA-29292: file rename operation failed
ORA-29293: A stream error occurred during compression or uncompression.
ORA-29294: A data error occurred during compression or uncompression.
ORA-29295: invalid mime header tag
ORA-29296: invalid encoded string
ORA-29297: The compressed representation is too big
ORA-29298: Character set mismatch
ORA-29299: Invalid handle for piecewise compress or uncompress
ORA-29300: ORACLE error, tablespace point-in-time recovery
ORA-29301: wrong DBMS_PITR package function/procedure order
ORA-29302: database is not open clone
ORA-29303: user does not login as SYS
ORA-29304: tablespace ” does not exist
ORA-29305: cannot point-in-time recover tablespace ”
ORA-29306: datafile is not online
ORA-29307: datafile error,
ORA-29308: view TS_PITR_CHECK failure
ORA-29309: export dump file was generated by different version of DBMS_PITR package
ORA-29310: database is not open, or opened as a clone
ORA-29311: export dump file was not generated by this database, does not match
ORA-29312: changes by release cannot be used by release , type:
ORA-29313: tablespace ” cannot be imported twice
ORA-29314: tablespace ” is not OFFLINE FOR RECOVER nor READ ONLY
ORA-29315: tablespace ” has been recreated
ORA-29316: datafile been imported twice
ORA-29317: datafile does not exist
ORA-29318: datafile is online
ORA-29319: datafile is not correct
ORA-29320: datafile header error
ORA-29321: too many datafiles added since the point-in-time
ORA-29322: SCN string size too long — maximum size 58 bytes/characters
ORA-29323: ALTER DATABASE SET COMPATIBILITY command not supported by
ORA-29324: SET COMPATIBILITY release string format is wrong
ORA-29325: SET COMPATIBILITY release number lower than
ORA-29326: SET COMPATIBILITY release number higher than
ORA-31223: DBMS_LDAP: cannot open more than LDAP server connections
ORA-31224: DBMS_LDAP: invalid LDAP session
ORA-31226: DBMS_LDAP: MOD_ARRAY size limit exceeded
ORA-31227: DBMS_LDAP: invalid LDAP MESSAGE handle
ORA-31228: DBMS_LDAP: invalid MOD_ARRAY
ORA-31229: DBMS_LDAP: invalid input parameter
ORA-31230: DBMS_LDAP: unable to dynamically allocate additional memory
ORA-31398: DBMS_LDAP: Shared servers are not supported.
ORA-31399: Cannot contact LDAP server at port %d
ORA-31401: change source is not an existing change source
ORA-31402: unrecognized parameter
ORA-31403: change table already contains a column
ORA-31404: all input parameters are null
ORA-31405: cannot make changes while change set is advancing
ORA-31406: change source is referenced by a change set
ORA-31407: end_date must be greater than the begin_date
ORA-31408: invalid value specified for begin_scn or end_scn
ORA-31409: one or more values for input parameters are incorrect
ORA-31410: change set is not an existing change set
ORA-31411: change set is referenced by a change table
ORA-31412: change set is disabled and cannot be advanced
ORA-31413: change set is currently being advanced
ORA-31414: error(s) occurred during change table advance
ORA-31415: change set does not exist
ORA-31416: invalid SOURCE_COLMAP value
ORA-31417: column list contains control column
ORA-31418: source schema does not exist
ORA-31419: source table does not exist
ORA-31420: unable to submit the purge job
ORA-31421: change table does not exist
ORA-31422: owner schema does not exist
ORA-31423: change table does not contain column
ORA-31424: change table has active subscriptions
ORA-31425: subscription does not exist
ORA-31426: cannot modify active subscriptions
ORA-31427: publication already subscribed
ORA-31428: no publication contains all the specified columns
ORA-31429: subscription has not been activated
ORA-31430: subscriber view exists
ORA-31431: all source tables must belong to the synchronous change set
ORA-31432: invalid source table
ORA-31433: subscriber view does not exist
ORA-31434: purge is currently running
ORA-31435: an error occurred during the purge operation
ORA-31436: duplicate change source
ORA-31437: duplicate change set
ORA-31438: duplicate change table
ORA-31439: subscription is already active
ORA-31440: change set is empty and cannot be advanced
ORA-31441: table is not a change table
ORA-31442: operation timed out while acquiring lock on
ORA-31443: deadlock detected while acquiring lock on
ORA-31444: parameter error while acquiring lock on
ORA-31445: invalid lock handle while acquiring lock on
ORA-31446: this session does not own the lock handle for
ORA-31447: cannot create change tables in the SYS schema
ORA-31448: invalid value for change_source
ORA-31449: invalid value for change_set_name
ORA-31450: invalid value for change_table_name
ORA-31451: invalid value for capture_values, expecting: OLD, NEW, or BOTH
ORA-31452: invalid value for parameter, expecting: Y or N
ORA-31453: invalid value for parameter, expecting: Y, N, or NULL
ORA-31454: invalid value for operation parameter, expecting: ADD or DROP
ORA-31455: nothing to ALTER
ORA-31456: error executing a procedure in the DBMS_CDC_UTILITY package
ORA-31457: maximum length of description field exceeded
ORA-31458: an internal error occurred
ORA-31459: system triggers for DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH package are not installed
ORA-31460: logfile location is not an existing directory
ORA-31461: logfile location contains no files that match pattern
ORA-31462: internal error while accessing metadata
ORA-31463: logfile location is an empty directory
ORA-31464: target table for the change table no longer exists
ORA-31465: cannot obtain a lock on the subscription
ORA-31466: no publications found
ORA-31467: no column found in the source table
ORA-31468: cannot process DDL change record
ORA-31469: cannot enable Change Data Capture for change set
ORA-31470: asynchronous change tables must contain the RSID$ column
ORA-31471: invalid OBJECT_ID value
ORA-31472: Importing Change Data Capture version . is too new
ORA-31475: redo log catalog contains no metadata for the source table
ORA-31476: a change table data column is missing from the source table
ORA-31477: could not detach LogMiner session during cleanup
ORA-31478: could not detach LogMiner session after change set advance
ORA-31479: could not create LogMiner session
ORA-31480: staging database and source database cannot be the same
ORA-31481: change source is not a HotLog change source
ORA-31482: invalid option for non-distributed Hotlog change source
ORA-31483: cannot have spaces in the parameter
ORA-31484: source database version must be at least or greater
ORA-31485: invalid database link
ORA-31486: cannot support column in this configuration
ORA-31487: cannot support begin dates or end dates in this configuration
ORA-31488: cannot support change set in this configuration
ORA-31490: could not attach to LogMiner session
ORA-31491: could not add logfile to LogMiner session
ORA-31492: could not set session parameters for LogMiner session
ORA-31493: could not prepare session for LogMiner session
ORA-31494: could not activate a LogMiner session
ORA-31495: error in synchronous change table on “”.””
ORA-31496: must use DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH.DROP_CHANGE_TABLE to drop change tables
ORA-31497: invalid value specified for first_scn
ORA-31498: description and remove_description cannot both be specified
ORA-31499: null value specified for required parameter
ORA-31500: change source is not a ManualLog change source
ORA-31501: change source is not an AutoLog change source
ORA-31502: invalid number supplied for supplemental_processes
ORA-31503: invalid date supplied for begin_date or end_date
ORA-31504: cannot alter or drop predefined change source
ORA-31505: cannot alter or drop predefined change set
ORA-31506: duplicate subscription name
ORA-31507: parameter value longer than maximum length
ORA-31508: invalid parameter value for synchronous change set
ORA-31509: publication does not exist
ORA-31510: name uses reserved prefix CDC$
ORA-31511: name exceeds maximum length of 30 characters
ORA-31512: name cannot contain double quotation marks
ORA-31513: unsupported column type specified in change table
ORA-31514: change set disabled due to capture error
ORA-31515: CDC change source already exists
ORA-31516: CDC change set already exists
ORA-31517: CDC change table . already exists
ORA-31518: change column already exists in CDC change table .
ORA-31519: CDC subscription already exists
ORA-31520: CDC subscription already subscribes to publication ID
ORA-31521: CDC subscription already subscribes to publication ID column
ORA-31522: could not find Streams object for CDC change set
ORA-31523: could not find change source for CDC change set
ORA-31524: could not find change set for CDC change table .
ORA-31525: could not find column in CDC change table .
ORA-31526: could not find source table . for CDC change table .
ORA-31527: could not find source column for CDC change table .
ORA-31528: could not find change set for CDC subscription
ORA-31529: could not find publication for CDC subscriber view .
ORA-31530: could not find published column for CDC subscriber view .
ORA-31531: could not find column in CDC subscriber view .
ORA-31532: cannot enable change source
ORA-31533: only one change set () is allowed in change source
ORA-31534: Change Data Capture publisher is missing DBA role
ORA-31535: cannot support change source in this configuration
ORA-31536: cannot support encrypted column in the source table
ORA-31600: invalid input value for parameter in function
ORA-31601: Function cannot be called now that fetch has begun.
ORA-31602: parameter value “” in function inconsistent with
ORA-31603: object “” of type not found in schema “”
ORA-31604: invalid parameter “” for object type in function
ORA-31605: the following was returned from in routine :
ORA-31606: XML context %u does not match any previously allocated context
ORA-31607: function is inconsistent with transform.
ORA-31608: specified object of type not found
ORA-31609: error loading file “” from file system directory “”
ORA-31610: cannot call this function from a non-master process
ORA-31611: Data Pump multiple processing setting is locked and cannot be changed.
ORA-31612: Allocation of process descriptor failed.
ORA-31613: Master process failed during startup.
ORA-31614: routine received this error from :

ORA-31615: routine received this error:

ORA-31616: unable to write to dump file “”
ORA-31617: unable to open dump file “” for write
ORA-31618: dump file size too small
ORA-31619: invalid dump file “”
ORA-31620: file or device “” cannot be specified for operation
ORA-31621: error creating master process
ORA-31622: ORACLE server does not have access to the specified file
ORA-31623: a job is not attached to this session via the specified handle
ORA-31624: A job cannot be modified after it has started.
ORA-31625: Schema is needed to import this object, but is unaccessible
ORA-31626: job does not exist
ORA-31627: API call succeeded but more information is available
ORA-31628: error getting worker process exception
ORA-31629: unable to allocate additional memory
ORA-31630: a job name is required to attach a job for user
ORA-31631: privileges are required
ORA-31632: master table “.” not found, invalid, or inaccessible
ORA-31633: unable to create master table “.”
ORA-31634: job already exists
ORA-31635: unable to establish job resource synchronization
ORA-31636: session is already attached to job for user
ORA-31637: cannot create job for user
ORA-31638: cannot attach to job for user
ORA-31639: unexpected data found
ORA-31640: unable to open dump file “” for read
ORA-31641: unable to create dump file “”
ORA-31642: the following SQL statement fails:

ORA-31643: unable to close dump file “”
ORA-31644: unable to position to block number in dump file “”
ORA-31645: unable to read from dump file “”
ORA-31646: no dump files found
ORA-31647: Worker process received exit message from Master process
ORA-31648: Timeout before master process finished initialization.
ORA-31649: Master process violated startup protocol.
ORA-31650: timeout waiting for master process response
ORA-31651: communication error with master process – detaching job
ORA-31652: command response message was invalid type – detaching job
ORA-31653: unable to determine job operation for privilege check
ORA-31654: unable to convert file or volume size as specified to a number
ORA-31655: no data or metadata objects selected for job
ORA-31656: cannot use TABLESPACE_EXPR filter with transportable mode
ORA-31657: data filter name can not be defaulted
ORA-31658: specifying a schema name requires a table name
ORA-31659: status message was invalid type – detaching job
ORA-31660: metadata filter name can not be defaulted
ORA-31661: there are no metadata transform values of type VARCHAR2
ORA-31662: metadata transform name can not be defaulted
ORA-31663: metadata remap name can not be defaulted
ORA-31664: unable to construct unique job name when defaulted
ORA-31665: mode can only be defaulted for IMPORT and SQL_FILE operations
ORA-31666: Master process had an unhandled exception.
ORA-31667: parameter name can not be defaulted
ORA-31668: Timeout before worker process finished initialization.
ORA-31669: Worker process violated startup protocol.
ORA-31670: Username argument must be specified and non-null.
ORA-31671: Worker process had an unhandled exception.
ORA-31672: Worker process died unexpectedly.
ORA-31673: worker process interrupt for normal exit by master process
ORA-31674: worker process interrupt for unhandled exception in master process
ORA-31675: worker process interrupt for unexpected death of master process
ORA-31676: illegal value for number of workers,
ORA-31677: Estimate in progress using method…
ORA-31678: Worker Aborting Job
ORA-31679: Table data object has long columns, and longs can not be loaded/unloaded using a network link
ORA-31680: . . exported rows
ORA-31681: . . imported rows
ORA-31682: Master table successfully loaded/unloaded
ORA-31683: Processing object type
ORA-31684: Object type already exists
ORA-31685: Object type failed due to insufficient privileges. Failing sql is:

ORA-31686: error creating worker processes
ORA-31687: error creating worker process with worker id
ORA-31688: Worker process failed during startup.
ORA-31689: illegal value for base worker id,
ORA-31690: Process name buffer size must be specified and must be greater than 0.
ORA-31691: The worker received message number from the MCP, which is invalid.
ORA-31692: The following SQL statement failed trying to insert a row into the Master table:

ORA-31693: Table data object failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error:

ORA-31694: master table failed to load/unload
ORA-31695: Inconsistent master table on restart. The following SQL statement returned identical objects.

ORA-31696: unable to export/import using client specified method
ORA-31697: aborting operation at process order number
ORA-31698: Error stack buffer size must be specified and must be greater than 0.
ORA-31699: test error for use in testing
ORA-31700: Very long string supplied for AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL parameter
ORA-29879: cannot create multiple domain indexes on a column list using same indextype
ORA-29880: such column list already indexed using another domain index and indextype
ORA-29881: failed to validate indextype
ORA-29882: insufficient privileges to execute indextype
ORA-29883: cannot create a domain index on column expressions
ORA-29884: domain index is defined on the column to be dropped
ORA-29885: domain index is defined on the column to be modified
ORA-29886: feature not supported for domain indexes
ORA-29887: cannot support row movement if domain index defined on table
ORA-29888: cannot create domain index on a table with row movement enabled
ORA-29889: allow a secondary object creation
ORA-29890: specified primary operator does not have an index context
ORA-29891: enable debugging in ODCI user-defined routines
ORA-29892: indextypes with array DML do not support the given data type
ORA-29893: indextypes without column data do not need the given data type
ORA-29894: base or varray datatype does not exist
ORA-29895: duplicate base datatype specified
ORA-29896: Length of PARAMETER string longer than characters
ORA-29900: operator binding does not exist
ORA-29901: function underlying operator binding does not exist
ORA-29902: error in executing ODCIIndexStart() routine
ORA-29903: error in executing ODCIIndexFetch() routine
ORA-29904: error in executing ODCIIndexClose() routine
ORA-29905: method does not exist in type .
ORA-29906: indextype . does not exist
ORA-29907: found duplicate labels in primary invocations
ORA-29908: missing primary invocation for ancillary operator
ORA-29909: label for the ancillary operator is not a literal number
ORA-29910: invalid callback operation
ORA-29911: null scan context returned by ODCIIndexStart() routine
ORA-29912: event for turning off direct invocation of Contains/Score
ORA-29913: error in executing callout
ORA-29914: ODCIGETINTERFACES routine does not return required stream version
ORA-29915: cannot select FOR UPDATE from collection operand
ORA-29916: event for turning on RAW pointer arg to table function
ORA-29917: cannot lock a table which gets its rows from a collection operand
ORA-29918: cannot create domain indexes on temporary tables
ORA-29919: Ancillary operator not supported with set view query block
ORA-29925: cannot execute
ORA-29926: association already defined for the object
ORA-29927: error in executing the ODCIStatsCollect / ODCIStatsDelete routine
ORA-29928: duplicate default selectivity specified
ORA-29929: missing SCAN Keyword
ORA-29930: COMPUTE ANCILLARY DATA specified without the INDEX CONTEXT clause
ORA-29931: specified association does not exist
ORA-29932: the type being dropped is a statistics type
ORA-29933: object being disassociated has some user defined statistics stored
ORA-29934: index specified for association is not a domain index
ORA-29935: missing FROM keyword
ORA-29936: NULL association is allowed only with a column or an index
ORA-29950: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXMERGEPARTITION routine
ORA-29951: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXSPLITPARTITION routine
ORA-29952: cannot issue DDL on a domain index partition marked as LOADING
ORA-29953: cannot issue DDL on a domain index partition marked as FAILED
ORA-29954: domain index partition is marked LOADING/FAILED/UNUSABLE
ORA-29955: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXEXCHANGEPARTITION routine
ORA-29956: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXEXCHANGEPARTITION routine
ORA-29957: cannot create a function-based domain index on a table
ORA-29958: fatal error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine
ORA-29959: error in the execution of the routine for one or more of the index partitions
ORA-29960: line ,
ORA-29961: too many warnings occurred in the execution of ODCIIndex DDL routine
ORA-29962: fatal error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXALTER routine
ORA-29963: missing BINDING keyword
ORA-29964: missing ADD or DROP keyword
ORA-29965: The specified binding does not exist
ORA-29966: The only binding of an operator cannot be dropped
ORA-29967: Cannot drop an operator binding with dependent objects
ORA-29968: No primary operator bindings found for ancillary binding #
ORA-29970: Specified registration id does not exist
ORA-29971: Specified table name not found or does not have any registrations
ORA-29972: user does not have privilege to change/ create registration
ORA-29973: Unsupported query or operation during change notification registration
ORA-29974: Internal event for PL/SQL debugging
ORA-29975: Cannot register a query in the middle of an active transaction
ORA-30000: missing either trim specification or char expression in TRIM
ORA-30001: trim set should have only one character
ORA-30002: SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH function is not allowed here
ORA-30003: illegal parameter in SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH function
ORA-30004: when using SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH function, cannot have seperator as part of column value
ORA-30005: missing or invalid WAIT interval
ORA-30006: resource busy; acquire with WAIT timeout expired
ORA-30011: Error simulated: psite=, ptype=
ORA-30012: undo tablespace ” does not exist or of wrong type
ORA-30013: undo tablespace ” is currently in use
ORA-30014: operation only supported in Automatic Undo Management mode
ORA-30015: previously offlined undo tablespace ” is still pending
ORA-30016: undo tablespace ” is already in use by this instance
ORA-30017: segment ” is not supported in Undo Management mode
ORA-30018: Create Rollback Segment failed, USN is out of range
ORA-30019: Illegal rollback Segment operation in Automatic Undo mode
ORA-30020: UNDO_MANAGEMENT=AUTO needs Compatibility or greater
ORA-30021: Operation not allowed on undo tablespace
ORA-30022: Cannot create segments in undo tablespace
ORA-30023: Duplicate undo tablespace specification
ORA-30024: Invalid specification for CREATE UNDO TABLESPACE
ORA-30025: DROP segment ” (in undo tablespace) not allowed
ORA-30026: Undo tablespace ” has unexpired undo with (sec) left, Undo_Retention=(sec)
ORA-30027: Undo quota violation – failed to get (bytes)
ORA-30028: Automatic Undo Management event for NTP testing
ORA-30029: no active undo tablespace assigned to instance
ORA-30030: suppress resumable related error message
ORA-30031: the suspended (resumable) statement has been aborted
ORA-30032: the suspended (resumable) statement has timed out
ORA-30033: Undo tablespace cannot be specified as default user tablespace
ORA-30034: Undo tablespace cannot be specified as temporary tablespace
ORA-30035: Undo tablespace cannot be specified as default temporary tablespace
ORA-30036: unable to extend segment by in undo tablespace ”
ORA-30037: Cannot perform parallel DML after a prior DML on the object
ORA-30038: Cannot perform parallel insert on non-partitioned object
ORA-30039: Cannot drop the undo tablespace
ORA-30040: Undo tablespace is offline
ORA-30041: Cannot grant quota on the tablespace
ORA-30042: Cannot offline the undo tablespace
ORA-30043: Invalid value ” specified for parameter ‘Undo_Management’
ORA-30044: ‘Retention’ can only specified for undo tablespace
ORA-30045: No undo tablespace name specified
ORA-30046: Undo tablespace not found in control file.
ORA-30047: Internal event for kti tracing
ORA-30048: Internal event for IMU auto-tuning
ORA-30049: Internal event for TA enq tracing
ORA-30051: VERSIONS clause not allowed here
ORA-30052: invalid lower limit snapshot expression
ORA-30053: invalid upper limit snapshot expression
ORA-30054: invalid upper limit snapshot expression
ORA-30055: NULL snapshot expression not allowed here
ORA-30060: Internal event for RECO tracing
ORA-30061: Internal Event for Savepoint Tracing
ORA-30062: Test support for ktulat latch recovery
ORA-30063: Internal Event to Test NTP
ORA-30064: Test support for two phase read only optimization
ORA-30065: test support for row dependencies
ORA-30066: test support – drop rollback segment wait
ORA-30067: Internal Event to turn on nested debugging info
ORA-30068: Internal Event to turn on nested
ORA-30069: Auto Undo-Management Error simulation – test site =
ORA-30071: conversion between datetime/interval and string fail
ORA-30072: invalid time zone value
ORA-30073: invalid adjustment value
ORA-30074: GLOBAL partitioned index on TIME/TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE not allowed
ORA-30075: TIME/TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE literal must be specified in CHECK constraint
ORA-30076: invalid extract field for extract source
ORA-30077: illegal casting between specified datetime types
ORA-30078: partition bound must be TIME/TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE literals
ORA-30079: cannot alter database timezone when database has TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE columns
ORA-30081: invalid data type for datetime/interval arithmetic
ORA-30082: datetime/interval column to be modified must be empty to decrease fractional second or leading field precision
ORA-30083: syntax error was found in interval value expression
ORA-30084: invalid data type for datetime primary with time zone modifier
ORA-30085: syntax error was found in overlaps predicate
ORA-30086: interval year-month result not allowed for datetime subtraction
ORA-30087: Adding two datetime values is not allowed
ORA-30088: datetime/interval precision is out of range
ORA-30089: missing or invalid
ORA-30100: internal error [%d]
ORA-30101: unknown parameter name ‘%.*s’
ORA-30102: ‘%.*s’ is not in the legal range for ‘%.*s’
ORA-30103: ‘%.*s’ contains an illegal integer radix for ‘%.*s’
ORA-30104: ‘%.*s’ is not a legal integer for ‘%.*s’
ORA-30105: ‘%.*s’ is not a legal boolean for ‘%.*s’
ORA-30106: reserved for future use
ORA-30107: parameter name abbreviation ‘%.*s’ is not unique
ORA-30108: invalid positional parameter value ‘%.*s’
ORA-30109: could not open parameter file ‘%.*s’
ORA-30110: syntax error at ‘%.*s’
ORA-30111: no closing quote for value ‘%.*s’
ORA-30112: multiple values not allowed for parameter ‘%.*s’
ORA-30113: error when processing file ‘%.*s’
ORA-30114: error when processing from command line
ORA-30115: error when processing an environment variable
ORA-30116: syntax error at ‘%.*s’ following ‘%.*s’
ORA-30117: syntax error at ‘%.*s’ at the start of input
ORA-30118: syntax error at ‘%.*s’ at the end of input
ORA-30119: unable to obtain a valid value for ‘%.*s’
ORA-30120: ‘%.*s’ is not a legal oracle number for ‘%.*s’
ORA-30121: ‘%.*s’ is not an allowable value for ‘%.*s’
ORA-30122: value ‘%.*s’ for ‘%.*s’ must be between ‘%d’ and ‘%d’
ORA-30129: invalid function argument received
ORA-30130: invalid parameter key type received
ORA-30131: number of keys being set exceeds allocation
ORA-30132: invalid key index supplied
ORA-30133: reserved for future use
ORA-30134: reserved for future use
ORA-30135: OCI Thread operation fails
ORA-30150: Invalid argument passed to OCIFile function
ORA-30151: File already exists
ORA-30152: File does not exist
ORA-30153: An invalid File Object is passed to the OCIFile function
ORA-30154: The memory address given as buffer for OCIFileRead/Write is invalid
ORA-30155: An I/O Error occured during an OCIFile function call
ORA-30156: Out of disk space
ORA-30157: An invalid argument was given to operating system call
ORA-30158: The OCIFileWrite causes the file to exceed the maximum allowed size
ORA-30159: OCIFileOpen: Cannot create the file or cannot open in the requested mode
ORA-30160: Unable to access the file
ORA-30161: A system error occurred during the OCIFile function call
ORA-30162: The OCIFile context is not initialzed
ORA-30163: The thread safety initialization failed
ORA-30175: invalid type given for an argument
ORA-30176: invalid format code used in the format string
ORA-30177: invalid flag used in a format specification
ORA-30178: duplicate flag used in a format specification
ORA-30179: invalid argument index used in a format code
ORA-30180: argument index is too large
ORA-30181: integer in argument index is not immediately followed by )
ORA-30182: invalid precision specifier
ORA-30183: invalid field width specifier
ORA-30184: argument type not compatible with a format code
ORA-30185: output too large to fit in the buffer
ORA-30186: ‘\’ must be followed by four hexdecimal characters or another ‘\’
ORA-30187: reserved for future use
ORA-30188: reserved for future use
ORA-30189: reserved for future use
ORA-30190: reserved for future use
ORA-30191: missing argument list
ORA-30192: reserved for future use
ORA-30193: reserved for future use
ORA-30194: reserved for future use
ORA-30195: reserved for future use
ORA-30196: reserved for future use
ORA-30197: reserved for future use
ORA-30198: reserved for future use
ORA-30199: reserved for future use
ORA-30200: Wrong NLS item was passed into OCINlsGetInfo()
ORA-30201: Unable to load NLS data object
ORA-30202: NULL pointer to OCIMsgh was passed to OCIMsg function
ORA-30203: Cannot open mesage file
ORA-30204: buffer is not large enougth
ORA-30205: invalid Character set
ORA-30300: unable to obtain SEG2
ORA-30301: cannot recover this transaction in parallel
ORA-30302: event to make PMON skip recovery
ORA-30303: Internal error
ORA-30304: Internal error
ORA-30305: Debug mode
ORA-30306: Internal error
ORA-30307: Internal error
ORA-30308: Internal error
ORA-30309: Interenal
ORA-30310: Interenal
ORA-30311: Internal
ORA-30312: Internal
ORA-30313: Internal
ORA-30314: Internal
ORA-30315: Internal
ORA-30316: Internal
ORA-30317: Internal
ORA-30318: Block Level Recovery attempted
ORA-30331: summary does not exist
ORA-30332: container table already in use by other summary
ORA-30333: dimension does not exist
ORA-30334: illegal dimension level name
ORA-30335: JOIN KEY clause references a level not in this hierarchy
ORA-30336: no child for specified JOIN KEY
ORA-30337: multiple JOIN KEY clauses specified for the same parent level
ORA-30338: illegal dimension hierachy name
ORA-30339: illegal dimension attribute name
ORA-30340: illegal dimension name
ORA-30341: dropped level has references
ORA-30342: referenced level is not defined in this dimension
ORA-30343: level name is not unique within this dimension
ORA-30344: number of child cols different from number of parent level cols
ORA-30345: circular dimension hierarchy
ORA-30346: hierarchy name must be unique within a dimension
ORA-30347: a table name is required to qualify the column specification
ORA-30348: ADD and DROP cannot both be specified
ORA-30349: specified dimension hierarchy does not exist
ORA-30350: specified dimension attribute does not exist
ORA-30351: query rewrite does not currently support this expression
ORA-30352: inconsistent numeric precision or string length
ORA-30353: expression not supported for query rewrite
ORA-30354: Query rewrite not allowed on SYS relations
ORA-30355: materialized view container does not exist
ORA-30356: the specified refresh method is not supported in this context
ORA-30357: this PL/SQL function cannot be supported for query rewrite
ORA-30358: summary and materialized view are not in same schema
ORA-30359: Query rewrite is not supported on SYS materialized views
ORA-30360: REF not supported with query rewrite
ORA-30361: unrecognized string type
ORA-30362: dimension column cannot be a sequence
ORA-30363: columns in a dimension column list must be in the same relation
ORA-30364: this level has the same set of columns as another
ORA-30365: left relation in the JOIN KEY clause cannot be same as right
ORA-30366: child JOIN KEY columns not in same relation as child level
ORA-30367: a JOIN KEY clause is required
ORA-30368: ATTRIBUTE cannot determine column in a different relation
ORA-30369: maximum number of columns is 32
ORA-30370: set operators are not supported in this context
ORA-30371: column cannot define a level in more than one dimension
ORA-30372: fine grain access policy conflicts with materialized view
ORA-30373: object data types are not supported in this context
ORA-30374: materialized view is already fresh
ORA-30375: materialized view cannot be considered fresh
ORA-30376: prevent sharing of a parsed query of an explain rewrite session
ORA-30377: table .MV_CAPABILITIES_TABLE not found
ORA-30378: MV_CAPABILITIES_TABLE is not compatible with Oracle version
ORA-30379: query txt not specified
ORA-30380: REWRITE_TABLE does not exist
ORA-30381: REWRITE_TABLE is not compatible with Oracle version
ORA-30382: DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW . operation is not complete
ORA-30383: specified dimension level does not exist in the attribute
ORA-30384: specified column name does not exist in the attribute
ORA-30385: specified attribute relationship (” determines ”) exists
ORA-30386: invalid SQL statement for DECLARE_REWRITE_EQUIVALENCE
ORA-30387: invalid rewrite mode for REWRITE_EQUIVALENCE API
ORA-30388: name of the rewrite equivalence is not specified
ORA-30389: the source statement is not compatible with the destination statement
ORA-30390: the source statement is not equivalent to the destination statement
ORA-30391: the specified rewrite equivalence does not exist
ORA-30392: the checksum analysis for the rewrite equivalence failed
ORA-30393: a query block in the statement did not rewrite
ORA-30394: source statement identical to the destination statement
ORA-30395: dimension options require the COMPATIBLE parameter to be or greater
ORA-30396: rewrite equivalence procedures require the COMPATIBLE parameter to be or greater
ORA-30397: multiple JOIN KEY clauses specified for the same child level
ORA-30398: illegal JOIN KEY clause
ORA-30399: a skip level must have at least one column that allows NULL values
ORA-30400: identical JOIN KEY clauses
ORA-30401: JOIN KEY columns must be non-null
ORA-30402: access advisor debug/testing trace
ORA-30430: list does not contain any valid summaries
ORA-30431: refresh method must be ANY or INCREMENTAL or FORCE_FULL, not
ORA-30432: summary ‘.’ is in INVALID state
ORA-30433: ‘.’ is not a summary
ORA-30434: refresh method must be one of FC?AN, not ”
ORA-30435: job_queue_processes must be non-zero in order to refresh summaries
ORA-30436: unable to open named pipe ”
ORA-30437: all job queue processes have stopped running
ORA-30438: unable to access named pipe ”
ORA-30439: refresh of ‘.’ failed because of
ORA-30440: can’t fast refresh;refresh complete or set event 30441 for partial refresh
ORA-30441: enable partial refresh when both DML and direct load inserts occur
ORA-30442: can not find the definition for filter
ORA-30443: definition for filter ‘s item is invalid
ORA-30444: rewrite terminated by the sql analyzer
ORA-30445: workload queries not found
ORA-30446: valid workload queries not found
ORA-30447: internal data for run number is inconsistent
ORA-30448: internal data of the advisor repository is inconsistent
ORA-30449: syntax error in parameter
ORA-30450: refresh_after_errors was TRUE; The following MVs could not be refreshed:
ORA-30451: internal error
ORA-30452: cannot compute AVG(X), VARIANCE(X) or STDDEV(X), without COUNT(X) or SUM(X)
ORA-30453: summary contains AVG without corresponding COUNT
ORA-30454: summary contains STDDEV without corresponding SUM & COUNT
ORA-30455: summary contains VARIANCE without corresponding SUM & COUNT
ORA-30456: ‘.’ cannot be refreshed because of insufficient privilege
ORA-30457: ‘.’ cannot be refreshed because of unmnanaged NOT NULL columns in container
ORA-30458: ‘.’ cannot be refreshed because the refresh mask is
ORA-30459: ‘.’ cannot be refreshed because the refresh method is NONE
ORA-30460: ‘.’ cannot be refreshed because it is marked UNUSABLE
ORA-30461: ‘.’ cannot be refreshed because it is marked DISABLED
ORA-30462: unsupported operator:
ORA-30463: ” is not a detail table of any summary
ORA-30464: no summaries exist
ORA-30465: supplied run_id is not valid:
ORA-30466: can not find the specified workload
ORA-30467: internal data for filter number is inconsistent
ORA-30475: feature not enabled:
ORA-30476: PLAN_TABLE does not exist in the user’s schema
ORA-30477: The input select_clause is incorrectly specified
ORA-30478: Specified dimension does not exist
ORA-30479: Summary Advisor error

ORA-30480: DISTINCT option not allowed with GROUP BY CUBE or ROLLUP
ORA-30481: GROUPING function only supported with GROUP BY CUBE or ROLLUP
ORA-30482: DISTINCT option not allowed for this function
ORA-30483: window functions are not allowed here
ORA-30484: missing window specification for this function
ORA-30485: missing ORDER BY expression in the window specification
ORA-30486: invalid window aggregation group in the window specification
ORA-30487: ORDER BY not allowed here
ORA-30488: argument should be a function of expressions in PARTITION BY
ORA-30489: Cannot have more than one rollup/cube expression list
ORA-30490: Ambiguous expression in GROUP BY ROLLUP or CUBE list
ORA-30491: missing ORDER BY clause
ORA-30492: One of FIRST or LAST keywords is expected.
ORA-30493: The percentile value should be a number between 0 and 1.
ORA-30494: The argument [] of WIDTH_BUCKET function is NULL or invalid.
ORA-30495: The argument should be of numeric or date/datetime type.
ORA-30496: Argument should be a constant.
ORA-30497: Argument should be a constant or a function of expressions in GROUP BY.
ORA-30498: ALL option not allowed for this function
ORA-30499: Event to dump stats used during grouping sets transformation
ORA-30500: database open triggers and server error triggers cannot have BEFORE type
ORA-30501: instance shutdown triggers cannot have AFTER type
ORA-30502: system triggers cannot have INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE as triggering events
ORA-30503: system triggers cannot have a REFERENCING clause
ORA-30504: system triggers cannot have a FOR EACH ROW clause
ORA-30505: system triggers should not reference a column in a WHEN clause
ORA-30506: system triggers cannot be based on tables or views
ORA-30507: normal triggers cannot be based on a schema or a database
ORA-30508: client logon triggers cannot have BEFORE type
ORA-30509: client logoff triggers cannot have AFTER type
ORA-30510: system triggers cannot be defined on the schema of SYS user
ORA-30511: invalid DDL operation in system triggers
ORA-30512: cannot modify . more than once in a transaction
ORA-30513: cannot create system triggers of INSTEAD OF type
ORA-30514: system trigger cannot modify tablespace being made read only
ORA-30515: suspend triggers cannot have BEFORE type
ORA-30516: database role change triggers cannot have BEFORE type
ORA-30550: index depends on a package/function spec/body which is not valid
ORA-30551: The index depends on a package/type body which does not exist
ORA-30552: The package/procedure/function cannot be changed
ORA-30553: The function is not deterministic
ORA-30554: function-based index . is disabled
ORA-30555: global index partitioning key is an expression
ORA-30556: functional index is defined on the column to be modified
ORA-30557: function based index could not be properly maintained
ORA-30558: internal error [] in function based index
ORA-30560: SAMPLE clause not allowed
ORA-30561: SAMPLE option not allowed in statement with multiple table references
ORA-30562: SAMPLE percentage must be in the range [0.000001,100)
ORA-30563: outer join operator (+) not allowed in select-list
ORA-30564: Index maintainence clause not allowed for ADD partition to RANGE partitioned tables
ORA-30565: Only one INVALIDATE or UPDATE GLOBAL INDEXES clause may be specified
ORA-30566: Index maintainence clause not allowed for this command
ORA-30567: name already used by an existing log group
ORA-30568: cannot drop log group – nonexistent log group
ORA-30569: data type of given column is not supported in a log group
ORA-30570: SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT option already specified
ORA-30571: invalid SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT clause
ORA-30572: AUTO segment space management not valid with DICTIONARY extent management
ORA-30573: AUTO segment space management not valid for this type of tablespace
ORA-30574: Cannot create rollback segment in tablespace with AUTO segment space management
ORA-30575: ConText Option not installed
ORA-30576: ConText Option dictionary loading error
ORA-30577: SAMPLE group size must be in the range [1,UB4MAXVAL]
ORA-30579: enables order by PRIMARY KEY for base table scan during create index
ORA-30625: method dispatch on NULL SELF argument is disallowed
ORA-30626: function/procedure parameters of remote object types are not supported
ORA-30627: Oracle event to pass temp lobs by ref from sql
ORA-30628: Oracle event to turn off passing temp lobs by ref
ORA-30645: reject limit out of range
ORA-30646: schema for external table type must be SYS
ORA-30647: error retrieving access parameters for external table .
ORA-30648: missing LOCATION keyword
ORA-30649: missing DIRECTORY keyword
ORA-30650: missing PARAMETERS keyword
ORA-30651: missing CLOB keyword
ORA-30652: missing LIMIT keyword
ORA-30653: reject limit reached
ORA-30654: missing DEFAULT keyword
ORA-30655: cannot select FOR UPDATE from external organized table
ORA-30656: column type not supported on external organized table
ORA-30657: operation not supported on external organized table
ORA-30658: attempt was made to create a temporary table with EXTERNAL organization
ORA-30659: too many locations specified for external table
ORA-30676: socket read or write failed
ORA-30677: session is already connected to a debugger
ORA-30678: too many open connections
ORA-30679: JDWP-based debugging not supported in this configuration
ORA-30680: debugger connection handshake failed
ORA-30681: improper value for argument EXTENSIONS_CMD_SET
ORA-30682: improper value for argument OPTION_FLAGS
ORA-30683: failure establishing connection to debugger
ORA-30685: package version is not compatible with Oracle version
ORA-30686: no dispatcher accepted TCP/IP connection request
ORA-30687: session terminated by debugger
ORA-30688: maximum program calling depth exceeded
ORA-30689: improper value for ORA_DEBUG_JDWP
ORA-30690: timeout occurred while registering a TCP/IP connection for data traffic detection
ORA-30691: failed to allocate system resources while registering a TCP/IP connection for data traffic detection
ORA-30695: JDWP message format problem
ORA-30725: JDWP-based debugging is not yet available
ORA-30726: cannot specify referenced column list here
ORA-30727: duplicate referential constraint for a REF column
ORA-30728: maximum number of columns exceeded
ORA-30729: maximum number of columns exceeded
ORA-30730: referential constraint not allowed on nested table column
ORA-30731: scope constraint not allowed on nested table column when the nested table is being created
ORA-30732: table contains no user-visible columns
ORA-30733: cannot specify rowid constraint on scoped ref column
ORA-30734: cannot specify scope constraint on ref column with rowid
ORA-30735: cannot create multiple subtables of the same type under a supertable
ORA-30736: objects in a table or view hierarchy have to be in the same schema
ORA-30737: cannot create subtable of a type which is not a subtype of the type of the supertable
ORA-30738: object “” does not exist in schema “”
ORA-30739: cannot drop a table that has subtables
ORA-30740: cannot grant UNDER privilege on this object
ORA-30741: WITH HIERARCHY OPTION can be specified only for SELECT privilege
ORA-30742: cannot grant SELECT privilege WITH HIERARCHY OPTION on this object
ORA-30743: “” is not an object view
ORA-30744: “” is not an object table
ORA-30745: error occured while trying to add column “” in table “”
ORA-30746: error occured while trying to drop column “” in table “”
ORA-30747: cannot create substitutable tables or columns of non final type .
ORA-30748: column already enabled to store objects of type .
ORA-30749: column not enabled to store objects of type .
ORA-30750: cannot enable column to store objects of type .
ORA-30751: cannot disable column from storing objects of type .
ORA-30752: column or table is not substitutable
ORA-30753: column or table is substitutable
ORA-30754: column or table stores objects of only one type
ORA-30755: error during expansion of view hierarchy
ORA-30756: cannot create column or table of type that contains a supertype attribute
ORA-30757: cannot access type information
ORA-30765: cannot modify scope for an unscoped REF column
ORA-30766: cannot modify scope for a REF column with a REFERENCES constraint
ORA-30767: OID type mismatch
ORA-30768: Cannot evaluate pipelined function
ORA-30769: event to allow creation of sub-tables
ORA-30770: Cannot specify storage options for fixed size opaque type
ORA-30771: Cannot add more than one referential constraint on REF column “”
ORA-30772: opaque types do not have default constructors
ORA-30926: unable to get a stable set of rows in the source tables
ORA-30927: Unable to complete execution due to failure in temporary table transformation
ORA-30928: Connect by filtering phase runs out of temp tablespace
ORA-30929: ORDER SIBLINGS BY clause not allowed here
ORA-30930: NOCYCLE keyword is required with CONNECT_BY_ISCYCLE pseudocolumn
ORA-30931: Element ” cannot contain mixed text
ORA-30932: Reference node ” not contained in specified parent node ”
ORA-30933: Element ” may not appear at this point within parent ”
ORA-30934: ” ( node) cannot be inserted in parent ” ( node)
ORA-30935: XML maxoccurs value () exceeded
ORA-30936: Maximum number () of ” XML node elements exceeded
ORA-30937: No schema definition for ” (namespace ”) in parent ”
ORA-30938: No prefix defined for namespace ” (particle )
ORA-30939: Order violation: Element ” may not follow element ”
ORA-30940: Cannot resolve prefix ” for QName node ”
ORA-30941: Cannot specify empty URI for non-default namespace ”
ORA-30942: XML Schema Evolution error for schema ” table column ”
ORA-30943: XML Schema ” is dependent on XML schema ”
ORA-30944: Error during rollback for XML schema ” table column ”
ORA-30945: Could not create mapping table ”
ORA-30946: XML Schema Evolution warning: temporary tables not cleaned up
ORA-30951: Element or attribute at Xpath exceeds maximum length
ORA-30952: illegal configuration of HTTP/HTTPS in xdbconfig.xml
ORA-30953: XML minoccurs value () violated
ORA-30955: internal event to enable value index creation
ORA-30956: invalid option for XML Index
ORA-30957: cannot downgrade because there are XML indexes
ORA-30959: The indexed column is not stored in CLOB.
ORA-30960: The entity is neither an XPATH nor a NAMESPACE.
ORA-30961: internal SQL statement is too long
ORA-30962: inconsistent ODCI input arguments
ORA-30963: The indexed column is not of XMLType.
ORA-30964: The XML Index was not usable.
ORA-30965: fragment does not fit into the VARCHAR2 VALUE column
ORA-30966: error detected in the XML Index layer
ORA-30967: operation directly on the Path Table is disallowed
ORA-30968: invalid XPATH or NAMESPACE option for XML Index
ORA-30969: invalid syntax for PARAMETERS
ORA-30970: option not supported for XML Index
ORA-30971: illegal operation on the Path Table
ORA-30972: invalid ALTER INDEX option for XML Index
ORA-30973: invalid Path Table option for XML Index
ORA-30974: invalid Path Id Index option for XML Index
ORA-30975: invalid Order Key Index option for XML Index
ORA-30976: invalid Parent Order Key Index option for XML Index
ORA-30977: invalid Value Index option for XML Index
ORA-30978: The XML Index is not locally partitioned.
ORA-30979: Partitioned XML Index not yet supported.
ORA-30980: Invalid Input.
ORA-30990: insufficient privileges to change owner of resource
ORA-30991: cannot use DOM to add special attribute to schema-based parent
ORA-30992: error occurred at Xpath
ORA-30993: complex type is not referred by any global element
ORA-31000: Resource ” is not an XDB schema document
ORA-31001: Invalid resource handle or path name “”
ORA-31002: Path name is not a container
ORA-31003: Parent already contains child entry
ORA-31004: Length of the BLOB in XDB$H_INDEX is below the minimum
ORA-31005: Path name length exceeds maximum length
ORA-31006: Path name segment length exceeds maximum length
ORA-31007: Attempted to delete non-empty container /
ORA-31009: Access denied for property
ORA-31010: XML element index exceeds maximum insertion index
ORA-31011: XML parsing failed
ORA-31012: Given XPATH expression not supported
ORA-31013: Invalid XPATH expression
ORA-31014: Attempted to delete the root container
ORA-31015: Attempted to insert entry without name
ORA-31016: Attempted to delete entry without name
ORA-31017: Error generating unique OID for XML document
ORA-31018: Error deleting XML document
ORA-31019: Recursive deletion snapshot too old for /
ORA-31020: The operation is not allowed, Reason:
ORA-31021: Element definition not found
ORA-31022: Element not found
ORA-31023: Index size error
ORA-31025: Invalid document element
ORA-31027: Path name or handle does not point to a resource
ORA-31028: Resource metadata length exceeded maximum length
ORA-31029: Cannot bind to unsaved resource
ORA-31030: Unable to retrieve XML document
ORA-31033: Requested number of XML children exceeds maximum
ORA-31035: Could not bind locked resource to path /
ORA-31037: Invalid XML attribute name
ORA-31038: Invalid value: “”
ORA-31039: XML namespace length exceeds maximum
ORA-31040: Property : XML type () not compatible with internal memory type ()
ORA-31041: Property : Memory type () not compatible with database type ()
ORA-31042: Too many properties in type ”
ORA-31043: Element ” not globally defined in schema ”
ORA-31044: Top-level prefix length exceeds maximum
ORA-31045: Cannot store more than extras outside the root XML node
ORA-31046: Incorrect argument(s) specified in the operator
ORA-31047: Could not retrieve resource data at path
ORA-31048: Unsaved resources cannot be updated
ORA-31049: Internal event to turn off direct path loading of XML
ORA-31050: Access denied
ORA-31051: Requested access privileges not supported
ORA-31052: Cannot delete ACL with other references
ORA-31053: The value of the depth argument in the operator cannot be negative
ORA-31054: The operator cannot have an ancillary operator
ORA-31055: A null XMLType element cannot be inserted into RESOURCE_VIEW
ORA-31056: The document being inserted does not conform to
ORA-31057: Display Name of the element being inserted is null
ORA-31058: cannot modify read-only XOBs
ORA-31059: Cannot insert root XML document node if it already exists
ORA-31060: Resource at path could not be deleted
ORA-31062: Cannot delete an unsaved resource
ORA-31064: Cannot instantiate abstract element or property []
ORA-31065: Cannot modify read-only property []
ORA-31066: Insertion of into creates a cycle
ORA-31067: XML nodes must be updated with valid nodes and of the same type
ORA-31068: updateXML expected data format [] instead of []
ORA-31069: Cannot apply typed changes to non-schema-based XMLType nodes
ORA-31070: Invalid database user ID
ORA-31071: Invalid database username or GUID
ORA-31072: Too many child nodes in XMLType fragment for updateXML
ORA-31073: Resource not retrieved using path name
ORA-31074: XML comment length exceeds maximum
ORA-31075: invalid declaration in XML Schema
ORA-31076: required attribute “” not specified
ORA-31077: invalid attribute “” specified
ORA-31078: error in SQL mapping information
ORA-31079: unable to resolve reference to “”
ORA-31080: type not specified for attribute or element “”
ORA-31081: name not specified for global declaration
ORA-31082: invalid attribute “” specified in declaration of “”
ORA-31083: error while creating SQL type “”.””
ORA-31084: error while creating table “”.”” for element “”
ORA-31085: schema “” already registered
ORA-31086: insufficient privileges to register schema “”
ORA-31087: insufficient privileges to delete schema “”
ORA-31088: object “”.”” depends on the schema
ORA-31089: schema “” does not target namespace “”
ORA-31090: invalid database schema name “”
ORA-31091: empty string specified as a SQL name
ORA-31092: invalid SQL name “”
ORA-31093: null or invalid value specified for parameter :
ORA-31094: incompatible SQL type “” for attribute or element “”
ORA-31095: cannot generate : “.” already exists
ORA-31096: validation failed for schema
ORA-31097: Hierarchical Index not empty
ORA-31098: Internal event to turn on XDB tracing
ORA-31099: XDB Security Internal Error
ORA-31100: XDB Locking Internal Error
ORA-31101: Token “” not given while locking resource “”
ORA-31102: Already locked in exclusive mode. Cannot add lock.
ORA-31103: Resource locked in shared mode. Cannot add exclusive lock
ORA-31104: Cannot find lock with token “” on “” for unlock
ORA-31105: User does not own lock “”
ORA-31106: Action failed as the parent container is locked
ORA-31107: Action failed as resource “” is locked by name lock
ORA-31108: Action failed as resource is locked
ORA-31109: Action failed as parent resource is locked
ORA-31110: Action failed as resource is locked by name
ORA-31111: table cannot be hierarchically enabled
ORA-31112: fail to for port using xdb configuration
ORA-31113: XDB configuration may not be updated with non-schema compliant data
ORA-31114: XDB configuration has been deleted or is corrupted
ORA-31115: XDB configuration error:
ORA-31116: Tablespace not specified correctly
ORA-31117: Table “”.”” is not resource metadata enabled
ORA-31121: The operator can not be FALSE
ORA-31122: The operator has incorrect RHS value
ORA-31151: Cyclic definition encountered for : “”
ORA-31152: Internal event to enable lru XOBs
ORA-31153: Cannot create schema URL with reserved prefix “”
ORA-31154: invalid XML document
ORA-31155: attribute not in XDB namespace
ORA-31156: Internal event to turn off validation during schema registration
ORA-31157: Invalid Content-Type charset
ORA-31158: schema “” currently being referenced
ORA-31159: XML DB is in an invalid state
ORA-31160: max substitution group size exceeded by “” () for head element “” ()
ORA-31161: element or attribute “” cannot be stored out of line
ORA-31162: element or attribute “” has no SQLType specified
ORA-31163: element or attribute “” has invalid attribute value “” (should be “”)
ORA-31164: cannot load object-relational XML attribute using direct path
ORA-31165: cannot load object-relational XML attribute using direct path
ORA-31166: internal error code to handle ignorable attributes
ORA-31167: XML nodes over 64K in size cannot be inserted
ORA-31168: Node localname and namespace values should be less than 64K
ORA-31179: internal XDB event for ftp test harness
ORA-31180: DOM Type mismatch in invalid PL/SQL DOM handle
ORA-31181: PL/SQL DOM handle accesses node that is no longer available
ORA-31182: Too many PL/SQL DOM handles specified
ORA-31183: Node type cannot be converted to desired type
ORA-31185: DOM Nodes do not belong to the same DOM Document
ORA-31186: Document contains too many nodes
ORA-31187: Cannot Add Node ” (type=”) to Simple Type Node ”
ORA-31190: Resource is not a version-controlled resource
ORA-31191: Resource is already checked out
ORA-31192: Resource has not been checked out
ORA-31193: This versioning feature isn’t supported for resource
ORA-31194: Resource is already deleted
ORA-31195: XML node ” (type=) does not support this operation
ORA-31196: XML nodes over in size cannot be printed
ORA-31197: Error in processing file
ORA-31198: Mismatch in number of bytes transferred due to non-binary mode
ORA-31199: Warning in processing file
ORA-31201: DBMS_LDAP: generic error:
ORA-31202: DBMS_LDAP: LDAP client/server error:
ORA-31203: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Init Failed.
ORA-31204: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP Session.
ORA-31205: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP Auth method.
ORA-31206: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP search scope.
ORA-31207: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP search time value.
ORA-31208: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP Message.
ORA-31209: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – LDAP count_entry error.
ORA-31210: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – LDAP get_dn error.
ORA-31211: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP entry dn.
ORA-31212: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP mod_array.
ORA-31213: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP mod option.
ORA-31214: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP mod type.
ORA-31215: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP mod value.
ORA-31216: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP rdn.
ORA-31217: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP newparent.
ORA-31218: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP deleteoldrdn.
ORA-31219: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP notypes.
ORA-31220: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP SSL wallet location.
ORA-31221: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP SSL wallet passwd.
ORA-31222: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL – Invalid LDAP SSL authentication mode.
ORA-32695: HTI: Not enough memory
ORA-32696: HTI: No free slot
ORA-32699: HTI: event to dump statistics
ORA-32700: error occurred in DIAG Group Service
ORA-32730: Command cannot be executed on remote instance
ORA-32731: Another Parallel Oradebug session is in progress
ORA-32732: Parallel Oradebug session is aborted
ORA-32733: Error occurred when executing Parallel Oradebug
ORA-32734: Error occurred when sending Oradebug command to remote DIAGs
ORA-32735: DIAG process is not running in the instance
ORA-32736: Hang analysis aborted due to wrong message type
ORA-32737: Hang analysis aborted due to failed memory allocation
ORA-32738: Hang analysis aborted due to failed memory copy
ORA-32739: Hang analysis aborted due to failed heap re-grow
ORA-32740: The requested operation cannot be proceeded
ORA-32741: Hang analysis already going on
ORA-32742: Hang analysis initialize failed
ORA-32743: command cannot be executed on remote instance
ORA-32761: Turn off Temp LOB Ref Count Feature
ORA-32762: Turn on Temp LOB Ref Count Tracing
ORA-32763: Turn off N-Pass Temp LOB cleanup
ORA-32766: instr with negative offset: use varchar semantics on LOBs
ORA-32767: No server connection for this operation
ORA-32771: cannot add file to bigfile tablespace
ORA-32772: BIGFILE is invalid option for this type of tablespace
ORA-32773: operation not supported for smallfile tablespace
ORA-32774: more than one file was specified for bigfile tablespace
ORA-32775: cannot change size attributes of read only tablespace
ORA-32780: Analytical Functions: event to turn on or off optimizations
ORA-31701: Event to enable xmltype table export/import with schema
ORA-31901: the current operation was cancelled by the user
ORA-31902: access advisor debug/testing trace
ORA-32001: write to SPFILE requested but no SPFILE specified at startup
ORA-32002: cannot create SPFILE already being used by the instance
ORA-32003: error occured processing parameter ”
ORA-32004: obsolete and/or deprecated parameter(s) specified
ORA-32005: error while parsing size specification []
ORA-32006: initialization parameter has been deprecated
ORA-32007: internal
ORA-32008: error while processing parameter update at instance
ORA-32009: cannot reset the memory value for instance from instance
ORA-32010: cannot find entry to delete in SPFILE
ORA-32011: cannot restore SPFILE to location already being used by the instance
ORA-32012: failure in processing system parameters from restored SPFILE
ORA-32013: failure in verifying parameters from the restored SPFILE
ORA-32014: error processing parameter “” from the SPFILE restore image
ORA-32015: unable to restore SPFILE
ORA-32016: parameter “” cannot be updated in SPFILE
ORA-32017: failure in updating SPFILE
ORA-32018: parameter cannot be modified in memory on another instance
ORA-32019: The parameter SPFILE cannot be updated in the server parameter file.
ORA-32020: SID=* clause needed to modify this parameter
ORA-32021: parameter value longer than characters
ORA-32022: parameter value longer than characters
ORA-32023: Could not obtain PE enqueue
ORA-32024: invalid directory specified for audit_file_dest parameter
ORA-32025: . is not a table or view object.
ORA-32026: . has fewer columns compared to table.
ORA-32027: There is no column with the matching type in ..
ORA-32028: Syslog facility or level not recognized
ORA-32031: illegal reference of a query name in WITH clause
ORA-32032: free temporary object number not available
ORA-32033: unsupported column aliasing
ORA-32034: unsupported use of WITH clause
ORA-32035: unreferenced query name defined in WITH clause
ORA-32036: unsupported case for inlining of query name in WITH clause
ORA-32037: unsupported use of LEVEL in membership condition
ORA-32050: operation failed
ORA-32051: mapping service not available
ORA-32052: failed to start mapping service
ORA-32053: operation not supported
ORA-32054: lost communication with FMPUTL process
ORA-32055: invalid file type
ORA-32056: invalid number of extents
ORA-32057: invalid lock mode
ORA-32058: operation restricted to SYSDBA users
ORA-32059: deadlock detected on mapping structures
ORA-32060: channel failure
ORA-32100: operation invalid on transient object
ORA-32101: cannot create OCI Environment
ORA-32102: invalid OCI handle
ORA-32103: error from OCI call
ORA-32104: cannot retrieve OCI error message
ORA-32106: array fetch not allowed without setBuffer on all columns
ORA-32107: internal OCI memory allocation failure
ORA-32108: max column or parameter size not specified
ORA-32109: invalid column or parameter position
ORA-32110: Connection not specified
ORA-32113: Null object passed
ORA-32114: Cannot perform operation on a null LOB
ORA-32116: Buffer size is less than amount specified
ORA-32117: Source LOB is null
ORA-32118: Cannot perform operation on a null FILE
ORA-32120: Buffer size is less than amount specified
ORA-32121: Source FILE is null
ORA-32123: Attribute number is out of range
ORA-32124: Illegal attribute passed
ORA-32125: Attribute type is not appropriate
ORA-32126: Cannot perform operations on a null REF
ORA-32127: REFs do not belong to any connection
ORA-32128: setDataBuffer called after fetch has started
ORA-32129: cannot get information about this column
ORA-32130: invalid offset/index refrenced in Bytes
ORA-32131: bind data type cannot be changed
ORA-32132: maximum iterations cannot be changed
ORA-32133: Cannot get stream from LOB/FILE
ORA-32134: Cannot assign LOBs
ORA-32135: Cannot assign FILEs
ORA-32136: Cannot perform operation on an invalid stream
ORA-32139: Cannot write to the stream
ORA-32140: cannot peform this operation on stream
ORA-32141: get method does not match the type of the parameter
ORA-32142: maximum number of iterations exceeded
ORA-32143: Environment not specified
ORA-32144: Cannot perform operation on a null interval
ORA-32145: Environment not specified
ORA-32146: Cannot perform operation on a null date
ORA-32147: Environment not specified
ORA-32150: Cannot perform operation on a null timestamp
ORA-32151: Environment not specified
ORA-32152: Cannot perform operation on a null number
ORA-32153: Environment not specified
ORA-32154: Anydata context not specified
ORA-32155: Anydata not specified
ORA-32156: Cannot perform operation on stream
ORA-32157: Infinity not supported
ORA-32158: Invalid type passed
ORA-32159: Cannot set prefetch options for a null Type
ORA-32161: Cannot perform piecewise fetch
ORA-32162: Read/Write SQL method not registered
ORA-32163: Method called on Invalid Environment type
ORA-32164: Method called on Invalid Connection type
ORA-32165: Cannot get XA environment
ORA-32166: Cannot get XA connection
ORA-32167: No payload set on the Message
ORA-32168: Cannot perform operation on a null AnyData
ORA-32300: cannot drop a secondary materialized view “”.””
ORA-32301: object-relational materialized views must be primary key based
ORA-32302: object materialized views must be object ID based
ORA-32303: mviews with user-defined types cannot reference multiple master sites
ORA-32304: materialized views with user-defined types cannot use prebuilt table
ORA-32305: RepAPI materialized views with user-defined types are not supported
ORA-32306: updatable materialized views with user-defined types must use SELECT *
ORA-32307: must use FROM ONLY clause when referencing an object table
ORA-32308: object materialized views must use SELECT *
ORA-32309: object mview type “”.”” does not match the master table type
ORA-32310: object materialized views must select from an object table
ORA-32311: materialized view definition query selects an unsupported user-defined type
ORA-32312: cannot refresh a secondary materialized view “”.””
ORA-32313: REFRESH FAST of “”.”” unsupported after PMOPs
ORA-32314: REFRESH FAST of “”.”” unsupported after deletes/updates
ORA-32315: REFRESH FAST of “”.”” unsupported after mixed DML and Direct Load
ORA-32316: REFRESH FAST of “”.”” unsupported after mixed DML
ORA-32317: cannot run a job from a job
ORA-32318: cannot rename a materialized view
ORA-32319: Cannot use direct loader log to FAST REFRESH materialized view “”.””
ORA-32320: REFRESH FAST of “”.”” unsupported after container table PMOPs
ORA-32321: REFRESH FAST of “”.”” unsupported after detail table TRUNCATE
ORA-32322: PCT refresh of “”.”” not allowed the sequence of DMLs/PMOPs
ORA-32330: invalid operation on online redefinition interim table “”.””
ORA-32331: type “”.”” is incompatible with the master site
ORA-32332: cannot refresh materialized view “”.”” as type evolution has occured
ORA-32333: disable table scn update for Materialized view
ORA-32334: cannot create prebuilt materialized view on a table already referenced by a MV
ORA-32335: dimension must have at least one level
ORA-32336: cannot use USING NO INDEX to create materialized view “”.””
ORA-32337: cannot alter materialized view with pending changes refresh on commit
ORA-32338: on commit refresh grab all the detailed tables
ORA-32339: cannot alter materialized view with the PMOP
ORA-32340: cannot tune the materialized view definition
ORA-32341: The EXPLAIN_MVIEW facility failed to explain the materialized view “”.””
ORA-32342: The EXPLAIN_MVIEW facility failed to explain the materialized view statement
ORA-32343: let MVIEW engine know that it is IMPORT from 9i or earlier
ORA-32344: cannot create a secondary materialized view with synonym as base table
ORA-32345: fail to refresh the materialized view . due to the changed synonym
ORA-32346: ON COMMIT materialized view refresh caused changes to the master table/materialized view
ORA-32348: revalidate summary object based on user input
ORA-32400: cannot use object id columns from materialized view log on “”.””
ORA-32401: materialized view log on “”.”” does not have new values
ORA-32403: cannot use new values from mv log on “”.””
ORA-32404: snapshot log uses Change Data Capture which is not enabled for this database
ORA-32405: cannot alter tablespace for existing materialized view log
ORA-32406: cannot alter partitioning for existing materialized view log
ORA-32407: cannot exclude new values when materialized view log includes new values
ORA-32408: materialized view log on “”.”” already has new values
ORA-32409: materialized view log on “”.”” already excludes new values
ORA-32410: internal mv logging event
ORA-32411: materialized view definition query exceeds the maximum length
ORA-32412: encrypted column “” not allowed in the materialized view log
ORA-32500: Dirname ” cannot exceed ‘%d’ characters
ORA-32501: Writing SGA to file failed
ORA-32502: Cannot execute command. Flash Freeze is not in effect
ORA-32503: Mapping SGA from file failed
ORA-32504: expecting one of , , , or but found
ORA-32505: too many watchpoints
ORA-32506: expecting one of , , or but found
ORA-32507: expecting but found
ORA-32508: no such watchpoint id
ORA-32509: watchpoint was already deleted
ORA-32510: cannot create watchpoint on unreadable memory
ORA-32511: cannot create watchpoint in memory needed by watchpointing code
ORA-32512: type ” is unknown
ORA-32514: cannot dump multiple ” types: structure size is unknown
ORA-32515: cannot issue ORADEBUG command; waited %d ms for process
ORA-32516: cannot wait for ORADEBUG command completion; waited %d ms for process
ORA-32517: cannot issue ORADEBUG command (waited %d ms for process ); total wait time exceeds %d ms
ORA-32518: cannot wait for ORADEBUG command completion (waited %d ms for process ); total wait time exceeds %d ms
ORA-32550: Replacement occured despite hint to the contrary
ORA-32575: Explicit column default is not supported for modifying views
ORA-32576: missing TYPE keyword
ORA-32577: username must be SYS or SYSTEM
ORA-32578: password for SYS already specified
ORA-32579: password for SYSTEM already specified
ORA-32580: both SYS and SYSTEM passwords must be provided
ORA-32581: missing or invalid password
ORA-32582: table function with left correlation to a table cannot also be left outer-joined to the table
ORA-32583: query passed to table function has wrong number of elements in select list
ORA-32584: missing LOG keyword
ORA-32585: duplicate specification of a supplemental log attribute
ORA-32586: multiple specification of a supplemental logging attribute
ORA-32587: Cannot drop nonexistent supplemental logging
ORA-32588: supplemental logging attribute exists
ORA-32589: unable to drop minimal supplemental logging
ORA-32590: log group specification not allowed here
ORA-32591: connect string too long
ORA-32592: all columns in log group can not be no log columns
ORA-32593: database supplemental logging attributes in flux
ORA-32594: invalid object category for COMMENT command
ORA-32600: RETENTION and PCTVERSION cannot be used together
ORA-32601: value for retention cannot be provided
ORA-32602: FREEPOOLS and FREELIST GROUPS cannot be used together
ORA-32603: invalid FREEPOOLS LOB storage option value
ORA-32604: invalid REBUILD option
ORA-32605: invalid REBUILD option
ORA-32606: missing NAV keyword in MODEL clause
ORA-32607: invalid ITERATE value in MODEL clause
ORA-32608: missing INCREMENT or DECREMENT keyword in FOR loop
ORA-32609: missing REFERENCE keyword in MODEL clause
ORA-32610: missing SINGLE REFERENCE or DIMENSION keyword in MODEL clause
ORA-32611: incorrect use of MODEL CV operator
ORA-32612: invalid use of FOR loop
ORA-32613: not a MODEL cell
ORA-32614: illegal MODEL SELECT expression
ORA-32615: incorrect use of MODEL IS ANY predicate
ORA-32616: missing DIMENSION BY keyword in MODEL clause
ORA-32617: missing MEASURES keyword in MODEL clause
ORA-32618: incorrect use of MODEL PREVIOUS function
ORA-32619: incorrect use of MODEL ITERATION_NUMBER
ORA-32620: illegal subquery within MODEL rules
ORA-32621: illegal aggregation in UNTIL iteration condition
ORA-32622: illegal multi-cell reference
ORA-32623: incorrect use of MODEL PRESENT* functions
ORA-32624: illegal reordering of MODEL dimensions
ORA-32625: illegal dimension in cell reference predicate
ORA-32626: illegal bounds or increment in MODEL FOR loop
ORA-32627: illegal pattern in MODEL FOR LIKE loop
ORA-32628: invalid nesting of MODEL cell reference
ORA-32629: measure used for referencing cannot be updated
ORA-32630: multiple assignment in automatic order MODEL
ORA-32631: illegal use of objects in MODEL
ORA-32632: incorrect subquery in MODEL FOR cell index
ORA-32633: MODEL subquery FOR cell index returns too many rows
ORA-32634: automatic order MODEL evaluation does not converge
ORA-32635: not a single cell reference predicate
ORA-32636: Too many rules in MODEL
ORA-32637: Self cyclic rule in sequential order MODEL
ORA-32638: Non unique addressing in MODEL dimensions
ORA-32639: Aggregate functions on reference MODELs are not allowed
ORA-32640: FOR LIKE loops are not allowed for multi-byte character types
ORA-32641: invalid expression in MODEL rule ORDER BY clause
ORA-32642: non-unique cell values from the ORDER BY clause
ORA-32643: invalid use of window function in MODEL rule
ORA-32644: this function is not allowed outside of MODEL clause
ORA-32689: MODEL: event to turn on/off some optimizations
ORA-32690: Hash Table Infrastructure ran out of memory


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